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My brain suggested we do something usefull today, but then i remembered that i have no brains so i did this
these two are my @thebbros  Oc’s, bakers Vinny the mouse and Poud the goat who work at V and P’s Bakery
they are both orphans, and they’ve been best friends since childhood, when they grew up they started to work the bakery since they both love baking

  • Vinny is 22 but he is very imature and irresponsible. He has the ink illness. He loves to goof around and can make a joke out of literly anything. He likes sweets but some times he doesn’t know when to stop and that gives him lots of sugar rush. He is very optimistic, likes to cheer other people up and personaly most of the times doesn’t get worked up about anything, even when he got sick he still didn’t change his attitude.
  • Poud is 27, and he is almost complete opposite of Vinnny. He takes his job very serious and responsible, but some times he worres a bit too much. He is pretty stressed most of times, but he tries to act nice to everyone. He can be patient but sometimes he can’t help it and losses his temper. He is also very eloquent which makes many girls like him.  And he loves flowers.  

Ever since Vinny got sick Poud was very stressed and scared because he loves his friend more than anything and he doesn’t wants to lose him, but Vinny believes that he might have a chance to survive and always tells Poud not to worry, but at the same time he is actually ready for his death, he just doesn’t care
idk lots of people do this crap, i just wanted to be INKluded (i am lonely)
The AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge you can check it over here

Imagine being a slave to Ivar (part 5)

Check out part I - II - III - IV
Your first journey to England. Ivar took you with him to avange the dead of his father with the great heathen army. But you are afraid, the feelings he putted there maked you that … afraid to lose him. What if he never came back? What if you never would feel his touch again?
Notes: Very tiny little smut
Words: 2004

‘Why are you taking her?’ Sigurd asked before all eyes of the brotherhood turned your way. You just sat there in the corner of that boat, silent, hoping they wouldn’t notice you. But is was typical something for Sigurd to do, taunting his brother. You just looked to the ground, ignoring all those stares towards you while you waited on an answer from Ivar.
‘Because I can take her if I want to.’ Also typical. Since he left you with that desire he really didn’t got back on you about it. He still commanded you around, treating you like a stupid slave or something, but you knew better. Everything between the two of you changed from the moment that you saved his mother. Despite the fact she died anyway he was a little thankfull, saw the potential in you to be more than just a slave. So … he took you with him to England, to avenge the dead of his father. It was your first time on a boat, the first time you got away from Kattegat and it was quite exciting. It was your task to support Ivar, to give him everything he wanted, to do everything he asked. Making him ready for battle was something else than making him ready for just another day in Kattegat. And that whole feeling, him close by, still having that longing to feel again like on the beach and the fact that this was your first real travel, it gave you a weird mix in feelings. When you looked up you saw his bleu eyes gazing back to you. You lifted the corner of your mouth a little and he replied with the same promesing grinn causing the knot in you stomach tying a little.

You stood aside his horse, checking the last of his tack before you looked down to the sand you were standing on. This was a whole different beach but it gave you the same memories, him roaming his fingers over every inch of your body. 'What are you thinking of?’ You jerked your head around and looked to Ivar who sat in his chariot, one eyebrow cocked up, amused. He knew exacly what you were thinking of but despite that, your cheeks turned red and you looked to his horse again.
'Nothing.’ You murmured.
'Y/n.’ His voice grew more demaning, forcing you to look back towards him. He had a lot of fun with the uncertain part of you, swinging your feelings forth and back like it was some kind of toy. The one moment you wanted him and the next fear for him hitted you. He gestured with his finger that you had to come to his chariot. You swallowed, petting his white horse before you walked over to the chariot, he was already leaning over the egde when you arrived. His fingers took a soft grip on your throat, forcing you to go a little closer. You took a deep breath and looked up in those disturbing bleu eyes of him. 'Your a bad liar and I hate liars, so,’ he felt silent, his lip curled a little of so you saw his teeth for a short moment.
'I’m sorry.’
'Give an honest answer now.’ He said, his fingers lingering your throat. It felt like he captured you, like he was planning on squeezing you to dead, but it had also something desirable. The mix of the danger and the wanting mixed in your stomach, left you uncertain in this moment.
'I was thinking of you and what you did with me.’ You whispered, looking down. He pushed his thumb against your chin, forcing you to look up to him again.
'Good, precisely what I wanted to hear.’ He reacted satisfied.
'Why did you bring me here Ivar?’ You asked him softly. It cracked his mood right open, pulling his hand away from your throat, getting all nonchalant again.
'Because I can and maybe I need you.’ He answered, not with much of emotion. He needed you? You opened your mouth looking at him trying to get some words out but he was faster. 'Get in.’ He nodded to his chariot, sitting straight again while he was taking his reins.
'I walk.’ You pointed to his horse.
'Get in, no arguiing.’ He hissed. Your body reacted immidiatly, jumping in his chariot before he would lose all of his patience. He turned his upper body a little. 'See, not that hard.’ He smiled. You rolled your eyes when he couldn’t see it and looked to all those slaves and soldiers who had to walk while you had the privelage to get a ride from the great Ivar the Boneless, does that meant he really cared a little about you, or what it just his way of making a statement of power, that everybody had to do his bidding.

