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SDR2 Boys and a clumsy S/O

This one was pretty cute, thanks for requesting.

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- He doesn’t mind how clumsy you are.

- Going out with you helped him get used to it.

- You were once walking through town together when you began falling.

- That was when Hajime had caught you mid air and said “I think you’re falling for me.”

- It was a great scene until you realized something.

- “Wait what?”

- “What?”

- You started laughing. “What was with that line? Did you practice that?”

- Hajime took some seconds to process it.

- Then suddenly his face turned bright red.

- You could feel the steam coming off of his face.

- “N-no I um,”

- You stood up out of his arms and started laughing even harder.

- “You did! You totally did!”

- He put his hands on his face, which was still red.

- You draped an arm around his shoulders and smiled.

- “But don’t worry, I still fell for you.”

Nagito Komaeda

- He low key thought it was his luck causing this at first.

- You had to explain to him that you were just like this.

- You would always fall at inopportune times, if you were able to get tangled in something you probably would, but you would never complain about anything.

- You kind of balance each other out.

- If he was having a good luck day you would manage to slip and fall into someone else’s lunch.

- If he was having a bad luck day, you would be too focused on worrying about him to do anything actually clumsy.

- Like a match made in heaven or something.

- Except much more strange.

Kazuichi Souda

- He thinks your clumsiness is so cute.

- Plus you were super chill about it too.

- You’d just trip over a rock onto the sidewalk, then get up and keep walking.

- Even if that was the second time it happened.

- The accidents you would get into were enjoyable for him as well.

- Sometimes.

- Because sometimes you would drop something while standing in front of him, then bend over in front of him and pick it up.

- Other times, you would trip and fall while behind him, pulling his pants down with you while trying to find something to balance with.

- Either way though, it didn’t really matter

- He still loves you.

- Even if you are clumsy.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

- He was a bit overprotective of you even before you started dating.

- He was always the one there to watch over you when you went somewhere dangerous.

- Whenever you fell over or knocked something to the ground, he would help you while lecturing you on how stupid you were.

- When you started dating, he would hold your hand to make sure you didn’t fall.

- If you were given a job to hold something heavy, he would help by taking half if he was able, or sometimes just taking it all together.

- You really appreciated all of this.

- It really did show how much he loves you.

Nekomaru Nidai

- He was actually surprised by how clumsy you were.

- You were constantly saying how you were fine with being clumsy, but Nidai wanted to help.

- So he started training you into not being clumsy.

- He would have a balance beam with things like half full water bottles and crumpled paper and such blocking the clear path.

- Once you got onto the beam, your job was to not knock anything over, or you would have to do it again.

- It was pretty easy with just one or two items.

- But it got harder as he added more.

- You had to try again a lot.

- But admittedly, it helped a bunch.

- You stopped tripping over most things, and your posture turned out much better than before.

- You thanked Nidai properly by giving him a kiss on the cheek.

- This made him turn away and blush.

- “Y-you’re welcome S/O.”

Gundam Tanaka

- He likes calling your clumsiness some sort of curse.

- “The cruel good have fooled you with an incurable curse. And that means that I cannot leave your side.”

- Really, it was an excuse to be with you more.

- And you weren’t complaining.

- He would always have some kind of animal by your side in case you lost your balance.

- You know, unless you were standing by Gundam’s side, holding his arm.

- You love how flustered he gets at this.

- But no matter what you were doing, he was always next to you, trying to protect you.

- And you can’t say you don’t love him for that.

Ultimate Imposter

- He had played the role of clumsy characters before.

- But wow you were prone to accidents.

- You usually sat down most of the time because of this.

- But then you would get bored and start leaning your chair back, just far enough to go backwards, then falling back to your original spot.

- Except after two or three times, you fell.

- In his Twogami outfit, he would always warn you if you were doing something dangerous.

- In other words, you’d be a hot mess without your boyfriend.

- You loved when he was around.

- But if you told him that when he was Twogami, he would probably get super tsundere about it.

Teruteru Hanamura

- You are one of the coolest and strangest people he’s ever met.

- First and foremost, hell yeah accidental sexual poses.

- You will slip and fall in the most normal ways, but Teruteru’s mind will probably make it worse than it seems.

- But only with his mind.

- He doesn’t want to scare you off.

- On the less than bright side, you will pull him down with you when you can.

- Just because you can tell when he’s thinking about… stuff, when you fall.

- Mostly from his bloody nose.

- You just know that if you’re going down, you’re taking him with you.

- But it’s cool though.

- He will and still loves you.

- Even if you tend to bring him down.

- (He he…I’ll see myself out.)

DR2 Boys As Crap That’s Been Said In My Household Recently


Hajime Hinata: “I feel like a protagonist in one of those TV shows that can’t decide what it is so it pretends it’s a whole new genre and calls itself edgy, but we all know it’s just an asshole.”

Nagito Komaeda: “Look, I know I’m not the easiest person to live with. Believe me, I know. I’m annoying and obsessive and unstable and useless and terrible and I forgot where I was going with this, but I’m glad we’ve established something here.”

Kazuichi Soda: “I’m so disappointed in myself. I lost a dance-off tonight because I accidentally did the macarena. Accidentally!”

Fuyhiko Kuzuryuu: “Please don’t tell him I said that. He’ll get really offended and it’ll lose it’s effect for when I say it to his face.”

Gundham Tanaka: “I’d love to help you but I can’t. The dog has decided I’m her bed, and it’d be really rude of me to abandon her now.”

Nekomaru Nidai: “You need to get into the sun more! You’re so pale, I need sunglasses just to look at you. Ex-er-cise!”

Twogami (SHSL Imposter): “People think I’m cool for some reason. I’m not cool, I’m just a good actor.”

Teruteru Hanamura: “I’d let her kick me in the face or do literally anything to me, and I’m not even into – don’t give me that look.”

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

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i'm not good at asking about ships but why komaeda has an crush on hinata is it because of hinata trying understanding him even though nanami in the end understanded him too or because how hinata treats komaeda I think hinata wasn't really nice to him in SDR2 hinata was cold with him somehow, i didn't understand the cause tbh


Anyway, you are basically asking me how someone starts to have feelings for someone else and that’s really complicated even with average people in real life, so with someone like Komaeda, it’s even more ‘?’.

