something wasn't right with it before

Actual things I have said while playing Heroes vs Villains on Star Wars Battlefront
  • As stormtrooper: "Ha ha ha, I can snipe you from here- OH NO I FORGOT YOU CAN DEFLECT MY SHOTS."
  • As rebel: "Don't you- don't you dare, no no no AAH VADER LEAVE ME ALONE!"
  • As Palpatine: "Ah. Shot in the back. Again. Who was it, was it Han? It was Han, wasn't it?"
  • As Vader: "Well, time to go collect my terrible children. Look, there's one now. Come here, son!"
  • As Krennic: "VADER PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR TERRIBLE CHILD!" (Is promptly rescued from Luke) "Oh thank goodness!"
  • As Han: "Oh. Nope. Ha, nuh-uh. That is Vader and we're not fighting him- OH NO HE'S FOLLOWING ME!"
  • As Leia: "Hey! Stop with the friendly fire! We're not even outside yet!"
  • As Luke: "I'm a Jedi, like my father before me. But let's hope that father before me isn't on the field because -- oh no, he's right there." (Gets defeated by Vader, who sternly declares "Your destiny lies with me!") "Fine. Fine then! Drag me back to the Empire, see if I care. But I'm gonna drag my heels the whole way!"
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Michael Arden was robbed of the Tony for best direction of a musical. He told a story in a non-verbal language. He brought in deaf actors and hard of hearing actors and actors in wheel chairs and put them on Broadway, something that had never been done before. Deaf West Spring Awakening got snubbed and deserved so much more. The show didn't even get nominated for best choreography for incorporating sign language into dance. What's probably the worst thing is that Michael Arden wasn't even shown when his name was called in the nomination category. They couldn't even bother to be sure they showed the right person. This show did something no other show has done before and to not recognize that is a disrespect to the deaf community.

Jimin tries so hard to expose them. So much happend in that episode within a few minutes °-°

First, Jungkook said he decorated his with flowers, because he likes them and then Jimin says straight into the camera, that he is a flower too. So uhmm, Jimin literally said Kookie likes him.

Second, the most obvious one. The flirting with Jk to vote for him. Even though the staff only votes and it was said right before Jimin flirted, so why did he still do that? And he was so natural with it, the stepping right next to him, the looking at him through his eyelashes and the lowering of his voice.

Third, Ok thats not so “exposing”, but Jimins loud cheering when Kookie got a point. That was a little bit too much and too loud. So why?

Fourth, the arm on Jungkooks shoulders. Nothing really special about that, at first. But Jk started to lean against him, and as an example, Hobi also has his arms around Rapmon and V, and they’re not even anywhere near as close as jikook.

And all that happend within just 2 minutes.

*sigh* I said it many times, but guys…. You’re too obvious.

Edit: just noticed, but it also seems like Jimin extends his arm while flirting with Jk, to play with the hem of the hanbok. Won’t say it’s like that, just saying it looks like it. That would at least explain why Jimin is looking down for some time.

HTGAWM confirmed Wes' death about five times and I still refuse to believe it
  • htgawm: shows Wes under the sheet
  • Me: OH... nah
  • Bonnie: It's Wes
  • Me: What? Mmmmm... no I don't... I don't think... something's not right-
  • htgawm: show's Wes' face on the TV as the confirmed dead body with Meggy and Laurel crying about it
  • Me: this is a just a BIG misunderstanding, he's not-
  • Nate: Wes was dead before the fire
  • htgawm: shows Wes walking out with the camera panning up to the sky like his spirit is literally ascending to heaven
  • Me:
  • Me: So ANYWAY how did Annalise pull off Wes' FAKE death so well?
Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.16

The next few weeks are a blur with a dose of recurring nightmares. Not only for you, but more so for B/N. 

You don’t go home. You’ve been staying with him since the incident, afraid to leave him by himself. He barely eats, his body imprint on the bed signals that he hardly leaves it. 

And right now he’s standing in the kitchen, eyes glazed over as his mind wanders. He doesn’t notice you standing there, he’s hardly noticed you since Jesse was buried. 

Guilt, grief, and rage is all he’s suffering from and it’s eating him alive. He’s lost so much of himself.

You stand beside him, looking at his face. It’s been days since he’s said more than five words to you. 

Placing your hand on his cheek, you softly say, “Come back to me,” 

He turns his head to you, blinks twice as he returns to the present. A look of pity crosses his features. 

“I’m gonna shower. My parents will be here soon,” he says, walking around you.

You stand there, forcing your emotions down. A habit you’ve started doing while you tried caring for B/N. You both weren’t official yet, recent events preventing you both from talking about it. You sort of just…stayed with him. 

In truth, you liked him a lot. But you felt incredibly overwhelmed. He was so caught up in his own pain that he seemed to have forgotten you both were in the same battle that day. 

You wipe your tear-stained face. When did your life take such a turn? Sitting in the stool Jesse once sat in to eat your breakfast. Can’t have two distraught people trying to make it through the day, right? 

You don’t have much of an appetite but you know you need to eat. Tracing your fork through your food, you realize you’ve been spaced out for over twenty minutes, doing the same thing B/N was doing. 


