I know I’m late but WHO CARES. still trying to understand what happened.


I went to Lollapalooza on Sunday just to see Foals. And was the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life; I was on the barrier, with some really kind strangers around me, and it was so beautiful.

Just. can’t. explain.

Sad that they didn’t play 2 Trees, but I knew they wouldn’t. 

and oh I jumped like a crazy bitch, so this is what my knees looked like after. I wasn’t able to see Kaiser Chiefs and The Hives. çasdaf~´dfhdfg It looks worst now

Anyway, I got the setlist, got out of the mess crying and singing and scaring people HAHAHAH

 I wish everyone could have the chance to see them


I’m getting too sentimental now so you can punch me


bye lasdafasdsgdh

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they find the person who moved everything slightly to the left the next night when the same person tries moving everything slightly to the right. Reactions to waking up and seeing this person in the middle of the act?

this is so hilarious i am dying

Osomatsu: he literally calls them out and wakes up everyone by accident, but he doesnt care because hey, they can get that weird problem fixed!!

Karamatsu: hes silently shocked realizing who it is, then tries to get up and stop them himself…except hes tripping over some of the furniture thats already been moved. nice try.

Choromatsu: YOU STOP RIGHT THERE he is literally yelling and trying to get them to stop. he literally just fixed it! give him a break

Ichimatsu: he doesnt really care, but he tries his best to remember where everything is so he doesnt trip or anything. 

Jyushimatsu: ??? why are they moving things. is there something wrong. i will help this person. he makes it worse.

Todomatsu: he might be an accomplice. he is satan. that or hes giggling to himself and making a note to not trip or anything.

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1:What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?2:What’s your character’s aesthetic (things associated with your character)?9:Does your character have a dream job or life path for themselves?10:Does your character have a particular way of talking or acting?13:What’s your character’s preferred method of self-care?16:What’s one memory that your character will always be fond of? And if possible maybe pick a character you don't play or write about often.

Going with my revenant Genn because I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately!

1:What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?

Genn looks a lot older than he actually is, stemming from some things gone wrong on an trip into The Mists, though that might not be apparent to a character who doesn’t know anything about him. As a teenager he’s argumentative and righteous, though with a naive sense of right at wrong, first impressions of a younger Genn are probably gonna be that he’s kind of a pain in the ass.

2:What’s your character’s aesthetic (things associated with your character)?

Ebonhawke gear, hawthorn and burnt scrubland

9:Does your character have a dream job or life path for themselves?

Growing up in and around Ebonhawke, he wanted to be a member of the Ebon Vanguard from a young age, following them around and bugging them when he wasn’t getting into trouble for petty theft (kid’s gotta eat!). Later on he wanted to join The Pact, going so far as lying about his age so he could join the fight against Mordremoth.

10:Does your character have a particular way of talking or acting?

He’s very direct, Genn was orphaned at a young age during some Charr/Human skirmishes and has seen some hardships along the way. He’s always been shown things as they are, so he’s never learnt to sugarcoat bad news, this can come across as hurtful but it’s more because he doesn’t know anything else.

13:What’s your character’s preferred method of self-care?

As a teen: yell about it and break things, grumble to his adoptive sister, Franniel, around but not specifically ABOUT what’s bugging him (belongs to @ruderubicante). As an adult: still get frustrated, but he’s more likely to go and talk to someone about it, most often Ehroth (probably the closest person he has to a parent figure) if they’re around.

16:What’s one memory that your character will always be fond of?

Getting accepted into the Pact, even if he lied and even if there was bad things to follow, it was the start of a new life for Genn.

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do you have any highschool/ college tips?

Just focus on yourself! Do your work! Listen to your teachers, don’t hang around wrong crowds, they’re gonna do absolutely nothing for you later in life. Extra curricular activities are cool and all, but don’t waste too much of your time on clubs that’s not gonna help you out with something. Have a hobby, learn something during your free time, make it meaningful for yourself, not for others, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can make yourself happy.

Sometimes you might feel like you don’t fit in, but trust me, it doesn’t matter! Who cares about fitting in! Just do you, and live/study for yourself, you’re the only person in your life that can decide on your destiny. feel free to add on..


“Ah, perfect–”

Soren clapped a hand on Mia’s shoulder, not really concerned with whether or not she’d been involved in the making of this mess. “Someone seems to have gone looking for something in our weapons store, and they didn’t have the sense to put it back in order afterwards… I don’t suppose you know who that might’ve been?”

He gave an irritated glance in the direction of the offending weapons, many of which were propped against the wall rather than properly wrapped up and put away. Mia might simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but someone had to put these things away, and Soren was not going to do it by himself. “…Just help me take care of this for a few minutes, would you?”