Until chapter 4, Komaeda allows his feelings to develop for Hinata under the assumption he is an Ultimate. And not even a ‘normal’ Ultimate, someone even more interesting because he doesn’t know about his talent ( and Komaeda claims that it’s probably something amazing, better than anyone else, which also makes him so excited when he gets the files in chapter 4 ), but also because he is the one who manages to create Hope during the trials. It’s pretty obvious by trial 3 that he really tries to work in priority with Hinata, because he understands that he is the one who is going to stand up against the killer - against despair.

I’m not saying these are the only things that factor. Maybe Komaeda likes some traits of Hinata’s personnalities ( he does ), maybe he likes how he looks ( never confirmed as far as I know ), it’s just that these consideration fly over his head for the longest fucking time because it has nothing to do with Hinata being an Ultimate.

The thing is that… it’s not a crush ? Not a conscious one, anyway, because Komaeda loves Ultimates, and he likes Hinata a little more, but it’s never really about Hinata as a person. Even at the end of his FTE, he starts to be confused about his own feelings but is like ‘oh, no, I actually like your HOPE’. Because that’s the only thing that matter, isn’t it ?

Which also why Hinata treating him coldly doesn’t really matter, because if he is an Ultimate, then it makes sense that he thinks he is better than Komaeda. I would say it’s actually a lot easier to deal with for him than if he was overly-friendly and nice. Hinata trying to understand Komaeda is more about Hinata’s side of the relationship than Komaeda’s ( I’m also very confused by the idea that Nanami understands Komaeda at some point ? When does she do that ? )

So it’s only when Hinata is revealed to not be an Ultimate, and that Komaeda realizes that he still has feelings for him, that his ‘crush’ appears. I mean I say crush but that sounds so nice and harmless when it’s also at the same moment that he decides to kill himself and everyone else including Hinata so, yeaaaah.

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3,7,24,25,31 and 40 with Komahina for the OTP Meme

Huuuuum hi ~ Not sure if it all comes from the same person since I received all of this in a short amount of time but here we go anon ! It’s going to be long.

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?

I fell like I’ve answered this one a long time ago, but Komaeda hogs the cover because he is always so damn cold and when he is peacefully asleep Hinata rarely has the heart to wake him up. I feel like Komaeda would be the one who likes to cuddle the most, but Hinata likes it too, it’s just not the kind of physical contact he is going to neccessary initiate.

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

Well, both can be super nipticky, but no one is better than Ko to turn something small into a god damn house.

14. Who kills the spiders?

Probably Hinata. Komaeda doesn’t care, or would just put it outside, I think. None of them is scared of them, by the way.

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

I’m really not a big fan of pet names headcanons in general, stuff like ‘baby’ or ‘sweethear’ are weird to me if it doesn’t have an ironic layer to it. I feel like Komaeda would make up the most ridiculous, passive-agressive nicknames just to piss Hinata off. But anytime Hinata calls him ‘Nagito’, he so done, he is so weak, oh my god it’s terrible.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?

Komaeda rambles a lot and Hinata is a listener, even if he isn’t always sure what to do with what he listens to. Their main challenges is for Komaeda to start to listen to others and for Hinata to start to force the dialogue eventually, though. It’s interesting.

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

Honestly I don’t think either of them do that. They can mistake the other’s shirt for their if they are similiar and they dress up in the dark, before their morning coffee, but that’s it, honestly

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?

Komaeda doesn’t care, it’s so ridiculous. Hinata doesn’t have a perfect diet, but he still tries to not poison himself at least.

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Well, since we know that Hinata isn’t fan of showers ( ? ) in general, I’ll go with Ko on this one. I really could see both of them singing though… Komaeda has the best voice but when Hinata is alone, I could see him being a superstar under the shower 8) I may need to write an AU about this.

31. Who is more affectionate?

At first, probably Hinata, since - let’s be honest - he has to be the one to build the bridge between them after the NWP, while Komaeda would probably be pretty distant and cautious and confused. I think after they start dating, Komaeda would end up by realizing that he can get affection from Hinata pretty much anytime he wants, and he is so going for it.

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

If you mean about the meaning of life and hope, and fate and all that stuff that Hinata rolls his eyes at, Komaeda. If you mean about their relationship and their feelings, Hinata has to be the brave one between the two ~

33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?

That’s kind of a joke. Komaeda would put the ‘sin’ one, and Hinata would be like ‘take it off, that’s not funny’, then he would put the ‘not guilty’ one and Hinata would be like ‘hm, let’s not go toot far’.

38. Who likes to star gaze?

I could see both of them loving it. The idea of immensity and endless universe is probably super appealing for both of them.

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?

Ah ! Who thought it was a good idea to have them be parents. More seriously, Hinata would probably be the responsible one 95% of the time, while Komaeda would be the fun one, but if someone wrong happens he would turn serious in 0,2 seconds or something, when Hinata would probably be shook when facing something too serious.

42. Who is the neat freak?

None of them are. Komaeda apparently likes to clean, so there is that, but I don’t think it’s because he is a neat freak.

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

If it’s a luck game, probably Komaeda for Hinata. He really wants to win something for Ko in return, though, and he tries again and again to get this stuffed animal. Whether is succeed or not is variable.

44. Who is active/ Who is lazy?

Komaeda is way too active, but Hinata isn’t lazy. They are both unable to not do something if something seems wrong to them and if they think there is something they can do to change the situation. That doesn’t mean they can’t have lazy days from time to time.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?

Probably Hinata. He isn’t a big drinker, but he still does drink sometimes when his friends have a party, whereas Komaeda doesn’t - it’s not a good idea to mix up alcohol and meds, anyway - because he wants to stay in control of what he is doing.

Prompt: before ko turns into shsl despair, when they are in the academy. Maybe Chiaki invites Ko to go to a arcade with her?