You drop your fork, feeling uneasy. Heading to the bathroom, you realize B/N is still in there. He didn’t lock the door, but you knock. 

“B/N, you okay?” you can still hear the shower running but he doesn’t answer you. You let yourself in. Your heart is pounding at what you’re unprepared to see once you pull the shower curtains aside.

He’s sitting in the corner, his knees to his chest and staring at nothing. 

The sight of him like this is the tipping point of your emotions and you sink to the floor. You sit on the ground outside of the tub, holding your face in your hands. 

“I wish I could go back,” he says and you look at him. This is the most he’s admitted to feeling since the incident took place. His eyes and nose are red, “I wish for nothing more than to go back,”

He pushes his hair back, sniffing. His eyes focus on you, “I need you to do something for me,” 

You nod, “What?” 

He takes a moment to reply, his voice breaking, “I need you to take this pain away,” you know where he’s going with this, and you shake your head, “I need you to make me forget,” 

“No…” you say in the middle of his request. 

His face switches from pleading to anger very quickly. He gets out of the shower and you follow him. 

“It’s one request, Y/N!” he snaps as he pulls his boxers on. He’s taking his anger and depression out on you now. 

“I won’t do that,” you tell him.


“You cannot forget Jesse!” he doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying, “No matter how bad you feel, forgetting him would make his entire life meaningless.”

He roughly pushes his wet hair from his face, flinging the nearest thing, that happens to be his laptop, across the room. 

“I want to die, Y/N! Do you understand that? You almost died saving me. My best friend is dead because I’m so fucking stupid. He didn’t want to do this. All he wanted to do was run a stupid realtor company,” as he says the final part, he presses his palms against his eyes, his voice breaking. 

Your voice is soft, hoping it will lessen the blow, “That’s why you can’t forget him,” saying that makes him even more upset because you won’t give him what he wants.

“You’re practically Wonder Woman. You don’t understand what this feels like,” he scoffs. His words shock you, the look in his eyes spiteful, “Have you lost someone close to you?” he asks cynically. 

You slap him in the face hard, purposefully. 

Wet strands of hair spread across the side of his face, cheek slowly reddening. He doesn’t look surprised, almost like he wanted you to retaliate. 

“I don’t understand?” Your body is shaking in anger, tears springing into your eyes, “Jesse was my friend too. Not as close as you guys, but he was a friend,” he rolls his eyes and you shove him hard in the chest. He wants to fight.

“You know what? Fuck you,” You’re pained that he thinks so little of what you could actually feel, after all you’ve done. You turn from him, grabbing your stuff. You can’t take this anymore. 

“What are you doing?” 

“I’m leaving. Obviously,” 

Walking to the living room, he follows you, “I’ve been babysitting you because you’re so damn sad that you can’t help yourself. I’ve been neglecting myself and for what? Are we even friends? We’re not even officially together,”


“And how dare you? You think just because you feel pain, you have a right to say those things to me?” his expression lets you know he realizes his mistake, “Not once have you asked how I felt. Do you just assume I feel nothing? Wonder Woman felt pain too.” he presses his lips together, remembering what he said, “Honestly, did you not think of me once?” 

“I did… I just didn’t think-” 

“No, you didn’t think,” you push your hair from your face, “I killed people, B/N. Did you forget that?” 

He pauses, watching you carefully now, as if the pain in your own voice made him snap out of his own, “That shit keeps me up at night. A man is braindead because of me. I accidentally killed a girl who ran into my force field. I put a bullet through a woman’s brain without a second thought. And I’m not entirely sorry, and that scares me. And you wanna forget? I want to forget.”  

His image is blurring before you, but you see him coming near you. 

You back away from him, “I tried to save Jesse, but I didn’t see her gun. I wasn’t fast enough. I hate myself for that and sometimes I think that you hate me because I didn’t do any better,” you finally admit all of this to him.

You cover your face because you’re crying harder than you have before, your own guilt overflowing. He’s so quiet you’re not even sure he’s listening or even there. But you feel his arms come around you quickly and you’re pushing him off because you haven’t forgiven him. You don’t want your tears to seem like a weakness that you need him.  

But he’s persistent and you can hardly stand up on your own. 

He’s never held you this tight, as if he’s trying to keep you from crumbling to pieces, “I can’t forgive myself,” you whisper. 

“I never blamed you,” he says, “Not once,” 

You pull away to wipe your face, holding your bag tighter on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him for you,” 

She was leaving him and he didn’t even blame her. 

B/N didn’t mean to snap as he did but he’s almost glad he did, because he wouldn’t have known how much Y/N was keeping in. 

Yes, he was being spiteful, an action he regretted as soon as he did it to her, but she was releasing so much. He didn’t know how hard she took Jesse’s death. Didn’t know she actually blamed herself. He even forgot about the people that died or were injured by Y/N’s hands. Her guilt greatly outdid his, yet she was being so strong for him. 

Feeling like shit didn’t even cover it. 

“I think it’s time we part ways,” she says and his throat is tight. He caused all of this.