You grew more restless every day. They were going to face king Aella, what meant he was going into battle and just like the last time he left you felt uncertain about it. What if he died this time for real? You were up way to early, it was still dark when you tried to do something usefull, like prepping his armor. 'Y/n.’ He reacted moody on the noice you maked with his armor, and you were already zo quiet.
'Sorry, didn’t wanted to wake you up.’ You appologized immidiatly, wanting to take everything outside so he could sleep a little more.
'Wait,’ he stopped you, pushing his body a little up on his elbows. In the dark you only saw his sillouet, a dark sillouet you started to recognize everywhere. 'Why are you up so early?’
'Couldn’t sleep.’ You answered, making your way out.
 'Come back.’ His command was a little softer than you expected. You stood still in the opening of the tent and looked over your shoulder his way.
'You should take some more rest Ivar.’
'Really, I have to do something to that disobedience.’ He said on a airy tone, a slight warning underneath. You nodded and walked back in, laying his armor on the ground before you walked over to him. He petted the egde of the bed and you sat down. His bleu eyes had a certain blackness now, making him more frightening than he already was. 'What is it?’ He asked again. Normally he really didn’t care about your feelings or thoughts but now it was different. He didn’t asked it because he wanted to please you, like showing that he cared despite he didn’t, this was real. You looked down to your own hands.
'I’m scared, for that battle, for,’ you fell silent.
'For?’ He asked softly, his breath sliding over your shoulder giving you a shivering.
'losing you.’ You answered. It was still, not a moment, a very long moment and when you slowly looked up he was gazing to his armor.
'It’s not my time, the gods still have great plans for me after this.’ He finally said, looking back at you. His eyes traveled over your body, you felt his eyes almost burning on every spot he looked at.'It’s nice that someone cares about me for a change.’ His whole mood changed with those words. The little concern you spotted before was gone and his eyes hold another kind of emotion, distant again.
'I always cared about you.’ You protested slowly. Maybe you didn’t realize that from the beginning but it was true, you always had cared for him, even on the moments you were the most afraid of him.
'Maybe I need to reward you for that, in case I don’t come back tomorrow.’ He suggested. You looked at him, opening your mouth to say something but his was already covering it, pulling you in that deep kiss where a supricing soft moan left you lips in reaction. If he was playing you again you would hate him for it, but as long as he was this close you really didn’t care. You willingly followed the pressure of his hands, leading you over his lap with your back aside him in the bed. Something changed in this, it was like he didn’t only wanted to prove you what he could do with you but he also enjoyed it himself. He pulled your dress from your body, his hand roaming your skin. 'By the gods, I love this body.’ He breathed against your stomach, leaving those wet kisses all over you. Your breating fastened, your body curving towards his hands, only wanting more. 'Will you miss me?’ He asked, kissing the top of your breast, forcing you to inhale a new breath.
'Is that the truth? Because if you’re lying again,’ he didn’t finished his sentece but pulled his lips and hands away from your body.
'It’s the truth, Ivar please,’ You begged. That cocky grin on his lips, because you were begging again.
'Again.’ He whispered, his lips against your throat, biting your colorbone while his fingers rubbed that place again.
'Please, I will do anything you want.’ You said between heavy breaths through.
'You already doing that but I like that promise.’ Not that you really could think about what you just said of what he just replied because you felt his fingers in you. He laid his hand over you mouth so you couldn’t moan out loud while he was briging your body to the top. The sweet sentation of the moment brought you to your climax. He removed his hand from your mouth, covering it with his lips, kissing you obesely.
'Ivar,’ you whispered in his mouth.
'Go.’ He commanded, pushing you over the egde with his fingers. You collaped, letting your body go in the sweet longing of this moment. You panted so hard that he looked down on you with a satisfiing smile.
'I will come back for you, I always will.’ He said, pressing a kiss against your colorbone, leaving a trail to your ear. 'Your turn.’ He grinned.

Seeing him take off was hard. Despite the fact this was the biggest army you ever saw in your life, you didn’t know how big the army of  the enemy would be. But you hold on to his words, that he would come back for you while you watched him take of in his chariot aside his brothers. 'Come back.’ You whispered for yourself, thinking back to the time you had with him morning, every moment he showed you a little concern, love even. That whole day you stood there, watching, hoping, loning for that army to come back. And when they did Ivar wasn’t among them, non of the brothers were. 'Where are they?’ You asked. Hardly half of the man were covered in blood, there weren’t much wounded and everybody was in a cheerfull mood. Did that meant they won?
'They are killing King Aella, I suppose.’ One said. So they won? For real? It took a least another three hours for the brothers came back. You noticed his chariot, his white horse closing by. You turned your eyes towards him, he was already looking at you when he stopped his horse aside you.
'Did you stood there all day?’ He asked, a little amused. But it wasn’t the only thing you noticed, he was happy. Happy to see you? Or happy that the king was dead? Both maybe?
'I don’t really know.’ You answered, petting his horse before you walked to the chariot. 'Are you alright?’ You asked, looking for maybe wounds, sighns of pain.
'Never felt better.’ He smiled, leaning over his chariot to you. 'Told you I would come back.’
'Sorry I doubted you.’ You replied. He pulled you closer, pushing your chin up so he could watch you from closer by.
'Missed me?’ He asked. You looked in to those bleu eyes, nodded slowly.
'Always.’ You whispered. Something in his eyes changed for a moment.
'Me to.’ He reacted, pulling you over those last inches before he kissed you, way to softly.

The end. 

@ the lost special creator

You cannot convince me that the whole thing was a “social experiment” you did for “fun”.

You cannot tell me you spent time and money on creating a website just to troll us.

