sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my gifs were actually ~pretty~

Imagine Chris and the Avengers cast talking about you on Jimmy Kimmel.

You settled in your hotel room bed and turned on the television just in time to catch your husband, Chris Evans, and fellow cast members; Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner live on Jimmy Kimmel. You were meant to be at the interview with them but your commitment with your new movie sent you to London instead, and so there you were watching them answer the questions you were suppose to as well about the movie you all had acted in six months ago.

The interview started and the cast took their seats. You smiled at how handsome Chris looked in the outfit you had told him to take with him; everyone else looked great too. Seeing them made you miss their company and you wished you had been able to join them on the couch.

“It is so great to have you guys here tonight,” Jimmy addressed them with a wide grin. “The movie isn’t even out yet and everyone’s already excited to see part two.” The audience cheered their agreements. “Thank you all for coming out. I know all of you are very busy which is why we’re missing a few cast members tonight.”

The cast nodded in acknowledgement of your absence as well as a few others.

“Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as your wife, Y/N,” Jimmy said to Chris and Chris nodded again, this time with a cute pout. “I heard she’s currently in London filming her next movie.”

“Yeah,” Chris chuckled. “She actually left for London like- a week after we wrapped up Infinity War. I headed home to relax and she went on to her next job, it definitely says a lot about our level of demand in the industry.” He joked and you chuckled softly. “No, I’m extremely proud of her. She’s up for an Oscar, did you guys know that?”

“How can we not? You talk about it all day every day,” Robert rolled his eyes as he pretended to be annoyed with Chris. “Even Y/N doesn’t talk about it as much as you do.” The room laughed. “No, seriously though- he talks about it all the time. Doesn’t he, guys?” He asked the cast for confirmation.

“All the time,” Scarlett and Jeremy nodded.

“Even Y/N tells him to shut up about it,” Mark chuckled.

“You’d think he was the one getting nominated,” Chris H added.

“He’s a proud husband,” Jimmy defended Chris.

“Yeah,” Chris laughed, “just leave me be.”

“He’s a lovesick puppy, that’s what he is.” Robert teased, glancing back at Chris. “Ever since the second he laid eyes on Y/N, he’s been head over heels for her.” The cast nodded and Chris blushed deeply, dropping his head. “You should have seen him the first time she walked on to the set, his eyes popped out of his skull and he became a huge blubbering mess.”

You giggled to yourself, remembering the day Robert was talking about. You’d been friends with Robert for quite a while now, having met on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009. He was the one who took you around on your first day at the Marvel Studios and introduced you to everyone, including your husband. Chris was a huge mess the first time he met you, mainly because he was already a fan of your work and you were drop dead gorgeous in a black lace dress; he was a bit of a sucker when it came to lace.

“Yeah, okay,” Chris chuckled, “I’ll admit I was a bit of a mess when I met Y/N.”

“A bit?” Chris H scoffed then chuckled. “We were all embarrassed for you, dude. You’re lucky she’s ridiculously nice and ignored your rambling otherwise you wouldn’t be here with that ring on your finger. You lucked out with her, my man.”

“Oh trust me, I know.” Chris chuckled. “She reminds me everyday.”

He was joking- while you did remind him occasionally, mostly as a joke, sometimes when you were fighting- he didn’t need a reminder when it came to you. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you even before the first date.

The two of you clicked pretty much immediately and every day on set became like a scene out of a romantic comedy. It got to a point where Joss had to keep you two apart because you and Chris couldn’t be in the same room without flirting and/or ending up in a fit of giggles.

Your relationship with him progressed with MCU film franchise. You met and started dating on the set of ‘The Avengers’, by 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’d moved in with him, he’d proposed during 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron’, and by the time 'Captain America: Civil War’ came around you’d been happily married for almost a year. The end of 'Infinity War: Part 1’ called for your first pregnancy- which the two of you were planning on keeping a secret until the three month mark. And by the end of 'Infinity War: Part 2’, your little miracle would have been born and introduced to the world.

“I know we’re here to talk about the movie but can we just discuss your personal life for a moment?” Jimmy asked Chris. “You and Y/N have been married for a while now, do you think we’re going to see little Captain Americas and little Agent 25s running around anytime soon?”

You pressed your lips together when you saw Chris’ reaction. He looked like he was definitely dying to tell someone but the two of you made a promise and neither of your families knew yet so he kept his mouth shut and let Jeremy made the first comment.

“He’s enough of a child for the both of them,” Jeremy joked. “You should see them out and about, they paint the town red till the break of dawn. It’s no wonder they work together 'cause I don’t think anyone else can keep up with them.”

You laughed, suddenly glad you weren’t there to be teased.

“You two like to party?” Jimmy asked, chuckling.

“Why do you think they don’t have kids yet?” Mark chuckled.

“So they’re the ones you guys call to have fun, Chris and Y/N?”

“Definitely.” Robert nodded. “Those two are absolutely hectic.”

“Mm hm,” the entire cast nodded with all their thumbs pointed at Chris.

“Nooooo, we’re not going to do that!” Chris held his hands up in surrender. “We’re on TV, guys! Our parents are watching this. C'mon, if Y/N sees this she’s going to lose her mind. We promised her no embarrassing stories, so c'mon!”

“If she doesn’t want any embarrassing stories about her then she should settle down,” Robert said. “Hear that, kid?” He addressed you through the camera. “Become a mom and everything embarrassing you’ve ever done is wiped clean off the slate.”

You chuckled and picked up your phone, texting Chris the following words.

Just break the news, babe. We’ll call our families after the interview. I know we said we’d wait but it’s happening so we might as well tell people. I know you’ve been dying to tell them anyway so go ahead, you’ve got my full support. ❤️️

After sending the text, you turned your attention back onto the TV screen. Chris flinched and you knew it was from the buzzing in his pocket. He subtly pulled his attention away from Jimmy and the rest and took his phone out of his pocket to read the text. You saw his smile and you couldn’t help but smile back. He looked up at the screen and winked, knowing you were watching.

“Hey guys, um-” Chris cleared his throat and drew the attention onto himself. “I’ve got something to announce. Y/N and I have been keeping this a secret for a while now and um- she actually just decided it was time we break the news. She just texted me telling me to announce it right here on Jimmy Kimmel.”

“No my God,” Scarlett gasped and turned to Chris a knowing smile. “Is she-”

The rest of the cast turned to Chris with widened eyes and excited smiles, waiting for confirmation.

“Yup,” Chris nodded, smiling. “We’re expecting our first child.” He said and the whole room gasped.

“Wow!” Jimmy clapped. “That is- congratulations, you guys. Y/N,” he looked into the camera. “We wish you could be here with us. Congratulations, you two are going to make wonderful parents.” He said and you smiled.

“No way!” Robert’s jaw dropped, his excited grin visible as he turned from Chris to the camera. “I knew it,” he pointed to the camera and you chuckled. “I’m so proud of you, kid. I can’t wait to meet your little one.”

“Congratulations, man!” Jeremy slapped Chris on the back excitedly.

“Yeah, welcome to the dad clan. You’re one of us now,” Chris H shook his hand, grinning.

“I’m so happy for you guys,” Mark told him, smiling. “You’re both going to make amazing parents.”

“Thanks guys,” Chris grinned. “I’m very excited as well.” He turned his attention back onto the camera, speaking directly to you. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person to experience parenthood with and- I’m ready as long as I’ve got you by my side, sweetheart. I love you and I can’t wait to see you.”

You smiled, feeling your eyes water as you picked up your phone and texted him your response.

I love you and I can’t wait to see you too.

EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Being A Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

When he was telling Jongdae what a beautiful woman you were when you were sitting a table away from them at a café he did not expect you to come up to him later with your number saying “You aren’t so bad yourself, handsome.” The shocked expression on his face amused you even more, “You mean you understood me?” You giggled, “Obviously, I learned the language before coming to live in a foreign country. Call me sometime, yeah?” You gave a wink and left him standing there speechless.

Luhan:                                                                                                                Luhan was walking around China when he decided to stop at a local street vendor for some food. When he was ordering, some girls recognized him and starting freaking out. “Can I just eat in peace for once.” You were standing behind him in line and said, “So you are why those girls are going crazy?” He turned expecting to see another native but instead noticed you were a foreigner. “Yeah,” He gave a sly smile, “I’m kind of famous.” You gave a look of amusement. “Anyways, why are you so damn good at Chinese?” You giggled, “I’m kind of a good study.”

Kris (Yifan):
While enjoying the nightlife that comes with living in California, Kris found himself in one of the many nightclubs. He received a phone call about a movie role in China and of course proceeded to speak in Mandarin. You being a bystander ended up hearing the conversation. “You are an actor?” You asked fluently in the language he just spoke. “Yeah I am,” he smiled then gave a confused look, “You speak Mandarin?” You smiled and started walking away, “Maybe we can speak more after dancing.” Kris gave a sly smile and followed you to the dance floor.

Waiting around at an airport can be quite annoying, it is even more annoying when your flight doesn’t leave when it is supposed to. A message rang out over the loudspeaker and you heard one of the men in the group of guys waiting for the same flight as you ask, “What did that just say?” in Korean. You responded out loud without thinking, “That the flight will be delayed until the storm stops.” He turned to you in response with a smile, “You speak Korean?” “Yeah,” you laughed, “I actually lived there for a few years when I was younger. Sorry to budge into your conversation.” He gave you a gracious smile, “No harm done, my name is Junmyeon. Care to talk a bit while we wait?”