A/N a very late birthday gift to my beloved friend @nanamemes-chiakiiz HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL FRIEND!!!

Lucky Catch - komanami

“I truly am honored to have been invited to escort you when surely there are others more fitting. From the bottom of my heart, I am touched that you would choose me.” Komaeda declared with his widest of grins.

“You’re exaggerating. I just asked you out on a date.” Nanami replied more casually in contrast to his tone.

“Huh? Isn’t that what I just said?” He asked with childlike innocence.

Nanami blinked at his genuine ignorance. Even though it’s to be expected, she still isn’t quite used to the way he’d describe certain things but it’s not a bad thing. It’s confusing at times and more often than not, he’s fanatically optimistic when he’s not downright self-deprecating. His words are a bit of a mouthful and she’s not sure if she fully comprehends what he says but then she just looks at him. Komaeda’s smile is more than enough to tell her what he meant to in words.

“Well I guess if you say so.” She easily smiled back and took his hand, intertwining. “Let’s go?”

There’s a sparkle in his eyes as he gave her hand an affectionate squeeze. “Lead the way.”

It’s a date or at least it’s the closest thing to a date that Nanami could think of. She’d always wanted to try an actual date and ever since she resigned herself to the idea that Komaeda wouldn’t make the first move, not yet, she asked him out first. He almost turned her down though but only because he kept downplaying his worth. But it’s alright since he agreed in the end and she even managed to talk him into planning the second one. He was surprisingly easier to talk into a second date than a first. He said something about the probability of the first one being a success was guaranteed since her hope would surely overpower his bad luck. She’s not going to argue to that if it gets them a round two date.

She’s a bit inexperienced though or rather, she has no in real life experience at all when it comes to planning dates. Whenever she tried to prod for information from Komaeda, he’d simply reply that he’d be willing to go anywhere and he didn’t have any place he particularly favored. Nanami’s geographic knowledge on the other hand only extended to gaming places. He didn’t seem to mind and she was relieved that they were going to a comfort zone of hers. But just because this was her territory didn’t mean she didn’t think of his side.

She dragged him and gracefully weaved through the arcade until they stopped at their destination.

“A claw machine?” He stated more than asked. It wasn’t quite what he expected when she told him that they were going to have fun at the arcade.

A whole slew of them was lined up although this one was the largest of them. His eyes discreetly searched for the number of tokens needed and confirmed his suspicion that this was in fact the most expensive of them all. They could play ten games at the rate. He turned to her face which was beaming at the challenge in front of her.

“Me first.” Nanami said without so much a glance at him, her eyes already trained at the prize before her.

They already bought tokens beforehand and she slid ten of them into the machine. The claw moved with precision as she expertly held the analog stick with a determined grip. She flicked it ever so slightly, bit by bit, as she stared at the inside and changed her angle every now and then, correcting the alignment accordingly. Without warning, she pressed the button and she maneuvered through the obstacle of prizes as the claw descended. Until finally, it was able to hook onto a tiny loop which was connected to a huge dog stuffed toy. And just like that, she had easily won the most expensive prize in the game.

The plushie was ridiculously larger than her as she held it, both of her arms could hardly circle around all of it. With a proud grin on her face, she peeked through her prize and challenged him, “Now it’s player two’s turn.”

Komaeda was almost at a lost for words. Her talent never failed to astound him and just now he bore witness to the more unconventional applications of it and it blew his mind. She looked so happy over it too that he couldn’t help but smile back. “Alright, wish me luck.”

Contrary to Nanami’s controlled and calculated approach, Komaeda didn’t put too much effort into his. After all, he thought that he didn’t have the talent for it so why bother? He did wonder how his luck would affect the outcome. Claw machines involved some luck after getting past the mirrors and skills. He vaguely remembered reading somewhere how there was actually a mechanism involved that regulated the odds of winning. According to that, it would take a certain number of tries after a win before the next win happens. Since Nanami had just won before him, the chances of him winning anything was close to zero now.

It excited him all the more not knowing how he could possibly lose horribly in this.

The claw hovered his target, the best prize second to the already taken dog stuff toy, a bunny mascot character plush. He didn’t even hesitate when he pressed the button and the claw descended– past the bunny and into the bags of candies that surrounded it. Miraculously, one was caught by the edge and dangled precariously. It was a horrible consolation prize but it was better than none.

Except it was dropped as the claw shook on its way to the bin. The bag fell right on top of one of the heavier prizes which threw it off balance. It then toppled onto the divider which just so happened to have some screws loose. For a long moment, nothing happened. The tension in the air was palpable as the two stared on in anticipation. They thought that his luck was pushed far enough since there was no movement for a few minutes. They almost gave up as they took a step back. Somehow the miniscule tremor from that was enough to trigger the collapse of the divider and so all of the prizes came pouring out of the machine.

“Amazing!” Nanami voiced her awe in all her enthusiasm. “As expected of a pro!”

Komaeda laughed at yet another display of how powerful his luck was. “I guess my luck has its uses after all!” He had won everything with his luck.

And then lost them all because it was suspected as cheating.

“Ah, I knew my luck is the worst. To win everything only for me forfeit them all is truly devastating.” Komaeda said outside with a smile that was far too cheery despite his circumstance. “Well it’s not like I can complain. It was either go home empty-handed or you get banned too.” He chuckled at this.

In hindsight, they were lucky that they let her keep her prize at least.

“Did you have fun, Nanami?” He asked her as they walked towards the train station.

“Yes. Very much so!” She nodded happily. “They let us play lots of other games afterwards. But I still think the best part was the claw machine. Your luck was so amazing! I couldn’t beat it at all!”

“But if we count the actual prizes I took home, we’d count nothing so this should count as your victory.” He corrected her.

Nanami stopped in her tracks and turned towards him.

“You used to have a dog.” She started, her voice was distant but also partly muffled from the plushie she was holding on.


“You told me that you used to have a dog when you were a kid and that it made you happy.” She continued and it was hard to tell what kind of face she was making as she said this since the plushie obscured her head. “I know this isn’t enough to replace him. And this might not even be the same breed but…”

From one owner to another, the dog was passed on to him.