I don’t believe it only took you 20 minutes a week to keep this updated because it is just impossible.

Why would somebody spend their time on this as an “experiment”?

Why would somebody pay for a website as an “experiment”?

You can’t tell me all the images you used were the first result on google images because we also looked for them and some of them are high-quality pics of the show and not to find on google.

You can’t tell me the murderous mary thing was a coincidence. If I learned something from detective shows, it is that there is NEVER a coincidence.

I don’t believe you.
You’ve lied to us this whole time, you lie once more.
I don’t believe one word of your text [X]

And if it should be true, if this is everything, you are a mad asshole that should think about using their time, money and IT skills for something more usefull.

ladycarathis  asked:

Anyone imagined a haikyuu-atla/lok AU yet? If not: think about precious Hinata being an airbender acolyte travelling with his master (who is -of course- the small giant) and meeting all of the other karasuno members, who are benders, too. imagine him meeting kageyama, who is a waterbender, for the first time and instantly picking a fight with him. 'cause how can one be so obsessed with waterbending, when obviously air is the best element? omg, I need to draw this! *scurries off to do just that*

If we go for all Karasuno members:

Daichi - Earth
Daichi doesn’t show off his bending, but uses it to help out in his village. He gets signed up for an earth bending tournament by people from his village at one point and manages to win the entire thing.

Sugawara - Air
He’s from a different temple than Hinata, and they meet when Sugawara is at the water tribe teaching Kageyama breathing techniques and air bender movements to use in his water bending. He’s very interested in the spiritual side of the Airbender ways.

Asahi - Water
He drops the water he’s bending over his head at least twice a day.

Nishinoya - Fire
Rapid movements, acrobatic stunts and FIRE, RYUU DID I MENTION THE FIRE HOW COOL IS THAT

Tanaka - Earth
On the one hand I can see Tanaka as a fire bender because of his in-your-face personality, but on the other hand there’s a solid power to him too which is why I go with Earth bending for Tanaka. He’d probably be a lava bender though.

Tanaka and Noya want to join pro-bending but they need to find a water-bending team member first (eventually they convince Asahi to join them and Asahi turns out to be a lot less clumsy with his bending when it’s competitive).

Ennoshita - Earth
Metal bender Ennoshita, definitely. He admires Daichi after his tournament and decides to not give up on his dream of becoming good enough to get far in tournaments too. 

Narita - Water
Narita regards his bending as something usefull, a tool, rather than something cool and flashy, so he uses it to help out.

Kinoshita - non-bender
He’s very interested in bending though, so he’d be involved in the bending world as a journalist, a scientist or something like that.

Kageyama - Water
While calm, Kageyama has shown a great talent in water bending, being able to bend large amounts of water at the same time and having incredible control, but as soon as his temperament flares up, he loses it completely. This is why his teacher thought it a good idea to call in airbenders to introduce Kageyama to the more spiritual side of bending, in the hopes that it’ll help him control his own emotions.

Hinata - Air
Hinata somehow managed actual flight when he was a little kid, though he definitely hasn’t mastered it yet. It just happens that, sometimes, he doesn’t need to airbend to actually fly.

Yamaguchi - Water
Yamaguchi doesn’t have a very strong control on larger amounts of water and that’s why he was bullied as a kid. He grew more confident after discovering his aptitude for healing.

Tsukishima - Fire
Tsukishima the combustion bender, or just a normal fire bender. He prides himself on his control in his bending, though it’s not as good as he wants it to be.

Kiyoko - Air
Noya and Tanaka spot her when her group of Air benders is travelling through Republic City and instantly fall in love. Kiyoko makes a sound proof wall of air around her whenever they get too loud.

Yachi - non-bender
Non-benders can fight too!
Yachi starts practicing martial arts after meeting Hinata, who tells her that her aspiring to be a martial artist is way cooler than any bender, because benders have to learn it by default, so the extra work she puts in is really cool, no need to be ashamed, let’s go tell you’re mum what you want to do!

14. JokerXReader!

Anon: Can you do one where the joker saves the reader from her abusive fiance her mother forcing her to marry for his money but shes with the joker.

So here it is, it is by far the longest fic I’ve written, since I started this blog, but just because of I couldn’t stop writing, ‘cause I enjoyed this one so much. :) I’m sorry if it’s a bit too long, but I hope you will like it. :) <3

„Mum, I won’t marry this asshole!“, you screamed at your mother for the third time now.

„Honey, listen. We haven’t much money and when this good looking, rich young man wants to marry you, than you will do it, for us“, your mother said more rigid than ever.

„If money is so important for you, then go and marry him by yourself, but I will not do it. I have a job and I can live from the money I get from it. If you need more money so bad, search for a job or anything, but don’t bother me with your bullshit, anymore, I’m fucking sick of it!“, you yelled and stormed out of your mom’s one room flat.

This woman was unbelievable, not even that she forced you to marry a guy you already wanted to break up with, because he was abusive to you several times now, no, she was trying to ruin your life again.

Your mother had never done something usefull for you, or her.

She didn’t gave a fuck about you, since you could think and now, where you could stand on your own legs she came along with some new bullshit.

She wanted you to help her out of her poverty, only because she never got her life into the right order.

„Hey (Y/N). Are you alright?“, Rick asked, as you came up into the club you were working at.

Rick was the manager of this location, when the real boss was out to run some of his other business things.

„No, can I have a drink?“, you asked with a whacked voice.

