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After parting from a kiss from Alyn, Kayla looks up at him. :v @nami331 a small token of my gratitude (you know what I mean ~.^), for you, Alyn’s one and only :3


Alyn’s POV

Alyn “I still have plenty of room to do something like this …”

Kayla “… Ah … ….”

My hands slid down her back and I let down the dress fastener.

Kayla moaned in a sweet voice as my fingertips traced her body.

Kayla “…nn~ ….”

Alyn “Are you gonna run away?”

Alyn “… I won’t let you escape”

Kayla “……nnn~ ”

I gently stroke Kayla’s flushed skin with the palm of my hand.

(I don’t think I can stop anymore)

I feel the weight from her body on me and take in her embarrassed expression, I love everything about her.

I can’t hold myself back anymore.

(I want you right now.)

I shed the dress from her body and lay Kayla on the sheets.

I bring my lips to her chest and suck up her soft skin.


HOT DAYUM…. * cough* If Alyn does this… WTF IS LEO GONNA DO. GAWD HELP ME.


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day

Fleur Delacour


Akaashi: You spelled, “I’m an idiot who can’t remember to turn off the flash before taking a mirror selfie,” wrong.

Bokuto: Akaaaashi! Don’t say that. You’re not an idiot!!!

Akaashi: Thank you for proving my point, Bokuto-san.

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  • Lance: Quick, take my hand!
  • Keith: *grabs Lance's hand* Now what?
  • Lance: *trying not to laugh* Nothing, I just wanted to see if you'd hold my hand.

* that’s toby.
* our lord and savior.

i wanted to recreate the toby worship “scene” from this monstrosity which i still think is funny i know im horrible


“you train, keep training, then train some more. the countless hours put in, the progress made… all of it can come to a screeching halt in the blink of an eye…” — shimizu kiyoko, chapter 232


Im trying to learn my anatomy and drawing what Im studying tends to help me remember things better, so I made this! I made this for personal reference but figured it might be helpful to some of you trying to learn hands too? It helped me a lot so I just figured, eh. I tried to keep it short and simple without going into too much detail, so pardon if there’s some stuff I omitted. Feel free to use it if you like! Im planning on making a Part 2 soon, which will have the hand structure, surface form, proportions, finger tapering, foreshortening, etc. Also please excuse my writing, I did my best to make it neat! >_<

Edit: fixed the insertion point of the adductor pollicis. Everything should be okay now!

Edit 2: Part 2 is out! Linked below!


a venn diagram of reasons you should fear nepeta and reasons you should be in love with her is a circle