Yixing looked up at the rollercoaster his friends were in line for and started mumbling how crazy they were to himself. “Not a fan of roller coasters either?” You asked casually in Chinese as you were waiting by the gates for your friends too. “More so of getting hurt,” he responded as he turned to face you. He had a confused look on his face to see that you were in fact not Chinese. “I did some studying abroad if that is what you were wondering,” you said with a smile. He nodded and gave a little laugh. “I am Zhang Yixing,” he said with one of his signature bows he did out of habit. “Y/N,” you said in response with a little bow of your own, “Ready to watch this horrifying sight together?” He smiled and you both turned back to watch the enormous metal contraption run its course.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were walking around taking in the sights that New York City had to offer when they decided to make a bet and see if they could get a girl to say they were cuter than the other. Not expecting you to know their native language Baekhyun came up to you and gave a simple “Hello” in English. As you heard Chanyeol calling out words of encouragement in Korean you decided to respond with “Annyeong.” When he realized that you could speak in his own language he gave a giggle and a finger wave. “Do you mind playing along in helping me win a bet?” You smiled, “If I get your name first.” He gladly offered his name as you took his outreached hand and walked over to fool his friend.

When your uncle asked if you could bartend for the night at his restaurant you were hardly enthused by the thought of creepy men flirting with you over the counter. However, when an attractive bunch of foreigners walked in things seemed to be looking up for you. You heard them chatting in Korean so you decided you use your multilingual skills to ask them what they wanted to order. One of the guys, who you noticed to be very muscular under his shirt, was automatically overjoyed and didn’t seem to care about ordering at the moment. “What else do you know?”

Chanyeol and the boys were at a party in Busan when he noticed you across the room. He assumed that you wouldn’t know enough Korean to hold a conversation so he ended up just staying where he was. However, when you walked over and started talking to him he couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his face. “You really know Korean!” he said after you two had been talking for a while. “How else would I be able to talk to such a handsome man,” you joked and he laughed.

When they said there would be a new make-up artist he was surprised to see that you were a foreigner. As the boys introduced themselves one by one his shy smile broadened when you began a conversation with him. “Your Korean is really good,” he said reassuringly. “I try,” you said as you both laughed, “I could still use a little bit of teaching.” He perked up at the thought, “I could help you when I have free time.”

Tao was browsing the men’s ware at a popular clothing store when you heard him asking his friend something about the color he should get in Chinese. “I would go with the red one,” you said, “it will make a statement.” Tao turned to you and the fashionista within him responded, “that is what I was thinking too.” Your skin tone was a dead giveaway that Chinese was not your native language. “Where did a pretty girl like you learn Chinese?”

When out in Seoul for the night walking his dogs he did not expect to talk to a foreigner. “They are so cute! May I pet them?” You said in fluent Korean. Taken aback it took him a moment before he smiled and said “Yeah, of course.” He grinned as he watched you interact with his kids. When you stood back up he offered for you to walk with him. “You can walk one if you’d like, I’d enjoy the company.” He was very interested in getting to know you.

Even when on tour this boy needs his bubble tea fix. When you offered to help him order after seeing that he was struggling a bit, he was surprised. After you ordered for yourself he ended up paying for your drink. “You really didn’t have to,” you said shyly. “It’s no big deal, besides I want to know how you speak Korean so well.” You sat with him and ended up joking around and talking for a while.

I tried to make each situation different. I hope you guys like it. :)

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 4

a/n: yes babes its finally here ehehehheh it will be quite rough cause people have requested me that so yeah i am sinning as i am writing this help me god!! oh and this is really long btw, at least for me

oh and (h/c) means hair color btw :)

characters: ok you know the drill but for anyone new its JOKER ; READER

warnings: quite rough smut, daddy kink (cause i know you perverts love that ;])

Time passed and it was all settled. A new maid had been hired, new stuff for me bought… I told him that I didn’t need anything new, that I could just drop by my place and get my stuff, but J insisted. He said ‘i will have everything for my princess to be happy’. That made my heart melt, but also many bank-robbings and heists happen. I didn’t know much about his business, only that it was dangerous.
Usually the day went by with me reading books, cooking, shopping or drawing while he was out - sometimes he’d take me with him to meetings to show that I was his girl. He came home either happy or mad but either way we’d end up having sex. Was I complaining? Not at all. I loved it, there was always something different each time.
As for today, he had woken up before me and probably gone out. But not before leaving a small bag on the floor next to where I was sleeping. I stretched out, sat up in the bed and picked up the bag. It was black and it had a little pink envelope of my name attached to it. He rarely did this. I carefully opened the envelope because I liked to keep them and read what the letter inside read.

my precious angel,

here’s something i’m definitely going to rip off of you, but put it on before 9pm and if you like, put some of that makeup on your face, there will be a car waiting for you at 9pm

there is some business i’d like to do and take you with me

- J

I smiled at the letter and put it back in the envelope. I looked at the clock on the nightstand - it was half past 11am. I smiled again and reached my hand into the bag. The material of something felt like silk. Oh my, I thought, pulling the contents out. I took the shiny one in my hands and laid it out on the bed in front of me. It was a shiny, kind of short silver dress with a very deep V cut. The cut ended where the belly button should be, starting on very thin straps that had beads all over them (a/n: ok we all know that joker likes his lady in a revealing attire so yah)

The other thing were panties. Well, they barely counted as because they were more strings. They were a blush-y red tone, and it was lace and only lace. He must really love lace on me. Last time I wore a pink lace lingerie set, he needed me right there right now. We were at a restaurant - yeah, how romantic - at one of his business meetings and, as J got a little hot and bothered, he discovered my choice of lingerie and had me there in the restaurant’s men’s room. That’s how much he loved lace on me.

Should I try the dress on now? Yeah, probably. I took off the large shirt I was sleeping in and stood up from the bed, taking the dress with me. Slipping on the dress and zipping the back of it, I looked in the mirror at myself. Wow, did the dress look good on me. It looked perfect on me, I looked perfect in it. I was turning and posing in front of the mirror when I heard a knock on the door.

  “Just a second!” I yelled out, slipping out of the dress. I put it and the lingerie back in the bag and put on the large shirt on me. It came down to my knee, so I was safe form exposure. I walked to the door and opened it. There was our maid, Jennifer who was only ten years older than me, standing with a smile.

“Good morning, miss.” She said and I smiled in response. J insisted on everyone in the house calling me 'majesty’ or 'queen’, and they’re scared of him. So I tell them to call me less… higher than them when it’s just me, but around J - they call me as he pleased. Oh, I felt pity for them.

“Hi.” I said, leaning against the doorframe with a goofy smile on my face.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She announced. Jennifer was almost like a mother to me. “Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yeah, everything is just perfect, Jen.”

“Okay. You just seem to be in a very good mood now, which is unusual but good.”

“All is good, my friend. I will be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, miss. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you. You’re dismissed.” I said and closed the door after seeing Jen nod and leave. I actually felt bad for her and the other staff members - Joker was a scary guy around everyone and there were strict rules for the staff.

First and most important, you can’t tell anyone where and who you’re working for unless you want to get killed because Joker knows everything. Second, strict working hours. You must come to work 20 minutes before your actual shift starts and can’t leave until everything’s done. Third, you must do everything and anything Joker or the Princess ask you. This payed good money, but it was also a very hard and kind of a dangerous job. You just had to keep your mouth shut.

Breakfast was wonderful, as always. Jennifer always made amazing food, especially breakfast. There were always fruits, pancakes, eggs and everything else that I could desire. Sometimes she’d make glorious English breakfast, which she was good at, too. When J wasn’t having breakfast with me, I always let Jennifer sit with me. I tried to be nice to every staff member, even J’s henchmen - they deserved it.

The day all-together had gone by pretty quickly, and - sooner than I thought - I was already doing my makeup in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some mascara and pink lipstick. I took off my comfy clothes, put on the lacy lingerie and slipped into the dress again. My (h/c) curled hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and it was for me to decide what shoes to wear. Luckily, I had just the  pair of white heels, which would go well with the dress. 

Putting the shoes on, I noticed that it was already 8:59pm. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and then exited the bedroom. I walked down the stairs, only to be met with two of J’s henchmen. 

“Good afternoon, miss.” One of them said and I smiled.

“Hi, boys.” I replied. “Here to take me to your boss?”

“Yes, miss. Let us escort you to the car.” Another one said. I walked up to them and they led me out of the house, into the chilly afternoon of Gotham’s autumn. They walked me to a black car and opened the backseat door for me. I gladly took a seat in the car and they closed the door.

The car ride was short, but it felt as if it was so torturously long. Maybe I just couldn’t wait to meet him. The man at the wheel stopped at J’s club and I couldn’t stop smiling. I really wanted to see him.

One of the henchmen opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. My heels clicked against the ground as the henchmen led me into the club filled with music and drug-driven youngsters and gangsters. The henchmen walked me to the bar table where he was standing. He was slowly turning around and once his eyes found me, they sparkled. He was in a suit, he had a small purple bow around his neck. His green hair was slicked back, as always.

“Darling,” he said with the famous smile of his. “Come to Daddy.” He said and I needed no more to run into his arms. My arms went around his neck as his snaked over my waist and stayed there. 

“I missed you,” I said, putting my hand on his cheek. He growled.

“Mmm, I missed you too, baby girl.” He said through a growl and looked at my lips before kissing them roughly. One of his hands slid down to butt and grabbed onto it, and I was sure it’d leave a mark. “I really love how you look in this dress.”

“Well, I can only thank you, Mr. J for buying it for me.” I said with a smile.

“Yo, J,” I then heard somebody say from behind us. Joker’s head turned to the voice and the look in his eyes changed. It was probably a business guy. “Can we have the meeting now?” 

“You are not to say when we meet.” Joker sternly said at the tall guy. He was in a simple attire, unlike other people, and us, in the club. “But I’ll have my men escort you while I’m taking care of other business here.” His eyes narrowed at the guy. He followed J’s men while J himself turned back to me. “Now, my dear. Do you want to go dancing with other girls while I’m at business or do you want to come with me do business and show that guy you’re all mine?” J asked, tilting my chin upwards with his gloved hand.

“I want to come with you…” I almost moaned in response. 

