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Okay so I'm trying to learn fluent Spanish, I know basic words and sentences. Where I live nobody speaks it so I couldn't have a regular conversation, do you have any advice on learning quickly and fluently? Any advice would be great


If you don’t have anybody to speak with you can download apps to meet people from all over the world. I have shared them in many posts already, like this one (recommendations on this post can help you too). Latin American people are usually very kind and friendly so don’t worry if you’re a beginner, I’m sure they will help you. :)

If you want to learn fast you have to immerse yourself in the Spanish world as much as you can.

Learn about your interests in Spanish. You will learn better if you do something that you like. Learn how to say in Spanish what you like to do or what you are interested about. Google it in Spanish, find videos in Spanish about it, read articles in Spanish about it, find Spanish speakers who also like that, etc. 

Play video games in Spanish. You will learn a lot of vocabulary from video games and it will be easier to remember because you can see the things and interact with them. Even if it’s just Facebook games, most of them have settings to change the language. 

These are my best recommendations of websites to learn natural Spanish:

Coffee Break Spanish
Mi vida loca
  with printouts
Language Transfer
with PDF

Find a teacher on Italki to have classes on Skype.

To learn vocabulary easier and faster I recommend to use memorization techniques. For example mnemonics (here’s a good explanation), this is a technique where you turn a Spanish word into similar words in your native language and you make a story out of it, the funnier or weirdest the better. Daily Spanish word does this with all the words. You can take their ideas or make your own. It takes time at the beginning, but it’s very useful in the long term.

You can also use a memory palace. Here’s a good explanation about this. You can make it with anything you want, your house, your favorite shopping mall, your neighborhood or city, your car, even your body. The key is to insert the new information into familiar places.

I also recommend you this podcasts Sponge Mind. It has the same episode in English and Korean, but it’s about language learning in general.

That’s all for now, I think. I hope this was useful. :)

It felt impossibly right when she tucked her head under his chin, her chilled nose nudging at the warmth of his throat.

“If I want to keep you safe, the best way is to teach you how to defend yourself.”

“So?” she croaked. “That doesn’t mean—nobody’s ever—you don’t have to—”

“I do, actually,” he stopped her abruptly, crushing his lips against the smooth, clean plain of her forehead.

Her voice came out in a pathetic warble. “But—”

“It’s okay, kitten,” he breathed. “It’s just me.”

Hex by @pissbabysithlord full excerpt under the cut…


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I Never Should Have Trusted You

This is part two of well, what do we have here? I’m sorry if this isn’t as good as the first part I hope you guys enjoy!

It has been a week since your encounter with Nightwing. The moment you shared together has been playing on your mind ever since. The way he kissed and touched you was like no other. It was truly an unforgettable night. Although you spent just one night with him, you opened your heart. You definitely feel something towards him and you hate yourself for it. Why him? Why now? 

Now that you are back to reality, you have to face your guilt. With your help, the person that employed you will kill Nightwing within the next few hours. He will be lured into a trap before being brutally murdered. You could stop Dick Grayson from being killed but you would be putting your own life at risk. A risk you are willing to take. He does not deserve this fate. You are the only one who can save him and everyone he cares about. 

Luckily for you, you find him roaming the rooftops of Bludhaven, taking his usual route. He senses someone following him and throws one of his escrima sticks over his shoulder which you catch just on time. If your reaction time was any slower you would be knocked out right now. He turns around only to be pleasantly surprised to see you. In a few minutes, he won’t be so pleased once he knows the truth. 

“I didn’t think I’d see you again so soon.” He smiles as you hand back his escrima stick.

“Your life is in danger, you have to leave Bludhaven immediately.” You don’t beat around the bush and quite frankly he is taken aback by your forwardness. 

“Does this mean you’re not a photographer?” He jokes around but judging from the look on his face he can tell that this is serious. 

“In a few hours time, maybe sooner, you and your associates will be assassinated under the order of Roman Sionis.” You fill him in, glossing over the details.

