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I just… finished playing Final Fantasy XV… What a wild ride… I feel so empty inside… I can’t wait to play more and level up and the play again just because… They said that there’s 200+ hours worth of game play, and dammit am I going to put 200+ hours worth of game play into it lmaooo.

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I've always been known to steal something of the band director's. (His phone, passes, baton, etc..) One time I took his phone and took a bunch of pictures. I gave it to another girl and the phone ended up getting sent around the entire band before I got it back put it back in his office. He asked me where his phone was, I told him it was in his office. Toward the end of class he checks his phone and you can hear him scream my name.... He had to delete 1,000 random pictures from his phone.

auditory processing disorder is a bit like that joke where a deafening lorry passes every time a character says something important

but instead of vehicle, its any gust of wind, any clinking plates, dogs barking, opening or shutting doors, laughter on the other side of the room, plastic bags rustling, ticking clocks, your own footsteps & your breathing & chewing

and instead of happening with comedic timing, it covers up 70% of every conversation. to the point where you have to just accept you cant hear the person two feet away from you, and nod along anyway, and hope youre not agreeing to something disasterous

the signs as things my dad has said (part 3)
  • aries: *continuously refers to uber as an "escort service"*
  • taurus: [to himself, after catching a pickle he dropped midair] great catch daddio
  • gemini: [in response to our dog barking] don't say
  • cancer: [to me after i dabbed to his "dish washing music"] shut up
  • leo: [every time his phone rings] a REAL phone call? in THIS day and age? where are my TWEETS
  • virgo: [pulling over every time we pass something metal on the side of the road] but what if it's treasure
  • libra: would you look at that moon...that's large
  • scorpio: *sneezes* im allergic to working
  • sagittarius: [spoken during a verbal conversation] colon parenthesis
  • capricorn: *calls four way flashers on cars [dramatic voice] DANGER BEAMS*
  • aquarius: [completely seriously, in response to my sister asking why our dog was barking] he's just nervous about the election
  • pisces: *inexplicably called me Karen for a whole day*
You know what, just fucking say it. Say how you feel. Say what you like, and what you dislike. Say no if you don’t want something, or ask if there’s something you want. Just fucking speak up because time passes quick and the opportunity might go sooner than you think.
—  Food for thought
Why does one begin to write? Because she feels misunderstood, I guess. Because it never comes out clearly enough when she tries to speak. Because she wants to rephrase the world, to take it in and give it back again differently, so that everything is used and nothing is lost. Because it’s something to do to pass the time until she is old enough to experience the things she writes about.
—  Nicole Krauss
Newt Scamander x Reader - Grandfather Always Said...

Title: Grandfather Always Said…

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 7339 (holy cow…)

Warnings: None

Another long one I’m afraid.

Honestly guys. Most of these just come to me when I’m working. I’m finally getting around to writing them and such. Also, this kinda feels a bit more like Pickett x Reader friendship X3

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Um… oops!

Took on a client project I can’t tell you about. Hopefully this won’t further delay commissions reopening, but I hope to have everything managed by February. Fingers crossed, and sorry to everyone for the stupidly long wait!


Happy birthday @tinyienzo!!

So I’ll drink coffee to spite you, another sharp knuckled punch, it’s bite hitting my tastebuds. Warm mugs full and cool winter blues to quiet the tears that slip away. I should’ve known that things were never made to last, you weren’t made to last, it was a passing time. Something to occupy your mind for awhile.

I’ll remember to never travel to Greece, I never found it all too beautiful anyway. I’ll fly to Italy and to Amsterdam, never giving Greece another thought in my life. It wasn’t worth the heartache nor was it going to be worth the money. So thank you for saving me a trip.

I’ll kiss the weather like it’s never going to come back around, the rain, the sun, the snow, and the falling leaves. The ones that matched my soul but you are everything made of winter. You were bitter blue and frost bitten fingertips. I was bundled up sweaters and nips at your nose.

I’ll love people with such a passion it will rival the things I felt for you. Putting forth the effort to love them until my dying breath, something you couldn’t do for anyone but yourself. I’ll give the world another reason to be happy and spread yellow rays across the world.

I was everything yellow, brilliant and never coming to an end. You were grey matter, floating between the lines of real and fake, something I’d never experience. I gave my heart and soul up for the world to take without worrying about the cruelty it could send back. Karma was always a big player in the land of fate and chance. She wasn’t coming for me anymore, I grew up and knew better than do to half of what you did, so she won’t come for me but instead for you. What goes around comes around.