“Here.” She said with a heartfelt smile, it shone more prominently due to the blush that dusted her cheeks. “I want you to be happy.”

For a moment, Komaeda remembered to try and get her that bunny plushie for another date.

His arms encircled both the dog stuff toy and her as he let out a blissful sigh. “Thank you, Nanami. I truly am lucky.”

And he was the luckiest for having her.

Title: Innocuous New Dawn

Author: @shsluckymushroom

For:   @sternenmaler

Rating/Warnings: None, really, outside of mentions of Komaeda’s past - Death, kidnapping, and disease. Nothing you should be unprepared for when reading about Komaeda :) I suppose there’s also some bullying, both verbal and physical, if that requires a warning.

Prompt:  HPA au where Hinata never accepted the Kamukura project and Komaeda is confused how he could fall for an ordinary boy

Author’s notes: I was slightly confused on whether ‘never accepted’ meant that Hinata was never even offered the chance to become Kamukura, or whether he just refused in the end - I went with the latter, so I hope that’s okay. This was so much fun to write, even if it did get a bit out of hand length wise - still, I really hope you enjoy it and it’s the general idea, at least, of what you wanted. :D

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zekefreek  asked:

Do you think Tsumugi was anywhere near as smart as Ouma or did she just have the advantage of blindsiding him? Even in his final moments, he didn't seem to suspect her any more than any of the others. Atleast that we get to see.

Someone asked me a somewhat similar question awhile back and put it in really good terms. I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but it was something about how if Ouma is a chessmaster (and I do think he is, given all the evidence), then Tsumugi is an opportunist. I still think they really nailed it: opportunist is a perfect word for her.

If I had to compare how smart they both are in terms of just intellect? Ouma would probably be smarter. Considering he definitely seems to have some variation of SHSL Analysis, his predictive and analytical ability nearly rival Junko’s and Kamukura’s. Even taking into account the fact that he really is genuinely childish and even klutzy sometimes, he still seems… well, like a genius.

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Komaeda: Hinata-kun…I hate Hinata-kun so much! Why don’t you go away? Hinata-kun why don’t you just die alreadyyyyy?
Hinata: Yes yes, I get it. So eat now.
(This one was kinda obvious, wasn’t it?)

Artist: Kukiwakame

Translation by me, I sometimes translate stuff! You can send me suggestions if you want something translated.

Komahina AU Idea : Komaeda has a crush on Izuru Kamukura, the most talented student in Hope’s Peak Academy, and does anything he can to be useful to him. When Komaeda has to move away from their school, he promises Kamukura that he will write him a letter every week

He does that, but Kamukura doesn’t have any interest in answering these letters, and they stay somewhere in his drawer until Hajime Hinata, his little brother who is a Reserve Course Student, finds them. Reading Komaeda’s letters, which are quite serious ( Komaeda probably left the school for his health, and it’s not going well ), he asks Kamukura to be nice and answer to this kid who is obviously love-struck.

Kamukura refuses, saying it’s ‘too boring’, and Hinata decides to answer Komaeda’s letters, pretending to be Kamukura, to cheer up the other boy, because he is ( secretely ) a good person at heart.

Their relationship develops through months spent writing each others, and Hinata finds himself falling in love with Komaeda who, despite a few slip-ups, has no idea that he is the one answering his letters.

After all this time, Komaeda is finally allowed to go back to Hope’s Peak, and is really eager to meet Kamukura again, now that they are friends ( and even friends who shamelessly flirt with each others in their letters ). Problem : for Kamukura, Komaeda isn’t anything else that the weird kid who insisted to carry his books.

Title: Only desire what you deserve

Author: @sternenmaler

For: @eli-han

Rating/Warnings: G/None

Prompt: one is planning a surprise party for the other and keeps it a secret, the other realises they’re hiding something only to get super surprised!

Author’s notes: I’m so sorry for all the cryptic asks!! The final draft turned into something quite unexpected for me as well when I switched prompts like last second (sweats). It’s not really a surprise party but let’s just say Hinata struggles with surprising a very unsuspecting Komaeda for his birthday. Genre is fluff and a little bit of hurt/comfort. It’s set post sdr2 in a Future Foundation AU (aka they are working for FF and living somewhere in the city, not Jabberwock Island). I hope you’ll enjoy!! (more notes at the end)

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SDR2 Boys and their mute S/O speaking for the first time.

I tried to vary the causes of S/O being mute, from being born like that to not talking by choice. Hope you don’t mind.

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- You had gone mute entirely by choice.

- Hajime had met you two years after that choice, and has never heard your voice.

- Though he respected your decision, for the first few months he knew you the Ultimate Translator had to translate your sign language. But don’t worry, they were very happy to!

- Eventually he had been able to learn some basic signs and could hold some short conversations with you.

- He had also learned enough to be able to ask you out.

- You have been dating for three years now.

- But admittedly, he had still never heard your voice.

- You texted him asking him out to the park, which he happily agreed.

- He sat on a bench under a tree and texted you, asking where you were.

- “Hajime,”

- The boy turned around to see who called his name.

- But when he turned around he saw you.

- “Hey S/O, did you hear anyone call my name?”

- You take both of your hands and grab his one, looking at the ground.

- “It’s nice to see you this morning Hajime.”

- When you looked up at him, he had tears in his eyes.

- “S/O, p-please say my name again.”

- “I’m glad you like my voice Hajime.”

- He wrapped his arms around you and looked you in the eyes.

- “I absolutely love your voice S/O”

Nagito Komaeda

- You had vocal cord damage since when you were young.

- So when Komaeda met you, you didn’t even know what your voice sounded like.

- He loved it when you would hand him notes, telling him about your day.

- Going out with you was extremely enjoyable as well.

- You were perfect for the quiet places he loves to go by himself.

- Whenever you recommended books he would find notes in them from you when he got them from the library.

- But one day, you disappeared from his point of view.

- He hadn’t seen you in two days.

- He was starting to think that something had happened, seeing that just a day ago he had won the lottery once again.

- He was on his way to the library when a latter came down on top of him, along with a can of blue paint, and a man.