“And you know this because you were in on it all along?” Dick lets out an annoyed laugh at himself. “I knew I never should have trusted you.” The look of betrayal he gives you is enough to cut through your stomach. No one has ever looked at you this way before. 

“I was hired to spy on all of you. What happened between us should never have happened.” You admit your wrongs, keeping eye contact with him even though it killed you inside. 

“Yeah, you’re right. It never should have happened.” The regret in his voice for trusting you is obvious, making you feel even worse.

“I couldn’t live with myself if I let you and the others die. You have to warn them.” You advise but he doesn’t seem to heed your advice.

“I’m sure we would have managed without your help. I suggest you go, I never want to see you again.” He says his last words, turning his back on you for good. 

You were just about to leave when you heard a gun shot fire. Before you could do anything, the bullet penetrates his armour. Dick falls to his knees instantly, feeling woozy. From a distance, you can see Deadshot, who fired the bullet from his sniper rifle. He waves at you before aiming for Dick’s head. 

“Dick watch out!” You warn him to get behind cover but he is too weak to move so you dive towards him, dragging him to safety. 

Deadshot never leaves a job unfinished, he will be making his way over to you both. Dick is bleeding pretty badly, good thing you came prepared for the worst. You heard that freezing a wound stops bleeding so that is what you do. Dick lets out an agonising scream, the process isn’t exactly painless. 

“I have to get you out of here. I may have stopped the bleeding but you need medical attention.” You hold his head in your hand, supporting his neck. 

“I already hit my distress signal… He should be here soon.” His eyes flicker and he struggles to speak. 

“Not soon enough.” Deadshot catches your attention, loading his wrist gun. “Sionis knew you’d fail. That’s why he sent me to take care of you both. I hope he was worth it.” He sniggers under his mask. 

“He is worth it.” You tell him before throwing on of Dick’s smoke pellets at his feet to give you some coverage. 

You’re not much of a fighter but this is a matter of life and death here. Not only for you but for Dick too. What use are you to him if you are dead? So you give Deadshot your all, disarming him of his weapons. You then go for a cheap shot to the crotch. While he is hunched over you knee his face so that he collapses onto the ground. Now that he is down you use all your strength to restrain him, keeping his wrists pinned down especially. 

“So you think you’re some kind of hero now?” Deadshot struggles against you. 

“I’m no hero, I’m just doing what’s right for once.” You don’t claim to be the good guy here. 

Deadshot headbutts you, throwing you off the edge of the roof before you can get up on your feet. Your fingers desperately grip onto the building with one hand. 

“No!” You hear Dick scream. He wants to help you but he can’t even move. 

“Did you honestly think you stood a chance against me?” Deadshot gloats as he looks down at you. “You should have just taken the money and ran, little girl.” His foot slowly rises up, ready to stomp down on your fingers. 

You close your eyes, waiting to fall to your death, only to open them and find that Batman has arrived, taking out Deadshot before he can finish you off. He then helps you back up onto the roof before attending to Dick, who grows weaker by the second. 

“I’ll take it from here.” Batman looks over his shoulder at you, knowing fine well that you had a role to play in all this. You may have saved Dick Grayson’s life but that doesn’t change the fact that you betrayed him. 

“Please let me help.” You plead with them both. “I never wanted this to happen I’m–” 

“You’ve done enough, y/n. I meant what I said before, I never want to see you again.” Dick doesn’t let you finish your apology. 

“Okay, I understand. Goodbye, Dick.” Your shoulders slump and you bow your head, unable to look at him. 

You watch as Batman ushers him into the Batwing. He takes one long look at you before closing the door. They leave you there to deal with your guilt. You can’t help but feel this is what you deserve for what you have done. It’s a shame things had to end this way, you really did fall for Dick Grayson that night. 

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hey hannah I hate all these ant-sjm blogs and they make me feel really uncomfortable to say my opinions on here. Theyve been attacking some people in the fandom behind their backs because of a post and I want to say something but I'm too scared because I know Id get hate back. Do you have any tips?