„Sure, may I ask what happened? You’re rarely that sad. Was it Tom again?“, he asked.

„No, not this time. Thank you“, you said as he gave you the drink.

„My mother, wants me to marry this idiot, because she’s incapable to live a more prudent life. It’s always up to me, to make things right and I’m sick of it. All my life I got used by her, just to save her stupid ass. I can’t take it anymore. And if Tom is calling me tonight, I will send him right back to the hell he came from“, you said.

Rick was always like a surrogate father for you, since you began to work her, even if he looked like the type of dangerous gangster, with all the gold rings on his fingers, the sunglasses he wores even when it was dark outside and the big cuban cigar between his lips.

But he was a good man, he welcomed you warm hearted and teached you not to be scared of the big boss, who was really running this club.

With his help you turned out as one of the best employees, this club had ever seen.

You were the singer, for the long nights and everyone here loved you, not only because of your beautiful voice, also because you were the happy factor in here.

You joked around with everyone, when the big boss wasn’t in the near and you got payed incredibly well for everything.

„Sounds mean, honey. If you need help, you know you can call us here, everytime“, Rick said and layed his hand onto your shoulder, trying to cheer you up a bit.

You smiled at him.

Thank you, really. I don’t know what I would do, without you or the rest of our crew.“

„Rick. Is- (Y/N), thanks god, she’s here“, Mark said.

He was Rick’s right hand.

„What’s wrong?“, you asked worried.

„We’ve got a lot to do, within the next hour. Mr J is coming over, he will look if everything is alright. Man I hate it, when he does this surprising visits“, he said and you could see the fear in his eyes.

If something wasn’t like Mr J wanted it to be, Mark would be the first one to get involved in the big trouble, ‘cause as Rick’s right hand he had to take care of the most things that must be done right here.

And after Mark there was only you.

But you always got your things right, like finding and playing the songs that would fit in this club and you also trained your girls, the background dancers to asbolute perfection, before showing any kind of new material you were working on.

Mr J was always delighted to see new performances from you, what made you a little nervous, 'cause you never knew what would happen if something went wrong, even if it wasn’t your fault.

For example what if, one of the dancers didn’t get her moves right.

Would he blame it on you, 'cause you set the standards too high?

Okay, you were going through a lot of shit these days, but don’t let this ruin your performance, you said to yourself.


„What?“, you asked.

Shit, Mark was talking while you thought about what could happen if something went wrong, tonight.

„You got any ideas for a song? You know, how he likes new shows from you.“

„Oh, yes, I got something in my mind, give me a few minutes to write the lyrics down“, you said reliable as always.

„Perfect. I know you would save my life“, he said and smiled at you.

About half an hour later you assembled all your girls around you on the little stage with the red theater curtains.

„Okay girls, you heared that Mr J is coming tonight, but that’s nothing you should be worried about, I got the lyrics for you here. And I left the dance as simple as I could for you, because we only got thirty minutes left, to bring up a really good show.“

„Forget it (Y/N). He’s already here“, Rick said.

What? No! I planned everything!

„And what now?“, one of the girls asked terrified.

You were searching for any idea you could get now, but there was only one thing that came up to your mind and it shuddered you to think about doing it.

„Stay out of this, do your work when the night begins. I will do something by myself“, you said.

„Are you sure?“, Carry asked with a gulp.

You nodded your head.

„We got no time left to do this one, so I will set up a song I’ve got on my list for a while now. I think that’s the only one I could go with.“

„Good luck“, Sarah said stricken for what you do to keep your girls save.

She hugged you, like all the others.

„You will rock it.“

„We believe in you.“

Your hands trembled as you heared the snarling voice of Joker not far from you, asking Rick and Mark what they got for him tonight.

So there were two songs you could play for this man, to keep him delighted, but which one should you play?

„Alright ladys! What does my sweet little (Y/N) got for me tonight?“, Joker shouted in the room, swinging his purple walking cane in his right hand, as he saw you standing on the stage.

Okay, he was playful, that was a good sign.

You turned around smiling at the big boss.

„It’s a surprise, Mr J. Would you like to take your usual seat, I’ll be ready in a minute“, you said.

„A surprise! I love when you’re surprising me!“, he said almost dramatic and grinned at you, before taking your face into his white gloved hands.

„You better do not disappoint me, doll“, he whispered.

„Have I ever disappointed you?“, you asked with a flirty smile.

Joker smiled again.

„That’s the reason your my favorite employee, little (Y/N). You always got the right answers“, he laughed, before turning sirious again.

„Go and show daddy what you got for him“, he said petting your cheek, before letting go off you.

„Curtains down!“, Sarah said, as you gave her the sign.

The curtains on stage were falling down in front of you, as Rick handles the microphone to you and told him which song will be played on your demo.

„You will make it, I know that“, he said smiling at you.

„Thanks, I hope so“, you whispered, before the music turned on and the curtains opened again.

A mysterious music came up from the background that everyone loved from the beginning, you could see it in their faces, they trusted you hundret procent with what you were doing.

Only Joker never showed his real emotions, you always had to wait until the end, for his final words, never knowing what goes on behind this dangerous but also sexy look.

Boy, you really got me goin’ you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing. Yeah, you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night, yeah you got me now, you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing now. Oh yeah, you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night, you really got me, you really got me, you really got me. See, don’t ever set me free, I always wanna be by your side, boy you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night. You, you really got me now …“

Rick and Mark whistled at you grinning and the girls applauded, as the music switched to another sound and the second part of your performance.

