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Dating Lee Taeyong Oh yea

i lOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!!!! I have an endless amount of headcanons oh boy here we go

- hes like your mom
- seriously
- hes so protective of you omg
- “ did you eat today? ” “did you sleep well?” “do you need anything?”
- constantly texts you while hes gone
- when youre sick he gets all worked up and buysyou teddy bears, makes you soup, brings your medication, makes sure you have enough blankets, EVERYTHING
- always nags you to clean up after yourself lmao but its cute
- if you slightly mention something that you want, hES GONNA GET IT
- he can get jealous, too
- like youll be talking to another member and you lightly touch them and taeyong flips out
- “did you just hug jaehyun”
- he wouldnt be SUPER jealous and protective, he would still let you do whatever you want (most of the time), but he’ll still show people that are being too flirty that youre already taken
- he cleans eVERYTHING
- like you dont even have to worry in the slightest about cleaning the house bc he already did it
- you come home and everything is spARKLING
- it always smells nice, too
- anime dork
- hes always coming up to you when you come home like “you wont believe what happened in this anime i just watched”
- or like when youre both at home you like to binge watch studio ghibli movies aaa
- you get all cozy against him and you watch movies until you fall asleep
- and then he carries you to your room and asdfghjkl hes such a gentleman ??
- he always does stuff for you and its so nice
- he’ll always make sure youre happy before the two of you do ANYTHING
- when youre sad he does anything to make you happy again
- most of the time its aegyo
- ok and
- imagine kissing lee taeyong
- theres only two types of kisses: soft and passionate, or rough and needy ;)
- theres no in between
- hes romantic, too
- he’ll always take you to nice places like coffee shops, nice restaurants, or just sets up a nice scene out in the backyard with lights and candles and the two of you will just make smores or something
- the two of you also like taking photos together
- like you have a wall just dedicated to each others photos and its so cute
- but taeyong gets sad, too, like when talking about his past and stuff
- like seeing taeyong cry breaks your heart
- so you hold him and run your hands through his hair and tell him heart warming and funny things to get his spirits back up
- or acting cute
- thats works every time
- anyways
- you also like to help him write songs
- but youre not very good at it and make up weird things
- “(Y/N)…that doesn’t make any sense”
- but he enjoys your presence anyways
- when he sees you with little kids his heart stops
- or even if its just the younger members of nct like jaemin or chenle
- taeyong thinks its so ??? cute ???
- he would always bring up kids and how much of a good mother you would be
- and you just blush
- you guys are soulmates tbh
- so cute

waa !!! taeyong is the love of my life i had to force myself to stop writing or else it would go on forever haha;; but writing these headcanons is so fun asdfghjkl

U & I 

A/N : Hey guys here’s my first legit one-shot lol (i know about time huh). Please bare with me and all constructive criticism is welcome! When i first started writing this, this went in so many directions until i finally thought about how bad of a place Justin was in, in 2013/2014. So while reading keep in mind that this is one shot takes place around that time! This is also a song based story so if you would like to listen while reading click here (personally this edited version of the song is better lol). Hope you enjoy!!