Hi Nonnie. That’s a decision you’re gonna have to make for yourself. And it all just depends. One thing I think you could do is PM people you see who are the focus of the hate and just let them know you see what’s happening and that you support them. I think people don’t realize sometimes when they cross the line from having an opinion to outright bullying others. Of that makes sense? This website is pretty anonymous, so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I also think some people have a lot of hurt and anger in their own lives and it’s easier to vent that anger or to take it out on other people. Especially if they’re anonymous and through a screen. And I don’t often think they realize what they’re doing. But some of them do. So I think it’s ultimately a decision you have to make for yourself.

But I’ll leave you with this: we can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves. So if we don’t like how someone acts on Tumblr, we can stop putting ourselves in a situation to see what they post by blocking them.

Hope this helps!

Dear Anxious Annie,

Wow…  It sounds like you’ve been through a lot yourself.  I’m glad you decided to come to me for help.  I know what it’s like when the stress of your job gets overwhelming.

Here’s something I should share about myself, though: I might say “I’m fine” all the time, but that doesn’t mean I always am.  There have been times when I was either too sad or too angry to even talk to anyone, and saying I was fine wouldn’t do anything to change that.

But you know…I realized something every time I got over it – it doesn’t really matter how I feel right now.  As long as I keep going and don’t let my worries get the best of me, there’s always a chance things will improve, and that I will be fine.  So, just keep holding on to hope whenever things get rough for you.  No matter how bad it gets, it can always get better somehow.

I sometimes forget that myself, believe it or not.

-Apollo Justice

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i've never felt sexual attraction to anyone and i'm starting to think i might be asexual and i think i would still like having sex in the future at least to try it out, but i'm only 15 so maybe i'm too young to know if i'm actually ace? i also feel like i could be somewhere in the aro spectrum because i've never felt romantic attraction either but i'm kind of scared to think about it




to be ace all you need to do is not experience sexual attraction. aces can still want/have/enjoy sex because attraction does not equal desire.

to be aro all you need to do is not experience romantic attraction. remember that this does not go hand in hand with being ace; romantic and sexual attraction are two different beasts. try imagining yourself doing things you consider romantic with people of different genders. that should help you determine.


fancasts & ships

soo I really have nothing to do and I recently reached another hundred of followers so I thought I’d do a little something for y’all to thank you <3 this was inspired by @ohmargaery and @daenerya


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hey so in your about page it says "i'm white/cis so if i fuck up please tell me" and i just wanted to say that it's your responsibility to educate yourself instead of waiting for poc/trans people to tell you when you fuck up. it's not our responsibility. we'll call stuff out but that's not on us it's on you to do your research and not be racist/transphobic/etc in the first place

you’re absolutely right. i do my best to always stay educated and if i’m not 100% sure about something i will educate myself! the reason i have that in there is for those instances where i may not realize i’ve said/thought/done something wrong or if i repeatedly do something wrong. it doesn’t even in need to be a full explanation, just “hey syd, ________ that you said was kinda problematic/iffy” and i will educate myself from there. but of course trans people and poc are never obligated to sit down and teach me things i should already know or can educate myself about

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yo kia. i gots some headcanons sasuke's very good housewife material i would imagine. he's a very clean/methodical person due to how strict his parents were. he hated cleaning, but would do it religiously after the massacre because that's what they like :'( he's also a great cook because he had to learn himself shortly after. he's terrible at first but learns through trial and error. imagine hinata's surprise when she's finds the house always clean and a full course meal after getting together

I…had a mighty need but Anon, if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. Unfortunately I have little impulse control when it comes to SasuHina.


She wasn’t sure if she should knock or just walk inside…because he did give her a key to his apartment but– she never used it. Part of it was embarrassment and the other part he was usually at her place.