I’m looking in the fire, breathening go higher, lost in my desire … see the ways you hurt me, maybe you could feel me, hope you find someone who makes your heart shiver … cause I’m so wicked, wicked, baby I commit it, to make your life a living hell … I wish you all the drama, to make your life a living hell you need someone just like yourself, wicked, wicked I’m nasty when I’m tripping … baby I remember you and me forever, things that I did better will come around and hit you in your marvellous face … Hope you find someone who makes your heart shiver … 'Cause I’m so wicked, wicked hungry like an animal … Sad little boy! Now you’ve broken your favorite toy, bye, baby bye! No, I won’t let you burn me twice, you’re so wicked! You’re so wicked!“

The song ended and you thought you fucked up, 'cause you sang way too hard about your very soon ex- fiancé, and hopefully Joker did not took that too sirious about him, 'cause he was wicked as well …

Everyone was quiet, you could see in every facial expression that hey were keen about your two songs, but if Joker hated your performance, no support from all the others would help you out here.

You looked at the clown in his tux, still sitting there, hands on top of his walking cane, starring holes into your (e/c) eyes, with his cold blue one’s.

Shit, he hated it, you thought before he stood up from his place, not breaking eye contact, he walked towards you and with every step he took, he clapped into his hands.

So, he liked it?

„(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N). You’re killing me“, he said as he stood in front of you, so close that you were afraid he could probably hear your heart beating right now.

You never realised how beautiful his eyes were.

„Should I laugh, cry or better be scared about this statement? Or maybe everything mixed up together?“, you asked smiling.

For a second it seemed like everyone in the room was holding their breath about your assertion, but Joker just looked at you and bursts into his typical maniac laugher.

„Rick, be so kind and offer us a drink, this girl is my guest tonight“, Joker said taking your face between his gloved hands again.

„You know why I came here tonight?“, he whispered, his lips nearly touching yours, while speaking.

A shiver ran down your spine.

He was so hypnotic, so fascinating.

„I came for you, 'cause you’re the one that never disappoints me in this little circle full of idiots. You’re the light that shines here, just for me and I’m more than just delighted, to have you working for me, doll.“

„Smile for me“, he said with a husky voice and pulled your cheeks up a little with his thumbs.

You smiled at him and so does he, what made you see his glistening silver teeth.

It was strange, a few weeks ago you would’ve been scared as hell, if Joker touched you like that back then, but now you were just hypnotized by this man, and you couldn’t help but wanted more of how he touched and talked to you.

The rest of the night Joker didn’t wanted you to be on stage with your girls, he wanted you by his side, drinking some good stuff and listening to the music.

„You ever tasted one of those?“, he asked near by your ear.

It was late now, on a normal working day, you were already home, laying in bed, ready for the next day but this time, everything was different, it seems that Joker didn’t wanted to let you go anymore.

You sat in his lap, after he pulled you on top of him and holding one of Rick’s cuban cigars in front of your nose.

„No“, you said.

„Take a deep breath, baby“, he murmered as he offered you the first drag.

You took it, feeling slightly aroused by the way Joker talked to you.

You coughed a little, after tasting it, you never smoked, it was strange. feeling the smoke in your lungs.

„No, no, no … you have to feel it, see“, Joker said with a sexy low, but still calm voice.

He took the next drag, blowing smoke in the air and smiling at you, as he puts the cigar between your lips again, holding your waist, while you sat in his lap.

„Inhale, slowly …“, he whispered at your ear.

You closed your eyes and you weren’t sure, if it was the cigar smoke or Joker talking to you, what made you feel like you could fly.

„Yes, yes good …“, he said putting the cigar out of your mouth after you breathed out the smoke.

„So beautiful“, he smiled, laying his hand at your cheek, you looked at him in those crazy blue eyes and suddenly you felt warm lips pressing against yours, don’t even waiting for you to let his tongue pass your mouth.

He was rough kissing you, but you loved it, for the very first time in your life, you really felt free.

Free from all your problems, with your mother, free from everything what your fiancé did to you and the still outstanding break up.

There were just you and Mr J, for now.

But the night ended faster than you wanted and at your way back home, thousands of thoughts were hunting your mind.

What was this all about?

You knew Joker loved playing mind games and making people week, or just enjoying the fun with a girl, but as you were about to drive home, he seemed like he wouldn’t let you leave.

You saw his facial expression before your inner eye again, as you said you had to go now.

That wasn’t the playful sinister clown everyone was afraid of.

But what now?

You had a lot of problems, which had to be resolved first, before you could deal with the things Joker does to you.


You turned on the lights in your apartment in shock, as you heared the voice of Tom growling at you.

„What are you doing here? Get out off my apartment, now!“, you said and let the door open, for you to just ran away, if he gets abusive in front of you again.

„What I am doing here? Your mother told me, you won’t marry me“, he said stepping towards you.

„That’s right. I break up with you. And now leave, and never ever come back to me again“, you said with a raised voice.


Tom slapped you in the face, so hard that your cheek felt like it would burn away.

„GET OUT NOW!“, you screamed with teary eyes.

„You won’t leave me, not me, (Y/N)“, he hissed and slapped you once again.

You fell to the ground and tried to kick this asshole in his crotch to escape, but he grabbed your leg and plonked the door in front of your nose, before dragging you in your bed room, right at your ankle.

„Let me go! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!“, you yelled.

„If you wish so, darling“, he said and slammed you onto the bed.

