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my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

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*barges in* oihina


Who asks the other on dates: 

oikawa. he takes hinata on so many dates. he loves spending time with him and watching him smile as he eats something sweet or his eyes growing wide with amazement when he sees something cool and his cheeks flushing with color when oikawa holds his hand or compliments him or kisses him he cant get enough of it

Who is the bigger cuddler:

you’d think it’d be hinata, but oikawa absolutely loves holding hinata in his arms, back pressed against his chest, his face nuzzled in that amazing orange hair that he loves so dearly. he’ll do it any chance he can get - in bed, on the couch, in the movie theater, on a park bench. not that hinata’s complaining any; he loves being in oikawa’s arms, snuggled up and warm against him.

Who initiates holding hands more often:

oikawa’s hand always finds hinata’s, no matter what. the feel of their fingers linking together - hinata’s smaller ones with his - is one of the greatest feelings he holds close to him.

Who remembers anniversaries:

oikawa can be rather forgetful when focused on things, as can hinata, but when it comes to dates that are important its like he has a special container in his brain where he stores all that in. on their anniversaries, he makes up the most extravagant meal he can made (for hinata is the one usually cooking all their meals; he wants to be the one doing it) and comes up with all sorts of ways to make hinata feel happy and wanted and so, so special and loved.

Who is more possessive:

oikawa. he doesnt want to hand hinata over to anybody. he’ll totally show off by kissing hinata in public and slinging an arm around him and pulling him close and just generally staying stuck by his side like glue.

Who gets more jealous:

….oikawa. he has so many insecurities - he’s not good enough, hinata will hate him, he’ll leave him for someone else because he’s horrible, etc. which ties into his possessiveness - he’s afraid to let hinata go, so he clings to him in hopes that hinata never leaves him. it usually never gets that bad, because hinata gives him more than enough validation with his amazed compliments and starry eyes, but its always there in the back of his mind, resting and slowly building.

Who is more protective:

oikawa will do anything to protect hinata and make sure that he’s okay. if need be, he’s willing to risk his own life. but if there’s any bullies that gang up on hinata, you better believe that he’ll put the smackdown on them.

Who is more likely to cheat:


Who initiates sexy times the most:

oikawa. oikawa, oikawa, oikawa. he cant get enough of hinata, honestly. he loves the feel of his skin, the arch of his back, how his cheeks flush and his breath hitches. he’s addicted to it.

Who dislikes PDA the most:

PDA actually really embarrasses the hell out of hinata, so he always gets flustered and puts up little protests and scolds oikawa when he kisses him out of the blue.

Who kills the spider:

oikawa would, but they catch the spider and let it out instead.

Who asks the the other to marry them:

oikawa does. he plans it out perfectly - the perfect dinner, the perfect night, the perfect moment. it makes hinata cry into his arms as he whispers out “yes, of course, i love you so much tooru,” and soon he’s whispering that into oikawa’s lips instead of his chest.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts:

oikawa showers hinata with gifts and flowers. he even goes out to those flowershops and ask for the exact words and meanings he’s looking for. it fills hinata’s heart with admiration and joy, because he’s memorized the meanings of flowers by heart.

Who would bring up possibly having kids:

hinata would, albeit in a small voice and with shy posture. oikawa would doubt what he was hearing at first, before becoming so enthusiastic about it the neighbors could probably hear him.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents:

hinata is, and has always been, such a bundle of nerves, and meeting oikawa’s family has him standing on a tightrope made of them. though they’ve already long since approved of him, with oikawa’s constant gushing about him

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:

oikawa does. he pouts and pouts and promises to make it up to hinata the next day.

Who tries to make up first after arguments:

oikawa. he knows its his fault - he said things he shouldn’t have, didnt mean to blow up like that, so he brings over flowers and a gift and a sweet apology, which hinata accepts.

Who tells the other they love them more often:

oikawa. its almost as if oikawa wont go a single second without telling hinata how much he loves and adores him. he just wont shut up about it. ((it may also be because of how hinata’s cheeks flare up whenever he does. the site is so cute he cant help himself.))

City of Fallen Heroes Ch. 18 Teaser

-Because it’s been too long and I’m thinking if I post a teaser then I’ll be more likely to actually get my ass into gear and finish these last 2 scenes-


When Felicity opens her eyes, it’s to see Grace and Ella standing above her. Ella has her hands on her hips and is tapping her foot on the floor, giving Felicity a look that screams annoyance. It’s the look she wears every morning. The one that says, “I’m hungry and waiting to be fed.” Grace is a different story. Rather than begging for permission to be allowed to cook, she’s looking at her with confusion. There’s a glimmer of something more behind her eyes. It’s a look Felicity knows well. It’s the look Oliver’s been giving her for years. One of guarded hope.

“I’m hungry and there’s no cereal,” Ella says in her overdramatic fashion.

“Okay,” Felicity says, sitting up and rubbing sleep from her eyes. “I’m sure there’s something to eat downstairs.”

Grace’s eyes go to Oliver, who is still sleeping against the wall where Felicity had just been laying in his lap. Felicity knows exactly what Grace is wondering. It’s the same thing that any kid old enough to truly understand divorce would wonder upon finding their parents sleeping next to one another. Felicity wants to reassure her, but she thinks that’s probably news they should tell the kids together.

