something wintery

True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

Fic: Blame It on the Candle

Summary: Candles and tea bring back memories of Japan
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,042
Tags: Fluff, Domestic, Established Relationship
Author’s Note: For @succ-succ-succ, whose prompt was “its a totally random idea but i was just thinking how much i love feeling cozy and warm after being cold, so maybe something wintery like that? or something about tea… the smell of tea… wafting”—I kind of ran with the tea idea, I guess, though probably not in the way they intended. (This is probably a little too long to be a ficlet, but with too little plot to be a proper fic. Call it what you will.)

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Are You Sulking Again - Chapter 3 - Thacmis - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
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Word count: 6666 (!!!)
Chapters: 3/4 


A light pair of tiny feet patters onto his chest and up to his collar bone. Erik lifts his arm and opens one of his eyes to stare into the fluffy white face of the Charles-dove. It looks almost nothing like Charles, except for its blue eyes, and perhaps its pink beak, which could resemble the man’s beautiful red lips, if Erik squints a bit.

“We’re going to have to cancel our movie date,” he says. It’s the first thing that comes to his mind. “Pets aren’t allowed in the theatre.”

Charles plops down on his chest, cooing sadly. 


AU in which Charles ignores Hank’s advice and gets turned into a ridiculously cute fluffy birb. Erik and Charles try to figure out how to turn him back while surviving domestic life together. How the hell will they get through this. Crack af

Comments: a crack fic with lots of fluff, both figuratively and literally. Includes illustrations  

For @abloodneed because I love him and he needs it:

It’s a cold night, dry for now, but it smells like snow and Alec can see his breath fogging the air in front of his face. Magnus seems almost entirely unaffected by the weather, gesturing with his usual enthusiasm as they walk down the street (they’re on their way back from dinner, and Alec hadn’t been able to resist when Magnus suggested they walk; he knows the sooner they get back to Magnus’s the sooner this date will be over, and he wants every minute with him he can get) but Alec has both hands stuffed in his pockets and is hunching his shoulders, as if that will protect him from the gentle but freezing wind. He hadn’t thought about needing gloves when he left the Institute, or a scarf, and his jacket isn’t really warm enough for this weather by itself. He edges closer to Magnus, hoping to absorb some of his warmth by proximity, and Magnus bumps their shoulders together gently. Alec feels warmth radiate through him from that point of contact, and, impulsively, slips his hand out of his pocket and catches Magnus’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Magnus turns to him, and smiles, and for the first time since they stepped outside Alec can’t feel the cold at all.

bertssweatybuns  asked:

so you drew me a reibert icon and i loved it (obv its my icon now) but is there any chance you could draw christmasy one like them with hot chocolate & ugly sweaters and snow or something for the wintery times <3 <e


But I took a little more efford in it óuò

It’s a winter themed picture and not really a christmas themed one. So you can keep it till February d(ô7ô)b ~♥

Merry Christmas~ ♫♥