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Wizarding Tattoo Parlors.

I know it has been talked about before but I want to talk about wizarding tattoos and piercing again. Here’s just a couple ideas.

  • A tongue ring that you wear to ward off minor hexes and jinxes.
  • A Tattoo of a tree where the leaves change depending on the season.
  • A pair of matching tattoos of a piece of parchment that can be wrote on to send messages.
  • You see this dagger I have tattooed on my calf? It comes off into my hand as a real weapon when I’m in danger.
  • A little dragon that flies around your left forearm. 
  • A pin-up witch that winks and waves at you. 
  • A tattoo that starts off as a rune but once you fall asleep and wake up in changes into something that is similar to your patronus, something that symbolizes who you are.
  • A tattoo on somebodies wrist that warms up and changes color when they need to take their medications.
  • Ear piercings that translate everything around you into your native language. 
  • Lip piercing that do the same, except when you speak you speak the language of whoever you’re speaking to.
  • A small bird tattoo behind your ear that chirps and whistles to you when you’re anxious.
  •  A tattoo of your child that ages with them.
  • A tattoo for those that are hard of hearing or deaf and are unable to read lips at that moment that displays the words of the person speaking to them on their hand.
  • A nose ring that is charmed that long as you are wearing it you will never lose your keys.
  • A flower scene where some flowers only will bloom at certain times.
  • little nocturnal animal tattoos like raccoons that only show up on your skin after dark.
  • a tattoo of digital numbers on your wrist that tell the time.

Magical tattoos and piercings!!!

I wanna draw something warm and fluffy this Christmas so here you go /// u \\ Merry Christmas everyone!

[This contain spoiler of the 707 X-mas DLC read it at your own risk]

Love that alien guy who will take all those risks just to see you ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Base on the last chatroom in his xmas route. (tho i know he drove the car there but running is much cuter lol)

Benefits to your rising sign

Aries: You look powerful and sexy, with an edge of passion and intimidation. No one will want to mess with you, but they won’t be able to keep their eyes off you.

Taurus: You have a serene, intoxicating beauty about you, but you’re good at slipping into the shadows. It’s easy for you to evade people and situations. 

Gemini: There’s a fox-like quality to you that is absolutely irresistible; you are effortlessly charming and good at getting secrets out of people.

Cancer: You have an almost unearthly beauty to you. Even on your worst days, there is something angelic about you.

Leo: You are warm and personable but exciting; it’s not a safe beauty, it’s an electric one. You are easy to talk to but hard to befriend, which is sexy.

Virgo: You come off as intelligent but mysterious, and people are drawn to that. You make someone want to know more about you.

Libra: You are effortlessly elegant and charming; your laugh is like a bubbling spring, it’s irresistible. You are friendly but intoxicating.

Scorpio: You command attention, you are fierce and darkly beautiful. There is an undeniable power to you that is both daunting and alluring.

Sagittarius: You are an intriguing blend of philosophical and free-spirited. You have the most stunning smile. You draw people in like a moth to light!

Capricorn: You appear serious and intelligent, but your humor is to die for. You are intense and seductive, you are captivating.

Aquarius: Your eyes are wide and intelligent, your smile is bewitching. You have a bewitching, quirky aura. You’re individualistic but approachable. 

Pisces: You appear artistic and charming. You are unpredictable, you change like the tide; you intrigue and capture many hearts because you are so multi-faceted!

things i’ve learned to do when things don’t feel right:

  1. watch something that makes you feel good, not sad!
  2. warm tea, cozy sweater.
  3. FOOD! specially really buttery and full of flavor foods. i’m not saying eat your feelings or even over eat but give yourself the ability to eat and just focus on the different tastes, savior every bite. (my grandpa taught me this, it works.)
  4. showers and baths, to make you feel refreshed and clean.
  5. cleaning up and making your head feel clearer.
  6. crying is very good and it helps you release emotion, after you cry your brain will try to release endorphins making you feel relieved and no longer upset, you just have to accept it.
  7. lush facial masks (or any facial mask).
  8. remind your brain to practice self control, turn off your phone.
  9. books! Barnes and Nobles! go be surrounded by a maze of stories and different people finding comfort or just read and relax at home!
  10. nice aromas are comforting to the brain, light a candle!
  11. if you’re not wearing socks put some on.
  12. draw! paint! write! find comfort in the arts and put your feelings on paper!
  13. hug someone, spend time with someone, vent.
  14. pet your pets, spend time with them, vent to them.
  15. go to a park and sit there, not thinking about bad things but try to be aware of your surroundings.
  16. find nice blogs and look at pretty pictures!
  17. find good new music, listen to a new band. research stuff that interest you!

