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My personal prerelease predictions are as follows:

  • Saihara Shuuichi is evil and the first chapter’s killer. Kaede is going to lie for him and defend him and she nearly fucks everyone over because of it. His victim is Amami Rantarou because he learned too much about him and realized his true intentions. If he isn’t the first chapter’s killer, he’s the traitor/mastermind and he shouldn’t be trusted. Something is totally up with this guy, and not in a good way. To further elaborate on this, look at Amami and Shuuichi’s designs alone. By themselves, Shuuichi appears to be the “evil” one, and it is only because of Amami’s resemblance to Komaeda that people think Amami will be crazy. The game won’t go in the same direction again with a crazed hope fanatic and a detective as our faithful partner. The ship is being set up to be broken.
  • Everyone is blackened and had their memories erased. They were gathered from all over the country by the government because they escaped their own killing games by being the culprits. They killed someone, got away with the murder, and everyone else in their games was executed for their escape. The government has locked them up together but Monokuma fucks things up and takes over. 
  • Nobody but Amami has a talent and everyone was given artificial memories to believe they had a talent. These talents are their past childhood dreams that were somehow broken, either with Iruma being unable to invent enough to be the SHSL Inventor, Kaito never becoming a real astronaut, Ryoma having his tennis career broken because of his crimes, etc. It isn’t that they have no talent at all, but that they never became the best at what they did. 
  • The vine/spiderweb execution is Korekiyo Shinguuji’s execution. The flamethrower bit is not part of it. It will be in a setting representing hell and his crime will have something to do with selfishness and seeing “beauty in hell”. His crime will have something to do with Gonta or Kirumi (but I sway towards Gonta). 
  • The boo'ing execution is Kokichi Ouma’s execution. The people are a crowd overthrowing their dictator. (Could also be Himiko’s, but I think she’ll be a survivor.) 
  • Angie Yonaga will kill Tsumugi and use her artistic talents to “fake” a cosplay on her corpse. Most people will assume that Tsumugi put on the cosplay herself, but Angie painted it onto her to confuse everyone.
  • Amami Rantarou is the first victim. As much as I hate to say this since I love Amami, it seems fairly likely. He’s the SHSL Analyst.
  • Ryoma Hoshi is a victim. I suppose he’ll have a tragic backstory as to why he had to kill those mafia members, and then he’ll show up dead. 
  • Survivor Predictions: Kaede, Gonta, Kaito, Iruma, Himiko

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

Good things to imagine:

- Komaeda going to Hinata when his hand starts acting up; Hinata fixing it

- Komaeda and Hinata smiling and laughing together, like they haven’t got a care in the world.

- Komaeda and Hinata always touching each other (holding hands, hugging, touching each other’s shoulder).

- Hinata awkwardly confessing to Komaeda. He’s blushing and avoiding Komaeda’s gaze and Komaeda’s face just lights up with joy when he hears it. (Bonus: Hinata says something like “I love the hope inside you”.)

- Komaeda and Hinata sleeping in one bed, snuggling close to each other every night and just enjoying each other’s presence.

- Komaeda’s paranoia about his luck fades the more time he spends with Hinata, so does his obsession with hope.

- Komaeda opening up to Hinata about his feelings and even crying, while Hinata comforts him.

- Hinata helping Komaeda better his self-esteem (talking back to Komaeda whenever he says something bad about himself). Hinata just complimenting Komaeda whenever he has the chance and Komaeda blushing in return.

- Hinata wanting to tell the others that they’re dating, just to get the response “I thought you were dating the whole time!”

y'all i don’t want to be a party pooper but my friend who speaks japanese told me that hinata didn’t see what was going on inside komaeda’s head.
because hinata’s a considerate boy and he was worried he might see there something personal komaeda didn’t want him to see. that’s probably one of the reasons he made an “alter ego” in the first place

New Danganronpa v3 Prediction

So for a while I’ve been suspicious of Maki as a potential mastermind for NDRv3. No particular reason, other than the fact that she’s one of the first 3 characters we were shown from the game (so they’re probably all going to be important in some way) and out of the 3, she’s the most suspicious one to me.

Then we get this image:

Looks pretty gay, right? But it also made me realize something. Up until now, the Danganronpa protagonists have had different fates met by their “love interests” (I use that term loosely because nothing was actually canon). Kirigiri lived to the end. Nanami was executed. And hell, if you want to count Komaeda as one, he was murdered. But you know what we haven’t had? One of them turn out to be the mastermind.

Mastermind Maki, callin’ it now! (Of course, this contradicts my Kaede dies prediction, but I actually like this one better).

anonymous asked:

Yesssss thank you! Nidai was totally awesome and deserved a lot more recognition than he got. I don't get why characters like Komaeda get to be so popular, and yet ones like Nidai go completely ignored. Similar case with Seven. He's arguably one of the best characters in the cast, yet he gets overshadowed by, say, Junpei and June and Santa. That's not to say Santa doesn't deserve popularity (although I can't really say the same for June lmao), he does, but man I wish Seven got more love.

