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I feel horrible about this, but I need to get this off my chest. My abuser was an immigrant from Mexico. He scarred me for life and I cannot stand any Hispanic male and I feel like shit because of it. I'm literally a blonde haired blue eyed white girl and he's Hispanic. Im terrified to tell my therapist or anyone because I don't want them to think I'm racist or something, but I really can't stand to be around anyone that resembles him. What do I do?

i am not judging you at all. i am glad you are getting this off of your chest because i want this to be a safe place for people to share things like you’re sharing. because i really do feel for you. i know how awful you must feel. but your “racism” is the result of trauma. it’s like saying that someone is sexist for feeling fear when encountering the opposite sex after they were abused. or for not wanting to talk to people with the same name as their ex because it brings back bad memories (which has happened to me). unfortunately, your trigger deals with race and i know how touchy of a subject that can be. but you are not a bad person. you are a victim of abuse dealing with a trigger. please tell your therapist so that you can work through this.

it is absolutely time for white allies to have uncomfortable ass conversations with their racist parents and friends and neighbors. it is absolutely time for you to speak tf up in class when someone says something racist or misogynistic or homophobic. the social justice movement has been built almost entirely by black women. it is time for white allies to step the fuck up and educate themselves and have difficult conversations with the people around them that say intolerant things. 

It’s funny how nowadays, all the YouTubers turn to “reacting to Kpop for the first time” once they run out of ideas or when they’re just desperate for followers. In all honesty, watching them react is a cringe fest cuz half of them don’t give a shit to what they’re doing, or they say something extremely stereotypical or racist. I mean if your gonna do something, at least be genuine about it. Especially if your gonna put your face out there on the internet for everyone to see.

When will white people stop trying to take away important language used to discuss the systematic fetishization of marginalized communities? And are we supposed to be surprised that ‘hypersexualization’ is discussed primarily by people of color?

Hypersexual disorder was proposed as a diagnosis in 2009 for the DSM-V, which was published 2013. Hypersexualization referring to the way people are hypersexualized by society predates this hugely, articles discussing it can easily be found in the early nineties.

Instead of pulling this weird shit, y'all could just acknowledge that words can have different meanings in different contexts.

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Can we dead this notion that the lgbtq community is free of racism because I'm getting tired of white gays saying something blatantly racist and then claiming it can't be racist because they are gay.

lol don’t even get me started. White Gays ™ need serious education. racism is so alive and well and it’s clear as day lol all anyone has to do is scroll down grindr for the dudes profile that says “No 🍫chocolate or 🍚rice, only 🍦vanilla or 🌶spice” and how on any gay magazine it’s some fit white dude with the same haircut. not to mention the utter lack of representation of POC wlw and how most of it is just skinny pretty femme white wlw like…shit ain’t cute.


Detroit reporter resigns after saying she’s tired of covering “n*ggers killing” each other

It’s happened again: Another white person said something racist and is out of a job because of it. After facing backlash for reportedly using an anti-black racist slur, Lauren Podell resigned from her position on Wednesday as a reporter at local NBC station WDIV-TV in Detroit. This isn’t the first time Podell has been under fire for her language.

The types of ship-haters you will encounter in any fandom:
  • Type 1: Chooses to ignore the romantic tension and will classify the relationship as “brother-sister”. May not actually have a sibling if they are this type.
  • Type 2: Disapproves of the white, female character getting together with the man of color, no matter how decent of a person they are. Doesn't like being called racist but may intentionally or unintentionally say something racist to make their point.
  • Type 2a: also works in reverse. However, the people who don't like women of color getting together with the lead white guy are much more vocal than the typical type-2 people.
  • Type 3: Will argue that straight pairings suck and will make arguments that (insert female character x insert female character) or (insert male character x insert male character) have better chemistry.
  • Type 4: shipped one of the less popular ships on the show. They are typically nice people since even though their ship isn't happening, they knew what they were getting into.
  • Type 5: "Did the writers have to put the (insert female character) in a relationship? Why couldn't she be a strong, independent woman?"
  • Type 6: "This ship is TOXIC AF. Here, read my dissertation on why this character and this character should not be together".
  • Type 7: Will argue that the chemistry and romance are forced and the writers suck for forcing this upon us.
  • Type 8: Will argue that one of the characters in the ship is boring. This usually means the character is decent, is not a complete mess, and is actually a good fit for the other person in the ship. Will also argue that the angsty, unstable, dangerous character is "exciting" and "fun".
  • Type 9: Will ignore the canon ship because for some fucking reason, they think the main villain has better chemistry with the lead female / male character. Even if they're presented with facts that the lead character HATES the villain, they will still dismiss the canon ship in favor of their bizarre crackship. Will also make excuses for the villain's behavior.
  • Type 9a: To add to the previous point, it doesn't have to be the villain. As long as they're unstable and dangerous...and a cis, straight white male.
  • Type 10: "I don't care if it's based on a comic book / book / video game / insert other medium, I still don't like it and I think the adaptation should make some changes."
  • Type 11: Will argue about the age difference, which is typically not a problem unless it's like a 20-year gap.
  • Type 12: Will voice their displeasure through memes.
  • Type 13: Will voice their displeasure through gifsets / photos / fanarts / manips
  • Type 14: Will voice their displeasure through really aggressive fanfics.
  • Type 15: The Newcomer ("Hey, I'm new to this fandom but I really hope this character and this character don't end up together. Maybe my opinion might change in the next few episodes / chapters"). By default, these people either turn into shippers or remain as haters.
  • Parents: *says something sexist/homophobic/racist*
  • me: *calls them out for it*
  • Parents: what's with all this new agey feminazi rubish. All that time on the internets had turned you into some sort of lefty liberal. Stop forcing your socialist values on us.
  • Parents: *continues to wonder why I don't come out my room*


“I’m not racist but….” SHUT THEM UP!
“But All Lives…” SHUT THEM UP!
“Trump never said…” SHUT THEM UP!
“This is America, speak…” SHUT THEM UP!
“There were white sla….” SHUT THEM UP!
“The Confederate flag isn’t…” SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP!

i UNDERSTAND that halsey struggles with mental illness but like……. idk if she realizes that every time she “calls someone out” on twitter or replies to their mean comments she’s basically giving her followers a free pass to send that person mean messages and many of them even get death threats……. i love halsey but she needs to just deal with the fact that people on twitter might not like her and just ignore it instead of engaging because in the relationship she is the one with more power/the bigger platform

((I can barely fathom the stupidity.))

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((Wow. Really? “Black lives matter a terrorist organization”? I cannot imagine how one could even think that…

First of all: The whole reason I reblogged that post is because I don’t want people like you following my blog.

Second of all: Black lives matter (the organization) started because of the persecution they have received for centuries.

Here are a few examples:

Black lives matter because Black people are 2.8 times more likely than their white peers to be killed during encounters with police, according to a study.

Black lives matter because black people are 5.1 more times likely to be incarcerated than whites, and blacks represent more than half of the prison population in 11 states.

Oh, and here is your f*ing shiny buneary:))

((Oh, and by the way. You’re blocked. =| ))