Her mission had been completed early and she wanted to surprise him…

Her fist hovered over the door for a few moments. Totally unnecessary and terrible scenarios flashed through her mind. What if he was cheating on her? What if she was in there right now? What if…

She dropped her fist and sighed. She was being foolish. Hinata stared at the keys in her hands and fumbled a bit until she found his.

The young woman opened the door and was greeted with smell of cleaning lemon and…

Her boyfriend was standing over the stove. He had on…an apron?

His apartment was spotless. Seriously…it almost felt too clean to be in. Everything was black and white in his living room except the dark wooden floors. He had a centerpiece on his coffee table and splash painted pictures hanging perfectly on the walls. His television was on mute but nature sounds was playing from his entertainment center.

“Whoa,” she quickly took off her shoes, almost forgetting that her feet ached like crazy.

He turned to her with a lifted brow. “What?” He wiped his hands on his apron before turning down the stove.

“Your…place,” she mumbled. Way nicer than hers…he even had thick dark curtains, nice carpet and unnecessary decor. It looked like a sophisticated older woman lived here instead of her usually grumpy boyfriend. “…it’s pretty.” She finished, a bit envious.

He shrugged. “Your mission ended early then,” he said turning back to the large pot. One hand stirred the contents, the other was shoved in his pocket.

“Are you upset?” She asked, walking up to him – honestly trying to see what he was cooking that smelled so good. She never knew him to cook. She was always the one cooking!

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I'm self conscious about my severe anxiety and my favorite character is Iida

Though Iida may not have first hand experience with anxiety, he certainly empathises with you. He understands how difficult it must be for you… but for that same reason, he also sees the immense courage you carry in yourself. For him, bravery is about standing up when you’re afraid, something you do a hundred times more often than those without anxiety. He’s always supportive when you get an anxiety attack and reminds you that you don’t have to face anything alone.

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hey dads I accidentally hurt a good friend very badly and I'm really scared that I'm never going to change or do the same thing again because this has happened before in the past. is it really possible to outgrow hurting others intensely?

Hmmm. Well, to put it simply: yes. That said, I think you might be looking at this the wrong way, champ. Y’see, all people are individually capable of doing hurtful things. Sometimes we get scared and defensive, sometimes we act poorly because we ourselves are hurting. Sometimes we’re just bored. It’s not our intentions that matter, however- it’s how we behave once we have recognised that we are doing something wrong. 

Now I think you’re a good kid. You’re clearly showing remorse for what you’ve done, which tells me one of two things: you have either done something wrong but understand that your actions, which have impacted another person negatively, need to change, or you have made a mistake and are now beating yourself up for it. Or both, really. Either way, it seems like you’re judging yourself pretty hard here, kiddo. Accepting yourself and your actions without judgement is exceptionally difficult when you feel you’ve done another person wrong, but unfortunately, it’s a big part of the healing process. 

I feel like you’re focusing your energy on punishing yourself for what you’ve done. Obviously I could be wrong, but that’s what my dad senses are telling me right now. My advice would be to focus your energy on 1) understanding your actions for future improvement and 2) working on apologizing to the good friend that you feel you’ve hurt. Depending on what you’ve done, this may take awhile- and that’s okay! That’s more time for you to reflect and learn how to not make that mistake again! We all deserve the redemption that we are willing to work for, we just have to, y’know, work for it. 

And if hurting others is a chronic problem for you? Consider seeking whatever professional help is available to you. In my experience, people very rarely act in hurtful ways without some reason or another. Remember how I said that you should focus on understanding your actions for future improvement? Finding out your reason is a big part of that, and may help learn to recognise when you are doing something that you believe will hurt another person. 

This was a very long reply so I’m gonna stop here for now. Remember that we love you, remember that you’re still a good kid. Your dads believe in you and your ability to become the person you want to/ deserve to be!

-Dad Alexander

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Last night, I dreamt Xiumin kissed me. When I woke up, it was like a happy memory and I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day. I'm curious, have you ever dreamt about yourself and an Exo member?

