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Finally decided to try my hand at drawing some voltron and thought I’d get some practice in with a quick sketchy sketch of lancey lance.
From a scene that made my heart ache in one of my fave fics: Lilac Sweet by Star_Gazing_Knight 


He wanted to go home. He wanted it so much that he trembled at the thought. But if the price of that was selling good men to the night, if the price was filling those graves, if the price was not fighting with every trick he knew… Then it was too high.”

➽ Idris Elba old Vimes // John Boyega as young Vimes

✿Flowery Asks✿

Snowdrop: What was your first thought this morning?

Pansy: What makes you happy?

Daffodil: Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?

Hyacinth: What is the best compliment you’ve gotten?

Lily of the Valley: What is something you like about yourself?

Lilac: What qualities do you admire in other people / look for in a friend?

Tulip: What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Primrose: What fictional character do you relate to most?

Peony: What is your favorite time of the day?

Crocus: Do you like rainy days or sunny days more? 

Rose: What is something that you love?


Goddamn Camp Camp time to dump a bunch of art for my AU. Something’s Strange at Camp Camp includes a lot more paranormal shit going on, a slug Nessie, 90% more Daniel, unicorns, ghosts, a werewolf, maybe Nuckelavee eventually, and other fun stuff(like breaking Daniel, that’ll be oodles of fun).

Myeh, too lazy to dump more info on the AU, guess I’ll save it for another post.

Malec fic: Watching Me Fall

Just a little Malec being sweet in Tokyo

Alec would have been perfectly happy with a burger and Magnus’s company in some greasy diner right in New York, but Magnus had said that he wanted to treat Alec, turning from a shelf where he’d been puttering around since Alec arrived for their date. He’d looked so good that Alec only managed to nod dumbly at whatever Magnus was saying. He registered sushi, vaguely, but certainly not sushi in Tokyo, and most definitely not sushi in Tokyo at a world-renowned sushi restaurant at The Palace Hotel.

All through dinner Magnus watches him eat with anticipation and delight, asking after each nigiri and sashimi and inari what Alec thinks and if he likes it. He does, but he feels weird allowing Magnus to spoil him like this. A burger really would have been fine.

After dinner, they move to a bar tucked into a dimmed corner of the stately hotel lobby, the decor inside all dark wood and deep leather and burgundy velvet. Magnus looks regal, like he belongs exactly here, surrounded on all sides by beautiful, elegant splendor. Alec, however, feels awkward. Like he’s too aware of himself, of the space his body takes up, of the mundanes drinking and talking around him. Magnus is telling a story, gesturing in graceful arcs with his drinking glass. Alec shifts to lean closer—it’s hard to hear him over the din—and his drink splashes onto the pristine velvet arm of his chair. He rubs at it, scowls at the stubborn spot, and loses track of Magnus’s story.

“Alexander, do you?”

Magnus has asked him the question at least once, Alec can tell by his tone. “Ah sorry, what did you—“ He rubs again at the stain, these chairs are so nice of course he spills something.

Magnus’s fingers gently still his hand. “I asked if you would like another drink, but.. I have a better idea.”

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faster than fullness,
slower than madness,
the world melts in my hands

all my crystalline memories
swallow themselves,
hold their deaths
close to their chests

something lilac went missing from
my dreams
and now i am replacing it with
a million mint leaves

i leave
my old selves behind
constantly and without reason—
a viral impulse,
and impossible to undo

do not believe the body:
my silver pulse
repeatedly renews itself while

my golden breath,
in its arrogance,
reaches toward forever
reaches toward forever

Malec fic: Breathe

this is a soulmate AU if you squint. Takes place around 1x04

Love is different for Shadowhunters, or so Alec has always believed. Their relationships are too twisted up in duty, putting family and loyalty and the Clave first above all else. The happily ever after of mundane fairy tales was something Alec would never have, and even a simple story of finding love and companionship with someone who wanted him just for himself was impossible, he’d figured that out a long time ago. It was best to let go of all that completely, close himself off. Emotions make him weak, and he cannot afford to be weak.

Maybe love is different for Shadowhunters, but for Alec it’s even more so.

He’d felt something strange that night in Pandemonium: a pull, a connection. He’d been focused on the mission, on his job, unlike some people. And also unlike some people he did not go off chasing flights of fancy or let his emotions lead him instead of his logic. He was ignoring the sensation, whatever it was, but when he thinks back on it later, it’s still so vivid in his mind’s eye.

