somethings wrong

@complicatedcynic look I don’t give a shit about the joke. That’s not the point. We aren’t crying over your bad joke.
But when something is homophobic, and we tell you why, we expect YOU to get the bees out of YOUR ASS. I’m a fan of dark humor too, but I also don’t bring it into discoursing because I’m a respectful person.
I mean, I don’t know how you manage to be this dense. You rallying behind “it’s just a joke!! Dark humor!!” Implies that you are ignoring the LGBT people who are telling you it’s homophobic.
Also don’t tokenize your gay trans friend Jesus Christ it’s okay if they aren’t offended but it doesn’t change the fact jokes of this manner are and have been aimed at gay men such as myself. I don’t give a flying shit if you apologize for a fucking joke on hell site, nor do I give a shit about half ass explanation on “why ur not homophobic” just realize it is homophobic !
Keep it up or my gay discoursing ass will sure as hell let out the bees lmao
I think they blocked me so someone please @ them

Loooooowkey think that part of the reason why Breq is so amazing at everything (other than singing and matchmaking) is bc the original had genetic engineering done
This is all based off of one filler comment in AJ but the Nilt doctor was talking about being unable to completely heal her due to not being equipped “to deal with the sort of implants and augmentations” (221) Breq has and AL said something about how ancillaries are only like that bc of A) the ship controlling them and B) they’re fed stuff (at least I think she did? It was a while ago) but I’m pretty sure that diet wouldn’t have changed her muscles and skeletal structure enough that a doctor would have been unable to operate on her
SO ANYWAYS I forgot where I was going with this but gmo fleshbag that still can’t fucking sing

I feel like my dad thinks I’m gonna be a broke studio artist in NYC.


★ the amazing book is not on fire, pg. 115 ★