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Things you said when you thought I was asleep for klaine?


“That butt is a masterpiece.”

Blaine is on the verge of waking up, and truth be told, the cold draft that sneaked under the blankets and sheets is probably to be blamed for that.

But hearing Kurt’s soft whisper, slightly awed even, explains a lot.

Blaine knows that in the past years, Kurt has developed an habit of waking up first–

“Fucking sculptural …”

–and that sometimes he takes advantage of that time to just … look at Blaine.

“Except that he’s more golden than marble …”

Today seems to be a full-out musing while letting the cold air in, dammit.

“Oh goosebumps …”

“Drop the sheet and spoon me, you creeper,” Blaine mumbles into the pillow, scouting backwards until he can feel the warmth of Kurt’s body.

“Oh, you’re … you’re awake?”

“Only because the cold woke me up,” Blaine replies, yawning before turning his head towards Kurt, blinking sleepily at him in the cold light of the early morning.

Kurt leans forward to kiss the round knot of Blaine’s shoulder, a sheepish smile on his face. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

“Don’t mind,” Blaine replies, a lazy smirk tickling the corner of his mouth. “Makes me feel reaaally appreciated.”

“You ass.”

“A sculptural one, or so I heard.”

Kurt reaches under the blanket and smacks said body part lightly. “My favorite,” he says before diving under the sheets and blankets to show just how much he appreciates it.

Now that’s the kind of mornings Blaine cherishes.

Things I caught myself thinking about: if Stiles and Derek adopted a human baby, can you imagine how careful and loving Derek would be with the baby? And he knows better than to think of humans as fragile, but it’s a tiny baby that doesn’t heal, and Derek doesn’t want the baby to be hurt.

Can you imagine how cute it would be Derek putting pillows everywhere when baby is learning to sit down? Or when the baby becomes a toddler, and starts to wobble around on their chub legs, how Derek would always be so so careful and attentive? Can you imagine how Stiles would laugh that toddlers sometimes will hurt themselves, it happens, Derek, but Derek is just so worried.

Can you imagine the first time their kid hurts themselves, how Derek would probably look like he’s going to cry as well? Because Derek is so intimate with pain, he knows it so well, he just doesn’t want his baby to hurt.

(be it physical or emotional pain, he just can’t even imagine his baby going through a tenth of what he went through, and maybe that’s the first time Derek has a bit of an inkling of how awful his life was. It isn’t a complete idea yet, it’s just this realization just waiting to happen, but for now, it’s just Derek being terrified, because his child doesn’t deserve that. One day, he’ll think he didn’t as well).  

Can you imagine Stiles holding a very panicked Derek, because the toddler fell, Derek wasn’t fast enough (he’s never fast enough, is he?), and maybe there’s a tiny bit of blood, and Derek is crying, the baby is crying, and Stiles is calmingly picking the toddler, treating the injury, kissing it well. And after the child is fine, probably still sobbing because Derek is distressed, Stiles goes and comfort him, quietly telling Derek he’s a great parent, an amazing dad, and that children get hurt, and Derek can’t stop life, and he shouldn’t even try to. And that the most important thing is for Derek to be there to give support. And Derek nodding, picking his baby up, and leeching the pain away while whispering sweet nothings, mostly to comfort himself.

Stiles loves them both so much he is hurting too, because love is weird like that, it makes you ache sometimes, and Stiles is probably the one between the two of them who’s even more inclined to never ever let anything happen to them. He isn’t about to panic on the small things, because Stiles remembers the kind of child he was, and he knows better. But when it comes to be a shield, Stiles knows that nothing can make him stop, nothing will make him stop. Because Derek isn’t totally aware yet, but Stiles has known for years now how precious Derek is. It’s okay, though, Stiles is there to help him see it, he can patiently hold his hand as he walk the way, and he’ll protect him with his life while doing this.

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If it tickles your fancy, i'd DIE to read this! :) "our parents are forcing us into an arranged marriage and we hate each other but now i’m in love with you and i don’t think it’s mutual"

Stiles understands. He understands, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. It, of course, being his impending marriage to Derek Hale.