He didn’t want her to leave, but he knew it would be the best if she did. She lost pieces of herself caring for him, her clothes fit her body looser than before. Her skin was dull and her eyes didn’t have that spark like before. On top of her own turmoil, did he drain her that much? 

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say. He’s sorry he did this to her; neglected the only person he had left. He’s sorry he threw everything she did for him back in her face. He felt such shame looking at her, additional to the fact that he only had his boxers on. 

“Keep in touch with your parents. Share your grief with them, because they loved Jesse too,” her final words. As she’s about to turn for the door, she pauses, looking at him. 

He can’t let her leave this way. He meets her where she is, embracing her. He holds her tightly, his hand resting on the back of her head. Her tears cascade down his chest, his own disappearing in her hair. 

She steps back, patting her cheeks. When she looks at him, he almost can’t hold her gaze. 

“I can’t make you forget, but I can do something else for you,” she says softly. 

She holds his face, looking into his eyes, “You will heal. You will get past this. You will be happy again. And you will forgive yourself,” 

His body relaxes, his thoughts flashing gray as her words reconstruct his mind. 

When he comes to, he realizes he is alone. His cat sits at the door, waiting for her to come back, not realizing she won’t. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d face his parents when they arrived at his house. He couldn’t even look them in the eyes at the funeral. 

He opens the door once they arrive, his stomach tight. 

He feels better after what Y/N did to him. But her absence created another void that he would have to live with. 

“Hi Mom,” is all he is able to say before she pulls him in for a hug. 

“My baby. You’re so thin,” she sniffs, squeezing his arms and face for emphasis. She takes the food she brought from his father’s hands. She rushes to the kitchen.

“Dad,” B/N finally says. 

His father sighs at the sight of his son, his stiff aura softening. He pats his neck, pulling him in for a hug, “Make sure you eat, or she’ll nag until you do,”  

He gives a small smile, nodding. 

Within minutes, his mother notices something isn’t right. 

“Where’s Y/N?” she asks. 

He’s not sure how to answer but says the truth, “She’s gone,” 

His parents are quiet, glancing at each other before looking at their son again.

“Sharing burdens is only effective if it’s shared equally,” his mother says, seeming to know what he didn’t have to explain. 

“I liked her for you,” is all his father says.

They eat together, his mother speaking the most and he’s grateful because he has no words to contribute to the conversation. She even manages to make him laugh despite the fact that there’s two chairs empty at the table. He felt happy for that split second and the rush of guilt that overtook him was insufferable. 

He places his fork down, excusing himself from the table. 

He clutches the counter in his bathroom, taking deep breaths. 

“Pull yourself together,” he tells himself. Once he steps into his room, he pauses seeing his mother sitting on his bed, the book she had given him in her hands. 

“Did you finish it?” she asks. 

He shakes his head, “No. Haven’t gotten around to it,” 

She nods, flipping through the pages, “You should,” 

“Why? Some message on life lessons or something?” 

“Something like that,” 

“I don’t want to read it,” 

“You will,” 


“Read it,” she says firmly, holding the open book towards him. Even at his age, he knew when to pay attention to his mothers tone of voice. 

With an exasperated sigh, he takes the book from her hand, standing as he reads the written words. 

The gifts that we’ve been given has brought us more pain than we anticipated. To forget is a gift. A gift I cannot give myself,” 

“Not much encouragement from her here,” he says, closing the book.

“You accept what’s happened and move on. That’s the way it goes,” 

He knows why his mother had him read this but he’s too stubborn to accept it. He’s feeling a mix of emotions. He already poured his soul out to Y/N, must he do it again? 

But then he remembers what she said, to grieve with parents.

“He’s gone, B/N,” his mother says as gently as she can, “Jesse is gone,”  

He pauses, biting the inner flesh of his cheek, “I know that,” 

He feels her hand on his back, “Stop blaming yourself. You must live again,” 

Her words cause tears to spring into his eyes and he fights them. He clenches his teeth so tightly to prevent himself from cracking. 

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“I know,” she wipes his tears even though hers are glistening on her cheeks as well, “But I can’t lose another son. You might think you don’t deserve to enjoy life right now, but Jesse would’ve cursed you for leaving your plate full just now,” 

The truth in her words cause him to laugh despite his tears, “He really loved food,” 

A hard pang to his chest at using past-tense. His mother notices, taking his hand. 

“I love you and I always will,” she says to him. Loving him despite what he did, a form of healing he didn’t expect. 

His father steps in the doorway, looking his son in the eyes. An action he’s been doing lately, no longer fearing what his son could do. 

He does a double take, noticing the broken laptop in the corner that he through, during his fight with Y/N. 

“You and your temper,” he father chastises him as he picks up the broken pieces. 

“I’ve been curious about something,” his father says, “You mentioned Y/N saved you? How?”

“She’s kind of like me,” 

“How so? What can she do?” his mother asks. 

He gives a knowing smile, remembering how ethereal and badass she looked as she fought. How before she knew of her gift, she pulled him towards her by simply being who she was, “Everything I can’t.”

Is that what you’re wearing?

“Please tell me that this is just one of your jokes?” Fred and George showed up to the yule ball in their finest matching baby blue suits.

