jalopyrustbucket  asked:

Random message. I like your user icon. It scales well and it's very recognizable. Where in the world did you find it anyway?

I first discovered the owlcat in a “Photoshop Phriday” post on  My friend had introduced the site to me mainly because of “Photoshop Phriday”, and I always got a particular kick out of the “Animal Anomalies” theme.

You can see the original on this page.  Something just struck me funny about that owlcat.  I thought it was cute, and I found its wide-eyed expression to be comical.  I first used it as an avatar when I needed one for Newgrounds.  After that, I continued to use the owlcat, because I just liked it.

Now, I  constantly dress the owlcat up according to the seasons, or just in whatever I feel like dressing it in at that time:

The owlcat has also been stunningly captured in fine portraiture:

Gone inside a giant hamster ball:

Had shoujo eyes:

Donned a Japanese school uniform:

And even went through a rebellious phase as a sukeban:

Heck, owlcat even went nude once!

The owlcat has had many adventures, including all kinds of super-adorable drawn ones!

I just love my little owlcat. :3