He understands because he’s the son of a spark and a human and a spark himself and Derek is the eldest son of the Hales, an incredibly famous werewolf family. (If they were really giving full effort, he should’ve been marrying Laura, but he and has dad agreed it was better to let bygones be bygones instead of starting a fight).

It’s not like the Hales are bad people. Once Scott got bit by a rogue werewolf and became one himself, the Hales welcomed him and anyone he cared about with open arms.

However, the rest of the nonsupernatural community didn’t quite see it that way. Tension built and attacks from both sides began less than six months later.

Beacon Hills has always been complicated. The whole world has, but now it feels like a constant power struggle between the two sides.

But very few even want to be fighting, some do, some want to wipe out the entire other side, but most people are just scared.

That’s where Stiles comes in.

Sparks aren’t deemed supernatural by most people since their skills all lie in harnessing power from something. It’s not magic, none of it just happens.

However, they are also some of the only people who can defend themselves against the supernatural. Of course, anyone can learn how to fight the supernatural, but becoming a hunter takes years and years of training. They also tend to be the least okay with the supernatural.  

Which is why Stiles is now hours away from his wedding. Because this marriage is the last chance to show everyone that the two communities can coexist and more than that they can thrive together.

So Stiles understands. It just sucks.

He’s barely spoken to Derek since the years since he’s met him. He’s pretty good friends with both Cora and Laura at this point so he doesn’t know why he’s not marrying one of them.

It isn’t like he didn’t try either. Ever since they even began talking about this as a solution, Stiles would try to talk to Derek, but Derek would usually just ignore him or glare at him until Stiles left.

That’s fine. Stiles doesn’t really care if his husband-to-be likes him or not, but he does care that they have to prove to the community that this can work.

He doesn’t want to think about what will happen if they don’t.

He jerks out of his reverie when he hears a knock at the door.

Scott slowly opens the door and peeks in the room. “Hey, man, it’s almost time.”

Stiles nods.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I can ever be.”

Scott pulls him into a hug before leading him outside under the moon.

They decided to keep this as intimate as possible. If everyone’s going to be keeping a close eye on their marriage, the best they can do is offer than a private wedding.

This means that it’s just his dad, Scott and Melissa for him and Talia, Laura, and Cora for Derek.

Neither Stiles or Derek bothered with suits, going instead for casual for the werewolf part of the ceremony.

His dad tries to shoot him an encouraging look, but Stiles keeps his eyes firmly focused on where needs to stand next to Derek in front of Deaton.

He doesn’t turn to make eye contact with Derek, but he can tell from his peripheral vision that Derek doesn’t either.

“While I am well-versed on werewolf weddings, I had to get my officiating permission online,” Deaton jokes.

Stiles hears polite chuckles from behind them, but he doesn’t think either he or Derek let out a breath.

“Let’s keep this quick. Stiles, do you take Derek to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

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8 for klaine?

8. things you said when you were crying

B-b-but why are you doing this to meeee T^T

Fine, you brought it on yourself

“I’ll never be enough for you, am I.”

Kurt is frozen in his anger as the words ring between them.

The fact that they are fighting is pretty ordinary–what couple doesn’t fight–but lack of sleep, stress, too much of everything really, has brought the worse out of them, and Blaine’s cheeks are shining with tears he doesn’t even bother wiping away.

Accusations and mockery flew back and forth, and Kurt could almost see the end of the fight at the end of the next salve.

But then, this came out, Blaine’s voice cracking as it always does when he cries, and Kurt sees–maybe a bit too late–that this has been brewing in Blaine’s mind for a long time.

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Friendship after love is like the ground after it rains
The sky is clear and the clouds are gone but the ground remains damp to remind you of the storm, the downpour, the drowning
Well dear, I have my rain boots and I’m ready to trek through these dark puddles with you
—  Damp

Dean Winchester was the Righteous Man. 

His entire purpose of creation was to be the vessel for Michael in the final battle of the Apocalypse, and then die without a fight and spend the rest of eternity in his little corner of heaven. 