I will blast my choice of music and remember how you never cared for my taste. I was dark pop anthems and you just weren’t. Genres and countless lyrics sat between us in the most uncomfortable manner. You were like a daydream but perhaps now you are more of a nightmare.

I’ll kiss my children good morning and goodnight and remember that this was something you wouldn’t want. Too scared of the future, too scared of kids, and too scared to settle down. They will know more love than you’d ever be able to give to someone.

When I say sorry for bumping into someone I’ll see flashes of the words you never said to me. I’m sorry. You never put yourself at fault for things, always pushing the blame on to someone else, they are not the problem. Just something to keep in mind.

I won’t wallow in self pity like you’ve spent your entire life doing. If change was so easy for you to do then why can’t you snap your fingers, or flip a coin, and be happy? Your logic doesn’t hold much of a point when you put it into words like that now does it?

I’d wish you happiness in your life but that would be wasting my breath. You aren’t the type of girl who ends up happy, you beg for others to make you happy and end up upset and angry that it didn’t work. Instead I’ll wish you good luck because you need a fighting chance in this life and it’s questionable if that luck is good enough.

I’ll do many things in my life you will never enjoy but that is just fine because you are no longer part of my life. You aren’t here to experience anything you said you would. I’m glad you aren’t now, it’s for the better, for my health, and for my mental health, it’s better you are gone.

Thank you for showing me it’s worthless to give your love to someone who doesn’t want it, truly want it.

Thank you for showing me that changing myself to someone else happy is pathetic and sad to watch.

Thank you for showing me exactly what I don’t want in someone.

Thank you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Sarcasticasides’ young Nori and Dwalin at the supermarket, inspired by this post. There’s not actually much room for the groceries.

(For some reason in my head all modern AUs automatically take place in the UK unless stated otherwise so here they are in the biscuit aisle…)

i like this rewrite of passengers that’s all emotional and inspiring and whatnot but honestly i think you could keep all the main elements and just change the tone. the plot sounds like something out of a horror movie and it could just be that.

a woman (not jennifer lawrence tho because C’mon) wakes up from cryo and sees this guy who (seemingly) just woke up too. he clearly knows more about ships than her so she trusts him when he says it was just some random mechanical failure that only effected their pods, and she believes him when he says that he’s trying to figure out a solution. after awhile he starts trying to grow closer to her and at first she shares the same feelings. probably throw in a cute scene of them cooking together or something. but as time passes she starts to grow suspicious of all the time he’s spent to no avail. any questions she asks are quickly shot down. he always seems to be popping up wherever she is on this giant ship, and even when he’s not around she thought she saw the cameras following her out of the corner of her eye.

at one point, while trying to accomplish something minor with the computers, she stumbles across all the different files of the passengers. all the files have numbers next to them indicating how many times they’ve been accessed on the ship’s computer–most are 0, a couple 1s or 2s here or there. amused, she scrolls to find her own and to read what it says about her. but when she does, she sees the number. 387. she stares at it, confused, trying to understand what it means, and then the man comes into the room and she quickly exits out and makes some excuse.

she figures out that he’s keeping something from her, but she can’t get enough time alone to access the computers. eventually she stages a minor malfunction on the outside of the ship, knowing he’d have to leave to repair it, and when he does she quickly gets to work.

she accesses the ship’s logs and finds out the horrifying truth. the man was awake long before she was. way, way longer. and then she finds out, concretely, that he was the one that woke her, dooming her to die in this metal tube with only him.

there’s a lot of other stuff you can do from here. the robot could seem like he’s helping the female protag, but then it’s revealed that he’d been reprogrammed by the male long before he woke her. she would want to kill the guy of course, but if she did that she’d lose her one chance at fixing the cryo. there are so many interesting directions this story could go, which is what needs to be understood about this. because it IS still the same story ultimately, just with a couple minor tweaks–a shift in perspective, and elements that make that perspective more authentic/believable. if these writers could have just laid off the sexism for ten minutes they could have realized they had a bone-chilling gothic horror in space at their fingertips but naw let’s just do a really bad/gross romance and sell it as an action flick so that we can offend the tastes of both sci-fi fans and romantics in one fell swoop.




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