- After the man apologised to him, he got a text from you, asking you to meet him at the hospital.

- This can’t be good.

- When he entered the waiting room, he asked the clerk where your room was.

- “I’m right here Nagito.”

- When he turned, it was you.

- You had a small visible black mechanism implanted where your voice box would be. You were smiling and had tears in your eyes.

- You ran up to Nagito and hugged him, he was still in shock.

- “You have no idea how happy this makes me S/O.

- “I love you Komaeda.”

- “I love you too S/O.”

Nekomaru Nidai

- When he first met you, a friend had introduced you to him.

- When they said your name you waved at him smiling.

- “If you’re going to introduce yourself don’t let someone else do it for you.”

- You looked at your friend and signed what he was going on about. They seemed a bit worried.


- You fell to the ground and rapidly signed to your friend, pleading them to tell him about your situation.

- The friend ran up to him and explained that you had autism and chose not to speak around others.

- He immediately stopped yelling and apologized.

- Ever since he was very careful about his volume and intensity around you.

- If anyone had ever made fun of you or your choice of communication he would deal with the personally.

- While you were gone of course.

- Because of all this, you almost felt inclined to ask him out.

- He confirmed that this wasn’t because of some kind peer pressure, them he happily said yes.

- The first time he heard you talk was on your two year anniversary.

- He had brought you to a baseball game, with noise canceling headphones, and got you special seats that not everyone got to sit in, so you were happily by yourself.

- After the game he gave you a baseball and bat signed by your favorite player: Leon Kuwata.

- On the car ride home, you sat in the front seat.

- While Nidai was buckling up, you turned on the radio and found your favorite song.

- “Oh, I love this song.”

- Nidai is just.

- S H O O K

- “What?!”

- “What? It’s a good- Oh.”

- Nidai is still with shock.

- But you start laughing softly.

- “I guess I’m just that comfortable around you, huh?”

- Then Nidai started laughing.

- “I’m honored S/O.

Ultimate Imposter

- He didn’t mind that you were mute at all.

- He disguised himself as mute people all the time.

- He even knew sign language.

- You two conversed all the time because of this.

- It wasn’t a surprise when you started dating.

- He had started teaching you how to do impressions as well.

- When you did them though, you always expressed how you could do better if you talked while doing them.

- But no matter what, Imposter always reassured you that all of your impressions were perfect with or without your voice.

- After a month or two, Imposter started noticing things about you.

- You weren’t as cheerful and optimistic as before.

- So when you both had the time he asked what was wrong.

- It didn’t surprise him when your problem was about your voice.

- But it wasn’t about your choice to not speak, it was about how your voice sounded.

- It was the whole reason you had stopped talking in general.

- You had always been insecure about how your voice sounded and it was the biggest reason people made fun of you when you were younger.

- But you told him that you made a decision that you were proud of.

- When he asked you what it was you smiled at him.

- “I think you already know what my decision was Imposter.”

- You laugh when he’s left to silence.

- “Do I sound nice?”

- Imposter laughed as he caressed your face.

- “You sound absolutely perfect.”

Gundam Tanaka

- He legit scared you when you met.

- “Bow down! For it is I, the great Gundam Tanaka.”

- You sweated a bit as you signed to him, just checking if he spoke sign language.

- “Hm? What are these strange symbols you present before the great Tanaka’s vast intellect?”

- Can’t be that vast if he can’t recognize simple sign language.

- You take out a personal notebook and write down your situation on your paper.

- What he read explained how you had damaged vocal cords since you were born.

- He dropped his persona for a second and apologised for his ignorance.

- Then he put it back up like a wall.

- “It is clear that I would not know something I have never been taught. Maybe you could teach me?”

- It was cheesy and obvious but you said yes.

- You and Gundam had been good friends since.

- Then you walked right into being more than friends.

- You adapted to his persona and played along with it perfectly.

- “Surrender! Or my dark queen/king will curse you with their ancient symbols of anguish.”

- Then you would sign “You have been warned, mortal.”

- Then both of you would laugh about how cool you looked while you were alone.

- Lately though, you were too busy to be able to meet him anywhere.

- So he came to your house. To find you calculating all your money together.

- He asked you what you were doing.

- Pressing the equal sign once, then starting to smile, you signed “Getting my voice back.”

- It was a few weeks after your surgery. The doctor told you that there is absolutely no talking while you were recovering. Which was fine, you were used to it.

- But now you were back in the doctor’s office, practicing your speech.

- When you returned to the waiting room, the doctor explained to Gundam how you were at the speech level of an older child and that you’ll constantly need more practice.

- You looked at him from behind the doctor and smiled.

- He hugged you, and you looked up at him.

- “T-t-tanaka. Gundam Tanaka.”

- Gundam smiled and tears started running down his cheeks.

- This was one of the happiest days of his life.

Kazuichi Souda

- You think freaking Souda cared if you couldn’t talk?

- Hell no.

- He loved it when you would exchange private messages through sign language on the streets.

- He also loved it when you silently watched him work on projects with that adorable face of yours.

- Doing everything together was a nice perk as well.

- No one else you knew took the time to learn sign language as fluently as he did. This is why you liked spending most of your freetime with him.

- Lately you weren’t as lively as you usually were on one of your outings.

- He asked you what was wrong, and you looked at him with a frown.

- ‘Would you help me if I said that a doctor can bring my voice back?’

- By the end of the week both of you started working as hard as you could to save money.

- Though this procedure was inexpensive for most people, neither of you were most people.

- During the surgery, Souda paced around the waiting room until his feet hurt, then paced a bit more.

- An old lady even asked him if he was going to be a father soon.

- Having someone he’s only known as mute getting their voice is probably only exciting to him, but he doesn’t care.

- When he’s allowed to see you, grins and squeals like everyone on the room had been waiting for this.

- You’re asleep, but he anticipates every second like you could wake up and say something during every moment he doesn’t pay attention.

- When you do wake up though, the surgeon informs you that you shouldn’t try and talk for another week.

- When that week was up, it felt like a year had ended.

