September 27th is Joseph Joestar’s birthday!!

why not “celebrate” with some Birthday Spaghetti

“so like what if cas was dabbing whilst dragging dean out of hell?” (x)

or the one in which i really shouldn’t be allowed to make impulsive doodles without proper supervision

anonymous asked:

this probably has been asked before, but how do you know if a friend is toxic? i'm starting to feel like my best friend is toxic.

Here’s a couple things:

• being unhappy or drained when they’re around, feeling self conscious or insecure around them
• they point out your insecurities constantly or joke about them despite you telling them not to
• they refuse to apologize or admit fault when they’ve wronged you, or maybe they apologize because they want you to forgive them rather than apologize because they know what they did was wrong
• they call you slurs or say slurs around you and don’t listen when you ask them to stop
• never bother to try and correct their bad behavior when you point it out
• not letting you talk or hang out with other friends out of jealousy
• pressure you to do things you don’t want to really do or make you feel guilty for not doing it
• mistreat other people or talk shit about them to you (if they do this to their friends, no doubt they talk bad about you too)

That’s just a few things and some experiences or things I’ve witnessed myself and I hope this helps!