“Then let’s go, my dear.” J said and turned around, putting his arms around my waist as we walked to the back of the club. There was a round section that was separated from the outside with bead curtains. A guard parted the curtains to let us through. The guy, J’s business partner was standing at a round table in the middle of a - also round - golden sofa chair. Joker moved me before him and whispered in my ear: 

“Sit down, doll.” I nodded and made my way into the circle, taking a seat on the sofa chair. Joker soon followed, sitting right next to me and putting an arm around my waist. “You can sit down.” He coldly spoke to the guy, who sat down across us. “Do you want anything.. to drink?”

“Nah, I’m not thirsty. Thank you, J.” The man responded. “Although I have to say - everything you offer is pretty valuable and priceless.” This man already seemed really sketchy to me. J had probably already cracked open his shelf by reading the man like an open book.

“What are you trying to do?” J asked in a menacing tone. “Sweet talk me?”

“No, J, I was just telling the truth.” He said, looking me up and down. A sketchy creep? Jesus. I felt J beside me tensing up and breathing heavily, seconds later his hand left my waist and was on my thigh, dipping his fingers into my skin. I put my hand over his and caressed his rough skin to calm him down.

“See her?” J gestured with his hand at me, looking the guy right in the eyes. “She… is all mine, only mine.” J saw the way the guy looked at me. Now he was afraid of Joker. “Do we have that clear?” 

“Yes, J.” The guy nodded. “But where’s Harley?”

“Harley? Who? Where’s Harley? Harley, Harley, Harley…” Joker turned his head all around. Harley? But who was that? “Harley… is not your business.”

“Yes, sorry for asking, J.”

“Now, let’s cut to the chase. I feel like there’s something you have to give me. Isn’t that… money?”

“Y-yeah, about that…” the guy trailed off, the fear was evident in his eyes. J narrowed his blue eyes at him. “t-the money’s gone.”

“The money’s gone?” Joker repeated. Oh, this was bad. 

“Y-yes, I’m sorry, J.” The guy’s head hung low. “If there’s anything I can do, I will. But it was so unexpected, if we-”

“You could shut up.” Joker interrupted in an angered tone. J then rose to his feet and walked over to the guy, sitting next to him. What was he about to do? “You know, people do deals. One does something in favor for the other and the other does them a favor in return. You know what I’m talking about?”


“Well, you and I had a deal. I did something in your favor. But you… didn’t do me a favor back. Now, do you know what I do with people like that?”

“No, J.”

“Doll face, don’t look.” J said as he was taking a gun from behind him, only I could see. Oh my God. “Sweets, look. Away.” He said again and I turned my head away from them, focusing on the beaded curtains. “I do this.” I heard right before the sound of a shot being fired sounded through the club. I screamed, as well as many other people. I turned my head back around and there sat J with a sinister look and blood splattered on his face. One of his henchmen handed him a handkerchief and he cleaned his face with it. Did he kill the man?

There was blood all over the sofa chair above the now dead body. I put my hand over my mouth, not believing what had just happened. It was the first time I had witnessed him killing somebody. Oh my God. And this was business for him. Oh dear.

J rose to his feet again and reached his hand out for me. I looked up at him with fear visible in my eyes.

“C'mon, sweets, let’s go. We have to go.” He said, impatience audible. I stood up, not to anger him even more and he took my arm, pulling us out of the round lounge. “We have something to do back home, baby doll.” We and J’s henchmen walked through the backdoor of the club and J pulled me into his lamborghini, in the passenger seat. I was really scared of him. He just killed someone. In front of me. So that was his way of taking care of people who don’t do him good. I definitely did not want to be on his bad list.

The car ride home was deadly silent and J’s hand was on my thigh all the time, creeping up and down. Once we were out on our driveway, J barked at his men to stay outside in case someone comes looking for us and dragged me inside. After he closed the door, I turned away, standing before him with my eyes to the floor. His fingers raised my chin up, but I turned away. He cupped both of my cheeks in his hands and raised my face to look at him, but my eyes were anywhere but looking in his. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said. “LOOK AT ME!” He shouted, making a tear escape my eye and I looked at him. “Good girl. Now… Daddy has some rage to express..” he said, sliding his hand underneath my dress. I didn’t want this, not in this situation. Yes, he came home angry and we had sex, but this was different. He killed a man with the same hand that was on my waist now. This was not wanted by me.

J growled and pressed a kiss between my cheekbone and ear. I sobbed, closing my eyes.

“What is it, angel?” He asked, slowly kissing down my neck. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” I didn’t speak a word for some reason, as much as I wanted to. Joker took me by my waist, hopping me over his shoulder. He walked through the house, up the stairs and entered a room - our bedroom - and dropped me on the bed. 

He crawled over my body and looked at me with that menacing look in his eyes. His lips pressed against mine as he growled, sending vibrations through my body. In the wrongest ways possible this was turning me on slightly.  His hands slid up under the dress, massaging my breasts with his rough touch while tears were rolling down my cheeks one after another. 

“Daddy..” I moaned out in a crying tone and J suddenly ripped the beautiful dress apart, exposing my upper half to him. 

“Now this is a sight I like to see.” He growled and there was even more aggressiveness and anger in his voice. He tugged the lace panties off of me, down my legs and threw them away. He then unbuckled his belt and I used the opportunity to back away from him. I brought my knees to my chest when I reached the headboard of the bed. J was at the edge of the bed, only in his boxers. He noticed me huddled away from him and snarled. J’s hand reached out politely at first, but then he grabbed my ankle and yanked my body towards him. “Why don’t you be a good girl and obey Daddy.” He said, growling the last two words, almost barking. Not waiting for my reply, he turned me over so I was on all fours before him. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.” He spoke, running his hands up and down my sides, taking my breasts in his hands and groping, kneading at them. I released a moan and almost lost balance on my arms. 

Suddenly, without any kind of warning, he slammed his length into me (a/n: dear god help me i am sinning my father), releasing a high pitched moan from my mouth. His fingers combed through my hair, then grabbed it all in one hand and yanked my head up so my back was pressing into his chest. I yelped, but moaned again as he thrusted deeper. 

“O-oh, my God…” I managed to croak out. J pulled my head back by my hair so now it was resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, doll?” He asked huskily in my ear, thrusting into me again. I let out a breathy moan. “Do you like Daddy fucking you from behind, huh? Are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” I said in between moans. He had already touched my G-spot and I was near my release already.

“You see, baby girl,” he spoke, lowering both of us onto the bed, “Daddy is very mad at the man not doing me good. But,” he said, running his hand down to my pulsating heat, “Daddy disliked even more the way that man was looking at my baby girl.” His lips sucked onto the skin on my neck, his fingers circled my clit and his cock thrusted into me from behind. I was already out of breath, he was driving me insane. 

Moans kept leaving my mouth as J was grunting and growling in my ear when he started thrusting even faster into me. I released an almost pornographic moan, grabbing the sheets around me.

“Nobody. Can have. My baby girl.” He growls in my ear, sending me over the edge. My whole body shivered as I rode out my orgasm and I felt him release his load into me. My breathing was ragged, but heavy as J pulled his cock out of me and exhaled deeply. I tried to calm down my breathing , sweat leaking everywhere on my body as well as his. 

His hands were on my waist as he turned me around so i was facing him. He kissed my lips with a growl of satisfaction and bit onto my lower lip. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl,” he whispered. 


Imagine falling in-love with Chris.

It may have only been your third date with Chris, but you were already certain you were starting to fall for the guy. This was a first for you, it’d never taken you three dates before. It was always- without exception- a copious amount of dates before your mind allowed your heart to decide on someone. You were a hopeless romantic, but your parents raised you smart. They’d both experienced their fair share of toxic relationships, having both been cheated on before by their earlier partners which left you with the inclination to always love with your head before your heart. You thought you could do that with Chris, but the second he spoke to you- you knew you were a goner. That mental checklist you had, the tests you’d appropriate- they suddenly became insignificant. He was the one. He proved it in three dates without you even having to ask. He was the ultimate gentleman: kind, loving, caring, compassionate, sweet, and genuine. He’d hold open doors and pull out chairs, get the check and drive you home, lend you his jacket if it was cold and lend you his arm if it was slippery. He was the kind of guy parents wanted their daughters to date and eventually marry.

The clock in the lobby of your apartment block displayed the time of 12:03PM when you and Chris walked in. The security guard, Carson looked up from his lukewarm coffee and waved a lazy hand at the both of you as you crossed the main floor to the line of elevators. You lived in a neighborhood with very low crime rate, in a building with 24/7 security, but it never stopped Chris from walking you all the way to your door. It was a gesture you loved, a gesture you never felt had any other motives. If all he got at the end of each date was a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, he’d still walk away smiling. He was patient and respectful; qualities that were lacking in many. That was why you felt safe with him, content and comfortable as long as you were with him. You hoped he knew that, you needed him to know that.

“I told you I’d have you back in one piece,” Chris joked as soon as the two of you arrived at your front door. He released your hand so you could work on opening your front door. He watched you, smiling at how beautiful you looked in that red dress. He couldn’t believe it when you told him this was the first time you’d put it on, asking if it was because you’d only recently acquired such a masterpiece. You’d told him “no”, that “it’s just something I’ve been saving for a special occasion.” His smile tenfold when he heard that, honored that he was what you’d decided to bestow that beautiful dress with.

The lock of your apartment door clicked open and you turned your back on your front door to smile at him. “Thank you for tonight,” you said and he nodded, taking one of your hands in his. An ache filled both your hearts, knowing this was the end of the night. “I actually had a really good time,” you told him and he laughed.

“Why on earth do you sound so surprised?”

“Because it was a party and I don’t do parties well,” you admitted and he chuckled, unable to wipe that love sick smile off his face. He couldn’t explain it, the way he felt when he was with you. It was ineffable, and it was almost inevitable where his relationship with you would end up. “But it was fun, you made it fun.”

“I told you when we met I’m a very fun guy.”

“And I didn’t believe you then, but I believe you now,” you said then giggled when his smile widened. Your gaze lowered to your joined hands; neither were going to let go of the other. “So um…” It was so quiet in the hallway you heard yourself swallow. You didn’t want him to go, you knew the second you walked inside and he turned for the elevator- you’d miss him. You wanted to invite him inside, but you were afraid of what you might risk if you rushed into things. It was the third date, and commonly third dates meant sex but- it couldn’t just be about sex with him. If he was the one, you wanted more.