At the end of Ep 7. I cried my eyes out. I can’t remember the last time a show ever made me actually bawl like a baby because I was so happy.

It’s been a long time since a show made me feel this happy, eager and excited every week. Sure I get enjoyment from other series, but it’s rare to find a show like this for me. One that doesn’t only just visually inspire, but emotionally inspire as well. Something that fills that void with warm feelings and gives you the urge to sing and dance alone in your room. I’ve been waiting for a show like this for so long. Thank you YOI for being a beacon of warmth for trying times. 

ARIES, keep it together, and keep it clean. i know you can.
TAURUS,  i can see you eyeing the stars, so what are you waiting for? fear will only win if you wait. 
GEMINI,  you’re holding a dozen roses, so enjoy it while it lasts. change doesn’t happen overnight, but i admire your effort.
CANCER , i had a dream your wish came true, have faith in something. i love you to a limitless degree.
LEO, stay warm this winter and keep on growing. the soil will never be cold enough to stop you.
VIRGO, believe in yourself. we all do.
LIBRA, i’m glad you’ve made it so far.  it’ll only get it better from here.
SCORPIO, work hard but make sure to have some time for yourself. you are a gold champagne feeling, my definition of content.
SAGITTARIUS, dare to be yourself even when it’d be easier to hide. you are something to watch for.
CAPRICORN, square one isn’t a failure, but rather a chance. don’t waste it.
AQUARIUS, you’ll be the first person to breathe underwater if you get through this. hold on.
PISCES,  continue the drive, this highway doesn’t end for miles.  i’ll always be in the passenger seat, whenever you need me.

Percy Weasley


Title:Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

“Alright, so we know that getting outta here is not going to be that easy. Or as easy as the first time.” Dean grumbled as he shut the car’s door close.

“So it seems- uh thank you Clint!” Sam gave the driver a smile but he only frowned at him.

“Uh Clif? You know what guys? Just stay off drinking for a little while yeah? And Jensen, why don’t you tell your wife to make you like a warm tea or something? Your voice is starting to turn into Dean’s and it’s kinda creepy.” Clif gave Dean a tight smile.

Dean frowned, feeling a little offended for a moment but just as he was about to speak Sam did for him “Uh yeah sure thing, thanks for the drive Clif.” he gave him a tight smile and the man nodded his head.

“Of course. Goodnight guys.” he waved at them and Sam waved back.

“What the hell’s wrong with my voice?” Dean exclaimed, his voice raising an octave and Sam only rolled his eyes “My voice is absolutely fine! It’s that freaking Jensen’s voice that must be weird! Just like his name.” he scoffed, making a face and rolling his eyes.

“Yeah right, sure. Let’s go inside now before it starts raining on us.” Sam huffed a laugh, stuffing his hands in his jacket.

“Yeah right, well smart call to come here Padaleski.” Dean said with a smirk and Sam frowned.

“Uh Lecki. I’m pretty sure it’s Lecki.”

“Yeah whatever Polish boy. As long as I won’t have to watch you and fake-Ruby stuff faces.” Dean made a disgusted face and Sam huffed, giving him a bitch-face.

“I mean hey Sammy, what do ya think (Y/n/n) would think about it?” Dean gave him a side look and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Nothing because she knows very well how I feel about her. I love her and only her. Besides, this place, those guys it’s not us ok? So no there shouldn’t even be a need to worry.”

“Sure.” Dean nodded his head, fetching the keys he had stolen earlier from Jensen’s trailer but still avoided eye contact with his brother “Just save me the cheesy details man, I liked my burger a couple hours ago.” he laughed him off but Sam just sighed.

“Yeah well, it is not going to be my favorite thing to see you stuff your face with whoever your wife is.” Sam said in a teasing tone and Dean chuckled, a triumphant grin on his face when he managed to find the right key.

“You think she’s gonna be hot?” he asked Sam with a smirk and the younger Winchester shrugged.

“Well, if this Jensen guy is anything like you then- I guess.” he shrugged and Dean scoffed.

