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Blue Roses

Okay so I did this because… well, why not? :) I hope you like this @taetaetown even though it’s not that great… honestly, I just did this cuz I really like to write and the smallest thing can inspire me cuz I get bored a lot hehehe. If you don’t like it then please save me the embarrassment and just pretend you didn’t see it 🙃. Based on this anon’s ask (I hope I did your dream justice) Enjoy <3</p>

You hadn’t even stepped one foot into school before you heard the whispers all around you. Anxiety hitting you for a few seconds, you wondered what was going on. Quickly heading to your homeroom and finding your friends, they were prompt in telling you what was up.

“Alex you will not believe what just happened!” One of them grabbed your arm in excitement. “Nam Joon just gave Yi Hyun a bunch of purple lilac flowers!”

“Wait, Nam Joon, as in, BTS Nam Joon?” You were in shock, no wonder everyone was talking about it. BTS were known as the most popular boys in your school, and for a very good reason. Not only were they the most good looking, but they also had great charisma, not to mention their amazing talent. Together, they formed a music group and Kim Nam Joon happened to be their leader. “I don’t think something like this has ever happened before.” In all the time you had been here, you don’t ever recall the boys giving any specific girl that special treatment. Sure, pretty much everyone was good friends with them, but this was very strange indeed.

“Oh, and get this!” Your friend continued, “Purple lilac flowers have a special meaning to them too! They symbolise, ‘first love.’ Isn’t that so sweet? He obviously really thought this out! Personally, I think they’d make a good couple anyway…”

You noticed your third friend seemed to be sighing off into the distance. “What’s wrong?” You asked her, noticing a slight flush on her cheeks.

She just shook her head, “oh, nothing. I was just think of how nice it would be if I got flowers from someone.” Of course you all knew which ‘someone’ she was thinking of. Her and Ho Seok had become very close over the past few months but she never said anything about her feelings in fear of ruining what they had. You understood this very well, having feelings for another member yourself… but you shook your head before the fantasies got too far. It probably won’t happen anyway…

As the lessons went by, the whispers continued to spread, but this time there were other names thrown into the mix. Min Yoon Gi had given some mallow flowers to the group’s female music editor, doing a quick search you found that they represented ‘being consumed by love.’ Then, Jeon Jung Kook had given some bellflowers to the girl that always helped him in English classes. You didn’t pick up her name but you find out that the flowers meant ‘unwavering love.’ Gosh, these are all so romantic.

At break, you went back to your lockers to meet your friends but ended up stopping in the middle of the hallway due to the sight in front of you. Jung Ho Seok was standing right next to your friend with a variety of pansies in his hand. Letting out a short gasp, you quickly hid behind a corner, gazing at the scene in front of you. ‘Loving thoughts’ or ‘remembrance of love,’ you knew that’s what they represented because those were her favourite flowers! Your other friend found you and in a rush she informed you that Kim Seok Jin had just given plumerias to the cutest girl in school. “I heard they meant ‘perfection’ which I guess is the only thing he would go for XD Anyways, that’s four down now.”

“Five actually,” you pointed at your friend. She looked so happy staring at those flowers, and you couldn’t help feeling just slightly jealous of her. She had gotten such a wonderful gift, with such a deep meaning, from someone she really liked. All the other girls had too. You couldn’t help feeling sad because you wanted something from him too. You didn’t think you could bare the thought of him giving such a symoblism to someone else…

Lunch had come and gone and Park Jimin was spotted giving gardenias to Lucinda on the other side of school. You knew off the top of your head that they meant ‘secret and sweet love.’ But while everyone else seemed fixed on the fact that he had given them to her somewhere private because he was so shy and cute, all you could think of was the fact that he was the only one left.

After school, all you wanted to do was go home, but the others wouldn’t allow it. Sitting and talking about all sorts of things in the library together helped to keep your mind off of  what was going on around you. You almost forgot about it.

As you walked to the gates, your heart momentarily stopped when you saw who happened to be standing there. It was him. Kim Tae Hyung. His blond hair yeah this is why I asked was flowing gently with the wind, and then he gazed right at you. You barely processed the sounds of your friends slowly walking away as he continued to stare before giving you a bright smile. Lifting up his long, graceful fingers, he beckoned to you to come closer while raising his eyebrows.

Slowly, your legs responded to his command and you walked up to him. Pushing himself off the gate, he stepped right up to you, staring down with a look in his eyes. “Hi, Alex,” his deep voice cut right through you as you stared up at him. “Hello.” You could only reply, his handsome looks hitting you over and over again.

Bringing his hands in front of you, you saw a bunch of blue roses neatly wrapped in paper and ribbon. Your jaw dropped open as you stared at their perfect form. They were your favourite flowers! How did he know..?

“I overheard you telling someone the other day…” he explained himself softly, looking down with a shy expression on his face. Lifting up his hand he ran his fingers through his bleached hair, his rings glimmering in the sunlight. Making eye contact with you again, he took a deep breath before saying, “Alex, I- I fell for you at first sight, you know. You’re so beautiful and honestly such a lovely person, I guess I couldn’t help it. Blue roses, they can mean ‘impossible to attain’ because I genuinely believe that I would never be able to be with you… But when I heard that these were the flowers you loved, I thought that it was worth a try to change that meaning for you.”

You gently wrapped you hands around his own on the flowers, smiling up at his confession. There was no need for you to search up the meaning of these flowers, because they meant something entirely different to you now. And as you stared at each other, smiling in your own little world, the flowers gently swayed in the breeze, their scent carrying the sounds of ‘love’ in the wind.

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