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Korra animation I made! this one took a lot less effort than the tokyo ghoul one… I’m finding more ways to be lazy. Referenced from a scene in Gurren Lagann with Kamina, unfortunately cant find a gif of the scene, but it’s like ep 3 or something. It’s weird to see this in 15 fps, my poor laptop can only play it back at 10 or 11 when I have the program open.

dating yoongi:

  •  a lot of staring into each other’s eyes
  • if you’re not into that he’ll just always stare at you but you know, look away when you notice
  • he would always try ways to hold your hand but act cool about it or its no big deal
  • in the middle of the night he would talk about something annoying or weird that happened during his day, but you wouldn’t be listening because you are half asleep
  • getting him up from bed would be literally be the worst thing or the best thing in the world
  • yoongi being the pisces he is, he wouldn’t show that much affection and it would hurt you a bit, but you later learn it’s because he doesn’t want to be too clingy and push you away
  • there will be rare days where you guys would go out on an adventure
  • he doesn’t seem the type that likes pda, so i think the most you guys would do in public is hold hands and you giving him small pecks on his cheek
  • he would low-key really love hugs from you
  • he would adore every single thing you do
  • he would write about you on the low
  • i have a feeling that he gets jealous quickly, it’s a pisces thing i swear, and give you the cold shoulder a bit but it later goes away when he’s being all pouty and whiny to you
  • late night phone calls or face time and would stay on the line until you fall asleep or it can be vice versa
  • really passionate sex
  • he doesn’t seem to have sex right away either, if you’re special he would give it some time
  • he doesn’t seem to type to eat you out but he would definitely finger the fuck out of you
  • he would lay on your lap constantly 
  • also did i forget to mention that he would take lots of pics of you as a memory
  • lastly when it’s time to say the three words, he would be so fucking nervous and probably blurt it out, or say it without even noticing

sorry if this really sucked lol :( this is the first i ever do shit like this but hmu if you want something done!

Here we can see the causal ‘Louis and me aren’t toghether and larry is not real but if you touch my boy you will die’ look that Harry gives to the interviewer in this gif.

It’s something very strange, unusual, and weird. Obiously, Harry isn’t jealous bc u cant be jealous of ur best friend. (Actualy more know as ‘ur worst enemy’, bc Harry and Louis hates each other bc of all these awful larries).

Jealous? What’s that thing?

Just two friends.

No homo.

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of course…