My goal for this blog is to make this a safe place. I’ve had to fight and battle for it, I’ve had to constantly that racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc isn’t welcome here. I want you to feel safe here. I want my beautiful poc to feel safe here, my beautiful trans people to feel safe here. But I have privileges, I’m white and cis and there are times when I mess up because I’m not educated enough on a topic but I try to be very aware and careful. I don’t want to speak over anyone, but be the support they need and stand behind them.

I am not perfect. I try to be as perfect as I can on here, but there are times when I mess up and I tend to beat myself up pretty hard over it. What I’m trying to say is, if I ever say anything that isn’t right, or if I upset or offend anyone, it will never be intentional. Talk to me and let me know, I will correct my mistake and work on not repeating it again. I want to be educated and mindful of what I do on here. It’s incredibly important to me that everyone feels safe here and that I don’t do anything to cause anyone to feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

So come talk to me about something I messed up on. I’ll own up to it, I’ll delete it. I once made an ableist edit in the past and someone called me out and I blew up on them instead of asking why it was ableist and taking it down. We live and learn and I’ve made sure not to repeat that mistake. I was in the wrong.

I love you guys! I will do everything in my power to correct myself whenever I am wrong.


PINee enjoying the show with me ☺️ … in between the sets when they were talking .. I held up PINee next to my face and Onew was right in front of me and I actually saw him lock eyes on PINee and me…and he got a huge grin on his face …and my life was therefore complete T_T..I need nothing else. i will never ever forget this amazing night. 


Psssst so I was checking out the replies to roberto’s #bughead tweet that he posted yesterday, and its flooded with so much positivity and love, it nearly made my heart burst ❤❤ also it really outshines the couple of hateful and mean comments lmaooo im lovin this concept yall 😩😩 keep spreading the love on twitter bughead fam!! U guys are amazing ❤👌