- You visited the hospital one more time and the doctor gave you the green light to try and speak.

- “S-s-ssss. S-oh-oh-uu. S-soud-d-da.”

- Your boyfriend could not explain his gratitude.

- In words.

- So he soft tackled you, saying words of happiness and gratitude for your first word being his name.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

- He doesn’t care whether or not he hears your voice.

- To him it’s just part of your charm.

- If anyone made any beef with you he would deal with personally.

- Not speaking was your choice alone and they will respect that! Whether they like it or not.

- Though you had never seen this in action, you always found that Kuzuryu had a protective sense about him.

- Even if he tried pushing you away, you would always rebound with even more energy than before.

- This attention turned from a nuisance, to something that could be enjoyable, to something he waited for the day to end for.

- When you two got into a more intimate relationship, you liked cuddling with him and holding his hand.

- While in public you both kept it professional, but in private you loved just being near him.

- This included not only cuddling, but falling asleep on each other.

- You were currently in one of those moments.

- Your head was snuggled into the crook of his neck and his arms wrapped around your body.

- While Fuyuhiko was half awake you started mumbling in your sleep.

- “Fuyu,,Fuyuhiko.”

- He is suddenly wide awake, carefully trying to wake his girl/boyfriend up. He didn’t want to talking without realizing it, especially after all the years of silence.

- You opened your eyes to Fuyuhiko’s worried face.

- “Good morning Fuyuhiko.”

- The gangsters eyes widened.

- “I’ve been planning this for a long time now.”

- The boy in front of you cracked a smile.

- “I want to do this more often.” you said.

- The boy hugged you tighter.

- “I’m glad you feel that way S/O.”

Teruteru Hanamura

- Teruteru has always wondered about you.

- Why you didn’t like being around people, why you didn’t meet people you didn’t already know, and why you didn’t talk.

- Unlike most people he flirted with, when he talked to you, you would laugh at his innuendos.

- But you never took the time to talk to him. So instead he was going to try and talk to you.

- When he introduces himself, you frown, take out your phone, and start typing something.

- Hanamura looked around waiting for a response.

- You show him your phone screen and it says “My name is F/N L/N. I’m the Ultimate ___. I’m mute.”

- Ohhhhhh.

- Yeah that makes sense.

- Ever since, the chef insisted on keeping you company. Even if you said that he didn’t have to.

- He wants to respect your decision, and he does! He definitely does.

- But he really wants to hear your voice. He doesn’t say anything about it though.

- You did decide to invite him to your room.

- When he entered he jokingly asked about making your relationship more “intimate.”

- You looked at him and asked him to be more serious about this. When he saw your face, he apologized and asked what you wanted to talk about.

- It was about your voice.

- When you were smaller, children you knew would make fun of you for it. Eventually it came to the point where you stopped talking altogether.

- You asked him not to laugh, then said that you want others to be able to hear you voice.

- Then you looked up, into his eyes.

- “Do you think that’s a good idea Teru?”

- He took a second to process what he just heard.

- He put a hand up to his chin, the smiled.

- “I think that’s a wonderful idea S/O.”

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May I request headcannons where Nagito, Teruteru, Hajime, Ouma and Kiibo find their s/o crying because they are being relentlessly bullied? Thank you.

Hi! And yes, you may! Thank you so very much for the request! I vow to try my very best! Have a good day now, okay? If you are being bullied, please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me. Being bullied is definitely not fun, and you don’t deserve it. No one does. So, you can definitely come talk to me if you’d like. That goes for anyone who may be going through something troubling, regardless of what it may be. I can be busy, but I’ll make time for you if it means you’ll feel better.

Nagito Komaeda

- Needless to say, Nagito was grief-stricken to discover you crying alone in your room. Something was amiss when you arrived home from university in silence and rushed away to your room. He happened to not have class that day, so he was lounging on the couch, anticipating your return. Once the front door opened, there was a sorrow that polluted the air, prompting him from his seat.

- He approached your door and gently knocked with concern. No response, although there was a barely audible hush on the other side, silencing the sniffling. He urged the door open to find you withdrawn and stowed away beneath your desk. He walked toward you slowly and quietly before crouching down, his gaze meeting yours. 

- “S/O, please talk to me. Please, what is the matter?”

- You tell him that you’ve been bullied at university, and that you’ve been keeping it from him, as to not worry him. He sighs, and offers a disappointed smile. He relays to you that he wished you would have said something, and that worrying about you is something he does anyway. He asks if you would like for him to do something, or for something to be done. 

- You shake your head quickly, although he has already decided what he would like to do. For now, he pulls you in close for a reassuring embrace. Because of your knowledge of his past, his hold always is comforting albeit saddening, considering all he has been through. It amazes you how he still is capable of such pure and genuine love despite it all. You two hold each other for what feels like the remainder of the day.

- The following day at university, you head out to lunch, worried about what is to come. You see them approaching from the distance, and brace yourself. But what surprises you, however, is seeing Nagito as well. He walks toward you confidently, with a box lunch in hand, before sitting beside you. He looks up to the students with nothing to offer but a menacing glare, driving them away quickly, before turning back to you with a smile. He hands you the lunch he made himself.

- “How has your day been so far, S/O?”

Teruteru Hanamura

- You return home in tears. Teruteru immediately rushes to your side, alarmed.

- “Why, whatever happened to you, my love? What is wrong?”

- You tell him that you were heckled quite harshly by your coworkers today. It was your first day at the job of your dreams, so the outcome was all the more hurtful and devastating. He sighs understandably. He tells you that he, too, was bullied as a child. He was bullied for his appearance and for being overly dependent and attached to his mother. 

- He proceeds to lead you to the kitchen, sitting down on the kitchen floor beside you. He holds your hand and tells you about his childhood. Teruteru was bullied relentlessly, just like you were. But whenever he came home in tears, his mother would always sit and talk to him, just like he is to you now. Then, she would cook him his favorite meal afterward. It never failed to cheer him up, which is why he adored his mother so very much. 