The angels made sure that this heaven was a special one as a thank you for the sacrifice that he would give. It wasn’t terribly big, but seeing as Dean’s only purpose was to be the Michael Sword, he would have no soulmate to share it with. A soulmate wasn’t necessary for the Michael Sword and would only serve as a distraction, so they didn’t give him one.

The angels only finished creating his heaven when they were certain that it was a very adequate heaven for one man. There was a small, familiar home for him to reside and memories tucked into every other corner of the heaven. They then shut the door and awaited Dean’s descent into hell to mark the beginning of the end. 

The day that Dean was rescued from the fiery pits was the same day that the size of his heaven began increase.

It went unnoticed for a long time seeing as all of the angels had more important things to worry about. Seals were being broken and demons were running rampant. No one checked on the heaven.

Outrage and shock fanned through the holy hosts when the great Castiel rebelled against everything he’d ever known. When questioned why, he’d answered, 


And Dean’s heaven added another chair to his simple table set. 

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cute thought of the day: if Stiles and Derek had a baby, do you guys think Derek would shave? Maybe the baby doesn’t like Derek’s scruff because they are prickly, and Derek doesn’t want to irritate the baby’s skin when he’s nuzzling them or blowing raspberries on the baby’s belly.

So imagine Derek doing a clean shave for the baby’s sake. And Stiles being both endeared and nostalgic, because Derek looks so much younger without his scruff, and it brings him memories.

And all is well until one day Stiles and Derek are in bed, sweaty and out of breath after sex, and Stiles says “I sorta miss having a beard burn between my thighs, tho”, while patting Derek’s chin.

And Derek is torn between baby and giving Stiles beard burns.

(spoiler: Derek grow his beard long enough so it isn’t so irritating on his baby, but is enough to still give Stiles a nice red flush when Derek is going down on him)

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the ‘we’re the only ones in this subway car and the metro broke down’ au pretty please?

Stiles loves Scott. He really, truly does. But if he ever calls him over for an “emergency” at 3 in the morning again, Stiles is going to kill him. Painfully. And very slowly.

Of course, that was over an hour ago and Stiles is finally on his way back to his apartment. Scott had offered to let him crash, but then Stiles would have had to get up even earlier to make it back to his apartment then all the way across the city to get to work on time. It just wasn’t worth it.

It’s only him and one other guy, who’s fastidiously reading his book, on the subway. Stiles can’t decide if the other guy’s presence makes the situation more or less creepy. More, because he looks like he could kill Stiles without breaking a sweat. Less, because anyone that into a book called We Should All Be Feminists can’t be all that bad, right?

He’s going to kill Scott.

The train screeches to a stop at the next stop, but no one gets on. The other guy glances at Stiles, and Stiles quickly glances away, pretending that he definitely hadn’t been watching the guy for the past several minutes.

Stiles glances at the empty platform and resists the urge to shudder. He hates when the city’s this quiet. It’s unnatural.

Thankfully, he only has two stops and a seven and a half minute walk until he’ll reach his bed.

He begins running through ideas of how to kill the next twenty minutes as the train leaves the platform. Stiles has made it to three hundred sheep when the train lurches to a stop and he goes sliding along the bench. He grunts as he slams against the end of the seat. The lights flicker.

Stiles looks towards the other man who’s sprawled on the floor, apparently too focused to even attempt to grab a hold of something. Stiles realizes his book is closer to him than the guy and picks it up.

Before he can stand, a terrible screech comes over the speakers as they try to explain what’s going on. Stiles can only catch what sounds like “temporary” and “soon.” He sighs heavily. He’s been around enough to know that this could take awhile.

He walks over to the guy and passes him the book. The man nods gratefully and immediately looks down to open his book again.

“Did you catch any of what they said?” Stiles asks. He’s trying to guess if he should tough it out or just cave and try to sleep through it.

The man shakes his head.

Stiles sits down across from him, but doesn’t say anything else. His foot bounces relentlessly and he drums his fingers against the bench. He doesn’t even notice though because he’s already focusing all his energy on not freaking out.

If the lights go out, they’ll be in pitch blackness. And if any other trains don’t know they need to stop, they’ll all be fucked. At least since it’s so late, they’ll have at least an hour before that’d be the case. But that also means it may be another hour before they get help.