“Are you tired?” He suddenly blurted.

“What?” You looked at him confusedly.

“Do you want to talk?” He asked. “‘Cause I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party and-” He cut himself off then smiled, releasing your hand to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear. “I’d really like to have some alone time with you.” You felt the butterflies flapping their wings rapidly against the walls of your stomach. “I’m not trying anything, Y/N. I’m serious about just wanting to talk, I always think we have the best conversations.”

“I don’t think you’re trying anything,” was all you said before opening your front door and beckoning him inside. You slipped off your heels and immediately became much shorter than him, turning on the lights in your kitchen as he removed his shoes.

The light in your open floor kitchen illuminated your living room, showcasing a coffee table drowning in an ocean of opened travel books about Italy, scattered pieces of paper with notes scribbled upon their white surfaces, and writing materials in various colors. You traveled for a living, he remembered you telling him that. You loved to write and you had an incredible sense of wanderlust, so what job was better for you than a travel journalist? Your job probably tore you away from your home and loved ones as much as his did, but still, there was optimism about the development of your relationship.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“I’m good,” he assured you, settling on your couch. “So when’s the next job?” He asked, looking back at you instead of scanning your materials in front of him. He felt like it was an invasion of privacy. This was actually the first time he’d been inside your apartment. It was nice, it possessed class he’d expected it to from looking at the owner. It was a little big considering you lived alone, but who was he to judge?

“Not for a few months,” you answered as you joined him on the couch. He took his arm off the back and rested it in his lap, planting both feet on the ground to give you more room. You were sat close enough so you could exchange an affectionate touch or two, but far enough to spot and cease any unwanted advances. It wasn’t Chris you were worried about, it was you. The sexual tension in the air was thick, the fact you were still a little buzzed made it worst. If you didn’t keep that small portion of your brain sober to remind you of the wonderful possibilities you could have with Chris by taking things slow, the two of you would be tangled in your sheets by now. “Italy is actually for a holiday, ‘cause it’s different when you’re working. Sometimes I don’t know if combining my two favorite things with a job was the best idea, I feel like it drains the goodness.”

“I’m sure it does, but it beats being stuck in an office doing that nine-to-five thing like a ritual.” He said and you chuckled, nodding in agreement. “I’m going to ask you something,” he reached across for your hand, the pad of his thumb gently running along your knuckles. “And don’t freak out ‘cause it’s just part of my dating process.”

“If you don’t want someone to freak out then don’t say the words ‘freak out’ ‘cause it freaks people out,” you told him and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “What is it?” You asked, resting your elbow on the back of your couch and leaning your head against your palm.

“How do you know when you’re in-love with someone?”

You felt your breath caught in your throat as you tried to process his words. Was it really a question that was part of his dating process, or was he trying to tell you something? You falling head over heels for him after three dates, you understood. You were a girl and not even feminism protected you from those Hollywood Rom-Com stereotypes when it came to a guy as perfect as Chris. But Chris was a guy and you weren’t that perfect, so what was he hinting at?

“How do you know when you’re in-love with someone?” You answered with his question and he chuckled, shaking his head. Clearly he’d expected that reaction from you, it was a bold question after only three dates.

“I can’t envision my future without her being there,” he answered. “I start to plan with her in mind. I become more aware of my decisions. I don’t do anything that I think will affect her negatively. And of course, the cliché of always wanting to be around her, and…” He shuffled closer, taking your hand and pressing it to where his heart was. “And feeling my heart beat twice as fast and three times as hard when I’m with her.”

“Ditto,” you heard yourself mumble as you watched him lean in.

“If I tell you I’m in-love with you,” he whispered, lips inches from yours, “will you promise not to run?” You nodded, taking your head from your hand and resting said hand on his cheek instead. “Because I’m in-love with you, Y/N. I’m in-love with you after three dates, is that insane?”

“No,” you smiled, “‘cause I’m pretty sure you had me at two.”

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*Requested - Reader finds Rocket trying to leave and tries their best to stop him.*

Rocket muttered under his breath angrily.
“They call me rodent…rat… vermin. Then they insult my guns! Well not anymore!”

It wasn’t new information that Rocket found it hard to get along with people. Everyone always seemed to gang up on him and he was sick of it. The newest case of this happened when Rocket found himself in a heated debate about whose weapon was more superior.

“They only do one thing though! No variety of ammo, no explosions! What’s the point if they’re no fun?!” Guns always were one of Rocket’s passions.

“I find the slicing of my enemy’s flesh to be one of the most satisfying feelings. It makes for great entertainment in the art of battle.” Drax said polishing one of his knives.

“I’m going to have to side with Drax on this.” Peter said placing the Milano on autopilot.

“You don’t even use knives Quill, why are you defending him?! You’re not making sense even for you!” Rocket asked in confusion.

“Because any weapon is better than your’s.” Peter laughed.
You could tell he was just trying to get a rise out of Rocket and it was working. Groot looked at you and you could see he was ready to prevent a fight if it broke out.

“Shut up Quill! You aren’t even part of this discussion! Just go back to badly flying the ship or whatever it is you do!”
Drax laughs hysterical and pauses cleaning his knife.

“The rodent is outnumbered once again! This is very amusing! Your weaponry is inferior just like your species although your flesh is most delicious when roasted of a fire!”
You frowned at Drax’s words, you expected better of him.

Rocket’s ears flatten against his head and he bared his teeth in a snarle. No one insulted his weaponry or him and got away with it. Rocket readied himself to pounce on Drax. Seeing this Groot quickly intervened by grabbing Rocket and taking him back to their shared room. Peter laughed smugly and you shot him a threatening glare. He laughed harder at that and flashed you one of his signature smiles before returning to flying the ship. Drax was still laughing and you leant over the table grabbing him by the throat. You were similar to Drax in strength and your action had him gulping for air.

“I’ll deal with you later!” You shouted before letting him go. You walking out of the room in silence.

You waited a while before going to see if Rocket was okay. Even you had grown bored with Peter’s games. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rocket… He had been through more than all of the Guardians aboard the Milano combined and yet they treated him like he was some kind of joke. The sound of banging and clattering that came from Rocket and Groot’s shared room had caught your attention. Quietly you had followed the noises and without knocking you pushed open the door. Rocket hurried around his room grabbing anything that had any worth to him. Groot was sat on the edge of his bed watching helplessly. You noticed one of Rocket’s old backpacks lying half empty on the floor and pieced together what he was doing.

“You can’t just leave, you know?” You said crossing your arms over your chest while leaning their against the doorframe.
Groot looked over at you and a small glimmer of hope flickered in his kind eyes. Rocket laughed bitterly and glanced over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah? Who is gonna stop me? You?” Every one of his words were dripping in venom.
He returned to picking up tools and bombs he found scattered around the floor.

“I might.” You replied simply walking into the room and closing the door behind you.
Rocket laughed again.

“Well, I’m about ready to bite someone’s throat out so I wouldn’t bother if I were you. Just leave me be. Pack your things Groot; cone tomorrow we’re out of here.”
Rocket kept his back to you and Groot. He really didn’t want to talk to you right now because if there was anyone on this ship that could change his mind it was you.
You take a seat next to Groot on his bed and stay quiet.

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care if they are your friends! What about me huh? You too good for me now?” Rocket snapped angrily throwing one of his inventions across the room.
With a heavy sigh Groot stood up and began picking up some of his very few possessions. Groot would always follow Rocket’s lead, even if it did mean leaving the closes thing to a family he had ever known. You couldn’t blame Rocket for the way he was acting. Some of the things that were said to him were bound to cut deep.

“What about me?” You asked, finally ending your silence.

“What about you?” Rocket tried his hardest to sound unfazed.

“Though we were close, you just going to leave as if I don’t mean anything to you?” Rocket froze where he stood amd you were pretty sure you saw him flinch. You remained calm and allowed Rocket some time to think of a response.

“You wanna come with us be my guest - but I’m sure as shit not staying here.” The fact that he still had his back to you annoyed you.

“Why won’t you look at me?” You ask from across the room. “I don’t remember saying anything horrible to you back there.”
Slowly Rocket turned to face you and then it made sense. His eyes were filled with sadness and he was doing his hardest to hide it.

“Rocket,” you sigh “we both know you don’t really want to leave.”

“You don’t know anything about me (f/n).” He narrowed his eyes and flattened his ears back.

“I think we both also know that isn’t true, don’t we Rocket.”
Rocket’s eyes soften and his ears relax. He lowers his head to try and avoid your gaze. He hated how calm and patient you were being with him. You always were when it came to talking to him, sometimes he just wished you would shout at him the way the others did. At least he knew how to react in that situation. He wasn’t used to the care you took when handling situations like this, no one ever tried as hard to be his friend the way you did, apart from Groot of course.

“I don’t want to be here anymore.” Rocket whispers honestly looking back up at you. “I’m tired of being laughed at. I want it to be how it used to be; me and Groot on the road. No taking shit from people who are meant to be my friends. You could come too, it would be fun, better than this anyway. Come on (f/n) we can make money from bounties and we can really jack up our prices since we are galaxy savers.” The sadness in his eyes was momentarily replaced with a flicker of excitement at the idea.

“I could never leave Rocket.”
Rocket’s eyes brim with tears and he quickly turns to keep packing.
“They are practically the only family I have ever known and you are a part of that family too. Please don’t leave Rocket, we all need you… I…” You paused wondering if it was wise to continue that sentence.
Rocket froze again and turned back around.
“You what?” He whispers. He needed to hear it, needed to know at least one person on this ship, other than Groot, cared about him.

