something vauge

You see- I think the problem is that I was taught certain things about relationships. Or maybe it’s just something that I’ve observed.

Compromise- meaning neither party gets their way and both are still not happy.

Trust- meaning going through someone’s phone while they are asleep and yelling at them for conversations you don’t understand rather than asking for an explanation or NOT GOING THROUGH YOUR PARTNER’S PHONE AT ALL.

Honesty- meaning sometimes but usually just saying something really vauge to save both parties from an argument.

Spending time together- meaning only seeing your friends once a month if that because both parties are so caught up in each other that they forget that isolation is super fucking unhealthy.

Love is fickle- or maybe that’s just people. I feel fickle all of the time. How am I suppose to love someone so intensely when I love everything and everyone so intensely?

You see- the problem is I think I have time. But does anyone really have time?