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jungkook and hobi both uploaded two things on twitter for jin’s bday because the rest of the members didn’t post anything anyway i can’t believe all 3 members of bts (jin, hobi, jungkook) love each other and are a family

People keep telling me it’s cliche to compare your beautiful blue eyes to the sky or to the ocean. But so what? It’s easy to write about, but it would be an understatement to talk about your eyes like that.

Your eyes were blue, not blue like how the sky looked in the morning or like how the endless ocean captured the beauty of the moon. Your eyes were expressive and intense. They showed me how cold the world could be, they were like ice, frozen but also beautiful. You see most blue eyes you can get lost in, but these sent a chill down your spine. They made you numb everywhere, as if you were sitting in snow waiting for the void to take you. Your eyes didn’t capture the moon like the ocean did, they were something more. Your eyes captured the light from the moon and denied it. Your eyes could shine on their own, and that was more beautiful than any ocean or sky.

- livewireonfire

Seriously! I need to leave the bed!!!

magnus blinked slowly as he tangled his fingers in his boyfriend’s hair, lightly scratching at his scalp. they were currently laying on magnus’ bed, magnus on his back with alec resting on top of him, head on his chest. alec hummed against his skin, seeming utterly content at that very moment. the silence that had filled the air since they had settled on the bed was broken when alec sighed and looked up at him.

“can I ask you something?” he said, something flickering in his eyes. magnus let out a hum and a small nod as a go on, watching alec closely. alec’s fingers ran gently up and down magnus’ upper arm, eyes falling shut as he spoke: “so… you like boys.” it was more a statement than a question, and it was only a few seconds before he continued: “and you like boys.” also a statement, then finally getting to the question: “so… what does that mean?”

magnus’ hand in his hair went still, and for a moment in felt like his heart did as well. alec seemed to take this as a sign of confusion instead of distress and kept talking, trying to clarify what he meant. “i mean… i like boys and that’s all there is to it, you know, pretty straight forward,” he explained, fingers still lightly tracing magnus’ skin.

magnus looked at alec, feeling his heart clench, and not in the good way, not like it usually did when he looked at him. he was about say something, anything to make alec stop before he could say something so bad that magnus would not be able to simply forgive and forget it, but alec was faster.

“but multi-gender attraction isn’t like that, you know. i mean, i know you know, but my point is that it’s more like a spectrum and there isn’t simply one sexual orientation that covers it all,” alec said, now looking back at magnus, seeming almost desperate to get magnus to understand where he was going with this, stopping for only a moment before going on,

“and you’ve always been very open about being attracted to more than one gender, and i guess i was just wondering where on that spectrum you see yourself?” alec’s eyes were wide, waiting for an answer, and magnus suddenly felt so much lighter, letting out a breath he wasn’t aware that he had been holding.

slowly starting to move his fingers again, he closed his eyes as he answered: “yeah it can be very confusing indeed, i mean, it took me decades to figure out myself, but bisexual just resonated more with me than anything else, so that’s how i identify.” he could feel alec smile against his chest, his next words no more than a whisper: “i love you, thank for telling me.”

// 31 days of magnus bane -> magnus + bisexuality

My Barry

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2402

A/N: The two requests were just so similar I had to put them together.

You expressed a sigh as you slid into the chair across from Barry, a cup in your hand. His eyes moved from somewhere behind you onto you, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Who are you?” he asked and you looked at him, scoffing.

“Funny, Allen,” you stated. “Now are we going to get this done or what?” You pulled your laptop out of your bag and opened it up, bringing up the case Barry was working on.

“Do what?” he demanded.

“What? Did you hit your head or something?” you asked, your eyes remaining on your laptop. “We’re solving this case. After all, I am your best friend.”

“Since when?”

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looking at MM "grandpa gravy" pic compared to her last bridge pic- and something caught my eye but it's really hard to tell but her hair length in the gravy pic seems to be fairly long and tho her hair is inside a hat, the pieces exposed don't look that long. that with the fact thee were fires an smoke and the bridge was shut down is pointing more to it being an older pic she had stored on her phone.

There is no way to know for sure, but since she is a frequent visitor to the area it’s certainly possible that she has many pictures taken from sightseeing expeditions on previous visits. The weather conditions that were caught in her Grandfather Mountain pics are not at all unusual in that area due to its elevation and the low hanging clouds would mesh well with Sam’s rainy pic and make it appear to be taken the same day. But even if Sam’s and MM’s pics were from the same day there is no suggestion in either the tags or the locations or the pics that the other was present at all. It’s just like that PSA about Sam having dinner with the family of local “female companion” that leads the reader to make a conclusion that is not at all stated. Two people posting pictures hours apart and from venues miles apart do not have to have been together when the pics were taken- that conclusion is all on the viewer. And the fact that her pics were several hours later would give me some additional suspicion that I was being invited to make a conclusion that isn’t really warranted by the actual facts.

Did some designing for G’Quan. I took @ask-gquan‘s guidance and made him a simple tunic and trousers with some ornaments and belts. I couldn’t let the whole midriff belt thing go. I liked it. The tunic is one large piece of fabric with a headhole like a poncho. It’s tied to his wrists and bound to his body with string and belts. His pants are actually two legs knitted in tubes that lash to his waist with strips of cloth you can see tied in a bow at his hip. I imagine that necklace is probably a show thing. He just went to a meeting or saw a crowd or something and needed to look important so he wore something to draw the eye. His normal outfit would be minus the jewelry and down a couple belts. 

More details on the clothes under the cut. 

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So...when Melon's in control, is Rotten sleeping or can he see thru Melon's eyes? Something else? Idk

Rotten can see and hear everything Melon does. He sleeps sometimes when it’s boring but he usually keep an eye on what is happening.

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ok! can we talk about when Chloe was not well bc of the divorce and Lucifer repairs? like he knows her facial expression when he says something absurd: " a smirk or eye roll". or was so concerned about she's not have yet where to live that he called a real estate agent? and she said that couldn't afford buy a house in that neigh. his face was so disappointed almost like he even could say "i buy to you". and then the girls party? I'm just crying here.

I am sorry, it’s pretty late here and I am not 100% what this is asking, but I think it’s talking about how well Lucifer has come to learn Chloe’s expressions????

Okay, so I will NEVER be over the fact, and I don’t think it’s talked about enough that Lucifer called a couple of real estate agents for Chloe in 2x04. Even though it was just a ‘distraction,’ he still had so much concern for her. 
It’s been tough for him to figure her out, I think. He’s growing and learning how to do so even though he’s LITERALLY never had to do this for any other human OR celestial being before. Because he’s just never cared, I don’t think. But with Chloe, he can’t be apathetic, we’ve seen that. 
It’s interesting that he pays attention to every eyeroll and smirk, because that’s how he LEARNS. That’s how he’s becoming less apathetic. 

Personally, that’s one of the best parts about the show. Because if we miss the tiniest thing, it means we miss a piece of Lucifer’s growth, too.