Stiles doesn’t even notice when the man keeps looking up to glare at him. Once his other foot starts to join the nonsensical song, the man heaves a heavy sigh.

“Can you stop?” he asks exasperatedly.

“What?” Stiles looks up sharply.

The man makes a gesture to Stiles in one sweeping person.

“You want me to stop being?” Stiles considers scooting away, this man could be crazy, it is the subway after all.

“No,” the man grunts, “I want you to stop-“ The man begins exaggeratedly bouncing his legs and tapping his fingers.

“Oh,” Stiles says as he gets it, relaxing a little. “Sorry.”

The man nods at the apology and turns back to his book. Less than a minute later and Stiles feet are back to tapping against the ground.

“Seriously?” the man groans.

“Ah, shit, man. I’m sorry,” Stiles says, “This shit just makes me a little… eh. You know?”

The man glances at Stiles like he’s trying to catalogue if he thinks he’s going to have an emergency on his hands.

“It’ll be fine,” he finally says.

“Or this is the start of the apocalypse.”

“I’m sure that’s it. Next you’re going to tell me that we’re going to have to work together to stay alive and after something dramatic happens, we’re going to decide to save the world too.”

Stiles laughs brightly. “Exactly, but you left out the part where you get kidnapped by the evil zombies and I decide to risk my life to save you.”

“Is that right?”

Stiles nods firmly. The guy finally cracks a smile.

“Stiles,” he says as he holds out his hand to shake.

The guy leans across the space to firmly shake his hand and replies, “Derek.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Is it,” Derek snarks, “you don’t seem very happy with a stopped train.”

“Then not nice to meet you,” Stiles rebuts.

“Not nice to meet you indeed.”

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Klaine and number 3? 'v'

3. things you said too quietly

oh this is mean :3

Set during Season 6, Episode 7, “Transitioning”

“…a few years go by and–”

Whatever Kurt was going to say flies out of his head when Blaine surges forward and kisses him.

It cannot last more than a handful of seconds, but Kurt feels like time has stopped for them, and this kiss encompasses all the kisses that they should have shared in the time they spent apart.

Blaine pulls away, and Kurt can see how wet his eyes are getting, the way his breath catches in his throat.

How Blaine clearly wants to dive in for another kiss, but keeps himself away.

As Blaine starts running away, Kurt remembers what he was saying and he closes his eyes.

“–and you don’t know them any more,” he whispers to himself, too quiet for even be echoed through the empty street. “Oh, Blaine.”

Anonymous asked: Hi! Sorry about this if you’re not taking requests but could you do a cas and Dean sick fic hurt cas kind of thing? Sorry and thank you!

Castiel had a broken femur.

When Dean had gotten the phone call with Cas admitting as much, he’d easily forgotten about all the homework he had piled up after a weekend of procrastination and immediately headed out to the hospital to check on his roommate.

He had not constantly drummed his fingers against the steering wheel in nervousness and he had not zoomed around cars he deemed were going too slowly and he had definitely not nearly thrown up out of worry.

What the hell had the guy done to break his fucking femur?

“He fell off a ladder at the bookstore?” Dean asked the nurse in disbelief when he finally reached the hospital. “Did the entire bookstore fall on top of him, too?”

The nurse raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “No, he just managed to fall in the exact wrong way. He won’t need a cast, but we had to stabilize the bone with metal rods.”  

The nurse glanced back into the room. “We put him under for surgery and we’ve kept him on some intense pain meds. So he’s pretty…”

“Loopy, yeah I get it.” Dean was itching to get the nurse off his back so he could go see Cas. Sam had been about the same when he’d broken his shoulder in the fifth grade. “Can I see him?”

“Be my guest. But we’re going to have to keep him here overnight.”

Dean sidestepped the nurse with a sharp nod and headed into the hospital room where Castiel was lying in bed next to a bouquet of balloons and an incredibly fluffy looking teddy bear.