- You recalled your most recent visit to her home. She was very compassionate, kind, and loving. It’s no wonder that Teruteru was and is so attached to her. You broke out of your preoccupation when you felt him gently lead your head to rest on his stomach. He strokes your hair lovingly. He smiles at you warmly, and suggests that he get up to make you your favorite meal.

- It takes him no time at all to finish preparing your favorite meal. It is presented to you fresh and hot. You look at it for a while, leaving him to wonder what is wrong. You get up from the kitchen counter stool and run over to hug him tight. 

- “Ah, S/O. My cooking is for the sake of making the people I love happy. Besides my own mother, that other person is you.”

Hajime Hinata

- “S/O? Come here. Did something happen?”

- You open your bedroom door a little. You had arrived home from work earlier than Hajime today, but only because you decided to leave early. You texted him, and he also decided to leave work slightly earlier than usual, about 5 minutes or so. He was a rather earnest and hard worker, so his boss is very kind and lenient with him. 

- You walk slowly into his outstretched arms, sobbing quietly into his chest. He embraces you, his hold firm and his arms filling with strength. He buries his face in your hair, and his hold becomes tighter. He apologizes that you had to endure such a thing, and asks if there was anything he could do to help. You tell him that your coworkers were bullying you, but you really had no choice but to remain at your job since you wouldn’t want to be without one. 

- He releases you, his hands resting on your shoulders. He asks if there are any hobbies or interests you pursue at home, such as drawing or writing novels. You say yes, and tell him what it is. He smiles and suggests that you begin to work at home, and pursue what you like without needing to endure any harrassment. He says he will support you for as long as you need until you take off, and the proposal brings you to tears. 

- From that day on, you have quit your office job and decided to pursue your hobby, turning it into a career you can maintain from home. You have gained a following of very kind, and compassionate people, all of whom appreciate and praise your work. Hajime looks on proudly, often reminding you of how proud he is. You thank him, appreciating his support with all of your heart. He says it’s no problem, and places a gentle kiss on your forehead.

- “I believe that if you try new things, even difficult things, that everything will be okay. I’m glad that this new approach you decided to take was something that you enjoy, and that I could help and be a part of your journey.”

Kokichi Ouma

- What? Someone bullied the person he treasured most? That is unacceptable. Something must be done, but only if you say it’s okay. But in all seriousness, Ouma becomes extremely protective and tender whenever you are hurt in any way, and seeing you hurt, distressed, or saddened affects him quite heavily, to the point in which he might cry out of frustration at how unfair things were. However, he tries not to, because he understands that he must be strong in order to support you. 

-  “S/O … I’m sorry that you had to endure such poor treatment. The world’s just so unfair …”

- He hugs you tightly, burying his face in your shoulder. You can sense his anger. He is angry because someone as patient, loving, compassionate and understanding as you were bullied. When no one bothered to speak to him, befriend him, or even look at him, you did. He was never sure why you did. Perhaps it was out of the kindness of your heart, or because you saw through his facade and knew he was a damaged and lonely person …

- He cries quietly into your shoulder, apologizing for not being able to protect you. He doesn’t mean to cry, because this isn’t about him but … he just loves you so much, and believes that you only deserve the best. He releases you, and gazes into your eyes with determination. He asks if there was anything he could do, anything at all. If you wished to obtain your revenge, you could consider it done. You smile and kiss him through your tears.

- He exclaims that he is serious, and that he is willing to do just about anything for you. You tell him that it is fine, and that you would just like to spend a quiet evening together with him. So that’s exactly what you two do. He makes you laugh, as he always does, with his silly jokes and antics. His presence brings about a lightheartedness about the air, and it wasn’t too long before you forget and fall asleep.

- The next day, you prepare yourself for more bullying. You see some of your bullies, and wonder why they weren’t all there. They were high achieving students, so it was rare for them to be absent. Your eyes meet, but they shriek in fear. They scream something about seeing a twisted, demon’s face, shrouded in darkness as if it was something from a horror movie. They began to shrivel in fear, whispering about seeing something absolutely satanic and blood-curdling. Upon arriving home, you offer Ouma a suspicious look. He snickers devilishly.

- “Nishishi … What I did was a lot less boring than just leaving them be! You now have nothing to worry about, S/O!”


- “S/O! I sense that something is wrong! Please do not hesitate to tell me what that something is! I will not allow for you to push me away this time.”

- At work, there was this individual that liked you, but you did not reciprocate their feelings. The situation quickly became alarming and potentially dangerous. They began stalking you, following you around whilst being close behind, calling you derogatory names and terms, and cyberbullying you. You thought that returning home would grant you some space, but the cyberbullying prevented that. They haunted you and you were always in a state of worry, sadness, or fright.

- You never wanted to reveal this to Kiibo, as you did not wish to trouble, scare, or worry him, knowing his innocence and purity. Because the individual was potentially dangerous, you wanted to spare him, knowing they would harrass him as well for being different. So you kept quiet. He noticed, but whenever he would ask, you shrugged it off. He didn’t wish to pry any further if you didn’t want to share, so he would not persist.

- One day, it became too much. They threatened you, declaring that they knew where you lived. The message shook you to your soul, clasping at your heart and nearly suffocating you. You hear him calling you, but you don’t respond. You were paralyzed with fear, until your bedroom door swung open, and within an instant, Kiibo’s warmth engulfed you. He was holding you tightly from behind, his eyes closed tight and his face buried into your back.

- He is practically pleading for you to allow him to help you, and you show him your phone. He reads it over quickly, and exclaims that this is extremely serious, and that he won’t stand for this kind of harassment toward you from anyone. Without a second thought, he phones the police, and afterward, grabs you by the hand and leads you to the car. He drives you both to the police station, and upon arriving there, he meets with the police officer with whom he was on the phone with. Kiibo gently asks for your phone, and shows it to the officer. This was a form of dangerous harrassment, and the individual is to be reprimanded. 

- You are breathless as this all unfolds. Despite his usual meek demeanor and unfamiliarity with human institutions, he handled this so bravely and with so much determination. He believed your well-being, happiness, and life was on the line, and he knew he had to take action, no matter how drastic. He even asked you if you would like to move someplace else.