Uhhhh I usually don’t remember my dreams, BUT I do remember this one dream I had where like I went to some fan meet thing? But it wasn’t an EXO fan meet it was just a fan meet for something. THEN suddenly KRIS was there and I was like !!!! then he asked for a volunteer to dance with him or something and I was chosen and like for some reason we waltzed together and he was really sweet and I was like wow this is amazing!!!!

Then I woke up and cried

I’m gonna have a shower

There’s 612 again. Man, lots of number references lately.

I imagine a better answer to Dave’s question is that, if you have too many wire transactions happening at the same time coming from different points in the timeline, there would be more of a noticeable event in the timeline. Like, if you decided you wanted to go back in time to an earlier version of yourself and tell yourself something really important, and every time you do, something else happens that you want to do the same thing again, and again, and again, until there’s a plethora of versions of you all talking at once.

… Errant thought: what if WE–the reader–are in Paradox Space? Because we’re the ones witnessing all of this from a certain point of view, and it’s the hard way around in the timelines.

Please, I don’t want to see any dead Daves. I think it might be too much for me to bear. The only one that would be the hardest to see would be Jade, and, well, I’ve already seen that.

God damn it, John, hurry up and save Jade.

Okay, let’s see this comic. I imagine we’ll need to bump down the contrast a bit, because it’ll probably be in the SBaHJ style.

… I should have known something was up when the link was ohy34h.

I can’t tell if Dave’s trying to insult her, or if he’s trying to be friendly towards her, or if he’s flirting… or all three.



I wonder if she’s blushing right now.

hey you

only 8 away to 600? thank you so much. this blog can be shitty at times, and i have my ocd to blame, but i still love this space a lot.

ps: drink lots of water, try lo sleep at least 8 hours, don’t hurt yourself thinking too much, anxiety sucks but doesn’t define you, somebody cares about you a whole lot, do something that makes you feel alive, go outside, help someone, your sexuality is fucking valid (they don’t know shit), bee happy!

(^O^)/ (*^.^) this is my daily dose of love to you, here, take it ❤ @casitels, @endeanring, @momentscas@shakespeareinflcwers, @teamfrwill

The best way I can explain ADHD/exec dysfunction is having a brain that is really, really easily discouraged, which is different from you yourself being easily discouraged. Like, a neurotypical brain sees an unfamiliar or potentially difficult task and immediately generates a plan of action based on situational reasoning and past experiences. An adhd brain looks at the same task and goes “I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS THEREFORE ITS IMPOSSIBLE LETS JUST GIVE UP AND DO SOMETHING FAMILIAR.” And even if you’re very gun ho and willing to do things outside your comfort zone, your brain is mcfuckin not and will basically go “hey this is hard, why don’t we just give up?” every five fucking minutes. Sometimes if you’re lucky your brain goes “OH THIS ISN’T SO BAD” and then all of a sudden you’re hyperfocusing and everything is fine but sometimes your brain is a whiney “can we go home yet” infant through the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE TASK

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What's your opinion on plastic surgery? Or Kylie for example what do you think about so many drastic changes at a young age

Oh, for how much Kylie has seemed to have done so young I’m against and I don’t think her reasons for getting a lot for what shes had are good ones, and I hate how directly dishonest she is about it. I think it depends on your motives, like if you just don’t like something about yourself and think a small change would make you more comfortable in your body I’m all for it. But I think a lot of people get surgeries now to fit a certain trend/aesthetic more than it is about wanting to just be more symmetrical/proportionate (which is what i really think it should be used for more than anything) and its happening to people younger and younger. It really sucks to see women (like Kylie) who have literally just finished developing change their entire body and appearance. 