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A soft sigh falls from Calum’s lips as he brings you in closer to his chest. There’s a steady breeze coming off the water, making it feel about ten degrees colder than it really is. The two of you are sitting side by side on the edge of the great stone steps that lead down to the water’s edge. There are families and couples scattered around you, all anticipating the annual lighted boat parade. It’s tradition for you to attend with your family, but this year you’ve got a plus one with Calum.

“So what exactly is this lighted boat parade?” Calum mumbles into your beanie clad head.

You chuckle softly. “It’s exactly what it sounds like, Cal. You know this is a big boating community. This time of year, everyone decorates for Christmas. It’s kinda a huge deal. This is the night when everyone reveals their boats. The entire community comes out to see, as I’m sure you can tell.” You look around at all the people crowed around the water’s edge.

Calum hums softly to himself, satisfied by your answer, but not entirely sure he understands. But in all honesty, he would do anything to see a smile on your face. Even if that meant sitting on a concrete step when it’s almost freezing outside just to watch a collection of boats with Christmas lights strung on them.

“Do you want some hot chocolate?” Calum asks you. He needs to get up and walk around to get some feeling back in his legs.

“Sure,” you smile. “That sounds great. Extra whipped cream?”

“Always,” Calum mirrors your smile as he stands up. He kisses your cheek before making his way up the steps to the nice old woman selling warm cups of cider, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Your legs bounce slightly in hopes of keeping warm as you wait for Calum to return. You’ve always joked about him being your own personal space heater, but in times like this, you realise just how accurate that description is. You glance behind you to see Calum still queued for cups of hot chocolate. A smile crosses your face as you see a little girl run up to him. You aren’t certain what their conversation is, but you can imagine she’s a fan when she asks for a hug and a woman (who you assume is her mother) takes their photo together. How you got so lucky to date this man, you’ll never know.

You turn your attention back to the water when you hear the voice of your town’s mayor ringing out through the night. The parade is about to start, and your excitement level is off the charts.

The first few boats are magnificent, lights strung all around, blow up Santas and reindeers, fake snow sprayed all inside the windows. You’re entirely wrapped up in the sights in front of you that you hardly notice when Calum resumes his seat beside you, a steaming cup of hot cocoa in each hand.

“Here you are, love,” Calum hands you one of the cups.

“Thank you,” you reply, not taking your eyes off the brightly coloured boats in the water.

Calum chuckles slightly. “Which boat has been your favourite?”

You take a sip of your drink, eyes diverting from the spectacle in front of you to steal a glance at your boyfriend. “I think the winter wonderland themed one is my favourite so far. But I’m really looking forward to seeing Frank’s boat. He always goes over the top and never disappoints.”

“I see,” Calum smiles. He brings his arm around you to pull you into his side. He places a kiss to your temple.

The two of you stay wrapped up in each other’s arms for the remainder of the parade. Calum smiles widely each time you oooh and awww at the passing boats, perfectly content to hold you in his arms. And to be fair, he’s actually enjoying himself. Some of the boats are actually really cool looking. His personal favourite being the one with the blow up Santa dressed in a leather jacket playing a guitar.

You shift excitedly in Calum’s arms. “Frank’s boat is coming!” You set the empty cup beside you on the concrete, sitting up straight to get a good view of massive boat coming down the lake.

Your eyes grow wide as the sparkling vessel comes closer. It’s covered in twinkling lights and silver tinsel. You’re so caught up in the spectacle of it all, that you don’t even notice Calum shifting beside you. In a matter of moments you realise what’s happening. A bright light shines onto a banner hanging from the side of the boat. Your hand flies to your mouth as you read the word written across it.

“(Y/N) will you marry me?”

You turn to look beside you and see Calum down on one knee, a small powder blue box in his hand.

“I know this probably isn’t the way you imagined me doing this, but I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to ask you to be my wife than to incorporate something that you love almost as much as you love me,” Calum smiles. “I love you so much, (Y/N), and it would make me the happiest man in the world if you would marry me and be my wife for the rest of forever.”

A tear escapes your eye as you find yourself at a loss for words. It takes a moment before you start nodding your head furiously, reaching down to grab his face to bring him up to standing level. You crash your lips onto his. His hands wrapping around your waist to bring you closer to him.

“Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” you whisper in his ear, still unable to properly speak.

The crowd around you bursts into applause and the boats in the water all sound their horns in celebration. Calum opens the ring box and slips the simple diamond on your finger. You can’t help but smile.

Calum brings you in for another hug, pressing a soft kiss to your temple. “Happy early Christmas, babe.”

“Happy early Christmas, Cal.”

Okay but things y’all need to think about (inspired by Hoech’s vid): pack talking about stuff, just a friendly talk, and eventually it turns to sex. And they are all sitting down, maybe there’s booze involved, maybe not, but they are all relaxed and comfortable, so they have no problem sharing. 

And then talks come and go, and eventually it lands on lingerie, with a side of Erica standing up to show everybody her brand new sexy bra, which gets her wolf whistles and cooing, and then someone  – maybe Boyd – pipes up and mentions that thongs are sexier than a bra.

That starts a debate. Lydia interjects a good bra is way sexier than any panties can be. allison agrees. Cora says she’s with the boys, and a good thong will make an ass look fantastic. Isaac says he’s a stockings man, which gets the pack a bit wild for a while. Scott says he’s an wearing nothing guy, which surprises no one. Kira just laughs and says that she’s all about comfortable underwear, but she loves a good corset, to Erica’s utter delight.

And then Derek.

Derek is mostly sitting there, wearing a permanent blush on his cheeks and tip of his ears, looking slightly embarrassed, but mostly amused. And then he just says, in that mild, soft voice of his, that he thinks thongs are, in fact, very sexy. And then he blurts that they are less uncomfortable to wear than one would think

The silence that ensues is telling, because woah. Woah. Derek. Derek shared something. He just implied he knows what a thong feels like. Mayday! Mayday! 

Derek is maybe blushing harder, and coughing a bit, trying to cover up for his supreme embarrassment, but nothing is like Stiles reaction to it. 

Stiles just falls from the chair. He literally just topples over and stares at Derek from the floor, like he’s watching some sort of revelation going, which is like most of the pack looks like anyway, but damn-.

“You’ve worn a thong before?” Stiles whispers, mouth open and eyes wide, and really, Derek looks like if he gets any redder he’ll burst a blood vessel, but he just shrugs and says that yeah, he likes experimenting.

Lydia, bless her heart, diffuses the situation stating that she likes to experiment herself and that she’s a big fan of men underwear. Boyd shyly shares he has worn Erica’s lingerie before. Isaac shrugs and says he himself owns stockings, they feel so nice. Allison smirks and says she has a harness, which kinda makes the pack implode a bit, until Scott says she has used it on him.

All the while, Stiles is still staring, and Derek is still blushing, looking hyper self-conscious, but then Stiles is scooting over to Derek’s side, kneeling beside the chair that Derek’s is sitting on, and then he’s saying “Dude. I think… I think the thong is sexy too. So much. Like. And… And I think you would look very sexy on it. Like a hell lot, and maybe I kinda have a boner thinking of it, so you know I am not lying. Beside, you know werewolves being lie detectors. And, yeah. Hm.”

And Derek is just looking at Stiles, eyebrows up and blinking owlish, like he isn’t sure why Stiles is saying the things he’s saying. But Stiles is having none of it, and just scoots closer, and tentatively touches Derek’s knee.

“Do you… If you want, I mean, no pressure here, okay, just… Maybe do you want to get out of here. You don’t need to– We don’t need to do anything, but I think I should ask, because I can’t stop thinking about the damn thong, or your face, or you, in general, and please just punch me because I can’t control my mouth anymore and–”

And that’s when Derek drags Stiles’ out of the loft, and into the roof. Later, Derek shows Stiles his favorite thong and the thing stays on Derek all night long. In fact, it’s the only piece of clothing that does, because Stiles likes how it looks on Derek, and Derek likes how it feels while they fuck. Many many times. In several different positions.

anonymous asked:

i proposed to you as a joke but my mom (who’s been wanting me to settle down) thought it was serious and we’re kind of going along with it until we can break it to her gently

Derek stumbles has way into the kitchen and slumps on the stool at the counter. He doesn’t even have time to look up before a mug of coffee is being slid under his nose.