“I thought you would like it, love.” Fred’s face fell a little from your sudden turn in opinion.

“Well, I don't hate it. It’s just a very. Strong look.” George couldn't last another second as he watched this little conversation go on.

“Go on Fred. She looks gorgeous and we look like a couple of clowns. Maybe we should do something about it.” You were a little confused by the whole situation before the twins flicked their wands transforming their blue robes to wonderful tux’s looking like two suave gentleman.

“Oh thank god!” Running into Fred’s arms you couldn't hide the smile from the good news.

“Oi, I thought we looked right smart.” George on the other hand wasn’t as relived as yourself. Giving a good slap to Fred’s chest you pulled him down by his tie to give him a quick peck.

“I wasn't getting kissed in that outfit. An I’m quite fond of kisses.” George rolled his eyes as he spotted his date coming down the stairs.“Did well?” Fred took a step back spinning so you can have a good look at the whole outfit.

“You look wonderful.” Fred smiled as he grabbed your hand giving you a quick spin.

“You look pretty alright yourself. Now when are you going to wave your wand and change?” Fred couldn't hold back the laugh as you continued to give him playful smacks on his chest and arms.

“You are such a little shit.” Fred pulling you close before giving you a longer kiss than the one from before.

“I think it’s not fair to the other girls that you look this beautiful.” Rolling your eyes you pulled him in for another kiss. Even when he was being a true git he was still the sweetest.

I just… Can we talk about their fucking height difference for a moment..?

Class Clown Part 4

Yeah I know I posted Part 3 last night, but I’ve been on the road all day so I decided to right a part 4. It’s on mobile so it’s sloppy, but when I get home I’ll clean up parts 3 and 4 and make it more presentable, and embed links to reach the other parts. If you want to read parts 1, 2 or 3 I’ll reblog them. Thank you for your support, it means a lot. :)


“So that’s why you’re too busy for me.” Jin stares down at you, his eyes cold and hardened.

“Yeah…so?” You shift uncomfortable and glance around the now empty hallway, cringing as the bell rings.

“So, you’re choosing him over me? Him? Kim Taehyung?” Jin looks incredulous.

“I thought you were his best friend, why are you so freaked out about this?” You feel defensive now of V, since he’s so pure and loyal and you can tell how much he respects Jin.

“Yeah I am, but there’s always been a hierarchy in our relationship. He was the funny social one, he could be everybody’s friend, but I’m the charmer. I’m the one girls are supposed to go for! I know you’ve liked me for like, ever. I’ve seen you staring at me and blushing since like middle school. Why don’t you want me anymore? What changed?” Jin steps closer, desperation and edge in his voice. He almost seems afraid that you didn’t want him anymore, desperate to make you want him. Desperate to figure out why you don’t.

“I…” as you stare up at him, his plump lips, his dark eyes, and broad shoulders, you can’t find a reason not to want him. But when you think about who this boy is, you can think of a million reasons. “Want the short answer or the long one?” You smirk defiantly crossing your arms. His eyes widen with surprise and then they darken, turning cold. He grits his teeth and steps closer until your chests are merely inches apart, and his face is nearing yours.

“Excuse me?” He growls, sizing you up.

“You’re pompous, arrogant, a player, a fake, a liar, manipulative, controlling, and all around disgusting. Judging from how many girls you take out I wouldn’t be surprised if you had every STD known to man.” You finish and cock your eyebrow, pushing him away. His dark eyes burn wild with rage and confusion, his eyebrows are furrowed and his face contorted into a desperate snarl.

“You take that back.” He growls narrowing his eyes and pushes you against the lockers, his hands tight around your wrists, pinning you there.

“I’d rather loose valedictorian than take back any of that.” You narrow your eyes back, a rage burning inside of you now as well. Right as his grip on you tightens and he’s about to snap something back at you, the fire alarm goes off, and the halls fill with students. Jin looks around briefly before meeting your face and his in a deep passionate kiss. You gasp against his lips and struggle against his arms, but he’s much stronger than you so he keeps you in your place. He continues kissing you, and despite your anger you have to admit he’s a good kisser. You open your eyes, frantically looking around as people gasp and point and whisper as they walk, when your eyes meet his. V stands still, brown eyes wide and lips parted in surprise. Jin finally pulls away and smirks at you whispering in your ear, “see ya later sweetheart.” He saunters off through the crowd, leaving you staring at V in horror, gasping for breath.

“V it wasn't—” you start, walking towards him. He shakes his head stepping back from you.

“No..just..just get away from me.” V pushes through the crowd running away, leaving you alone. Tae’s POV:

As I walked down the hallway, talking amongst my friends, my heart thudded to a stop. There, in the middle of the hallway, stood Y/N and Jin, making out I guess you could say. She looked my way, and Jin pulled away, whispering something in her ear with a smile before walking away. She doesn’t want me. I was right all along, she doesn’t want me. I’m just a joke. A pity date. It had always been that way with Jin and I. I was the jokester side kick, and Jin was the playboy who everybody wanted. I should’ve known. She was probably just using me to get to him.

“V it wasn't—” she starts to make her way over to me, but I’m not getting pulled into this.