“Come on,” she says, standing up and motioning towards the door. “We don’t want to wake your dad.”

“Their dad’s already awake,” Oliver says, but doesn’t open his eyes.

Felicity understands. It’s the reluctance that every parent feels when one of their children comes into the room to wake them up. That moment of, if they think I’m still sleeping, maybe they’ll go back to bed.

“Oh thank god!” Ella says, throwing herself into Oliver’s lap. “Now you can cook us something!”

“I can cook!” Felicity says in mock outrage. She’s long since accepted that the girls will always choose a meal from Oliver over a meal from her. Hell, Felicity would always choose a meal prepared by Oliver! Perhaps now that they are back together, she won’t have to live on takeout.

“Okay, Mommy,” Ella says with a nod of her head that doesn’t even remotely convey any belief in the words she’s saying. “But this time, can we just let Daddy cook? It makes him feel helpful.”

“Oh it does, does it?” Oliver says with a surprised chuckle as he goes to tickle Ella’s side. She begins laughing hysterically and throwing herself from side to side in an effort to make Oliver stop.

Through all of this, Grace remains uncharacteristically quiet.

“What’s up, Baby?” Oliver asks, reaching his hand out for her. Grace doesn’t move towards him like she usually would. Instead, she shifts on her feet. Felicity notices both of her hands are in a fist and her thumbs are rubbing over her fingers. Interesting, she isn’t sure when Grace picked up that nervous habit from Oliver.

“What is it?” Felicity asks, even though she knows exactly what it is. She wants to give Grace the opportunity to speak for herself.

She puts her hand on Grace’s shoulder, giving her a comforting squeeze. Grace looks up at her with wide, hesitant eyes, before shuffling into Felicity’s side.

Her face is half buried in Felicity’s thigh when she finally asks, “Are you and Dad getting back together?”

The second the question is asked, she buries her face completely in Felicity’s thigh so that nobody can see her face.

Felicity looks to Oliver, who already has his eyes on Felicity expectantly, like he needs to hear her answer just as much as Grace does. It’s sad. They talked about this last night and Felicity promised him that she was in this. Apparently, he’s still not confident. She can’t blame him. She’s given him plenty of reason to doubt her over the last few years.

“Yeah. Your dad and I are together,” she says, looking at Oliver for confirmation and he smiles in response.

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After having watched those two will-they-won't-they for /way too long/, Amethyst finally stood up with her arms thrown out in frustration and shouted, "OH, JUST DO IT ALREADY!"

“Amethyst!” Pearl shrilled, cheeks heating the most vivid blue Jasper had ever seen. 

Her face flamed an equally intense red; she hadn’t expected that.

Do it! Kiss; make out; neck; round some bases; do something other than make googly eyes and fight over nothing all day and night!”

Whatever Pearl expected, it wasn’t for Jasper to scoop her up over one shoulder; she yelped in protest, and Jasper carried her toward the warp, calling over her shoulder, “I like the way you think, Amethyst!”

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Moth, blood, absinthe.


Moth ❧ What do you find attractive in a person?

Daemon: Confidence~ Passion~ 

Nyle: …Passion for something… To see their eyes sparkle and full of life when they do something that they love…

Alex: …understanding and a true heart..

Blood ❧ What is the worst injury you’ve gotten?

Daemon: Hmm… that is a difficult question considering that I cannot truly be injured physically… I have felt swords through my torso… That hurts quite a bit.

Nyle: ….I’d rather not talk about it…

Alex: …All things considered… losing my eye. Sometimes it still hurts…

Absinthe ❧ do you drink?

Daemon: I do~ I personally, however, stick to wine. 

Nyle: Mhmm… Naturally as a chef, I like to find good compliments to my meals. 

Alex: …I don’t. I used to… but… I would get carried away… do too much… and well… I decided not to anymore. 

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Hi! I'm making a journal for my first grimoire from scratch and I'd like to request a protective sigil to place on the top cover, like something to keep unwanted eyes away? (I'm a newbie, but it is my understanding sigils don't have to be hidden, right? I can place one, even if it's for protection, where anyone can see it?)

Here is a sigil I made a while ago that I think fits that purpose
Yup, you can place a sigil anywhere you like! They don’t have to be hidden, I do them on my skin and in the margins of drawings all the time

So, I was just scrolling around on the internet, looking at random Ishqbaaz-related things, when a little something caught my eye. 

You guys! We finally have the answer to what the Oberoi business consists of!

The short answer: EVERYTHING. 

The long answer: 

  • Real Estate
  • Shipping
  • Petrochemicals
  • Energy
  • Airlines
  • Exports
  • Hotels
  • Banking


ETA: I just rewatched the 26th August episode and Shivaay also lists software, construction, pharmaceuticals, “and the list just goes on…”

Also, from yesterday’s episode, we know that the company existed when Dadaji, Prithviraj Oberoi, was around. So the business group is >40 years old.

So, they’re a fictional variant of the Tatas/Ambanis, prominent business families of India. Good to know! :) 

So I’m at work and my general manager is here and now I have be on my best behavior and no half ass things or she will yell at me. I’m scared what If i do something in her eyes that is wrong when I was trying my hardest.