“I doubt it. Did you see that dude’s car? I mean come on now!” he exclaimed a little too loudly, his voice echoing inside the house.

“Hm well, you’ve got a pretty nice house that is for sure. Looks really home-y.” Sam commented as they both took a look around.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Dean almost whispered and Sam merely nodded his head as he took in the sight.

“It’s ike-” he breathed out a laugh “It’s like they let (Y/n) decorate it or something. She’s told me so many times about how she’s imagined her house and it’s- pretty much like this.” Sam motioned around him.

“Of course she would.” Dean breathed out a chuckle, a fond smile on his face. One that as soon as he noticed matched that of his brother’s he wiped off.

“Alright-” he cleared his throat, trying not to get too carried away “-let’ not get carried away. We first need to-”

“Honey?” a voice cut him off, though, before he could say more and both brothers stiffened “Is that you?” it was heard again, this time coming closer and Dean shared a look with Sam.

“Time to find out I guess.” he said with a small nervous smile before steadying himself.

“Uh yeah it’s me. Jensen. Not- not somebody else, like Dean or- yeah, nope.” he tried but failed to give a nice response and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Real smooth Jensen.” Sam smirked at him and Dean merely glared at the taller man.

“Baby?” the voice was heard again, closer this time and for the first time did Sam and Dean frown at how… familiar it sounded.

“Oh there you are.” a wide grin broke on your lips as you came into view but Sam’s small smile completely vanished. Especially as you walked towards his brother and grabbed him by his jacket and… pressed your lips to his. At that moment Sam felt his heart ache more than ever before inside his chest and… as wrong as that was Dean felt his own heart swell inside his own chest.

“How was work? Hope you two didn’t have all the fun on set without me huh?” you gave him a grin, giggling as he gaped at you like a fish out of water.

“Hey Jared, how are you? How’s Gen? I didn’t have time to see her this week. In between the new album, the shooting and everything else I hadn’t had time to talk with her.” you said with all too familiar warm smile that this time didn’t make Sam smile, because your arms wrapped around Dean’s shoulders felt almost like a stab to the heart.

“Uh she’s- she’s fine.” he choked out, giving you a weak smile.

“I’m glad.” you nodded your head and in a second your eyes were back on Dean’s face who had suddenly forgotten how to breathe.

“Hey you-” you said in a lower voice, leaning in closer to him to the point he thought you’d be able to feel how his heart was going crazy inside his chest “-your mother came to take Justice, she was really happy that she’ll spend the weekend with her grandparents. You know what that means though, right?” you smirked at him, and Dean gave you a weak nod.

You chuckled, pressing your lips to his and he had to practically keep himself from melting into it. He struggled to keep himself from closing his eyes and just wrapping his arms around you, pressing you as close to himself as possible and never letting go of you. And gosh was it wrong to want, much less actually consider it.

You pulled away and had a soft smile on your lips. You nuzzled your nose with his and Dean was sure he let out a small sound that couldn’t be described as human. You smiled softly at him, the same shy smile you had given to him all that time ago when you first met.

A day he still remembered, because he was the first one you’d met. And only much later, a week later, did Sam come in view and he saw the two of you fall head over heels in love with each other. And all he did was be happy for the two of you, no matter how much it hurt him.

But he saw the shy smile turn into a smirk, the seductive kind you’d give to Sam and minutes later he’d excuse himself and follow you. And Dean would only leave the bunker for hours, not wanting to hear the two of you’s happy sounds. There was only so much he could take. This time though you gave that smirk to him, and it was him you leaned closer to.

“And I’ve got something I think you’ll love to see me in.” you whispered and Dean practically jumped, his eyes going wider (if it was possible) and a squeak left his lips when you… slapped his ass.

You winked at him, giggling before you pulled slightly away “Hey, J are you going to stay for dinner?” you asked him with that soft but only friendly smile that Dean was so used to.

Sam wanted to speak, to say something, anything but he only gave you a weak nod. You smiled warmly and nodded your head at him “I’ll serve some for you too then! And you-” you turned to Dean “-why don’t you come give me a hand huh?” you winked at him and Dean swallowed thickly, nodding his head with a somewhat terified look on his face but still a giddy feeling inside his chest.

“S-sure, I’ll be there in a while.” he stuttered because he could really understand what you meant.

“Great then.” you giggled, kissing his lips once more and Dean for a second took in a deep breath unable to believe how your scent was the same.