“No…just..just get away from me.” I turn shoving past the other students, right out the door, and right down the street.

I walk home and hastily open the door, feeling tears streaming down my face. The only time my heart has been broken was when my mother died. This feels different. My mom’s death, I knew I couldn’t stop. It was going to come whether we were ready or not. But this one felt like it was my fault. I felt as though I were the one to blame. For being unlovable, for being a joke, for being me. I slam the door and sob, leaning my forehead against the door. I have nobody. Jungkook is at school, and won’t be home until tomorrow. I can’t come to Jin about this, I can’t go to Y/N, I can’t go to Hobi and Yoongi because they’re with Jin right now. I have nobody. It never occurred to me how alone I was. The only person who would care if I died is Jungkook. Hobi, Yoongi, and Jin would be sad, but they’d move on fairly fast I think. Y/N wouldn’t even bat an eye. So why am I here? What am I doing? Who am I kidding? I’m such a screw up. I look to the kitchen where I see a kitchen knife and I look down at my wrists, rubbing my hands over them. I can’t. I’m a coward I could never. I stumble my way to the couch and bury my face in my hands sobbing. My phone vibrates and I sniffle taking it out, checking it.

From Jin:

Hey, where are you?

I sob harder at my old friend. Why would he do this to me? He’s always been there for me, what changed? Even he hates me, it seems. Within the course of the hour, I receive 60 texts from Y/N, all begging to explain. I get texts from Hobi and Yoongi, some from Jungkook, and a few more from Jin. I throw my phone across the room, coughing as a cry. I’m so involved in my meltdown, I don’t even hear the door open. It’s not until there’s a hand on my shoulder that I look up. My dad stands there, sober, and cleaned up. I haven’t seen him like this in years. He’s shaved, his hair is brushed, and he smells like cologne, not beer. I hastily wipe my eyes and try to calm down.

“Broken heart?” He asks, his voice deeper and rougher than I remember. I nod a little and sniffle looking away. He sits next to me. “I remember how that felt.” Silence. “It’ll get better. Don’t..don’t ah let yourself go the way I did…it doesn’t solve anything. It just pushes those you have left further away.” He stares at me, as though he hasn’t seen me in a while. I squirm under his gaze. “Taehyung, I’m sorry. I…when Vanessa, your mother died…I couldn’t take it. You boys, you look so much like her. You remind me of her. And I..I love you both so much I just…I didn’t want to loose you and feel worse, so I tried to push myself away from you..but you guys never left. After what I did to Jungkook the other day..I knew I had to get my act together. I went to the bank and paid off our debts, so money will be tight, as usual. I went to the unemployment office and got my resume, and set up 4 job interviews. I want to change. I want to be a part of your lives. I want to be there for you. I’m sorry Taehyung, I truly am.” He says and rubs his neck with his hand sheepishly. I’m taken aback. After countless years of wondering who would take care of us, of how we’d have a figure, I never would’ve imagined this day. Before I know it I’m in his arms and he’s hugging me. I’m crying, and he sounds like he is too.

Your POV: You feel numb as you go throughout the day. People stare at you. You’re Jin’s new play toy. People whisper behind your back as you pass. Who knew the valedictorian had a thing for playboys like that. People wonder how far Jin will take you. How low your inhibitions are. How long you’ll last. You search people’s faces as you pass, hoping V will be one of them. He isn’t. As the day ends, Amari finds you.

“What happened to you?” She looks at you as if you’re a stranger to her. You and her take a walk, you explaining everything to her, soon in tears. You somehow end up in front of his old house again, before she starts to walk you home.

“No, I don’t want my family to see me this way.” You two take a detour to the ice cream parlor, treating yourselves. As you two dine, you look over Amari’s shoulder seeing him. The devil. Kim Seokjin. Sat with his trademark smirk, eating with Hoseok and min Yoongi. Before you realize it, you’re on your feet, walking towards him. You’re at his table, tears in your eyes, and Amari on her feet watching.

“Well hey sweetheart, back for more?” Jin smirks and Hoseok and Yoongi glance, seeing the look in your eyes.

“You are a monster. How could you do this to him?! Your best friend?! He would do anything for you! He would never betray you! He has a heart and feelings and dreams and passions he’s not just some sidekick for you to mess around with and rely on without giving back! I care about him Seokjin! He’s real! He’s pure! He’s everything you’re not and I think that’s what you’re scared of! I hate you Kim Seokjin! I hate you with all my heart!” You shout, tears falling. Before you realize it, your fist is on his cheek, and his head snaps back hitting the wall, he swears under his breath cupping his jaw and rubbing his head. Hoseok laughs uncomfortably, and Yoongi watches Amari. You run out the door and Amari chases you.

Tae’s POV:

The weekend passes. I spend it with Dad and Jungkook, talking about everything. Getting to know our father. Him getting to know us. We help prep him for his job interviews, and it honestly gets my mind off of everything that’s happens. This is what I’ve needed. This is what has been missing. My family. I come back on Monday, as happy as ever. I walk into homeroom and see Y/N, looking tired. Her eyes meet mine and she offers me a small smile and I cock an eyebrow and sit down with my boys. Jin doesn’t show up. I ask Hobi and Yoongi where he is, and they glance.