- You look at him, loving him with everything you had. During this entire process, he was so set on protecting you that he paid no heed to anything else, and when you hugged him, he finally was brought to tears. 

- “S/O … I was so … frightened, by everything that has happened to you. I just love you so much and … please, next time this happens, come to me right away, okay? I love you, so much.”

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We are all here, only Souda and Matsuda-san seem to be missing. I’m really worried about them, we need to do something !

….We are going to search for them.

We will search them by pair, that way we will be able to cover more ground quicker.

That’s a good idea. We should put one person able to defend themselve with someone less capable. That way if something happen it won’t be as dangerous.

Correct, I’m going to announce the pair right now, I won’t accept any complain.

Togami with Makoto, Koizumi-san with Tanaka-kun, Kuzuryuu-kun with Mioda-san, Owari-san with Tsumiki-san, Pekoyama-san with Hina, Yukimaru-kun with Asahina-kun, Sonia with Komaeda-kun, Hinata-kun with Saionji-san, Nidai-kun with me.

Tch. *looks at Peko, worried*

I want everyone back here in one hour, okay, don’t be late. If you find something try to inform us as soon as possible.

Now let’s go, Nidai-kun, follow me. *walks out of the room*

Understood. *follows her*

*nods at Hajime before leaving with Sonia, soon followed by the others pair*

Sweet talk and open hearts

Chapitre ½ : Avoidance

Summary : “Kuzuryu breathes deeply and when he speaks again, he is very calm and his face stone-like. “Sorry Komaeda, but I can’t let you walk away like that. You know too much and I don’t trust you not to be a blabbermouth”.”

In which Kuzuryu doesn’t want to admit that he is brave, and Komaeda is good at demolding chocolates but that’s pretty much it.

Pairing : Komaeda/Hinata ; Kuzuryu/Pekoyama

Words : 5,929

AN : First part of this fanfiction made for Valentine’s Day. Probably not as sweet as I thought it would be, but I love these pairings enough to respect them. It’s the first time writing KuzuPeko for me, and I’m satisfied with it for now. See you in two days for the second part !


“Again” Komaeda asks, more demanding than he would be the rest of the time. But Hinata and him have been on the beach for more than an hour now, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun, letting the purple and pink shadows turns to orange to yellow, and the atmosphere is so peaceful that he almost forgets who he is, what he has done, and how he is really not in position to requires anything, especially from Hinata.

Hinata is laying on the sand next to him, eyes closed, almost like he is going to fall asleep any second, but Komaeda actually enjoys being able to look at him all he wants without worrying about being weird or scaring his friend - they are friends, right ? Hinata said they were - away. This morning specifically, he has the hardest time tearing his eyes away from the little stretch of golden skin between the edge of his pants and his T-shirt. He is almost mesmerized by it, both fascinated and a little scared by the want it creates in him.

“Alright” Hinata replies, without opening his eyes. “Go on, I got one.”

Komaeda nods, even if the other can’t see it. He pretends to focus, though it has nothing to do with logic. It’s all about luck, and that’s why it’s so important. He licks his lips and says :

“Two thousand and two”

“More” Hinata doesn’t miss a beat and the answer comes right away.

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Gundham Tanaka and Nagito Komaeda Relationship Headcanons

I don’t have much to say on this one, actually, but thank you for requesting, 🌸!!
–Mod Gundham


Gundham Tanaka

-G o s h this is one flustered boy lowkey

-He’s never been super close to anyone before

-Sonia was his first like, human friend, after all

-And you were his second!!

-But you quickly surpassed Sonia on how attached Gundham was to you

-You’re his fellow Dark Lord!

-He developed romantic feelings for you as soon as the Dark Devas hinted at how much they liked you

-Well, he’d had feeling before that tbh

-His hamsters just made him realize it

-He’d try to be hella grand and great around you, which is either adorable or slightly embarrassing depending on where you are with him

-He’d have to ask his classmates on what proper etiquette is with someone on a “date”

-Like I said, he’s very inexperienced with dating and it shows

-He tries to hide it under his whole “great and powerful” persona but it still shows

-Especially whenever you suggest to do something together!

-Whether it be going to the movies, the zoo, to dinner, you could literally just ask if he wanted to hang out at your place for a while

-And he instantly starts to blush and clam up

-He’s not much for PDA

-He’ll gladly take your hand if you hint to it, and he’ll tend to grab your wrist or arm to lead you places

-But past that… he won’t initiate much in public

-Of course he’ll certainly react positively if you start something

-But he’ll mostly leave affectionate stuff to being in private

-He’s going to introduce you to all his pets

-Like, obviously

-And if they don’t like you he’ll get very confused and probably start trying to debate with the animal

-As for gifts, he’s definitely one for bringing you home plushes of your favorite animals

-You’ll soon have your own collection of furry friends!!

-And chances are Gundham will actually give you a real pet, like an animal that he’s bred specifically for you and whatever needs or wants you may have

-He’s very much a pet-name boy

-As in he’ll call you kitten, puppy-dog, ect

-He’s a good boy okay

Nagito Komaeda

-He adores you

-Chances are you’re an Ultimate at something if you’re dating him

-And if you’re not?

-He’ll declare you as one

-He just loves you so much okay

-He’ll dote on you and spoil you constantly

-He’ll find out what kind of gifts you like the most (food/sweets, jewlery, technology, ect) and will always present you with them

-He’s one for random gifts too

-And he’s definitely one for PDA

-Though he will very, very rarely initiate it

-No matter how long you two have been dating for he’s going to think you might be embarrassed by him

-So if you kiss him, or hold his hand, or grab his waist in public?

-He’s going to be a shining happy mess

-Like, he won’t be able to contain himself probably

-He’ll constantly compliment you

-If you’re insecure about any part of yourself he’ll make it his duty to lessen those bad vibes

-He’s going to call himself trash in comparison to you

-Literally sometimes can’t comprehend how you like him

-You’ll have to reassure him just as much as he comforts you, tbh

-He can be a bit intense sometimes with his feelings, but he’s such a cute boy all in all okay