You rubbed his cheek before pulling away from him and turning you walked past Sam, giving him a friendly pat on the shoulder – one Dean knew all too well again – and leaving them alone for a moment.

Dean took in a shaky breath, once you were completely gone his eyes moved to lock with his brother’s and as much as he wanted to play it off he knew he couldn’t. Not when he saw the hurt but somewhat angry look on Sam’s eyes. His clenched jaw and puffed out chest, something that only showed his pain.

He tried to give him a smile but it only showed his nervousness. So instead Dean just cleared his throat.

“Well, talking about awkward huh?”


A/N: My fave one so far, and one that could have great potential if turned into a full fic! Angsty, yes, but I love it! I was between this and ‘In a world of our own’ which I will write for a different French Mistake story!

Imagine falling asleep next to Sirius on the couch in the common room and waking up to him looking at you. There would be something strange in the way he looked at you, something warm and caring, but as soon as he noticed you looking back at him he’d put on his usual cool attitude.
“Pity that I had that much fire whiskey, I’d love to know how I managed to get you fall asleep next to me”

Imagine trying to reach for a potion ingredient off the top shelf and, being as clumsy as you are, slipping and falling on top of your classmate Newt Scamander, whom you have a giant crush on.

You scream as you fall grabbing onto the first thing in front of you. You land with a soft ‘Omph’ and feel something warm beneath you. A body. And not just any body. You lift your gaze to see brilliant hazel eyes staring at you.

“Oh my goodness, (y/n) are you alright? Did you hurt yourself in any way?” You feel yourself being grabbed at the sides and lifted gently. You sit on Newt Scamander’s lap as he stares up at you, worry evident upon his features. He accesses you to see if any damage has been done when his gaze lifts to yours. You stare back at him, tongue flicking out over your lips instinctively. His eyes drop to your mouth then snap back to your (y/e/c) eyes. His face is scarlet and you feel the blush burn across your own cheeks. He leans in slightly, cautiously, causing your breath to hitch. But before his lips can touch yours a loud crash sounds from the front of the classroom startling you both out of the moment.

“All of you back to your desks!” your potions professor barks. Students who had been surrounding the two of you, and doing their own depraved things, scrambled back to their work stations. You lifted yourself off of Newt and stared at the floor. He was about to walk past you when you felt his hand graze yours.

“If you want to…W-we could hang out sometime…” He stuttered, obviously flustered at your previous encounter. You smiled to yourself, feeling the blush spread across your face once more as you whispered back. “I would like that, very much.” You peeked at him through your hair, a small smile on your face. He kept his gaze on the wooden floor but a sheepish grin spread across his features as he walked back to his desk.

Summer of smoke and dust, and maybe something we will never forget
All we did was drink,
trying to find the answers at the bottom of a bottle
We made others handle our burning bodies, too tired to care, too busy finding the nearest party to take care of our bruised limbs
Don’t get me wrong, we succeeded—
Tell me about your problems so I can forget mine, simple
All the boys carried us and wanted to kiss the burn marks on our hands and cheeks
Fire burns bright, I guess that’s why they saw us, but fire turns to ash

Soon enough you are left with only the memory of something warm, and a strong smell of smoke, that will make you sick to your stomach

—  From “sixteen candles burning” - knight
Lemony Snicket Quotes Appreciation Post

“Taking one’s chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck”

Bts reaction to your insomnia:

Request:  BTS reaction to girlfriend staying up very late each night (like up to 1-3am) because she stays up watching youtube videos or scrolling through her social media (like tumblr) thanks~

A/N: Oh my god I can relate on so many levels, I sometimes sleep at like 5 am. Thanks for the the request!


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Are those dark circles I see? Baby I am really not liking this” Eomma Seokjin is worried as hell. “It’s really dangerous Y/N” Jin will make a big deal out of it because it’s his priority to make sure his girl is in perfect health. He will attempt various methods of luring you to sleep like making you something warm if he had to every night, Singing you to sleep or, if things got crucial, he’ll take away your phone.


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He knew it’s not his place to talk being the one who stays up at the studio to finish his work, but your case was different. A fight will break up and he will lose his temper halfway the argument. “I stay up to work, what are you staying up for?” Yoongi will shout and when you have nothing to reply he will pull you in an embrace and ask you to take care of yourself, that he didn’t mean to lose his temper. The next night you boyfriend showed up earlier than usual. “You’re sleeping in my arms from now on”


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“BEAR HUG!” he startled you one night and that how you ended up breathing his sent and drifting to dreamland while laying your head on your chest. Hobi is a very considerate person, very caring, he knows what lack of sleep can cause and how irritating it can get and he wouldn't want you to go through that in a million years. every night he will tell you a story or two, make you all comfortable in bed anything to help you get over your bad habit.