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Well…a kind of revolution. That wasn’t really the word for what it was. There was the People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road (Truth! Freedom! Justice! Reasonably priced love! And a hard-boiled egg!) that would live for all of a few hours, a strange candle that burned too briefly and died like a firework.

inspired by (x

Send a flower fairy!!
  • Acorn Fairy: Favorite prank you've ever seen/done?
  • Almond Blossom Fairy: Something difficult you've done in order to succeed?
  • Apple Blossom Fairy: What would you like your future self to be like?
  • Beechnut Fairy: A prayer, rhyme, or saying that is special to you?
  • Bird's-Foot Trefoil Fairy: Strangest thing you've ever found?
  • Blackberry Fairy: Someone that you are envious of?
  • Blackthorn Fairy: A very difficult moment in your life?
  • BlueBell Fairy: A strange superstition that you have?
  • Bugle Fairy: Who would you protect no matter what?
  • Candytuft Fairy: Something that you're indifferent to? (don't really care about that everyone else makes a big fuss over)
  • Canterbury Bell Fairy: Your favorite song you like to sing when you're bored?
  • Cherrytree Fairy: Something you're very knowledgeable of?
  • Chicory Fairy: Something you love to do that keeps you energized?
  • Christmas Tree Fairy: Your favorite gift you have ever received
  • Columbine Fairy: What is your favorite comedy?
  • Daisy Fairy: Are you a morning person?
  • Double Daisy Fairy: What is something you're still unsure of?
  • Elderberry Fairy: One time you've helped solve a dispute?
  • Elm Tree Fairy: A place you've always wanted to see?
  • Forget-me-not Fairy: A special memory of love?
  • Fuchsia Fairy: A childhood wonder that you've always kept?
  • Gorse Fairy: What is something you're proud of?
  • Hawthorn Fairy: Something that gives you hope?
  • Heliotrope Fairy: A philosophy or religion you follow?
  • Holly Fairy: Ever had your future told?
  • Honeysuckle Fairy: Favorite song to dance to?
  • Jasmine Fairy: Your favorite item to decorate your house with?
  • Laburnum Fairy: What is your favorite musical instrument?
  • Lavender Fairy: Something that makes you wary?
  • Lilac Fairy: A moment that made you realize something amazing? Or world changing?
  • Lily of the Valley Fairy: A time you had to practice restraint?
  • Michaelmas Daisy Fairy: A regret you have?
  • Mountain Ash Fairy: Your favorite way to banish something from your life?
  • Mulberry Fairy: Something naughty/illegal you've always wanted to do?
  • Narcissus Fairy: Your favorite feature of yourself?
  • Nasturtium Fairy: Something you are proud of?
  • Nightshade Fairy: Someone you would never lie to?
  • Pear Blossom Fairy: what do you find the most fun to do?
  • Phlox Fairy: Something you wish you could do over again?
  • Pine Tree Fairy: What is the worst joke/trick anyone has played on you?
  • Poppy Fairy: Your most important victory?
  • Primrose Fairy: Favorite childhood memory?
  • Ragged Robin Fairy: What is your favorite dancing style?
  • Ragwort Fairy: where would you like to travel to?
  • Red Campion Fairy: What cheers you up when you're sad?
  • Red Clover Fairy: What is your dream job?
  • Rose Fairy: Someone you love the most and why?
  • Rosebay Willow-herb Fairy: Favorite pass-time?
  • Rose Hip Fairy: Favorite food?
  • Sloe Fairy: What do you think is hard to do?
  • Snowdrop Fairy: Favorite Season?
  • Speedwell Fairy: favorite color?
  • Stitchwort Fairy: Favorite constellation?
  • Strawberry Fairy: What is the thing you want the most?
  • Sweet Chestnut Fairy: What injustice angers you the most?
  • Sweet Pea Fairy: Pain or pleasure?
  • Traveller's Joy Fairy: Last vacation you had?
  • Tulip Fairy: What color are your eyes?
  • Wayfaring Tree Fairy: A journey you wish to take?
  • White Bindweed Fairy: the person/thing you can always depend on?
  • Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy: The best lie you've ever told?
  • Wild Rose Fairy: What are you afraid of?
  • Winter Jasmine Fairy: Someone that helps you often?
  • Yew Fairy: Something that makes you sad?

soulkidthecomic  asked:

Hey Nuri! I've noticed your backgrounds are pretty flawless. I try to do backgrounds like that with my copics but I get this weird sort of patchy look in the large areas. I can't seem to get everything to be "solid" the way your backgrounds are. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! Any tips?

Hey! Preciate the kind words. I have a couple of reasons as to why your marker work is patchy. You’re either coloring too fast or too slow. With markers you have to move at a steady but consistent pace. This gives the marker time to absorb into the page evenly. If you move too fast your color distribution will be uneven. If you move too slow the marker will start to dry and you’ll end up with streaks. So it’s important to have some sort of plan of attack. 