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i get asked alot about why i chose to be vegan, so i figured id write it out for those who have flirted with the idea.. no doubt it will be met by those who hold onto the ideology that somehow ties meat with manhood and vegans with some sort of far left hippiedom that is better served mocked than discussed at all. truth is i don’t ever want to preach. to each his/her own.. but i also want to say there is another side to the hot girl in a bikini.. chomping on a hamburger… on a monster truck.. that we are bombarded with daily.
my experience is simply my experience and fighting against a meat and dairy industry that has endless dollars and influence is a battle better served thru individual education and choice.
ever since i was around 25 i knew i would end up vegan for the simple reason that it felt intuitively right and matched the person i hoped to become.. of course i would feel that as i chomped on a steak but at that point i wasn’t as aware as i am now. i was where many people are with it.. the illusion that ignorance is bliss. it took about 10 years to realize that “bliss” was really a guilt building inside that i no longer could ignore. the more i read and researched the more i started to understand how blind i had become to the fact that for me, meat and dairy actually wasn’t necessary for my health.. in fact it was the opposite; wholly unnecessary. since then theres countless scientific studies that show the effects of animal protein on our health. of course there are counter claims to this but its much in the same vein as the climate change skeptics.. there is in fact a TON of money in animal agriculture, likely more than many people realize. we are constantly bombarded with imagery of meat as power.. a sort of insatiable need to dominate that comes with a sort of twisted pride that i see but have never related to.
health benefits aside, the animal cruelty we overlook is astounding. over time we as a species have chosen 5 or 6 other species that we have deemed to exist simply at our expense. and we slaughter 1.2 billion of them a week without blinking. theres a reason theres no windows on factory farms. truth is if everyone was to see what it took to put that burger in front of them they wouldn’t eat it. the reason we all don’t watch those factory farm videos is because we know exactly what it will do to us… and its much easier to look the other way. that thought process became too much for me.. “even tho i am aware that this chicken, pig, cow, calf has spent a lifetime of suffering in order for me to have lunch i am choosing to not even acknowledge it existing as a being, because if i did it would cause me to feel for that animal and that would disturb my lunch..” this style of thinking has been around since we evolved into conscious beings but i believe one day we will look back in astonishment at our lack of empathy. (then again donald trump is leading in the polls smile emoticon )
for me the more i became aware the less difference i saw between beef stew and golden retriever stew (took that from video above.) the only difference is the story we have made up about the species themselves. literally. if u happen to of had that cow or pig as a pet many of those feelings wouldn’t be removed from the crispy bacon on your plate. (yes i know bacon tastes fucking amazing) nothing i could ever say or write would even hold a candle to the reality of factory farming that can easily be found online in countless videos..
fast forward to now where it is clear and scientific that animal agriculture, outside of negative health consequences and widespread animal cruelty, is the leading cause of climate change (more than all the transportation in the world combined,) rain forest depletion (leveled in order to grow food for the animals,) dead zone in the oceans (due to factory farming runoff,) antibiotic resistance (most people are taking antibiotics daily without even knowing it, as various strains evolve away from our ability to treat them) as well as numerous other issues; drought (amount of water used to make one hamburger is equivalent to 2 months of showering, water nitrate pollution, disease causing pathogens, meat corporation monopolies, etc.) for me, this all leads to a conclusion that was unavoidable. why would i continue to eat meat and dairy if i knew that avoiding it would be good for my health, wouldn’t cause any suffering or death to animals that are at least as emotionally intelligent as my dog, and would be, by far, the most effective way for me to help the planet that my daughter would be growing up in.. when i was unable to answer that question without some programmed or marketed answer likely paid for by those who financially benefit it suddenly became easy.
I’ve been vegan for about 5 months now..i was vegetarian for some time prior to that.. baby steps.. people always ask “what in the hell do u eat?” the irony is that i gave up about 5 things and added about 500. little did i realize how much food there is outside the meat and dairy isles of the supermarket. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and every possible marker i could have checked at a doctor has drastically improved. i also feel like I’m participating in something important and no longer have that lingering guilt i started to feel when i was 25.
what provoked me to write this was the fact that i had recently described myself as a vegan somewhere and a few people came up to me asking if thats how i want to be seen as if it was somehow negative and came with connotations that others would perceive as “weak.” i realized that those connotations are likely because of programming I’m no longer connected to and in fact i feel stronger than i have in years.. and yes i am proud to be a vegan. and i still listen to rage against the machine and enjoy “fight club” so there :)))
**** im NOT implying this is for everyone, nor am i saying that this way is “right..” what the hell do i know… I’m simply stating what works for ME.. we get plenty from the other side of the argument all day.. and for most of our lives.. i don’t judge anyone who chooses to eat all of the above.

Great...I depressed myself....(POC and comics)

so you guys know that girl Flash I showed you? Danica is her name

yea well I was all happy to learn about an African American female flash….because well….she’s kinda like me. We’re both black, girls, and I used to have asthma when I was younger

(I guess for her it was the speed force asthma XD) and we both joke around. Also….Flash in general is one of my favorite superheroes!! So that made her super awesome to me!! (bonus: she pretty much has the Flash family talking to her in her mind, helping her figure things out)

….but as I was going around being happy and searching for comics she’s been in………I realized….theres not a lot of stuff on her…..she’s of course part of the Justice league Beyond comics…and maybe a few more issues….but that seems to be it.

so…I’ll never have a good amount of comics of her…..or even see her in a movie or cartoon…and that makes me sad…..I finally found a black girl character I connect with and there’s not much on her.

Its sad…..there are tons of white characters to pick and choose from, so if you don’t like one, then you can just pick another one from the endless list, but what happens if you aren’t white and you don’t like most of the limited amount of poc characters?? what happens if you don’t care for Black Panther? or you can’t connect with Luke Cage or Storm or Vixen?

 What happens if those superpowers aren’t your cup of tea? what then? And what happens when you do find a character that you actually like….but there’s barely anything on them….and you will never be able to enjoy them in a cartoon or movie like Batman or Spiderman?

What happens then?

I like Miles Morales too BTW  (Spider-man)

but I just heard that he’s not going to have a movie of his own anytime soon………..which is understandable seeing as he hasn’t even had his own cartoon yet.

I don’t know….Am I asking for too much?? When I was a kid this kinda stuff always blew right over my head, because I just accepted it……but as I grow up, I have this empty feeling inside…..

don’t get me wrong I love Batgirl and Spider-women and so on….but there’s something special about a character that looks like you doing awesome things.

sorry for the rant…..