Rap Monster:

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Once his research was done and he has gathered all the scientific information on the topic, he will ask you, as you both got ready for bed, if you will be sleeping tonight.

“I don’t think staying up for three hours past midnight is considered sleeping”

he will argue, attempting to convince you to listen to him and get some rest. 


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For the first couple of nights Jimin will turn a blind eye to the topic, brushing it off as inability to sleep. maybe you just drank coffee or took a nap, but if you kept the routine, Jimin will seek help from his hyungs, probably Namjoon and Yoongi, as to what to do. he was so worried about your health he confronted you one night, asking you to tell him if he can help with anything, all whilst discussing the case in a fun way.

V/ Taehyung:

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Similar to Hoseok, Tae will nudge you at night, when you thought he was fast asleep, ask you to put your phone away and pull you in a the most tight and safe hug ever. He will tell you funny stories, play with your hair, sing to you. His eyes wont shut together unless he is sure that your breathing has become deeper and you have drifted away in a peaceful sleep.


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“You either fall asleep now or I will stay up with you” Jungkook has experimented with many fruitless methods of keeping you from staying up late and he found that using fire was the best method. So when you scoffed and pulled the covers over your head, he got up to make you something warm to relax your brain, and rested his head at the crook of your neck. His light snore and arm draped across your abdomen surprisingly made you feel sleepy as well, and in no time, both of you were snoring.

anonymous asked:

Your head canons are really cute❤️ can I have the RFA reacting to MC when she fell asleep on them cuz she's so tired or they were just really warm or something 😍

Thank you! This one was cute :)


  • You were watching a movie together
  • It was still early evening, but you both had a long day at work
  • When he starts humming along to one of the songs, you drift off
  • He notices when you stop your occasional commentary
  • Takes a few selfies when he realizes you’re asleep
  • You do wake up a little later
  • You insist didn’t fall asleep
  • He keeps teasing you about it
  • You fall asleep a second time
  • Wakes you up with a kiss
  • When you ask why, he’s just like
  • “I thought you were re-enacting Sleeping Beauty.” 


  • He was playing one more round of LOLOL
  • You were waiting for him to go out, but watched while he finished up
  • For some reason, you get sleep and nod off
  • Feels your head on his shoulder
  • Becomes very stiff…logs out right away
  • He’s red and scared he’ll wake you up
  • But still tries to put a blanket on you
  • He carries you over to the couch and just cuddles you
  • When you wake up, you feel bad that you didn’t end up going out
  • Pretends that he was also asleep so you don’t feel bad


  • You were having a sleepover
  • She pops in some musicals Hamilton
  • It starts getting really late and one of the slow songs come on
  • You were sitting back to back, so Jaehee noticed when you leaned on her more
  • She slid a pillow between you guys
  • She kept watching, though she sang a little less loudly
  • You wake up in the middle somewhere and are somewhat embarrassed
  • “HAHA! This is my favourite part!” 
  • Jaehee gives you the side eye
  • “Don’t act like you weren’t asleep.”


  • He wanted to watch a k-drama with you
  • You’re binge watching on a big screen, and you last a good few hours
  • But the day starts getting to you and you fall asleep, head on his shoulder
  • It so happened, in the drama, the girl fell asleep on the guy too
  • In the scene, the guy starts confessing his feelings for her
  • Jumin decides he should do the same, so he repeats every word
  • Doesn’t know you woke up sometime in the middle
  • While the gesture was really cute…
  • “Jumin…we’re already married.”


  • You guys take a trip into town
  • You take a train instead of one of his babies because there’s no safe parking
  • After a really long day, you both are sitting together on the ride home
  • He’s chattering away about all the things you did
  • He’s really warm and comfy so you just kind of fall asleep against him
  • He notices when you don’t answer one of  his questions
  • Slips an arm around you, waking you
  • “No, no. Don’t worry, MC. I’ll wake you up at our stop!”
  • You agree and fall asleep again
  • Turns out he also fell asleep
  • You missed your stop like three times