“I need you. Please don’t leave me Rocket.” Some how you managed to keep the sadness you were feeling at bay until that moment. The though of him actually leaving was starting to frighten you and you couldn’t hide the tears that were starting you.
Hesitantly Rocket placed one of his bombs down on the floor and scampered over to you. He hopped up onto the bed next to you and wrapped his arms around you as best he could. You returned the hug and dragged him onto your lap.
“You can’t take what he said to heart, we all know Drax isn’t the smartest of people and he doesn’t think before he speaks. And Quill, he’s an asshat that is just looking to get a rise out of you.”
Rocket laughed at your choice or wording.
“You know,” you whispered gently into his fur. “If you stay I have a way to get back at Drax and prove that guns are better…”
Rocket laughed quietly and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.

“Yeah?” He mumbled.


“And how exactly are you going to do that?” He asked lifting his head to look you in the eyes. Your noses were almost touching and you smiled at him.

“I suppose you’ll have to stay and find out won’t you.”
Rocket looked down and considered it for a while.
“…Fine. But only because guns are better than stupid knives.” He smiles but his eyes tell you he is lying about his reason for staying. You had him wrapped around your little finger and he knew it.
Groot smiles and starts putting everything back in their proper places. He knew you would be able to talk Rocket round.

The next day the you all landed on Knowhere. As everyone else went to gather supplies and haggle for equipment you and Rocket began setting up your plan.
After finding a high point close to the ship with coverage you found Drax talking to a stall owner using the scope of Rocket’s favorite stun gun. The stall held a variety of knives ranging in all different sizes. Rocket sniggered as he heard the clunk of his now loaded stun gun and aimed it at Drax. He waited for just the right moment when there was a parting in the crowds of people and then pulled the trigger. Drax screamed and fell to the floor entangled in bright white lights. He convulsed for a few minutes before the effects wore off. He jumped back up and began looking around angrily for who had shot him.
“I’d like to see a knife do that!” Rocket shouted.

You and Rocket laughed manically about how Drax screamed like a little girl and ran back to the ship awaiting everyone’s return. Rocket smiled as the pair of you finally made it back to your room and slammed the door, making sure to lock it incase Drax figured out who it was. You pulled Rocket into a hug still laughing. Rocket clung to you and closed his eyes, he couldn’t be more glad he had decided to stay.

To call it a farce would be a bit of an understatement.

All Charles wanted was a nice Thanksgiving- the first he’d hosted himself since he moved to America when he was a child. There was supposed to be roast turkey and yams and three different kinds of pie. Instead, there was burnt potatoes, liquid soap in the cranberry sauce, and a powerful mutant leader tied up in Charles’ bathtub.

How had it come to this?

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(requested by @sarcastic-vampiregirl)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
4 624
warning : smut
summary :  Reader is an art major ; One day Kai shows up semi naked in her class when she has to draw a still life.
keep reading after the cut
* not my gif

Being an art major had always been a dream of Y/N’s ever since she had been little and her parents had allowed her to use the wall in her bedroom to draw with her pastels. They’d always tear the wallpaper down at the end of the month , keeping her sketches in rolls at the attic and replace it with a new one. Later on she took extra art classes at her high school as a preparation for applying to art school. Things had turned out exactly like Y/N had imagined her life would be, well almost. Most of her friends were supernaturals and there was no way to elude the dangers that came with this … or the surprises. Specially when it came to Malachai Parker. He was Dangerous with a capital D around everyone but her. With her it was all surprises - pleasant and some times not so pleasant. He wasn’t all bad , there were sweet sides to him but mostly he drove her nuts.


Y/N couldn’t wait to get home and relax after the long day at her college. Art is fun but sometimes it was a bit much , specially with assignments deadlines. Her car pulled in the driveway and she quickly got out , opening the door to the back seat taking her messenger bag and the large sketchpad. Tomorrow was going to be even more exhausting and Y/N couldn’t wait to get inside , take a long hot bath and go to sleep. Only when she came inside there was a surprise waiting for her.
“You are late. Got stuck in traffic ?” said Kai who had made himself comfortable on her couch , munching on a pack with pork rinds. “Don’t worry , I got your dinner covered. After all someone has to look after you and make sure you eat properly.”
Kai turned towards her with an amused expression on his face. Y/N’s jeans were covered with paint on a few spots and her hands had traces of it too. Kai noticed there was some graphite on her nose and pencils in her hair. But what got to him was her shocked expression. It flashed from surprise to confusion to anger to shock to surprise in a matter of seconds. He couldn’t help but laugh.
Y/N’s mouth hung open and a moment later she swung her messenger bag in the air ready to smack Kai with it , only he whooshed himself away and the bag barely grazed his shoulder.
“Get out of my house !”
“Owwh.. So cranky. Did someone have a bad day ?” he said mockingly , rubbing his shoulder. “Violence is never the answer Y/N.” he scolded her.
Y/N let out a sigh of frustration , dropping her bag on the floor shortening the distance between her and Kai. It was always like this with him - Y/N was one of the very few people who’d tolerate his company in the first place and for some reason that got him attached to her. He popped up pretty much everywhere around her , every day.
“Actually my day was perfect until I found you in my house …eating my pork rinds.” she said grabbing the pack from his hands , dipping her hand inside to get some with a grin on her face. Kai looked more upset about her stealing his pork rinds than about the fact she had tried to smack him less than 3 minutes ago. “Oh ? Did you want these ?”
Kai laughed for a second then clenched his jaw , getting up to chase after her. Y/N was driving him nuts. One moment she could be smiling at him and acting as if he is her best friend , the next one she’d be getting on his nerves like no one has ever managed. In fairness , he had sneaked into her house without any kind of warning … again , but still. She should know better than try and stand between him and his pork rinds.
“How did you even get in my house?” she wondered , eluding him yet again at the stairs. “If you broke a window - you are paying for the repairs.”
“Ha.Ha. Funny. Your bedroom window was open … again. Why aren’t you locking it up ?!” said Kai , stopping and crossing his hands on his chest as he watched Y/N wink at him and take a turn around the couch towards the fire place. “And you invited me in , remember ? What kind of a friend would I be if I don’t come to check up on you from time to time? Now gimme back my pork rinds.”
“These?” she said looking at him innocently , pointing with her other hand at the package. Kai nodded , shortening the distance between them in a few seconds.
“Yes. Gimme.” he grabbed her wrist pulling her towards him as she tried to escape from him again. Their eyes met and for a moment they gazed at each other before a smile spread across Kai’s face as he finally got his pork rinds back. “Your attitude is going to get you in trouble sweetheart. How many times do I have to tell you this ?”
Y/N felt a little out of breath , not because Kai had chased her around the living room the past few minutes but because of the way he looked at her a few moments ago. Something different had flashed in his eyes , something she hadn’t seen before.
“Is it ? Is it really ? Cuz I seem to be the only one who can push your buttons without feeling the wrath of Malachai Parker afterwards.” said Y/N raising her hands , shaking them in the air with fear and then tapped his nose , smiling innocently at him before taking a step aside and walking towards the kitchen to see what her dinner was.
Kai stared after her wondering how is it that she is the only one who gets away with calling him by his full name and getting on his nerves in every possible way. If it was someone else , they’d already be two metres under ground. Perhaps it had to do with the weird feeling he got every time he was around her. Specially the feeling he had gotten a few seconds ago. Something had sparked deep inside him. Kai left the pork rinds on the coffee table and chased after her in vampire speed catching up with her in the kitchen. Y/N had bent over to see what’s in the oven and he could hear the change in her heart beat realising it was her favourite pizza. Kai grabbed her wrist and spun her around in vamp speed until her back was pressed against the kitchen counter and his chest firmly pressed against hers.
Y/N looked up into his eyes feeling butterflies flap their wings in her stomach having him this close to her. His eyes which were a little darker shade of blue in that moment , not looking away from hers. She felt her breath get stuck in her throat sensing the danger levels around him raising. Their friendship was based on pushing the boundaries of the other.
Kai leaned in towards her , unsure what he wanted to do exactly. He wasn’t exactly angry at her , there was something else he just didn’t know what it was.
“So … you are staying for dinner or ?” asked Y/N feeling her heart beating faster than ever. Even she could hear her own heart beat. A smile spread across Kai’s face , though Y/N could see devils dancing in his eyes.
“When my girl asks me this nicely , how would I decline.” he took a step backwards from her , his eyes following her every move. Kai wasnt sure what was happening with him , why his attitude towards her was so soft. Had it been someone else , they would’ve been food a long time ago.
“Not your girl.” she replied. “Stop calling me that.”
“But I like calling you that.” said Kai with a smile , taking out the pizza from the oven. “It has a nice ring to it - my girl … Kai’s girl. See ?”
He cut the pizza , taking out two plates from the kitchen cabinet. Y/N rolled her eyes at his comment , sitting opposite him on the table reaching for a piece of her favourite pineapple ham pizza. As annoying as Kai was , sometimes his surprises were nice.
“I’m starving …”
Kai slapped her hand away. “Careful sweetheart. It’s still hot. You will hurt yourself.”
Y/N stared at him reaching for a slice again , his hand grabbing her wrist. They stared at each other for a few seconds and he let go allowing her to get a slice. Instead she got two and hungrily started eating them. Kai stared at her laughing.
“What ? No ‘thank you’ for making sure you don’t starve to death ?” he teased reaching to grab a slice himself , only Y/N slapped his hand away. He tried again - same thing. “You think you are funny don’t you? Come on Y/N , don’t deny it. You like me more each day..”
Y/N only raised her eyebrows at him roughly running her fingers through her hair. She liked and hated him at the same time. It was a weird feeling to live with and sometimes it was hard to understand , even harder to explain.
“Thank you … for the pizza.”
“See ? It wasn’t so hard.” he teased trying to suppress a smile , reaching for a slice.
“Shut up.”

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“Jagi,” Yoongi groaned, “I don’t want to go to the store.” He said, burying his face in his pillow.

“How about this,” You brush his hair, “I’ll take a shower, get ready, help Jin with breakfast, and by the time it’s ready you get ready to get out of bed?”

“Can I sleep while you get ready?” He peeked.