He takes several huge gulps before he feels he can manage to smile his thanks towards Stiles, but Stiles has already turned back around to continue whatever he’s making.

It’s one of the things he doesn’t think either of them would’ve guessed about each other, but Stiles is a morning person and Derek is absolutely not.

It’s also one of the reasons that he’s crazy in love with Stiles, not that he ever has any intention of telling him that.
They’ve been living together for three years now.

Scott, Stiles’ best friend, had been Derek’s roommate for two years before that, but when he decided to move in with his girlfriend, he knew that Derek didn’t want to move out but couldn’t afford rent on his own and that Stiles wanted a place to live and the rest was history.

He and Stiles didn’t get along well at first; they argued constantly. Not to say that they don’t still argue all the time, but at least now it’s taken a more pleasant spin.

Well, most of the time.

Sometimes Stiles drives Derek up the wall until Derek is just dying to kiss him to shut him up.

He never does.

They’ve got something good going here and he’d be idiotic to screw that up.

Stiles has become one of his closest friends, if not his best friend and he knows that Stiles has zero interest in him.

Instead he gets to paste on a fake smile when hearing about why another one of Stiles’ relationships didn’t work out and the new girl or guy he’s already infatuated with.

Okay, so Derek could do without that part, but the rest? That’s perfect.

And so what if he hasn’t been on a date in years? He’s fine. No matter how much his mom may bug him about settling down.

He only breaks out of his train of thought when Stiles nudges his hand with a plate of French toast. Derek’s favorite.

“Thanks,” Derek says.

“Course,” Stiles says, sitting down next to Derek. “What’s up? You seeming a little lost in your own brain?”

Stiles gently pokes Derek in the head to emphasize his point.

Derek shrugs and takes a huge bite to allow himself some time to formulate an answer.

It’s moments like this where he forgets that they aren’t together, not when he dreams about it so much.

“Nothing,” Derek says.

Stiles looks ready to protest, but Derek continues, “This are so good I could marry you.”

Stiles chokes a bit on his orange juice.

“Well, if that’s what you want, sure.”

Derek wants, more than Stiles could possibly know.

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Enough For This Restless Warrior - Klaine Valentine’s Challenge, Day 13

Day 13: Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John

Their 13th Valentine’s is spent welcoming the newest member of their little family into the fold.

They spend it with Cecilia and George, all of them wearing their comfiest outfits (and who is Blaine to keep the kids from wearing their onesies–God knows he would do the same if he had one in adult-size, propriety be damned), eating chocolate-drizzled popcorn in front of the Lion King, over and over again.

Not the height of glamour, sure, but as far as they are both concerned, this is what Love is about.

About making them believe the Very Best, at least.

Shit, shit.

Dean raced down the tile pathway, passing store after store as he dodged through people. He was going to kill Benny if he made it out of this. Absolutely throttle him.

Suuuure. The mall cops didn’t care. They never did their job.

Fuck that mindset right in the ass.

“Hey! You!”

The teenager pulled his hood up over his head and ignored the fading calls as he ran and reached down to make sure the stolen iPod hadn’t fallen out of his pocket during the race. While he was fast, and it didn’t look like anyone around him cared enough to be a hero, he wasn’t out of the frying pan yet.

Stupid, stupid dare was going to get his ass arrested.  

As soon as he gauged that he was just enough out of their line of sight, he made a sharp right at the next intersecting pathway, only to run head on into another body.

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Omg please do 26? Pretty please? 😢

“they said ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ so i’m speaking up”

Derek knows it’s Stiles’ wedding day. It’s actually Stiles’ second wedding day, but only if you count the one they had when they were kids.

The one that both Talia and Claudia were still alive for. They were the only two witnesses. Derek had absolutely refused to let Cora and Laura be at his wedding.

Even then, he had thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with Stiles. And he guesses he will as friends. Maybe. Stiles may not have room in his life for him anymore. But he’s well-aware of the fact that it’s his own fault that they aren’t anything more.

Stiles gave him plenty of chances. More than any normal person would. More than any person should.