“Ah..he got in a fight.” Yoongi says. My eyes widen, despite what he’s done, he’s my friend.

“With who?!”

“Y/N..” Hoseok looks uncomfortable, and scratches the back of his neck.

“At the ice cream parlor Friday night, she came up to him and slugged him across the face and he hit his head. We took him into the hospital cause he wasn’t right after that. Turns out she broke his jaw, and he got a mild concussion from hitting his head on the wall. It was awesome.” Yoongi says, smiling a little and shrugging.

“Why’d they fight?” My mind swims with questions, one of them being, how hard does this chick hit?!

“Well she was shouting about how he’s a jerk to you and how you don’t deserve him and how she cares about you and he ruined it. But I’m no secretary so who am I to tell you.” Yoongi casts a glance back at Amari, who stares on, oblivious. My eyes travel to Y/N, who’s staring at her paper, obviously not paying attention. My heart starts to flutter as I study her. From her hair down, framing her face, from her tired eyes, her perfect lips..I miss her. I cried for solid hour or so about this girl on Friday, and it feels like centuries since I’ve spoken to her. Everything happened so fast. My heart was broken, I wanted nothing to do with her, she totally destroyed Jin, and now I’m back in square one, admiring her from afar. I have to fix this.

“Hey, that looks great, Virgil.” (That moment someone thinks the thing you’re ready to rip out and scrunch up looks GREAT. XD lol)

Blergh. Something quick and blech before I crash out cause I doodled something then decided I’d RUIN it trying to ink it. XD 

Gosh, my phone camera sucks. lol I’ll scan it and post it proper after sleeps.

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+ (continuation of future baby) Lance gets super excited that he was going to have a family in the future, but all the sudden Pidge shows (who wasn't there before because she was working on something) and the little boy that was from the future looks at her all excited and yells "MOMMY!" he jumps out of Lance's arms and runs to Pidge all happy. The other paladins just stand there in shock, and Lance gets really flustered. Pidge that doesn't know what's going on just stands there really confused.

Holy quiznak, it got better

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In addition to your flawless answer to the "Dean was just reacting to getting caught" anon, I'd like to add two small things: Dean's reaction wasn't startled or immediate. I mean, he got a good look at Cas before we saw the boner reaction. And no counter-arguments for that interpretation explain Sam's little smirking look to his brother:P Sam's not acting like they were discussing something secret, nor did his body language suggest that he was not wanting to get caught talking about something.

Oh gosh, you’re right. I got so caught up in all the other parallels I forgot the “proof” of the reaction in the scene itself! I mean I think that’s one of the reactions frequently included on the “Sam knows” types of posts, right?

They literally were discussing EXACTLY what Dean and Cas had been discussing before he excused himself to get cleaned up:

SAM: Unbelievable, man. I-I cannot believe it. You’re actually here.
CASTIEL: Yeah, I’ve been trying to reach out, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t at full power. So I couldn’t connect with you.
SAM: That must have been why you kept seeing him. I mean, you think?
DEAN: Yeah. Yeah, uh, I got to be honest. I-I-I’m thinking, how the hell did you make it out? I mean, I – I was there. I-I-I know that place. I know how we had to scratch and claw and kill and bleed to find that portal and make it through it, and it almost finished me. So, uh… so how exactly are you sitting here with us right now?
CASTIEL: Dean, everything you just said is completely true. And that’s the strange part. I… have no idea. I remember endlessly running and hiding from Leviathan, and then I was on the side of the road in Illinois. And… that was it.
DEAN: And that – that was it?
CASTIEL: Yes. [There is a long pause.] Oh. I’m dirty.
DEAN: Yeah, well, Purgatory will do that to you.

Dean has a lil flashback to purgatory while Cas is doing whatever in the bathroom… which ends at the moment they’re attacked by Leviathan on their way to the portal… bringing us to Sam and Dean sitting at the table, talking, agreeing that they needed to figure out who or what pulled Cas out of Purgatory. Exactly what they’d been talking about with Cas BEFORE he went into the bathroom. Nothing he was trying to hide from Cas. Pretty much the opposite. They want to investigate these things WITH Cas. So yeah, context matters here.

  • team-building before a meeting: all right, now everyone go around and say something others might not know about you!
  • me, internally: the last time I was completely, unequivocally, truly *happy* was in a dream over a decade ago. it wasn't a thing that happened; it was a state of being. I remember what it felt like, but I've never reached anything close to that feeling in waking life, and I don't think I ever will.
  • me, aloud: my favorite color is yellow
PaperHat Fusion 2 - Apart

@the-optimistic-view-on-pessimism asked for more so here’s more I guess

It’s a bit rushed and really short, but it’s a one shot so, ya know.