“Yes, you can.” You giggled, rubbing his back and getting up. “I’ll let you know when we’re done with breakfast—alright?” You pecked his forehead.

“Don’t do that.” He complained, scrunching his face up.

“Whatever!” You walked to the bathroom. You took a shower, did your makeup, and brushed your hair and teeth. Once you were ready to cook with Jin, you walked out of the bathroom and to put some things away back with Yoongi. You rolled your eyes as you heard his light snores, and saw him looking like he was dead. His body was sprawled out over the bed, and you shook your head as you walked by.

“Aish, stop!” Jin smacked Jungkook’s hand away from the vegetables he was cutting.

“I’m hungry, hyung!” He whined, bouncing in place.

“You can’t have any yet—it’s not done, and I haven’t even started it.” He didn’t look at him, and focused on his chopping.

“Fine! I didn’t want any stupid vegetables anyway,” He crossed his arms, pouting as he walked to the couch. “Ah, noona!” He happily skipped to you, “You’re up! Does that mean Yoongi is up too?”

“Unfortunately, no. He’s being lazy,” You hugged him.

“So are all of the hyungs—well, more of just taking a while to get ready for the day. Isn’t it weird that you’ve been here so long?” He tilted his head, “How long has it been since you two started dating?”

“Five months or so?” You guessed, “Why?”

“Because you stood the night,” He scratched his head, “I didn’t hear anything..”

“Jungkook!” You lightly slapped his shoulder, “Nothing happened at all!”

He giggled while dodging your attacks, “I know.”

“(Y/N)!” Tae shouted, running at you in full speed while his arms were out. “You look so pretty today—doesn’t she, Jungkook?” He pressed your cheeks together, grinning ear to ear.

“She does look very pretty today,” He slightly blushed.

“Who looks pretty?” Namjoon asked, stretching as he fixed his hat.

“They’re just all over (Y/N),” Jin said, putting whatever he was cutting into a pan.

“All over here?” His deep voice said amused. “Damn, you do look hot.” Namjoon smiled, “It’s nice to know Tae can hug you, but what about me?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Since I’m giving everyone hugs, Jin I’ll be right there for your morning hug—and to help you.” You said, hugging Namjoon closely.

Once he let go, you went to Jin. “Good morning~” You sang happily, hugging him from behind.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He ruffled your hair, pulling you to his side. “You can stir this while I chop some more things up, alright?”

“You’re cooking?” Hoseok asked behind you, “That’s Jin’s job.”

“I should help, you guys did let me stay last night—not to mention give us the room to ourselves.” You said stirring.

“I’m glad you didn’t use it for..‘private’ affairs.” He hugged you, kissing your cheek. “I hope you had a nice time sleeping with him, though. He’s a great pillow,”

“He didn’t move the entire night; at one point, I thought he was dead.”

“It always looks like he’s dead,” Jungkook laughed, playing with Tae’s hands.

“Oh, you’re cooking!” Jimin busted through the door, “Whoa, you look so h-” He cleared his throat, “Pretty today, (Y/N).” He smiled oddly.

“Thank you, Jimin~” You smiled, kissing his cheek as you continued to cook.

He broke out into a flustered smile, “Yeah.”

“How much are you chopping up? That’s a lot of food,” Namjoon said, his hands on Jin and your shoulders.

“It’s a lot of food to cook just for us—Tae alone has enough servings for five people.”

“It’s just (Y/N) staying,” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder instead, “She doesn’t have as big of an appetite.”

“I know,” Jin glared at him. “Just go sit down—watch tv or something. We’re fine by ourselves here, and we’d do better if you were out of our hair. Thank you,”

“Well then,” He raised his hands up, “I’ll just leave you to this.”

“What was that?” You breathed a laugh, helping him out more things in the pan.

“Sometimes he just gets on my nerves while I cook,” He opened the fridge, “Actually, all of them do. It’s always: 'Hyung, is it done? Hyung, how much longer? Hyung, can I have some?’ And they always yell,” He lifted his head, bringing some more ingredients out. “Don’t forget the picking at the uncooked food.”

“They are boys,” You shrugged, “They’re growing, they work hard, and they want food.”

Jin stared at you while blinking slowly, “I am one of those boys.”

“You are,” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Go sit down with them—I got this.”

“What? No, (Y/N) you’re a guest.” He began to break eggs, “You shouldn’t even be helping.”

“But I am,” You countered, “What’s the big deal? You said it yourself: you work hard. You deserve a little break, and this is your chance. Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to be cooked for?”

“N-No..” He hung his head low, “But I can’t help but to feel guilty if you do this.”

“There’s no need to feel guilty; go!” You shoved him.

“Are you sure? Because it’s no problem, I can just-”

“Go, Jin!” You yelled, pushing him outside of the kitchen against his will as he struggled to keep his feet still on the ground.

“Ugh, alright.” He stomped off to the rest of the boys.

You went back to the stove, cooking what Jin was preparing. The boys would occasionally pop in to ask about how much longer they would have to wait, or try to sweet talk you into getting more in their serving. You turned off the burner, and got some glasses out to serve drinks. Eight cups, eight plates, and eight napkins. You walk over to the room Yoongi is sleeping in, cautious to not wake him up by the creaking of the door or yelling of the boys. “Wake up,” You cooed, lightly shaking him by his shoulder. “Breakfast is ready.”

“You cooked?” He opened his eyes slowly.

“Yes.” You nodded, slapping his bum. “Get up now,”

“Sure thing.” He smirked, smacking your bum harder than you did his.

“Aish!” You pushed him away. “Just get over there.” You walked out. You began filling the plates with the food, and pouring their drinks into the cups. “Breakfast is ready!” You informed them, putting the plates and everything else on the table as they raced to it.

“This looks good!” Tae smiled widely, staring at the food you placed in front of him.

“Yeah, you’re a really good cook—huh?” Jimin complimented you.

“Thank you, noona~” Jungkook hugged you.

“Should I just sit down?” You heard Yoongi ask, to find him scratching his head while he was shirtless.

“Yeah, baby.” You answered, being pulled into a tighter hug.

“Thank you, sexy.” Namjoon winked at you.

Yoongi sat, keeping his eyes on Namjoon. “You made all this?”

“She did—isn’t she great?” Hoseok took a bite out of the food.

“This is really good,” Jin said with his mouth full of food.

You went to the kitchen to retrieve your and Yoongi’s plate. “Here you go,” You kissed his head.

He cringed again, “Mm, what did I tell you about that?..”

“I wouldn’t mind her kissing my head,” Jimin licked his lips.

“Especially when I’m sick~” Namjoon added, “Wouldn’t that be great? Nurse (Y/N)..” He trailed off, “I can picture the outfit already.”

“Low cut button up short dress, heels, and those cute stockings.” Jimin closed his eyes.

“Will she give us shots, Jin? Or will we give her an injection of our own?” Namjoon put some more food in his mouth.

“Hyung!” Jungkook choked on his food, “That’s really crude..”

“Oh, if she gives us a shot can she give us lion print band aids?” Tae popped his head up excitedly.

“That’s not what they meant..” Hoseok put his hand on his forehead.

“Your her cousin—aren’t you going to kill them for speaking about (Y/N) like that?” Jin asked chewing with his cheeks full.

“Ah, I’ve learned to just let it go.” He sighed picking at his food, “They can say all they want, but she won’t let them get any further than hugs and occasional pecks on the cheek.”

“Fair enough,” Jin shrugged.

“What about when she bends down?” Namjoon whispered loudly to Jimin while nudging him. He giggled while continuing to eat. They glanced over to Yoongi and you sitting beside each other eating. “She does look pretty damn hot today,” Namjoon said loudly, directing it towards Yoongi.

He grumbled lightly, continuing to eat and trying to ignore them. “Do you want more water, Jimin?”

“I can get it myself,” He was about to get up, but you beat him to it.

“I’ll get it.” You grabbed his cup, and walked back to the kitchen.

“Yah, could you shut up now?!” Yoongi yelled, slamming his hand on the table. “Eat the food my girl made,”

“I was wondering when he was gonna say something..” Jungkook said under his breath as you passed by to give Jimin his drink back.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He avoided eye contact with you.

“Get over here.” Yoongi patted the floor next to you where you previously sat. You watched Namjoon stiffen laughs as he poked at his food. “Got something to say, Namjoon?”

“No, hyung.” He shook his head smiling.

“Thinking about something you shouldn’t be?” Yoongi raised his eyebrow, sipping his water.

“My thoughts aren’t something you have to worry about,” He sang.

“Just eat the goddamn food already,”

//At The Mall//

“Isn’t this pretty, Yoongi?” You held up a dress.

“It’s definitely sexy, but I doubt anyone wouldn’t look at you.” He gently took it from you and returned it back in its place, “Like Namjoon, or Jimin..”

“Baby, they’re always like that—you know that.” You wrapped your arms around his waist. “But I’m yours.”

“That’s right,” He held your hips, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll let you get that dress.”

“Can I just try it on?” You whined.

“Fine. You have to show me it after you put it on, though.” He caved.

You cheered, snatching the dress back and dragging him to the fitting room that you fixated a gaze on. You rushed inside, leaving him outside. Quickly, you tore your clothes off and tried the new piece of clothing on. You admired yourself in the full mirror—looking at different angles and parts of the dress. It fit in all the right places, and the color/print complimented you perfectly. Deciding that you were happy with the outcome, you hesitantly walked out to Yoongi—afraid of his reaction. “How do I look?” You asked, putting your arms out.

He looked up from his phone, “Beautiful..” He stared for a while, then shook his head. “You look great, but too great.”

“Does this mean I can’t get it?” You frowned.