The first was the day Stiles had met Heather. Stiles had come back to the house they shared with Scott, Boyd, and Isaac and bounded up and flopped on Derek’s bed as he had a tendency to do. There were times when Derek questioned whether or not Stiles realized that it wasn’t technically his room.

When Stiles didn’t talk right away, Derek had looked up from his book to find Stiles carefully considering him.

“Yes?” Derek asked.

“I met a girl.”

“They do account for half the population.”

Stiles sat up to hit Derek, but then laid back down. “I met a girl I’m interested in romantically.”



“Do you think you’re going to ask her out?” Derek finally forced himself to ask.

“Maybe? I don’t know.”

Derek took a deep breath. He had to have known Stiles would date eventually. He needed to play his role of the helpful best friend (even if now he realizes that that was Scott’s role all along).

“I think you should do it.”

“Really?” Stiles sounded far more surprised than Derek would’ve expected.

“Any girl would be crazy not to like you. Go for it,” Derek replied even if it hurt him to do so.

“Doesn’t hurt to try, I guess. Thanks, Der. I’ll leave you to it,” Stiles smiled at Derek. Derek can’t help, but notice it didn’t reach his eyes like normal.

Derek finished his book much sooner than normal because usually he had someone there to distract him, to spend time with, but unlike usual, Stiles actually left Derek alone when he said he would.

Derek didn’t like it.

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Cooper's Pepperoni

Inspired by this because it’s just adorable

Kurt is still holding the phone, and he doesn’t believe that it just happened.

It cannot be real.

This isn’t his life.

Well, all things considered, this is exactly his life, why is he surprised.

After talking with his father, he felt emotionally drained, he felt like comfort food.

All he wanted was pizza so he called his favorite pizza place and made his order because he doesn’t even need to look at the menu to know what kind of pizza he wants–medium size, thin crust, double cheese, no origano, ham and mushrooms on one side and pepperoni (the one that gave its name to the place, Kurt believes) and spicy merguez on the other.


Anyway, Kurt placed his order like usual, asking if he could also get a tub of home-made ice cream.

And then his brain must have gone offline.

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A year later and you finally realize that all of my insanity was passion in disguise and oh my dear how it is so sad that you are a year too late
—  A December Too Late

Castiel was very old. 

He’d stood on the shoreline of a brand new Pacific ocean as he observed God knit together the very fabric of the fish that would one day become humanity. 

He’d gazed down on earth with a smile when humanity first picked up a piece of charcoal and stroked it down a wall to create a memory. 

He’d watched as humanity truly became humanity and had enjoyed learning along with them. 

He’d been absolutely enthralled by watching this species grow, but he’d also quickly learned that the more he observed, the more he didn’t understand.

Castiel remembered watching the fall of Troy in utter bafflement, confused as to how it had all ended this way. The bond between two people couldn’t be so powerful as to raze a kingdom to it’s knees, and yet here he was witnessing such an impossible thing.

He remembered observing the relationship between Jonathon and David, sure that he was witnessing something private and personal every time he he curiously checked in on them. David’s grief at Jonathan’s death was a sight to behold, and Castiel mourned with him. 

But he didn’t understand. 

Castiel watched in rapture at the very first showing of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, trying to comprehend how the plot fit together. It should have been a simple fix, and yet the two characters seemed completely unable to be apart from each other and by doing so were killed. 

The audience empathized and Castiel still did not understand. 

Men did terrible things. Women did astounding things. Friendships were formed and torn to shreds. Cities were founded. Entire nations were dashed to pieces. 

All because of one thing.

And he still did not understand.

Castiel smiled in the darkened room, letting his mind wander and remember his former self. His time in this vessel was just a small notch in his belt of existence, and yet he’d learned more in this minuscule amount of time than he had in all of the centuries past. 

He breathed out slowly and opened his eyes, looking over at the figure on the bed next to him. It was dark enough that he couldn’t quite make out his features, but he’d long since tucked away every detail in his memory. 

No longer did he have to dissect human relationships in frustration, or wonder how the fall of a nation had happened because of two people. 

The fall of an angel was enough. 

And Castiel finally understood.