Part 1 I guess

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Wynonna Earp S3 Theory #1
  • On what Waverly is and why Bobo lied (and potentially falsified DNA results, who knows) and if Dolls & Jeremy are involved and BBD and lots of other stuff.
  • There's no mistaking the very obvious cinematic choices in that end sequence within Mama Earp's voice layover speech during the demon portion of when she talks about men vs. demons vs. Clootie/Balthasar and it's a (deceptively, I think) sweet shot of Dolls walking up to Wave & Jeremy with coffee.
  • Clearly, it's already been established that Black Badge did /something/ to Dolls to make him the 'demon' he is, whatever that may be.
  • There was clear point in making the connection that Bobo can bend/manipulate metal and that Jeremy has metal inside his body. Also there were so many references to the importance of metal while everyone was discussing Peacemaker, metal plates, metal bullets...
  • Metal is a theme, clearly.
  • Waverly being fire Peacemaker? Yes, it was making a point about Earpness but perhaps not entirely? More hints on the importance of metal?
  • If Bobo can bend metal, Jeremy has metal in his body and it was implied that has /something/ to do with his recruitment to Black Badge and Waverly handled Peacemaker (special kind of metal, as it would seem and it immediately afterword tried to burn her.)
  • Side-note: Why did Peacemaker try to burn Waverly if she's not a Revenant? Even if it allowed her to use it at a particular moment of duress under the orders and permission of the heir?
  • I think there's a clear line between Bobo's relationship with Waverly (and /especially/ the comment about 'Never said she's my daughter, she's my kin'), Bobo's abilities to manipulate metal, Waverly's ability to use Peacemaker in this episode under Wy's instruction even though it tried to burn her immediately afterwards as well as Jeremy's obviously important comments on the metal in his body being a factor for his BBD recruitment.
  • ALSO: I'm editing this right now, but something else just occurred to me that I'm not sure at all why I missed. Mikshun was having Waverly collect metal and it was going to try to use it to infuse /into Waverly's body/. Could it have /only/ done that in Waverly's body? Would it have attempted that in Wy's? Mikshun did make the comment when Waverly took it back, 'No /we'll/ be together forever possibly denoting that would've have been possible with Wy. Would it only have been possible because whatever Waves is has a correlation to metal? 'I'm starting to think yes.
  • Also, an idea about the comment and wording and possible meaning of 'kin': Bobo clearly cares about Waverly, he even said so straight up in this episode, but that was never really much of a surprise to me. What /was/ a surprise to me was how insanely quickly (as in barely thirty seconds) Jeremy was willing and even eager to help Waverly at the possible risk of death and definite risk of career suicide was odd. Sure, the Earp sisters are charming as all hell and everyone loves them, but /that/ was ridiculous even without Jeremy being a logical person and we all know it.
  • Also, what about Waves' reaction towards Jeremy? That might have been even weirder. Sure, she was in a tight spot, but she told him /the entire story/. She didn't even give an abridged version, she just spilled the whole thing to someone she knew /nothing/ about and asked for help no sane person had any reason to give. Waverly's smarter than that, and to be honest, so is Jeremy.
  • So what if it wasn't entirely conscious? What if Jeremy is also a part of whatever this 'kin' is that may or may not have something to do with metal weapons/abilities/affinities, etc. and he and Waves' immediate reaction to each other was instinctual (and probably subconscious) trust and familiarity? Because it seemed like it to me, and without something underlying like that, it didn't make a damn lick of sense.
  • And Bobo could sense the metal in Jeremy, right? They were talking for a pretty long time before anyone made a move, Bobo could've killed him two seconds flat. But he didn't.
  • Also kin, whatever that means?
  • If so, who is the Master of this 'kin' that Bobo was probably referring to? Balthasar, someone else?
  • Is Dolls involved? Was there some kind of plot hatched by BBD to create whatever beings Jeremy & Wave (and possibly Bobo) might naturally be and it failed?
  • Was Jeremy recruited for the use of his body and possibly his entire genetic makeup in general?
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • (Probably.)
  • Please hit me with your questions, or expansions on mine. Seriously, all the theories guys, I'd love them. Let's get Waverly Earp kinda determined in breaking this research down, somebody get some popcorn. ;)

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Hey That weird anon from question about Tumblr friend here Well... I've got a situations where I tried to keep in touch with someone from tumblr and ended up being rejected 'cause "Lmao I won't be friends with someone who's not good at drawing."... It wasn't just one situation ya know, that's why I was asking about that before... Sorry for being annoying shit

I think that person rude. Maybe that person, friend’s standards are drawing skills. I don’t think it is right to make friends on such a basis with personal thoughts. I hope that you will not be hurt by those people. 

that person missing something important. You will develop, and that person will not see it at all. Do not pay much attention to those people. There will be better people around you. I hope you have a good day :) 

a quick list of alt fcs for Moana:

so, obviously, you could use Auli’i Cravalho (Hawiian) as she voiced the role and is of similar age (16/17). but maybe you want someone older or an alt fc for whatever reason.

