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11:45 pm timeline

refer to this if you’re ever lost on when each event takes place in the au

timeline of events

freshman year


—y/n meet’s jaemin during the summer

—y/n and jaemin meet jeno at the diner

—jaemin leaves, jeno and y/n become friends


—jeno leaves

sophomore year


—y/n meets chenle


—y/n and chenle become distant


—y/n and chenle reconcile

—chenle introduces y/n to his childhood friend, jisung

—the three of them get close over the summer

junior year


—jisung begins to develop feelings for y/n (but doesn’t know it yet)

—jisung asks y/n to homecoming

—jisung and y/n give each other a chance


—jeno returns and he and y/n have a short reunion in the diner

—jisung and y/n continue with their dates

—jisung and y/n finally make it official


—jisung and y/n’s relationship changes

—y/n meets renjun

senior year


—y/n meets donghyuck

—y/n befriends renjun

—jaemin returns and reconciles with y/n

—mark’s letter gets sent out


—y/n asks donghyuck for help

—y/n and mark have a falling out

—jisung returns, tries to find y/n


—y/n and donghyuck’s relationship changes

—y/n and mark’s relationship changes


timeline of stories

this is the order in which y/n meets each member

1. jaemin

2. jeno

3. chenle

4. jisung

5. renjun

6. donghyuck

7. mark (mark’s known her since they were kids, but his story with y/n occurs last)

i hope this helps anyone who’s lost, but if it makes you even more confused, i’ll

yo . i just woke up to the dorm speakers yelling at us to “not drink the water” uHHH i feel like im in some dystopian plot or s/t

anonymous asked:

I am so so new to the Destiel ship! I have seen so many wonderful gifs and pics and fics on tumblr that i have started shipping them, but i have never actually watched the show! I want to start watching it now, but there are just too many episodes for me to start out right from the beginning. Can you or maybe some of your followers please tell me which episodes i should watch for the best Destiel content? I would love you so much!


First of all, welcome to the destiel fandom, I hope you enjoy your stay, I’m sure you will, because is full of amazing artists, writers and bloggers. Well, I agree with you, spn is a really long show, I would recommend watching it all, but anyway, I’m going to try and make a list with destiel episodes and moments from the different seasons for you, so you can at least see the evolution of their relationship, and please understand that inside the plot of the season are destiel things too, I mean, actions and moments that are really deancas but don’t make whole episodes destiel episodes. If you need more help, or have any other asks about the plot of each season, that will be tricky to follow with just a couple of episodes, you can ask me about it too!

If you consider I forgot a destiel episode or moment, thing that I probably did, because there a many and I have a bad memory for things like this( and I have a special love for season 8-11, so I have probably forget about stuff from the earlier seasons), please tell me! Thank you! ❤️

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Something My Soul Needs

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous: “ Can you do some smutty Mikey Way/Trans M Reader where the Reader is super self conscious and Mikey’s just super sweet and understanding??? Idk this would mean a lot”

Word Count: 1,189

Warnings: dysphoria, pre-op trans reader (not rlly a warning but idk could be triggering to some)

Pairing: Mikey x Male!Reader

You’ve been dating Mikey for just over a year and a half now, he’s seen you through your ups and downs, therapy and your first T shot, and he’s always been supportive and loving and always by your side. He’s an amazing boyfriend, even on the shitty days when you can’t stop seeing everything ‘feminine’ about yourself, how your jaw isn’t as sharp as his and your voice isn’t as low as the other guys and how your hips are still wider and the fact that you have breasts and they don’t. T is helping, your voice is getting deeper, you’ve started to grow facial hair, but your chest still causes you intense dysphoria on the bad days and insecurities and discomfort on the good ones. Mikey is cis, he can’t relate or ever completely understand what you’re feeling, but he does his best everyday. He keeps his distance when you ask, cuddles when you need it, brings you food, distracts you, tells you everything about you that the T has changed, points out how masculine you look to him and how sometimes the mirror lies. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t, but he’s always there and he’s always trying.

Tonight it’s bad and it’s getting late, you need to get ready for bed which means taking off your binder and your hoodie and you aren’t sure you can do it. Not alone anyway. You bring your knees to your chest and watch Mikey brushing his teeth through the open bathroom door. His hair is ruffled, still dressed in his jeans and t-shirt from the day but his feet bare. He looks handsome, strong and yours. You sigh at the twinge of jealousy that doesn’t dissolve as quickly as you want it to. Mikey spits and rinses and comes into the bedroom, smiling at you and waiting for you to smile back but you don’t, can’t get past the knots in your stomach and the feeling of your binder constricting your chest.

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they didn’t talk to each other for at least three weeks after this.

I wish I could have shown you more


from the dream theives