Nidai was totally awesome and deserved a lot more recognition than he got. I don’t get why characters like Komaeda get to be so popular, and yet ones like Nidai go completely ignored.


I mean, I get that Komaeda is a complex character and that his role was really important in SDR2. I also do like some things about him but is there something else about his character aside his obsession for hope and talent, his luck, his backstory and his dementia? 

You have no idea of how many analysis I read about him but all of them always said pretty much the same things tbh… To me he’s a bit monotonous, but hey, it’s just my opinion. 

Then there’s Nidai who’s a supporting character who always does his best to be by his friends side, to help people and to protect them. A character who’s not afraid to openly show his emotions and who tries to find the best in everyone, but hey let’s just reduce him to shit jokes and that’s it.

About 999, yes I’m appreciating Seven a lot for now. He seems genuinely good and friendly. A decent person. 

Santa pretty much intrigues me too, I admit it. Junpei kinda reminds me Hinata in the first 2 chapters of SDR2 ahah and June… well… you already know ahah

Just something I decided I wanted to write for some reason.

Komaeda was certain he was going to die. His chest and throat burned, every part of his body screaming for oxygen. But, somehow, he felt calm. He didn’t see the point in panicking: there was nothing he could do, after all. The surface was too far away. Even if he was released, he wouldn’t be able to swim all the way back up.

The one pushing him down further and further into the icy water was a merman. Long black hair coiled around the two of them, and Komaeda saw the glint of the merman’s tail. His red eyes bore into Komaeda’s. He wondered if those eyes would be the last thing he ever saw. But he didn’t mind. Komaeda felt truly lucky to have seen someone so beautiful.

His lungs were ready to burst. Bubbles escapes his mouth and drifted up to the surface, and Komaeda felt his consciousness slip. His vision fading, he looked into the merman’s eyes and smiled.

He felt something wrap around his waist, but he didn’t care anymore. He let the darkness swallow him whole.

Groggy, disoriented, some part of Komaeda’s slowly waking mind was aware that he shouldn’t be alive. He groaned, then coughed. His limbs felt heavy, his soaked clothes clinging to his skin. He opened his eyes to the glare of the sun, and the sensation of waves lapping against his legs.

His face and hands were pressed against something rough and hard. As he pushed himself up with shaky arms, he realised the hard surface was a large, craggy rock that slopped down into the water, where his legs were still submerged. He could see the shore some distance away. He had only just started to inspect the small cuts and scratches on his hands when he heard a voice.

“You’re awake.”

Komaeda looked up. The merman was watching him with those bright red eyes, his head just above the water, long strands of black hair sticking to his face.

“Did you save me?” Komaeda asked with a smile. “Thank you.”

The merman almost seemed displeased. “I tried to kill you.”

Komaeda knew that. He remembered walking by the rocks, exploring and searching for shells and small fish, when a hand grabbed his ankle and dragged him into the water. He knew the merman tried to kill him, and yet he wasn’t scared. “But I’m still alive.”

The merman didn’t respond. He scowled down at the water, contemplating something. Komaeda tried to start another conversation.

“Can I ask your name?”

“My name?” The merman stared at him warily for a moment. “Izuru Kamukura,” he finally said.

Komaeda smiled again. “It’s nice to meet you, Kamukura-kun. My name is Nagito Komaeda.”

Kamukura’s scowl turned into a glare, and he lowered himself further into the water, as if preparing to flee. “You’re doing it again.”



Despite everything, Komaeda laughed. “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ve been told I do that a lot. I’ll try to stop, if it bothers you.”

“When I was drowning you,” Kamukura said, “You smiled at me. When humans drown their expressions are filled with fear or anger or pain. But you smiled. Why?”

“Oh?” Komaeda tried to think back. “Well… Why wouldn’t I smile? I got to meet an actual merman. Honestly, I feel unbelievably lucky.”

“But you were going to die.”

“Ahaha! I guess I was.” Komaeda glanced towards the shore. It was too far away. He wouldn’t be able to swim there by himself. “Hey, I’m sorry if this is a bother,” he said, turning back to Kamukura, “but could you help me get back home? Not all the way, of course. Just until we’re a little closer to land.”

Kamukura showed him a displeased expression. “You’re not scared? If you’re in the water with me, I could easily try to kill you again.”

“Hmm, I didn’t consider that,” Komaeda said, looking genuinely concerned for a moment. Then he smiled. “Well, I trust you, Kamukura-kun.” He reached out towards Kamukura. Sighing, Kamukura grasped Komaeda’s hand.

yknow I just noticed something that explains a lot

dr staff are more than happy to tease komahina in spinoff material (dr:ae joking that ko is gay, zanka and poison, etc), promotional stuff, and one-off twitter jokes and the like.

but komahina interacting in dr3, and other canon main series material? nope. even if we have to LITERALLY put komaeda on a figurative bus (or plane, FOR A CHARACTER WITH A FEAR OF PLANES) to do it and kill any semblance of a character arc.

komahina is approved if it sells merch and other stuff, but if it implies that hinata and komaeda are actually romantically involved in canon, they shy away from it.

they’ll support a queer relationship as long as it’s economically viable.

which is the case for the majority of media.

so don’t just assume komahina shippers are just str8 yaoi fangirls hating on nanami because she’s a girl. no. nanami turned into the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl (fucking over her character as well, she deserves better) because god forbid we imply Hinata is anything other than heterosexual.

i’m gay and pissed off. we deserve better than queerbaiting.

hinata and komaeda planning their halloween costumes early. they decide they HAVE to have matching costumes no matter what, and end up going with either something super adorable or something that has to do with a meme. one year they go as each other.