  • Keisha Castle-Hughes (27) - Maori
  • Courtney Eaton (21)- Maori Cook Islander
  • Dinah Jane (20)- Tongan/Samoan
  • Frankie Adams (22/23)- Samoan
  • Nicole Scherzinger (39)- Hawaiian

i’ve seen Zendaya (whose bg does not include Polynesian heritage) used as fc for moana in indie and group rpc and it’s not okay. it doesn’t matter how much you think thy look alike or if they’re just fictional characters. poc fcs are not interchangeable. there’s literally no excuse for it. google is free and a quick 10 minute search gives you a celeb’s ethnicity.

lenaluthorisagaynerd  asked:

You should write a quick one shot about Kara losing her virginity and how she was worried about hurting whoever her partner was because when she gets too excited her strength really comes out

Kara always felt a little self conscious when it came to talking about sex. Maybe it was because after she broke a couple high school boyfriend’s noses kissing she was worried that sex would only be more dangerous. Or maybe it was because up until recently, very recently, she had never had sex.

Alex eyes had widened in surprise when Kara had been the one to bring up the conversation. Kara awkwardly telling her about her first time with her boyfriend in the single bed of his dorm room. She had known that too much emotion was usually the cause of her losing control of her strength, anger, fear…excitement. So she had made sure she checked in with her body, making sure that nothing she was doing was going to cause injury. Focusing so entirely on measuring her responses she had held many back.

“The first time with anyone can be awkward, let alone your first time ever. At least now you know that you can have sex without hurting anyone?”

Kara nodded at the slight question at the end, they had made it through without an accident.

“But what if this is all it’s ever going to be?”

“It won’t. I promise.”

Alex sighed as Kara looked at her funny. “Remember when you tried hugging us when you first got to Earth and you bruised my ribs? You got better at that. You hug people all the time and don’t break any ribs.”

Kara laughed as she tried not to wince at the same time, remembering how awkward she was before she gained control of her powers was a little painful.

“And you used to break noses when you tried kissing boys. I haven’t seen a bloody nose in a long time Kara. Yet you still like kissing?”


“You will get better at this too. You just have to find new limits, when you do it will be great.”

Alex sat a moment giving Kara the opportunity to say something before she continued.

“Did you like any of it?”

Kara nodded, “It was intimate. I’ve never felt close like that with someone before.”

“Would you do it again?”

Kara tried not to blush, “I think I’d like to.”

“Then it will definitely get better.”

Alex was right of course. Kara’s relationship with that boyfriend didn’t last long, but she was already figuring out how to redirect her powers.

daiseerosee  asked:

ok, I'm confused about something, wasn't Jesus jewish? so why do christians hate jewish people? Jesus lived his life following jewish law, so shouldn't they respect the jewish people? because that's the religion Jesus was before Christiananity was even there.. sorry if I'm not making ant sense...

it’s a long and involved story but let’s start by saying Hitler definitely used the church and a long tradition of christian antisemitism to justify genocide. Not all Christians hate Jews, but many divisions of Christianity (I’m not sure if it’s most) believe in converting people. That’s an enormous difference between Christians and Jews right there–we don’t seek converts. Like if we get converts, great. But we’re not knocking on their door on shabbat asking if they want scripture–sorry, that’s really specific, but I’m still bitter about an incident last week. Anyway. 

“The most widely held explanation was that Jews had been the chosen people but broke the covenant with God and therefore bore the mark of Cain, and were condemned to spend the rest of eternity suffering on earth, a symbol of degradation and sub-humanity.” That’s a quote from wiki (I know, not a super great source, but the quote comes from a different source and it tracks with what I’ve heard/experienced) and I think it’s at least partially accurate for why christians don’t like us. 

Blood libel plays a big role–they think we use the blood of Christian children for ritual purposes, that we killed Jesus–all sorts of weird shit that isn’t based in reality. 

Messianics are a really antisemitic offshoot of Christianity–they actually claim to be Jews, and get very vicious if you tell them they aren’t. 

Christians are very possessive about Jesus, but something they don’t seem to comprehend is if he did actually come back, he’d go to a synagogue, not their church. BECAUSE. HE. WAS. JEWISH. 

anyway. Christianity has appropriated a ton of shit from us and we’re pissed about it (did you hear about them celebrating Yom Kippur???) but somehow…they’re the ones calling us evil and damned. That’s antisemitism for ya. 

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All the Robins in the league of shadows AU~ The night before Dick left and betrayed them, he woke Damian up to say a quick goodbye before assassinating one of the higher ups who abused his brothers before escaping. If the league wasn't livid about what he did, they would be proudly praising his skill.

oh heck, he probably does it with all three brothers, but saves Damian for last, and is just half-sobbing. Damian’s half-asleep but still asks what’s wrong and Dick just reiterates how much he loves and adores him and that will never change ever, so long as he lives. Damian’s confused, but Dick just coaxes him back to sleep, and right before Damian conks back out, Dick apologizes. 

He probably leaves a note or something with the dead higher up, saying like ‘this is only a warning.’ or ‘touch them again and ill take the whole league down next time.’ or the like. 

but also - the goodbye makes it so much worse? because sure Damian remembers it, but can’t relate it to the actual action of Dick leaving, so kind of convinces himself it’s a lie. But also - if Dick didn’t love him and his brothers, why would he kill the one hurting them? none of it makes sense. But he can’t let it go and it just haunts him for his whole life. So yeah, he hates Dick maybe but also his heart is so broken he doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it. Not for YEARS.