Her lips I get to an extent, she had proportionally tiny lips before so getting some filler would definitely bring balance to her face but she went a little far and these changes to her body feel like a marketing scheme and business move for her than her actually feeling discomfort with her shape, and I don’t think you should be so willy-nilly with cosmetic surgery like that. Other than that, I’m all for it. It’s not much different than getting braces, tattoos/piercings, tanning, dying your hair/wearing makeup, dieting, ect, it’s just on the more “extreme” and permanent end of customizing yourself so I think people need to be way more careful about it.

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I'm ridiculously afraid of needles and my physical is in two weeks- I'm horrified that I'm going to have to have blood drawn. Everyone tells me to relax but the last time I had it done I couldn't stay calm and it took them longer.

I have a bad bad needle phobia too, but I’ve had to get blood drawn a few times as well as an IV in the past few years. Unfortunately there is no trick. As someone who has panic attacks about needles… here is my experience. You just have to look the other way, close your eyes, think about something else (like a song or do math or something that makes you focus) and just breathe through it. It’ll be over before you know it and then you can get on with your day. I know that’s not what you wanna hear. But you just gotta attempt to stay calm and tell yourself it’ll be over soon.

(Also recently I had surgery but I had to get a needle somewhere else on my body and it was so painful and much much worse than in my arm. I was panicking the whole time lol but I made it through somehow)

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Once when I was in public speaking class, we were doing an exercise where the teacher would point at one of us, yell something out, and we would have to walk across the room like that thing would. Like if she pointed at you and yelled "You're an old man!", you'd have to walk like an old man. Eventually it got to the point where she started calling out inanimate objects, and she pointed at me and yelled "You're a frying PAN!" and I just muttered, "Oh, you don't know how right you are."

This is genuinely hilarious. Did you just walk around as yourself then ? XD

Also, this sounds like a kinda cool class. We used to do similar stuffs in my theater class :-). Always fun. 

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I totally relate to the whole cutie thing. About a year or so ago actually i think i was much than you were. I tried to quit a couple times because i had the same realization you did but i would go back to it a few days later because i would feel really depressed without it. I know i sound really fucking stupid but it must've been what quitting smoking or drinking feels like. In the end however i did stop for about a couple weeks and the depression went away... so yeah...

addictions come in many forms, and the sheer freedom of sites like this is silently enabling. you have to really look deep inside yourself and ask the most fundamental part of your consciousness, “what am i getting out of doing this… is it really worth it? am i happier doing this?” deciding to stop self destructive behaviors and committing to healthier outlets is something that is actually attainable.

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i hope this doesn't bother you and if it does then just ignore this ! But i have always wanted to start an ask blog but i have no clue where to start ... do you have any pointers on what to do and what to avoid ?

((Hi!! I’d be more than happy to give you advice. First and foremost always remember that ask blogging is something that is 100% for fun. You should focus on entertaining yourself most of all, and then others second. If ask blogging is stressing you out then always remember that it’s okay to take breaks.

I’d say that before actually making the ask blog, have some things in mind already. Which character are you going to make your muse? What kind of personality will they have? Will you make a plot to go along with the ask blog? If so, what ideas for a plot do you have? I think these are questions you need to answer before you sign up the ask blog on Tumblr (or else you might end up like one of those dead blogs with 0 posts that was just made to hold a URL that you’ll never use lol). Once you have all of those figured out you can start worrying about what URL you can use.

As for things to avoid, I would mostly say inconsistencies. If your muse is a minority (trans/gay/autistic/etc), then you absolutely HAVE to do research on these things to ensure that your muse is an accurate representation of those things. Even if it’s all for fun, it can be pretty offensive if you represent something inappropriately or incorrectly. I personally find it super fun to do research on things I may want to include for my muse, mostly just ‘cause I like learning new things lol.

And I would also say to always remember that you can’t make everyone happy. There’s gonna be people who may get angry at you for SOMETHING (I once got anon hate on an old ask blog of mine because my art style was “too cute” LOL). Just remember when someone is giving constructive criticism and when someone is just being rude for rudeness’s sake. Try not to let people spoil your fun.

That’s really it..!! I hope you go through with it and make an ask blog, good luck!!))