“Let’s ride the carousel.”

“The carousel is great! That’s been my favorite ride ever since I was a kid. It’s one of the few rides I can go on without worrying much. The way it goes up and down as it spins is so slow and relaxing. I never feel like I’m in danger at all… Plus, it doesn’t look dangerous at all, unless it blows up or something! All right, let’s get going! This is Nezumi Castle after all, so we need to ride the mouse first!”

It looks like he had a really good time.


Dangan Ronpa Character's Reactions If You Stole Their Food
  • Makoto Naegi: *fake smiles* It's fine! *secretly wants to smack you*
  • Kyoko Kirigiri: *glares at you* Did I say you can have it?
  • Hajime Hinata: WHAT?!!!! ARE YOU REALLY THAT SELFISH?! I WAS GOING TO EAT THAT! *screams in anger*
  • Leon Kuwata: FIGHT ME BRUHH!!! *cracks knuckles*
  • Nagito Komaeda: *smiles* Huh? Oh well I'm glad you ate it! Trash like me doesn't deserve to eat! *chuckles*
  • Byakuya Togami: Good. I wasn't going to eat something you touch anyways...
  • Peko Pekoyama: *gets out her katana* Buy me a new one. NOW!
  • Aoi Asahina: YOU ATE MY DONUTS???!!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH MY DONUTS! WHY DO YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME!!! *grabs a fork and holds it in a stabbing position*
  • Sakura Ogami: I wasn't hungry anyways...
  • Mikan Tsumiki: *cries* P-Please d-don't take my f-food again. I'm a very h-hungry person. Ohhhh! I shouldn't have said anything! S-Sorry! T-Take it again i-if you l-like!
  • Chiaki Nanami: *is sleeping the whole time, she doesn't even notice you ate it*
  • Junko Enoshima: I hope you like poisoned food...
  • Mukuro Ikusaba: *pulls out a knife and holds it up to your throat*
  • Akane Owari: *finished her food waaaayyyy before you could eat it*
  • Sayaka Maizono: It's totally okay! Next time we can share it if you like!
  • Chihiro Fujisaki: *tells Mondo about what happened...10 seconds later Mondo is beating the living daylights out of you as Chihiro is telling him to stop*
  • Teruteru Hanamura: You liked it? I know what else you'll like ;)
  • Hifumi Yamada: *dies of starvation*
  • Izuru Kamukura: *he already knew you were trying to eat it, so he prepared another lunch in advance*
  • Mondo Owada: You should probably start now
  • Yasuhiro Hagakure: *wishes bad fortune upon you*
  • Celestia Ludenberg: Oh okay, next time you should ask me, because I don't know... I COULD OF BEEN HUNGRY YOU INCONSIDERATE PIECE OF SH*T!
  • Hiyoko Saionji: Just so you know...were not friends anymore. Were enemies.
  • Gundham Tanaka: Look at what you've done mortal! *eats hamster food as a replacement*
  • Sonia Nevermind: Do not worry, I brought a spare in case! *pulls out another bagged lunch*
  • Nekomaru Nidai: I had no idea you liked protein and fiber-y foods?! Haha! I"ll bring you another bag tomorrow. Oh boy are you going to sh*t a lot! HAHAAAHAAA! We can be bathroom pals from now on!
  • Ibuki Mioda: What lunch? Ibuki's too busy to eat during lunch. *runs to another table to talk to others*
  • Kazuichi Souda: *slurps on his soda angrily and wonders how he"ll get you back*
  • Mahiru Koizumi: HEY?! Next time bring your own. Jerk!
  • Byakuya Twogami: *threatens to sit on you*
  • Monokuma: IT'S PUNISHMENT TIME! *hits a mallet on the table and your being dragged by chains out of the room*
  • Usami/Monomi: I'm always mistreated! *walks away sadly*

Was he really? His face when he was staring at Nanami seemed extremely …skeptical. No one was looking at him at that point to say he needed to put on an act.

I know he’s well accustomed to convincing himself to get accept anything horrible happening because good luck will follow, but he just seems especially wary and then resigned here. I still don’t know if he is aware of something going on with Nanami/the world or not with his still unexplained knowledge.

And this Mikan scene, I do think it’s her “true” self showing concern for Nanami through the brainwashing but the things she said before the apology had me expecting something shocking to be revealed about the other girl. How strange it is she gravitated to the center of class so perfectly when in the game it was more balanced and her character was way different. I still can’t tell if it’s weird directing/script or something to actually take note of.