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pastaaaa-chan  asked:

Hi, I want to start writing but I don't really know where to start.

@pastaaaa-chan Yes, a common problem unfortunately >_< I’ve answered a similar question in the past–you are not alone. Here are my thoughts, hopefully they are helpful:

To begin writing, there are a few basic things every story needs: characters, a setting, and, problems. So those are all good places to start. Who is your character? What problems will he/she face? Where does this take place?

Some ideas for stories seem to pop into writers’ heads all on their own, but most often, writers have to seek out the ideas themselves. When you start looking for ideas, you’ll find them.

Often writers get “stuck” or get “writer’s block” because they haven’t brainstormed enough. Take some time to brainstorm. Sometimes all you need to do is sit down with a paper and start listing ideas. If you feel like they aren’t coming, try looking at your favorite books, t.v. shows, movies, or, if you’re into them, video games. What do you like about them? Was there something in one that inspired you to write? You might want to start there to get inspiration.

For some people, they just need to sit down and start typing. They need to free-write to get ideas. They might need to write something they consider “crap,” and it’s okay, because they are looking for their story. Once they’ve found it, they get to writing it for real.

When writers start on a story, they might get “flashes” of ideas for scenes or characters. Write those down. You don’t have to work chronologically. If there is a romance scene you really want to write, it’s okay to sit down and write it before you’ve even written chapter one. That might help you get started. I prefer to write chronologically, but if I suddenly get a flash of a scene, I’ll write what I can, and it will be really rough. I’ll write it “for real” when I get to that scene. 

There are a few other things that might be helpful:

There are basically two methods of writing: “Pantsing” and “Plotting.” Some writers like to just start writing a story without an outline or anything, and they just discover their plot and characters as they go. People who do this are called “discovery writers,” or informally, “pantsers.” Other writers like to have a solid outline before they start a novel. They may even plan out the dialogue and action for a scene before they write it. These are “plotters,” or “planners.” A lot of writers use a hybrid method of both.

If you are a pantser, you might just need to sit down and start writing and see where your story takes you. You might need to write to “find” your starting—you can always cut off the stuff that doesn’t belong. Sit down and just let your ideas flow to get started.

If you’re a plotter, you’ll need to take some time to think about your characters, action, dialogue, setting, and conflict beforehand. You’ll need to take some time to brainstorm.

Remember, whatever method, you can go back and revise and edit your starting.

I don’t know if this applies to you, if not, feel free to ignore ^_^ but sometimes we feel like we don’t know where to start because we are worried we will be bad, or no one will like or want to read our work. Don’t let these things stop you from exploring what you are interested in. One of the most profound things I’ve realized over the years is that everyone starts at the beginning. Every writer you love started as a beginner. Every story you love once had “crappy” parts. It did. We just don’t see them, usually. There is a myth that writers have to be “born,” but even people with the supposed “natural talent” need to practice, learn the rules, and how to harness and control that talent. Real talent is made out of love, sweat, and persistence. 

emigotchi  asked:

Second character I am sending in: Nico Meier. :v (Because we know that you will destroy the world together)

(Thanks for sumitting this ask, Emi! ♥)

Nico Meier, from Midnight Cinderella

Why I like them

I like Nico because he is straightforward, honest, energetic and cheery. He offers a lot of support to all people he holds dear and goes out of his way to do so. He doesn’t care if he is not matching the common or social pattern (e.g. he cries openly and he admits he likes cute stuff - his ). Also, he’s a little ball of sunshine that bless the game with cheekiness and pranks :v 

Why I don’t

Nico. is. so. dumb.
Seriously, Nico is so impatient and impulsive he keeps messing up. I know he has good intentions and all, but sometimes you need to ask people if it’s they want you to do certain things before acting. If you don’t… you can end up starting an international war :v 

Favorite scene

In the part 2 of his main route, when MC asks him why he treated her so well he answered without hesitation that it was because he liked her. He didn’t hesitate for a second there. And it’s so unexpected to have characters - and people in general - act so openly like that!

Favorite season/movie (story event)

CYBIRD has the ability of messing up Nico in their story events.. for some reason I always those. The only one I liked is “School Days”. Probably because it’s like his main story but in modern world version and with the flaws corrected? Ah! I also like Nico in Byron’s main route. He’s so supportive and protective in that one! Always siding with MC and giving relationship clueless Byron some indirect advice.

Favorite line

Wah- He has so many great lines. But I picked one just for the fun (and because I got tired of searching)

“What a shame for you.” He slowly drew a small sword that he must’ve kept hidden somewhere under his coat. The wind ruffled his hair as he brandished the sword with a practiced gesture. “I’m much better at this than I am at serving tea.”

Favorite outfit

His Stein Uniform. No doubt about it. He looks way better than in it than in his regular attire. I like his formal attire as well.


LOL, since it’s an otome game, obviously Nico x me. But I also ship Nico x @leorysxi​, since she probably likes him more than me).
AH, from yaoi ships, I crack ship Alyn x Nico (BECAUSE THE CRUSH IS CANON). I ship for real, but just a bit, Byron x Nico and Albert x Nico (since they bicker like a couple). Eh… maybe Leo x Nico as well? 


In my headcanon, Nico is best bros with Leo Crawford. Because they both bring hell to Wysteria and pull pranks on everybody. I can totally imagine them being little rascals and destroying everything. Sid might join the fun as well, since they are my Bad Touch Trio.


Hmm… I don’t think I have any headcanons for Nico?

Unpopular opinion

I hate the headcanon that Nico is a yandere.
Nico is not a maniac and he doesn’t have any weird sadistic kinks. The fact that he’s a little tease and says he wants to “eat” the MC doesn’t make him necessarily a cannibal and sociopath. He’s just being naughty. That’s all.

A wish

I wish CYBIRD would make him a bit more insistent and stop messing up is background according to the route they are writing. This way you can’t really tell what is canon and what is not. CYBIRD just make Nico a villain or a ally depending on their necessities, as if he’s like a joker card, and it annoys me. I don’t have any wishes for him in the fiction world though, I like how he is.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen

I hope he doesn’t snap if something terrible happened with Byron, Albert or the Princess. I’m pretty sure he’s not a psychopath, but I believe he could go berserk mode if anything happened to the ones he holds dear.

5 words to best describe them


My nickname for them

“Nico Ni”. Sometimes, “Nico Nico Nii” (vide Love Live). And Nicolas. Because I give nicknames that are longer than the characters’ names :v

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I’ve always loved how Dan’s voice gets a little softer for the final minute of his YouNow live shows and he says inspiring and/or encouraging words, so I made a compilation of all the endings of all his 2016 live show. 

Sometimes, all you need is a few simple words to feel better and these moments helped me a lot. 


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

Sometimes all you need to do is take that first step. I am not saying it’s easy, and it may sound cliche but the things worth doing are rarely easy. We never know where our potential can bring us, sometimes you just need a bit of courage and importantly, to believe in yourself.  

  • Me: *write about how Percy would be a total team Instinct*
  • Fandom: No way, Percy is Mystic, Percy is Mystic because he loves blue, Percy would be Mystic for Annabeth, but Percy likes blue so he would be Mystic.
  • Me: *write about how Percy would be team Mystic*
  • Fandom: ... But he would be Instinct...
  • Me: *looks at the camera like i'm in the office*

i find it so funny that ppl characterize fiddleford as the “damsel in distress” in most situations like… have you seen the show stanford gets kidnapped in like Every Episode