„I hate you! FUCK OFF!“

„You’re so mean, princess. Maybe I should show you some love“, Tom said and ripped your black dress away from your body.

„NO! LET ME GO!“, you screamed again, trying to push him away, so you could flee, but no chance, he was too strong, and way taller than you.

„Shhh. I know you want it. I know you still want me …“, he said touching you all over again, before he came on top of you, while opening his pants.

„Get off me … please, get off …“, you whispered, as he tugged your panties down and starts to penetrate your inner walls.


You woke up in blood and tears the next evening.

Tom was gone, probably on the run now, so the police couldn’t blame a rich and succesful young business man, who always does the right things, for just raping his ex fiancée.

As you looked into the mirror your arms and neck were filled with bruises and your eyes were red from all the crying.

Your voice was weak and scratchy after screaming nearly the rest of the last night.

„(Y/N), hey, what about your-“

„Holy shit, what happened to you, girl?“, Mark asked in shock, as he saw you this evening, coming to work.

„Nothing just … forget it“, you whispered, your voice still scratchy.

You wouldn’t even be able to sing.

„(Y/N), was that Tom?“, Mark asked more than just worried.

„Don’t ever mention his name again“, you hissed at him.

„Listen, if you’re not able to sing today, it’s okay, we will find a way to tell Joker, it’s not a big problem …“

Mr J, shit, if he will see you like this …

„Who did this?“

Everyone in the room became quiet, after those words and you closed your eyes, wishing for you to be somewhere else right now.

Joker pushed Mark out of his way with his walking cane and looked in rage at all the bruises on your body, as he stood in front of you.

„Who did this to you?“, he growled.

„Tell me, now.“

„His name is Tom O'Connell, he’s my ex“, you whispered.

„Find that fucker, and don’t come back, until you got him“, Joker said pointing at three of his biggest henchman.

The men nodded their heads and walked out of the door.

Joker took your face into his hands, like yesterday, it felt good and comforting at the moment.

Wasn’t it strange how a psychopath like him could be more caring than the man you were with since two years, after the last night.

„He won’t be able to hurt you again, after I’m done with him“, he said kissing you softly.

„Don’t cry now, doll. He will pay for everything he did to you.“

An hour later Jokers men actually got Tom.

He looked a little damaged, it seemed like Tom fought back, before they catched him.

„(Y/N)? You wanna make love with me again?“, he asked smirking, after he recognised you.

He must think that you dedicated Jokers men to fight him.

You wanted to scream fuck you, but before you could do it, Tom’s smirk got frozen onto his face, as he saw Joker coming up to him.

„What sick game, are you playing here, (Y/N)?“, he asked.

And now you could hear the fear in his voice.

„You“, Joker pointed his cane at his nose.

His voice was more dangerous and sinister than ever.

„You are the little bastard who did this, to my girl“, he said.

Before Tom could answer, Joker slammed his walking cane into Tom’s face and his stomache.

„Do you find that funny?“, Joker growled and pointed at your injuries.

„N-no, I- AHHH!“, Tom screamed as Joker pulled his gun out of his jacket and shot him into his crotch.

„You wanna know what really is funny?“, he asked and puts his tattoed grinning hand onto Tom’s mouth.

„Seeing you die, after torturing you“, J answered.

„Oh, I can’t wait to show you my toys. Bring him into my back office.“

A big goon throws Tom above his shoulders walking with him into J’s office.

„Don’t worry, doll. You’re with me now, no one will ever lay a hand on you again“, J said holding you into his arms.


(Those are the songs (Y/N) is singing in this fic: I love them so much and I thought they would fit really good into this. :)

The Clerk and the Boss

@galaxycat1903 here we go with your request ! I hope you enjoy it !

4. What? Are you jealous or something?

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  In this world, when you’re a girl, there are a lot of disadvantages : period, inferior salary, car insurance, idiot whistling you in the street… So to be honest, when there some advanges, I like to use theme. Gallantry, for exemple, was great. But my favorite was the fact that in winter, when everyone was in black and white and gloomy as hell in the rain, I would dress with colorful flying on the wind dress, and smiling widely to my coffee seller, of any people helping me with something. The guy who sells newspaper, the gatekeepers, etc. And they would be complimenting me and be super nice to me.

 This was giving me the feeling that I was doing something usefull in my life : making smile people on cold rainy day.

 Today it was pouring as hell outside, and I choose a yound green and yellow dress – the colors of spring – with a coffee brown strench and a pink umbrella, and headed out for my work. I was working at Lex Corp as a clerk, and even if that sounds boring, I loved helping people to organize their works, their papers, to clean up the archives, and all that sort of thing. People would always tell me that I was a beam of sunshine and that they would be lost without me.

 It was very important to me, because this work was everything I had. I took the bus and said Hi to the driver, and we talked a little about the weather, baseball, and his great-daughter, then I stepped out at the end of the street where was the compagny. Pink umbrella in head, I walked happily until the building and chatted a little with Gary, the Gatekeeper, who told me the last gossip he heard off.

 Finaly, I got to my desk, and started working while chatting with every people passing by. To some point, I was asked to prepared the route of Mr Luthor around the states – for a campaign – and started to look for hotels, restaurant, airport and all those details that no one had the time to think about – like some gift to the local power, the coffee shop on the way etc.

 I took a break to the cafeteria downstair, I took a cup of coffee that I started to drink in a place where I could look at the basket ball field. Not long after I got installed, someone sat beside me.

