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The Clerk and the Boss

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4. What? Are you jealous or something?

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  In this world, when you’re a girl, there are a lot of disadvantages : period, inferior salary, car insurance, idiot whistling you in the street… So to be honest, when there some advanges, I like to use theme. Gallantry, for exemple, was great. But my favorite was the fact that in winter, when everyone was in black and white and gloomy as hell in the rain, I would dress with colorful flying on the wind dress, and smiling widely to my coffee seller, of any people helping me with something. The guy who sells newspaper, the gatekeepers, etc. And they would be complimenting me and be super nice to me.

 This was giving me the feeling that I was doing something usefull in my life : making smile people on cold rainy day.

 Today it was pouring as hell outside, and I choose a yound green and yellow dress – the colors of spring – with a coffee brown strench and a pink umbrella, and headed out for my work. I was working at Lex Corp as a clerk, and even if that sounds boring, I loved helping people to organize their works, their papers, to clean up the archives, and all that sort of thing. People would always tell me that I was a beam of sunshine and that they would be lost without me.

 It was very important to me, because this work was everything I had. I took the bus and said Hi to the driver, and we talked a little about the weather, baseball, and his great-daughter, then I stepped out at the end of the street where was the compagny. Pink umbrella in head, I walked happily until the building and chatted a little with Gary, the Gatekeeper, who told me the last gossip he heard off.

 Finaly, I got to my desk, and started working while chatting with every people passing by. To some point, I was asked to prepared the route of Mr Luthor around the states – for a campaign – and started to look for hotels, restaurant, airport and all those details that no one had the time to think about – like some gift to the local power, the coffee shop on the way etc.

 I took a break to the cafeteria downstair, I took a cup of coffee that I started to drink in a place where I could look at the basket ball field. Not long after I got installed, someone sat beside me.

“Hello Mr Luthor” I said to the red hair man.

“Hi, Y/N. Nice day?”

 There was something fun in the fact that the clerk and the boss would take their break at the same time, in the same place, but even if I was drinking coffee next to her employer, I never felt pressured in any way. Mr Lex Luthor was someone you could feel at ease around, probably thanks to his smile and manners. Even in a suit, he never looked like he was in one, and at the office he was always in jeans and funny T-shirt.

“Very nice indeed, I love rainy days, they clean the air. What about yours?”

“Could’ve bee w-”

“Hey Y/N !” One of the basket player of the moment shouted, cutting him in mid sentence. “Nice dress, I almost thought that sping was back!”

 I smiled akwardly, feeling bad that Mr Luthor was interupt just for that, and said :

“Well that’s the whole point of it you know!”

‘Oy Dan, stop flirting with our Y/N ! She’s everyone’s sunshine, can’t let you take her for yourself!” Laughed another worker.

 They started to joke, but my akward feeling didn’t leave, and I turned to see my coffee budy staring intently at Dan with a very annoyed look, with his business smile. That was kind of a scarys sight, and I tried to kojed it off:

“What? Are you jealous or something? Caus you should'nt ! Last time I heard of it Dan was seriously thinking about proposing to his girlfriends and-”

“How come that everyone in this buildings loves you, Y/N?” He abrutly asked with a strange look.


 He started to tap his ginger in tythme on his cup of coffee, while looking in intense reflection, and I found myself at loss of words.

“Hum… I don’t think everybody loves me… It’s just that… well I have a good memory, and always remember what they told me so I ask some news about this or that when I see them?”


“Why?… Because people like when you pay them attention, and uh…”

“No, why are you trying this hard to tlak to them?” He said, a little annoyed.

 I fall silent for a while with a bitter smile, looking at my coffee remebering bad memories.

“Because I want people to see me. To notice me. To realize that I exist.” I whispered those last words.

 For a while, there was no sounds but the slipping and shouting of the guys playing basket, and I could help but remember my mother. The way she would forgot about me for days, going out and leaving me alone. Or when she was here but too drunk to notice her only daughter, always searching for the love of perfect stranger, when she already had her daughter who loved her with all her being. Well, she died three years ago, and even if she never gave me any kind of attention, I still loved her, and cried like crazy. Quite the fool right ?

“Lex.” He suddenly said, breaking the silence. “Just call me Lex okay. Mr Luthor was my father, I’m Lex.”

“Oh. Okay then. Lex.”

“And I noticed you.”


 Suddenly, his usual cocky smile was back and he gave me a playfull look.

“Why do you think I always take my break in the same time you take yours? Really, there are no such coincidence in true life.”

 I looked at him with wide eyes and he laughed.

“So why don’t you just settle for just my attention and gave up on the other’s, hm?”

 I looked at him dumbfounded, and he rose an eyebrow, and I blushed like hell.

“Hum… euh…. I….”

“That’s settle then!” He clapped in his hand and stood up. “Diner tonight at eight.  I’ll pick you with a car. Don’t be late!”

 And with a content face he left.

 Wait. What ?!

Can me someone,please,explain what the point of phrase “I don’t like face,you draw for him/her.It’s not canonical,I don’t recognize them,you need to better know fandom to draw fanart,gurl,It’s shit okay bye.”
What the hell?
If you don’t recognize character’s face,or if you don’t like my style,or how I see characters at all,why?
What do you want,man?A cookie? Or being 2 cool 4 me?Or bullet in your head,because you can’t be constructive and tell what “oh i don’t like it,i like how draws it that guy and..” Look,I don’t care what you like,if you can’t help me with it or just tell something really usefull to improme something in art,I guess it’s time to say goodbye,son.

P.S: Sorry for this rude and fury post,guys,just want to destroy everything and everyone now.I’ll hope you understand.Thanks.