Okay I just love to do these so since it’s a new month why not do a new give away?????  :D


  1. Dean Winchester Samulet Pendant Necklace
  2. Supernatural: Season 1 (DVD)
  3. Supernatural: Season 9 (DVD)
  4. Supernatural Runes Slouch Backpack
  5. Supernatural 1967 Chevrolet Impala Toy Car
  6. Deans Wrist Wear
  7. Sam & Dean pop tv vinyl figure combo AND funko pop!  Television #95 castiel hot topic exclusive
  8. Hunters Checklist Tank Top
  9. Anti-possession Symbol Tank Top
  10. Gripped You Tight Tank Top


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  • PLEASE no give away side blogs

There will be ONE winner and TWO runner ups:

Winner Will Get:
Their choice of any FIVE items from the prize list.  

The First Runner Up Will Get:
Their choice of THREE of the FIVE remaining items

The Second Runner Up Will Get:
The last TWO remaining items

I will be choosing these three URLS on September 12th via this random name selector

If you have any more questions please FEEL FREE TO ASK ME

That’s about all I can think of!!!!  Viel Gluck!

who else loves hamilton because i love hamilton

so obviously i had to look up his birth chart

i love it. especially his jupiter in 12th, the “guardian angel” placement; when you consider all the tragedies in his life (father leaving, mother dying, hurricane destroying his home, most of his family dying) and how frequently he is told “the fact that you are alive is a miracle,” it makes a lot of sense

i also think it is funny that the ruler of his 8th house is in the 10th house… his death was in the public eye; he was killed in a duel with aaron burr 

i want to go into it more and i probably will at a later time but i hope some of you have also seen/listened to hamilton & have comments you want to leave, please do! 

ShukaBlog 2016.11.23: Jingle Bell ga Tomaranai.

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All right. Today, November 23rd is!!

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anonymous asked:

has anyone suggested a Juke (mike/julie) fusion yet? they'd probably just make cousin it from the addam's family.... all dat hair....

I am forever emotional about the connections and parallels between Mike and Julie, AGH they would fuse so nicely.

fig. 1: pas de deluxe deux

Their fusion is actually blind ((it’s a metaphor)) but they “see” through disconnected holographic screens. They have 0 BLIND SPOTS and are impossible to sneak up on. Which is fine, because underneath the easy-going front they’re pretty high-strung.

Their weapon is a totally awesome laser-glaive stored in a totally rad chrome cat-skull and it is EXTREMELY BADASS.


Don’t know what you were getting yourself into”


Jimmy in Nights in Ballygran

“So we stuck the flagpole in the grass and we sang my country, ‘tis of thee with our hands on our hearts. And we watched the fireworks go off all the way down the boardwalk.”


orphan black meme | nine outfits [2/9]

Cosima Niehaus in 2x03 “Mingling Its Own Nature with It”