He sighed, putting his phone in his pocket and turning to you. “Jagi, I just don’t want guys to look at you. I don’t like when guys even talk to you while we’re out somewhere.” He tried to justify his answer, “I’m afraid you don’t understand what I’m saying,” He held your hand loosely, “I don’t want guys to talk to you, or even look at you. You’re my girl, got it? Not Namjoon’s, not Jimin’s, not some desperate guy—Mine; all mine.” He pointed at his chest. “I can’t trust guys won’t look at you in that, and who knows what could happen if I wasn’t there to protect you.” You nodded, looking down at his shoes. His finger lifted your head up to his face, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Just hold my stuff while I look for what I really came here for,” You gave him your purse in his arms, “Stay here.” You searched everywhere for that cute top you had seen on the Internet to no avail.

“May I help you?” A boy around your age asked from behind you.

“Ah, yes.” You nodded sheepishly, and described the top to him.

“We actually just got those today—we’re putting them on display tomorrow. I’ll have no problem getting you one from the back room, though.” He smiled.

“You’d do that?” You eye sparkled with hope.

“Of course. Follow me, okay?” He walked back to by where Yoongi was. You looked over to him, and he was scrolling away on his phone still. You didn’t blame him: shopping in a mall for hours with your girlfriend, no food or beverages allowed in the stores, and rarely any men’s stores. “Uh,” The boy laughed nervously, “I need a little help over here..” He held a tower of boxes from falling, “Just hold this,” He gave you a boxcutter. You watched as he fixed the taller-than-you stack of boxes filled with clothing. “Found it!” He proclaimed happily, “I’ll open it if you hold it.” He winked.

“Okay.” You say slowly, trading with him.

He opened it, and saw your phone nearly hanging out of your cleavage. “Hey, you should give me a call if you have any troubles with the shirt.” He opened up the box, “What size?”

“(Your/Size).” You played with your bracelet, “What do you mean troubles?”

“Oh, just any problems—like stitching errors, or there’s a stain—you don’t like it..” He checked the sizes, “I’ll happily take it off you.”


“I’ll put my number in for you,” He put his hand out.

Your niceness consuming you, you handed him your phone reluctantly. “Return it to him,” You pointed to Yoongi, “I’ll be changing out of this.” You snatched the shirt and ran to the dressing room.

After a rushed event of taking off the dress, you hear two voices. “You’re her friend?”

“Friend?” Yoongi scoffed, “I mean, that’s part of the label I have; just missing the first three letter word in front of it.”

“Hey man, just give her the phone back and tell her I said to text me tonight.” You raced to a place where you could see them, but they couldn’t see you.

“Text her? Did you not understand what I just said, kid?” Yoongi stood taller, “I’m her boyfriend.”

“She could see different people at the same time;” the ignorant boy shrugged.

“I really don’t think you understand,” Yoongi cleared his throat, “My girl—she’s my girl. Look,” He lifted up your bag, “Her purse—an expensive purse I got her; me her boyfriend. This phone,” He dangled it in front of his face, “She uses it to contact me everyday,” He unlocked it, “That is, if she’s not already with me.” He looked, and laughed. “You save your name as 'Future Husband’, hm? You think that’s funny? I’m not laughing at that, I’m laughing at you. The fact you think my future wife would be with anyone as,” He looked at him from head to toe, “Swagless, pabo, clown boy, as you.”

“Come on,” He practically pleaded. “Don’t delete it—please!”

“Give me one good reason.” Yoongi challenged him.

“I can show her a good time, and treat her well.”

He looked up, then looked like he was thinking. He dipped his head down again, then picked up the phone and deleted his number. “Bye.” The boy said cursed between gritted teeth as he walked away. “You saw that?” He asked turning to you.

“Yeah.” You nodded, walking over to him.

“Don’t be giving guys your number or phone,” He handed it back to you—more like smacked it into your palm. “Am I clear, jagi?”

“Yes, oppa.” You responded, taking your belongings from him.

“You’re only mine, babe.” He put his arm around you, rubbing along it and placing a sweet kiss on the top of your head. “You’re gonna be mine for a while, too.”

Soul Mate 22

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Alright, kiddo’s! This is more Poe x reader than anything, but the beginning is quite harsh. Consider this a ‘filler’ chapter as we are introduced to Poe and readers friendship/relationship…what ever you call it. ENJOY! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.1K+

Warning: Slight mentions of blood in the beginning.


There had been a sudden change in the ambience, as if all the weights on Kylo’s shoulders had suddenly disappeared. A feeling of ease sped throughout his body as there hadn’t been an ounce of misery, nor anger or pain, coursing through his veins–just sheer happiness. The air hadn’t felt thin and suffocating around him like it usually had, nor did he feel the urge to ball his fists or clench his jaw–rather–he lied there, arms crossed behind his head as his eyes stayed shut. “C'mon, Kylo…look at me…” The voice giggled, a hint of desire being expressed as he could feel the fingers delicately trace the beauty marks that sprinkled his face. “Don’t be that way…”

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The sequel to “The Soldier’s Plan” as requested by nerd-kat–hell-yes. Enjoy!

I freaking loved The Soldier’s Plan! That was so adorable and clever. Would you mind maybe making a second part to it about what happens after the mini dance party?

“The Soldier’s Plan” (Part 2)

Part 1

The dance party had gone on for much longer than you had anticipated. Steve was dragged around by Natasha for a couple of hours and whenever he got a break, you began dancing with Pietro to avoid him. Truthfully, you felt slightly proud for being able to get such a jealous expression out of the legendary Steve Rogers.

When everyone finally admitted that enough was enough, the Avengers began filing out of your room. Taking the CD out of the stereo, you returned to the cabinet where you kept the cases. Reaching up, you attempted to grab the case for your ‘Queen – Greatest Hits’ album but as a result of Pietro being the one who obtained it, the box was little out of your reach.

Suddenly you felt two large hands on your waist as Cap – who you hadn’t realised was still in the room – lifted you higher. After a surprised whimper, you soon retrieved the case, placed the disc inside and returned it to the shelf. Steve then let you to the ground.
“Hey.” He said with a smile. You smiled back – unsure what else to say.
“So…” Steve began.
“We never actually finished our dance.”
“We did sort of get side-tracked, didn’t we?”
“Yes, and I still need some rehearsal.” He reminded you before placing a pointed finger on his chin.

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Summary: You and Daryl were together pre apocalypse, but he left you when you thought you might be pregnant. Now in Alexandria you and your daughter come face to face with the man who abandoned you.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff.
A/N: This is loooong!

You dreamt of the man with the beautiful blue eyes every night, the man you gave your heart to, the man who fathered your child, the man who left you. You and Daryl knew each other from a young age and became best friends, as you got older your feelings turned into more and eventually you ended up together. One day it occurred to you that you had missed your period but it was still too early to test, but you told Daryl right away that there was a possibility because you wanted to be honest and up front, you could deal with it together, or at least you thought you could. But as soon as those words left your mouth he was out of the door, you wanted to give him space to process it, but soon a week had gone by, he wasn’t answering his phone and he wasn’t anywhere you thought to look. It was clear what he had done, he had up and left you when you needed him most, without even saying goodbye. You had no one, you had to go through everything alone, the pregnancy, the birth, raising your little girl. You always thought one day Daryl would come back, maybe even just a phone call, but he never did.

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AN: *Sobs for hours bc this gif breaks my heart* OMG poor baby…Thank you for the unique request anon! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do I guess a one shot for Pietro where he’s friends with and or is dating the reader and she has to go somewhere and he doesn’t want her to go so they get in a fight about it then sometime after she leaves she gets in a wreck and doesn’t remember him/the avengers and he’s never told so one day he sees her on the street and wants to talk to her but can’t bc she has no idea she knew him/the team. Please include the team of you want. I also love, love your imagines.

Warning: Memory loss, car crash, swearing, over all sad theme




Your eyes stung with tears of anger as you slammed your hand on your nightstand and took your car keys in your shaking fingers. “I am going, Pietro, and you have no right to stop me.”

“I have every right, you are my girlfriend.” Pietro said from the other side of the room, then zoomed over to you and tried to pry the keys from you. “This is so stupid, Y/N!”

“Visiting my mother isn’t stupid, you inconsiderate bastard!” You spat at him.

“It’s pouring out, you won’t be able to see two feet in front of you when you are driving.” Pietro said, jutting a finger in the direction of your bedroom window. “It’s dangerous to go out in a storm like this.”

“I haven’t seen my mom in months.” You growled angrily, but also with an underlining tone of sadness. You had been so tied up with your work with the team and training, and this was the only day you managed to get off. You were not giving it up just because of the rain!

Your boyfriend was very important to you, but so was your family. You knew, deep down, that he was right about the entire situation, but you refused to listen.

You narrowed your eyes at him and shoved him out of the way, snatching your coat and bag from your bed. “I am going!”

His bright blue eyes widened furiously, then he crossed his arms over his chest and snarled at you, “Fine, go. And you know what? When–no, if you come back, you won’t have a boyfriend anymore.”

His words stung you, but you had to maintain your pride. “Yeah? Well, guess what Maximoff? You’re going to loose your girlfriend.”

You took two long strides to the door, Pietro just stood where he was and watched you while he sulked in his own negative energy. You opened it, then paused for a moment.

“Actually, you already have.” You said, but this time your voice was much quieter and much, much more broken.

You ran past every one of your teammates in the tower with your head down and tears streaming down your face. You made it to the parking garage alright, but when you climbed into your car and shut the door, you broke down in sobs.

You absolutely hated fighting with Pietro. You two barley ever had serious arguments, just a little bickering here and there, nothing ever big. But this? You were pretty sure that the two of you had just broken up.

You turned the car on and peeled out of the garage, only to be met with a blast of rain and wind. Yes, you had seen worse, but your upset and chaotic emotions made it all that more difficult to drive.

You were almost out of the city, just a few more roads to go before you hit the bridge, but you never made it. Your sluggish thoughts slowed your reaction time, so by the time you looked to your left and saw another car coming at the side of you in the intersection, it was too late.

The last thing you felt was your brain shutting down, and your heart being shattered into a million different fragments. You had never felt so much pain in your life.



It has been weeks since he had last seen Y/N. At first, he didn’t worry all that much. He just assumed that she had decided to stay a few extra days with her mother because she was so upset at him, but then things began to change.