“Hello Mr Luthor” I said to the red hair man.

“Hi, Y/N. Nice day?”

 There was something fun in the fact that the clerk and the boss would take their break at the same time, in the same place, but even if I was drinking coffee next to her employer, I never felt pressured in any way. Mr Lex Luthor was someone you could feel at ease around, probably thanks to his smile and manners. Even in a suit, he never looked like he was in one, and at the office he was always in jeans and funny T-shirt.

“Very nice indeed, I love rainy days, they clean the air. What about yours?”

“Could’ve bee w-”

“Hey Y/N !” One of the basket player of the moment shouted, cutting him in mid sentence. “Nice dress, I almost thought that sping was back!”

 I smiled akwardly, feeling bad that Mr Luthor was interupt just for that, and said :

“Well that’s the whole point of it you know!”

‘Oy Dan, stop flirting with our Y/N ! She’s everyone’s sunshine, can’t let you take her for yourself!” Laughed another worker.

 They started to joke, but my akward feeling didn’t leave, and I turned to see my coffee budy staring intently at Dan with a very annoyed look, with his business smile. That was kind of a scarys sight, and I tried to kojed it off:

“What? Are you jealous or something? Caus you should'nt ! Last time I heard of it Dan was seriously thinking about proposing to his girlfriends and-”

“How come that everyone in this buildings loves you, Y/N?” He abrutly asked with a strange look.


 He started to tap his ginger in tythme on his cup of coffee, while looking in intense reflection, and I found myself at loss of words.

“Hum… I don’t think everybody loves me… It’s just that… well I have a good memory, and always remember what they told me so I ask some news about this or that when I see them?”


“Why?… Because people like when you pay them attention, and uh…”

“No, why are you trying this hard to tlak to them?” He said, a little annoyed.

 I fall silent for a while with a bitter smile, looking at my coffee remebering bad memories.

“Because I want people to see me. To notice me. To realize that I exist.” I whispered those last words.

 For a while, there was no sounds but the slipping and shouting of the guys playing basket, and I could help but remember my mother. The way she would forgot about me for days, going out and leaving me alone. Or when she was here but too drunk to notice her only daughter, always searching for the love of perfect stranger, when she already had her daughter who loved her with all her being. Well, she died three years ago, and even if she never gave me any kind of attention, I still loved her, and cried like crazy. Quite the fool right ?

“Lex.” He suddenly said, breaking the silence. “Just call me Lex okay. Mr Luthor was my father, I’m Lex.”

“Oh. Okay then. Lex.”

“And I noticed you.”


 Suddenly, his usual cocky smile was back and he gave me a playfull look.

“Why do you think I always take my break in the same time you take yours? Really, there are no such coincidence in true life.”

 I looked at him with wide eyes and he laughed.

“So why don’t you just settle for just my attention and gave up on the other’s, hm?”

 I looked at him dumbfounded, and he rose an eyebrow, and I blushed like hell.

“Hum… euh…. I….”

“That’s settle then!” He clapped in his hand and stood up. “Diner tonight at eight.  I’ll pick you with a car. Don’t be late!”

 And with a content face he left.

 Wait. What ?!

Danske ordsprog

Some of the most normal and funniest proverbs and phrases in the danish language

Sorry If not all of them is from Denmark. Also, feel free to correct me if Im wrong.

Hvor intet vover, intet vinder

‘Nothing dared, nothing gained’

Sometimes you have to take a chance, otherwise you won’t ever gain something.

Man skal smede, mens jernet er varmt

‘You have to wrought the iron, while its still hot’

When the moment is there, anything can be accomplished, do not hesitate.

Fej for din egen dør, før du fejer for andres

‘Sweep your own doorstep, before you sweep others’

Be sure you are flawless before you point out the faults of others.

Kært barn har mange navne

‘Beloved child, goes under many names’

If something is well-liked, there will be a lot of versions of it.

Nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde

‘Distress teaches naked woman to spin’

One’s ability to find solutions are increased if you are in a problematic situation.

Man kan ikke både blæse og have mel i munde

‘You can’t blow and have flour in your mouth at the same time’

You can’t always have it all. Sometimes you have to choose.

Den, der ler sidst ler bedst

‘He who laughs last, laughs best’

People are often quick to make false claims / solutions, but they will be revealed in time so that the person who comes with real claims / solutions win.

Der er ikke rust på et nyttigt redskab

‘There is no rust on a useful tool’

If something is usefull, it will be used and not fade away.

For mange kokke fordærver maden

‘Too many cooks, spoil the food’

When a group of people can’t agree on solution.

Når katten er ude, danser musene på bordet

‘When the cat is away, the mice dance on the table’

When authority is gone, expelled rashness.

Utak er verdens løn

‘Ingratitude is the world’s salary’

You can not always expect gratitude for your efforts.

Tomme tønder buldrer mest

‘Empty barrels make most noise’

The ignorant talk, just to get heard.

Man skal ikke kaste med sten, når man selv bor i glashus

‘One should not throw stones, if one lives in glass house’

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Part one / Part two

The Shonda Academy, school for writing, fangirling, and feels


I’m not even gonna say something usefull in this authorsnote, because this story… It needs to be read. Just. Read.

The aspirant-students of the Shonda Academy felt scared, by hearing the loud voice of Miss. @glances-and-stares , the key keeper and superintendent of the school, but they also felt really excited.
For each and every single one of them, their adventure had started with a simple letter, written by @cicinicole-14 , head of the satanhouse.

