sometimes I draw things

I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE so here is my version of the mural my Lavellan used to work out some of her issues. She basically attacked her bedroom wall with paint. Not fresco, because she does not have the skill or patience required for that. I’m pretty sure she gets over bad days by working on her family and/or lying on the floor painting foliage. Tiny happy flower, ignore the fact that you don’t know how to convince your boyfriend not to murder everyone you’ve ever known, tiny happy flower, ignore the desire to throw idiots off the battlements, tiny happy flower. Bob Ross therapy did not actually work for her, alas.


i’ve been hella artblocked for a while but i feel like i’m kinda getting out of it again? so i’m gonna do some of my backlog of old palette requests to try and push through it fjdkshkds also i have a new tablet which is weird!! so trying to get used to this too, oh geez

Inspired in large part by nennesis’s post about prosthetics (FLOWERING PROSTHETIC YES) and the fact that Ameneth absolutely would go murder a Sylvan, drag home part of the corpse, and tell Dagna, ‘we’re making this work.’

Sort of a companion piece to my Queen of Swords card and the even older version of that because I KEEP DRAWING THIS PICTURE i’m so sorry i’m a hack

In my defense, her design has changed a lot.

ALSO that hairstyle is totally doable with one hand. I checked. I have a yard of hair, which made it Challenge Mode, but it is TOTALLY possible to do a side twisty-bun and then stab it with hair sticks.

It’s mid-autumn festival!