One trick is to break things up into shapes. Think of your page as an ocean. Fill this ocean with as many islands as possible. For instance, if youre trying to color in a large area of sky, strategically place clouds or something against the sky. This will break up your larger shape into smaller shapes which will make your coloring process easier.

So that’s one trick. But what if you wanted to fill in a large area without any shapes? There’s another way: layering. This is how I do it:

I have 2 markers here. One for the first coat and another for the second.

Using lilac light I start by filling the page up and down with parallel marker strokes.

And then I repeat the process going across. Don’t worry about the strokes here. The goal here is to fill the entire page up so there’s no white peaking through. This base layer gives the second layer something to latch on to.

Using lilac I fill in the page as I normally would any other shape. Do this at least twice. You’ll end up with something like this:

The page is super saturated so at first it’ll appear kinda blotchy. Give it a moment to dry and it’ll look something like this.

Billionaire Matchmaker pt. 2

Bucky x f!reader

y/n: reader’s name.

Summary: Tony gets involved in the reader’s love life again.

Warning: I don’t think there’s anything to mention, just some flirting.

A/n: So just part two of my fic Billionaire Matchmaker. (Which you can read here) I wasn’t planning on making a part two, but now that I have I may make a part three and four. Idk, I’d love to hear what people think. :) 

Special thanks to @sharknadoslut for the suggestion of making a second part.

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

When Tony walked into the common room area at the Avengers compound he couldn’t help, but notice how Bucky was so focused on his phone. He hated how Bucky ignored him. Even after hooking him up with a hottie like y/n, and things still get weird and quiet when it’s just them.  "Who are ya talking to?“ Tony asked while spying over Bucky’ shoulder to read his text messages. "Ah… I see, our pretty little y/n… How’s that been going by the way?” Tony raised his eyebrows suggestively. Bucky continued to ignore Tony’s comments. “Come on!!! I want all the juicy details,” Tony whined. Bucky wasn’t budging, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone. Well this is going nowhere Tony thought to himself.  

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss sent Gigi Hadid birthday flowers that look like wedding centerpieces
Friend goals or what?

Jen Juneau
April 24, 2017

When we think of #SquadGoals, we still think of Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, and basically everyone from the “Bad Blood” music video. This includes Gigi Hadid, who received flowers from Swift and Kloss for her 22nd birthday yesterday — and we have to say, where do we sign up to be part of this group!?

“I’m the luckiest!!!!! Thank yooouuuuuuu,” the model wrote on a photo that shows, from the left to right, bouquets from Karlie, Gigi’s dad Mohamed Hadid, and Taylor — the latter’s arrangement like something out of a lilac-scented dream (which we aren’t shocked by in the least).

Our favorite part is that each gift seems to lend itself to the personality of the giver — which are the BEST kinds of gifts.

On a related note: Considering close pal Taylor’s hit song “22,” we’d have been SHOCKED if it didn’t play at some point during the birthday girl’s festivities. And we’re happy to report we aren’t disappointed. As shared on Gigi’s sister Bella’s Instagram stories, the song definitely featured during the day.

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anonymous asked:

Text Meme! #1 & 19 from Hijikata to Sannan about Itou. Original Verse. Thanks ^^

A Funny Text  and a Bad Idea Text from Hijikata to Sannan about Itou.
Edo Period.  (Ahhhh… sounds like fun…)

NOTE:  For context or to request a text/letter please see Imp’s Text Meme link on my home page. Most of the previous text/letters are linked there as well.


Just got out of another meeting with Kondou-san and Itou-hime.

Oops sorry my thumb slipped - still getting used to these d*mn gadgets.

His Highness is complaining that his brother Princess Miki - oops did it again - doesn’t have a nice enough room.  He is particularly **fascinated** by the fact that Yukimura isn’t sharing a room.

I know we’re moving to hongwanji [corrected to:] hung won gee - f*ck who programmed the autocorrect on these f*cking things! - HONGWANJI you stupid phone - temple in two weeks but that may not be soon enough.

Could you cook up something that will make that lilac-wearing [Ed.’s Note: likely deleted to avoid dry comments about pots calling kettles purple] sleazy-eyed perfume-sniffer worry more about his stomach than room assignments for a few days?  The fantasy of him puking his delicate guts out into a bucket kept me from actually strangling him during the last fifteen minutes of our “discussion”.

Thanks.  Don’t forget to double-delete this message after you get it.  I don’t trust Souji not to take my suggestion literally.


PS  Yes I assume he has a way to read all our messages.

PPS Although if he *did* go ahead and make Itou “indisposed” then it would be the first time he’s followed one of my suggestions willingly in a while.

PPPS  He really p*sses me off. [Ed.’s Note:  the identity of which “he” may be deliberately unclear.]

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