The Shonda academy, school for writing, fangirling, and feels

Headmistress @magicalpostface , professional fangirl first class, born as queen of the Omeliafandom on tumblr.

Dear Miss\Mr. (fill in name)

It is a pleasure for me to inform you that you have been accepted into “The Shonda Academy, school for writing, fangirling, and feels.“
The first term starts on August 1. We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


From all the Grey’s Anatomy fams in the world, they had been the chosen ones, to attend to one of the most succesfull academies of all.
They felt blessed, and most of all… Excited.
“TIME TO GO!” @glances-and-stares yelled. “Up to the castle!”
Without any movement from the tiny boats their passengers, the boats started to move, into the direction of the castle, one of the most famous buildings in Shondaland, the land far behind the borders of television.
“I’m going to be sorted into the house of smut, that is for sure! They are the true elite.”
Each boat had four passengers, and in one of those boats, there were four girls. One of then was @greysukay , someone who was selected because of her love for smutty stories.
“The house of smut? Really? If there is one house that belongs to the elite, it is the house of satans. Angst is Shonda her speciality.“
The girl who was sitting next to @greysukay , was @monicaaaaatje, a fanficwriter as well. She was selected for her sadistic way of writing, and she didn’t make it a secret that she was a fan of @cicinicole-14, teacher of angsty story writing.
“Can the two of you just shut up for a moment?”
Behind @monicaaaaatje and @greysukay sat @thefemaleshepherd, a fic writer and vidder. The conversation of the two fic writers annoyed her to death, just like the girl who was sitting next to her, @omelia-scorsone. The only thing they wanted, was to enjoy the view.
“Where do you think you will be sorted?” @omelia-scorsone asked @thefemaleshepherd.
“No idea,” the girl replied. “At least, I don’t want to be in the house of smut. That isn’t my thing.”
“Yeah, mine neither.”
“Who would the others be?” @omelia-scorsone asked. @thefemaleshepherd shook her shoulders.
“No idea. I was stuck with @monicaaaaatje in the train, but that was it. I have no idea about who else got selected for the new year.“
“I hope I’m with you, though,” @omelia-scorsone smiled “Then at least I know someone.”
The two girls smiled to each other, while in front of them, @greysukay and @monicaaaaatje gasped, by seeing the beautiful view of the castle.
The castle was indeed beautiful. It had the highest towers they had ever seen, and on one of them, there were a lot of TV-satellites.
@omelia-scorsone saw that the castle drowned in the light of the stars, and she knew she was going to like it here. She was going to like it for sure.

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You’re gonna miss me when i’m gone.

A/n: I wanted to try to write something sad, try something new :D

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TW: Death, blood, cursing.

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“Are you spying on me Dixon?” I say as i turn around, Bright smile on my face.

Daryl is leaning with his shoulder against a tree.

“Ya don’t think i would leave my girl go out alone in the forrest.” He comes closer to me and drapes his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I look up into his blue orbs he looks back into my (y/e/c) ones.

“Awh were you already missing me?” I put my arms around his neck.

“Nahh, i just don’t trust ya out here.” He teases me

I let out a small laugh, and pull him in for a kiss.

The kiss is soft but loving, a side Daryl hardly shows.

A sound of rustling leaves makes us pull apart, i turn around and see that its a walker making its way up to us.

It’s jaw is gone and skin is hanging loose, it suprises me that it can still walk.

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ghost!Jehan following Montparnasse at night (never in daylight) and commenting on the people he kills/he robs.

“You know, he bought that hat yesterday, you could have waited.”

“Do you really need to make them bleed that much?”

“Are you going to buy something usefull with those money or are you going to waste them  in another waist coat?”

And Montparnasse is all like “I don’t need a ghost to act like my coscience, go away Jehan.”

And it’s all fun, they have a good time together; until Jehan doesn’t show up and Montparnasse realize he never will again and fuck that’s fucking unfair, especially because when he’ll die he’ll never get in the same place where Jehan is.

Cherry Bomb In A Soda Can (just waiting to explode)-AU-

If he had to look at one more cup of coffee he was going to ram his head into a wall, yes, he liked coffee, but being at Starbucks for three hours waiting on someone who APPARENTLY was never going to show up was NOT made up for by his liking coffee, even worse, he had almost forgotten that he needed to get party decorations for his sister on the way home, far off from any party store however, he strolled into a strange looking little store with colorfull plants and orbs lining the windows, maybe they’d have something usefull to him in there… he certainly hoped so…

During last semester I really got into art history but sadly, in class we didn’t cover any of the old masters. I decided to look some of them up on my own and then realised that I could learn a lot from their paintings, especially when it comes to colour. Therefore I decided to make some studies.

Usually, my attempts at trying to learn something new don’t go that well… I get discouraged after only few failed drawings or I’m too indecisive as what to do next. This time, I decided to simply prepare some sheets with old paintings and blank boxes on them, so I’d just have to open the file and get to work on the next piece in line. I’m trying to do one every day (which is not always working out as planned, haha), but I’m surprised that I managed to make six of them already!

I’m trying to guess the colors (no colour picking involved) and I believe the effort is paying off at least a little. I’m starting to think of colour in a very different way. For now I’m still not very good at this. Those tiny pictures take far too long and painting them tires me out immensely… But I’ve decided that I need to start somewhere and I can’t be discouraged by not getting an instant payoff. I’m just hoping that with time, I’m going to learn something usefull!