SHIELD agents came into the tower and began to clear out all of her stuff; putting them in labeled boxes and eventually loading them up into a truck to be shipped off. Pietro stood by and watched them sort through everything she owned, but every time he asked why they were doing it, they told him that they were under strict orders not to tell. Wanda, of course, was out on a mission at the time, so she could not search their minds for him.

No one on the team knew anything about what had happened to her, it was like she had just fallen off the face of the earth.

Pietro began to question if she had ever made it to her mom’s house, or if something had happened to her on the drive. He consistently played the fight that he had with her in his mind over and over again. He was convinced that the last words he would ever get to say to her was when he told her that he was breaking up with her.

Well, that was until he saw her on the streets.

He was walking up the busy and crowded New York City street side to get Wanda her favorite iced coffee from a small café a few blocks away from the tower, and that was when he had spotted her.

He had done it a few times before; thought he had seen her, but when he blinked it was someone else entirely. However, this time, there was no mistake in it. The way her Y/H/C fell around her shoulders, they way she smiled, even the way her shoulders shook when she laughed. It was Y/N, there was no question in his mind.

There she was, sitting in a window booth in the very same café he was heading to.

When he walked inside he was greeted by the scent of pastries and coffee, along with the sight of the love of his life. She was alone, fiddling with her thumbs, and occasionally looking over to the long line where Pietro saw her mother waiting to order their drinks.

The two of them were in the city…and they hadn’t even thought to call? To tell him, and the rest of the team, that she was even alive?

“Y/N…” Pietro said, though he had trouble finding the will to push the words out of his numb lips.

She looked up at the sound of her name, then tilted her head to the side in confusion at Pietro. “Do I know you?”


“Y/N, of course you know me.” Pietro said with a nervous laugh. “What are you talking about?”

“You must have me confused with someone else, sir.” She said with a small smile, looking genuinely sorry.

“Who are you talking to?” Her mother’s voice said from behind Pietro, then came around to put the drinks on the table. When she slid into the booth next to her daughter and looked at him, all the color drained from her face. “Oh, no.”

“What do you mean, ‘oh no’?” Pietro said through tight lips as he tried to conceal his anger. He didn’t want to scare Y/N off. “Why is it that she can’t remember me?”

Her mother gently grabbed her arm and began to tug her away from the table and towards the door. “Honey, we should go.”

She shook her head furiously, clearly trying to put all of the pieces together. “Mom, what is going on?”

Her mother didn’t answer, she just pulled her out of the café and back into the streets quickly. Pietro was too numb to chase after her, he just stood there and looked at Y/N with tears in his eyes as she went with her mother.


“I want Fury, now!”

Pietro stormed into the tower with a dark look etched on his face. He was past the sadness, now he was down right furious. He wanted answers.

“Brother, what happened?” Wanda came up to him and placed a comforting hand on his arm, but he ripped himself out of her touch and marched over to Stark.

“Stark, contact Fury. I want to speak with him.” He hissed at Tony.

Tony held his hands up and distanced himself from Pietro. “Whoa, Speedy, maybe we should calm down a bit–”

“We don’t have time to calm down!” Pietro’s eyes were ablaze with a fire that Wanda had never seen. “I need to talk to him now!”

Wanda had had enough of guessing, so she jumped into his mind and sorted through his emotions to find the source of his rage.

Pietro saw as Wanda gasped and left his thoughts, her crimson eyes wide open in shock. “You found Y/N?”

The entire team’s gaze snapped up to him, and that was when Tony’s tone got much more serious. “Meet me in the lab, I’ll get ahold of him.”

Every one of the Avengers crowded around a large screen which had Fury projected onto it. Pietro stood in the middle with his sister holding onto his arms to support him.

“What was this about, Pietro?” Fury said, sounding tired and annoyed like always. But, unlike most times, Pietro wasn’t intimidated by him. He had much more important things on his mind.

“What haven’t you told us about Y/N’s disappearance?” Pietro asked, his tone hard and bitter.

Fury didn’t seem surprised. “I am not permitted to tell you anything about it.”

“I’m not playing fucking games, Fury!” Pietro shouted at him.“I just ran into the love of my life on the streets, and she had no fucking idea who I even was! So, you are going to tell me everything you know, right now, or else Quicksilver isn’t going to be apart of the Avengers anymore.”

The entire team made similar threats, which put Fury in a pretty tight position. He couldn’t afford to loose everyone.

“Fine, but just know that I’m breaking the rules.” Fury said with a bitter sigh. “Y/N got into a serious car crash the night she left Avengers Tower.”

Pietro felt his stomach drop to his feet.

“She was able to pull through, clearly, but the more recent years of her life had been wiped clean from her memory due to a head injury she received.” Fury explained. “Once she was cleared from the hospital, her mother informed SHIELD that Y/N would be unable to work for us again, and that she wished for the details of the incident to be private.”

“W-what?” Pietro said, he felt his body swaying back and forth. “Why would she not want to tell us what happened?”

“She said that she didn’t want her daughter to be involved with the team again, she thinks that this type of life is too dangerous for her. She saw a chance to pull her out and she did.”

Silence fell over the team, and even Fury looked a little shaken himself. He had never gotten to know Y/N like the team did, but he still saw her as a good person from the few times he did meet her. He knew that she didn’t deserve what life gave her.

“Is she ever going to remember us?” Wanda asked quietly. 

“It’s unclear, the hospital couldn’t determine whether it would be short-lived or permanent." 

Wanda’s crimson lips curled up into a smile, and she hit her brother’s arms excitedly. "I have an idea! What if I went into her mind and tired to unlock her old memories?”

Pietro looked over at his twin and kissed both of her cheeks. “We have to try. We have to.”


Fury had contacted Y/N’s mother and, after a lot of reasoning, had convinced her to take Y/N to the tower and see if they can restore her memory. Her mother wasn’t to keen on the idea of her possibly remembering her life as an Avenger, however, in the end she recognized that her selfish desire to want her daughter safe with her shouldn’t overrule Y/N’s right to having her memory.

Y/N was escorted through the tower by Natasha to the common room, where Wanda and Pietro had a seat pulled up for her to sit in. Pietro could see her eyes flicking around as she soaked her surroundings in, and he could see a dim sense of familiarity.

She looked over at him and smiled a little as she recognized him as the man from the café. Pietro felt his heart clench, this had  to work.

Wanda guided her by her shoulders over to the seat, then kneeled down so that she was right in front of her. “This won’t hurt, okay?”

She nodded slowly, though Pietro could see the fear in her. Almost out of instinct, he reached out and grabbed her hand.

Wanda reached up and gently placed her finger tips on Y/N’s forehead, and a string of red energy began to flow through her skin and to her head.

Pietro stood by her side every second, and felt her squeeze his hand when she began to get uncomfortable.

Wanda’s eyes narrowed as she searched through her thoughts and suppressed memories, then slowly but surely began to release them from where they had been stuck.

Y/N’s eyes were screwed shut at the sensation of her brain being picked at, but she remained strong and stuck it through. Pietro was so very proud of her, even if it didn’t work. He would always love her, even if she never remembers that she used to feel the same way about him.

“I have done all I can do.” Wanda said with a sigh as she sat down fully on the floor, breathing heavily. “I have no idea how many memories I was able to bring to the surface, it could be all or it could be none.”

Wanda scooted out of the way so that Pietro could come in front of her. He crouched down to be eye level with Y/N and placed a head on each of her shoulders.

“Baby, open your eyes.”

She slowly obeyed, and she saw him sitting in front of her she jumped onto him and planted the biggest kiss she could onto his lips.

Nearly falling, he wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up with her, then spun her around while he continued to kiss her. The rest of the team was laughing and letting go of the breathes that they had been holding onto.

“Piet I love you.” Y/N mumbled against his lips, tears falling down her cheeks. “I love you so much.”

He let go of her lips and planted smaller, more gentle kissed on her cheeks and forehead. “Baby, I missed you so much.”

He was never, ever going to let her go again.

((I’m not sure if I like how this one turned out or not…?))

Since we now entered 2017 at my place as well, I think it’s about time to finally post what I was planning to do for quite a while now!

Other than a follow forever (speaking of which, I don’t think this is even necessary, like, once I follow you, I’ll always follow you, sooooo), I just wanted to thank every single blog I’m following for making 2016 a quite pleasant year for me! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, yet I always had a lot of fun when going online and that’s thanks to you and only you, so I hope that with this post I can give some of my happiness to you and give you a nice start into 2017, even if it’s just a little!

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I actually reached this when I was going through my move and wasn’t really on tumblr for a while. Since I was moving, getting settled in, dealing with school, and not having internet for about two weeks I didn’t really have the time to actually notify you people on this accomplishment.

I never really thought I would get this many followers and meet so many great people. So… I guess I’ll give out a lot- some shout outs to some people out there below the cut because it’s kind of long.

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[A/N: i just wanted to say hi and shoutout to hey-bae-bae for this cute idea! I kinda twisted the original request around a bit so i could make it longer. To me it feels a little rushed at the end, but in all honesty I kinda have writers block and didnt know where to go with it. Other than that I hope you guys enjoy!]

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You turned around hesitantly and saw that Bucky was now sitting up in his bed.

“What’s going on?” He asked. His voice was thick with sleep and a little hoarse because of his screaming from his nightmare.

“I heard you having a nightmare and I came to see if you were okay.”

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For @itstheaqueen, I hope your holidays are as merry and bright as you are! xoxo

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Clarke’s house is as close to a winter wonderland as a house can get. A large Christmas tree, a peace offering from her mother, sits by the front window, decked in ornaments Clarke and Raven made together the previous weekend. Stockings hang over their old fireplace, stuffed to the brim with random goodies. Garlands and tinsel hang everywhere, and lights twinkle peacefully. Christmas music plays softly from the stereo.

In theory, Clarke’s Christmas Eve should be perfect.

In actuality? It absolutely sucks.

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