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DR2 Boys As Crap That’s Been Said In My Household Recently

Hajime Hinata: “I feel like a protagonist in one of those TV shows that can’t decide what it is so it pretends it’s a whole new genre and calls itself edgy, but we all know it’s just an asshole.”

Nagito Komaeda: “Look, I know I’m not the easiest person to live with. Believe me, I know. I’m annoying and obsessive and unstable and useless and terrible and I forgot where I was going with this, but I’m glad we’ve established something here.”

Kazuichi Soda: “I’m so disappointed in myself. I lost a dance-off tonight because I accidentally did the macarena. Accidentally!”

Fuyhiko Kuzuryuu: “Please don’t tell him I said that. He’ll get really offended and it’ll lose it’s effect for when I say it to his face.”

Gundham Tanaka: “I’d love to help you but I can’t. The dog has decided I’m her bed, and it’d be really rude of me to abandon her now.”

Nekomaru Nidai: “You need to get into the sun more! You’re so pale, I need sunglasses just to look at you. Ex-er-cise!”

Twogami (SHSL Imposter): “People think I’m cool for some reason. I’m not cool, I’m just a good actor.”

Teruteru Hanamura: “I’d let her kick me in the face or do literally anything to me, and I’m not even into – don’t give me that look.”

We arrived at Jabberwock Park…
In the middle of the park, there’s a bronze statue shaped like five fictitious animals.
It looks like there’s no one else here except us…
What should we do now?

>This looks like a great spot for napping. 

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3,7,24,25,31 and 40 with Komahina for the OTP Meme

Huuuuum hi ~ Not sure if it all comes from the same person since I received all of this in a short amount of time but here we go anon ! It’s going to be long.

3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?

I fell like I’ve answered this one a long time ago, but Komaeda hogs the cover because he is always so damn cold and when he is peacefully asleep Hinata rarely has the heart to wake him up. I feel like Komaeda would be the one who likes to cuddle the most, but Hinata likes it too, it’s just not the kind of physical contact he is going to neccessary initiate.

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

Well, both can be super nipticky, but no one is better than Ko to turn something small into a god damn house.

14. Who kills the spiders?

Probably Hinata. Komaeda doesn’t care, or would just put it outside, I think. None of them is scared of them, by the way.

19. Who loves to call the other one cute names?

I’m really not a big fan of pet names headcanons in general, stuff like ‘baby’ or ‘sweethear’ are weird to me if it doesn’t have an ironic layer to it. I feel like Komaeda would make up the most ridiculous, passive-agressive nicknames just to piss Hinata off. But anytime Hinata calls him ‘Nagito’, he so done, he is so weak, oh my god it’s terrible.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?

Komaeda rambles a lot and Hinata is a listener, even if he isn’t always sure what to do with what he listens to. Their main challenges is for Komaeda to start to listen to others and for Hinata to start to force the dialogue eventually, though. It’s interesting.

25. Who wears the other ones clothes?

Honestly I don’t think either of them do that. They can mistake the other’s shirt for their if they are similiar and they dress up in the dark, before their morning coffee, but that’s it, honestly

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?

Komaeda doesn’t care, it’s so ridiculous. Hinata doesn’t have a perfect diet, but he still tries to not poison himself at least.

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Well, since we know that Hinata isn’t fan of showers ( ? ) in general, I’ll go with Ko on this one. I really could see both of them singing though… Komaeda has the best voice but when Hinata is alone, I could see him being a superstar under the shower 8) I may need to write an AU about this.

31. Who is more affectionate?

At first, probably Hinata, since - let’s be honest - he has to be the one to build the bridge between them after the NWP, while Komaeda would probably be pretty distant and cautious and confused. I think after they start dating, Komaeda would end up by realizing that he can get affection from Hinata pretty much anytime he wants, and he is so going for it.

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

If you mean about the meaning of life and hope, and fate and all that stuff that Hinata rolls his eyes at, Komaeda. If you mean about their relationship and their feelings, Hinata has to be the brave one between the two ~

33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt?

That’s kind of a joke. Komaeda would put the ‘sin’ one, and Hinata would be like ‘take it off, that’s not funny’, then he would put the ‘not guilty’ one and Hinata would be like ‘hm, let’s not go toot far’.

38. Who likes to star gaze?

I could see both of them loving it. The idea of immensity and endless universe is probably super appealing for both of them.

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?

Ah ! Who thought it was a good idea to have them be parents. More seriously, Hinata would probably be the responsible one 95% of the time, while Komaeda would be the fun one, but if someone wrong happens he would turn serious in 0,2 seconds or something, when Hinata would probably be shook when facing something too serious.

42. Who is the neat freak?

None of them are. Komaeda apparently likes to clean, so there is that, but I don’t think it’s because he is a neat freak.

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

If it’s a luck game, probably Komaeda for Hinata. He really wants to win something for Ko in return, though, and he tries again and again to get this stuffed animal. Whether is succeed or not is variable.

44. Who is active/ Who is lazy?

Komaeda is way too active, but Hinata isn’t lazy. They are both unable to not do something if something seems wrong to them and if they think there is something they can do to change the situation. That doesn’t mean they can’t have lazy days from time to time.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?

Probably Hinata. He isn’t a big drinker, but he still does drink sometimes when his friends have a party, whereas Komaeda doesn’t - it’s not a good idea to mix up alcohol and meds, anyway - because he wants to stay in control of what he is doing.

Prompt: before ko turns into shsl despair, when they are in the academy. Maybe Chiaki invites Ko to go to a arcade with her?

A/N a very late birthday gift to my beloved friend @nanamemes-chiakiiz HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL FRIEND!!!

Lucky Catch - komanami

“I truly am honored to have been invited to escort you when surely there are others more fitting. From the bottom of my heart, I am touched that you would choose me.” Komaeda declared with his widest of grins.

“You’re exaggerating. I just asked you out on a date.” Nanami replied more casually in contrast to his tone.

“Huh? Isn’t that what I just said?” He asked with childlike innocence.

Nanami blinked at his genuine ignorance. Even though it’s to be expected, she still isn’t quite used to the way he’d describe certain things but it’s not a bad thing. It’s confusing at times and more often than not, he’s fanatically optimistic when he’s not downright self-deprecating. His words are a bit of a mouthful and she’s not sure if she fully comprehends what he says but then she just looks at him. Komaeda’s smile is more than enough to tell her what he meant to in words.

“Well I guess if you say so.” She easily smiled back and took his hand, intertwining. “Let’s go?”

There’s a sparkle in his eyes as he gave her hand an affectionate squeeze. “Lead the way.”

It’s a date or at least it’s the closest thing to a date that Nanami could think of. She’d always wanted to try an actual date and ever since she resigned herself to the idea that Komaeda wouldn’t make the first move, not yet, she asked him out first. He almost turned her down though but only because he kept downplaying his worth. But it’s alright since he agreed in the end and she even managed to talk him into planning the second one. He was surprisingly easier to talk into a second date than a first. He said something about the probability of the first one being a success was guaranteed since her hope would surely overpower his bad luck. She’s not going to argue to that if it gets them a round two date.

She’s a bit inexperienced though or rather, she has no in real life experience at all when it comes to planning dates. Whenever she tried to prod for information from Komaeda, he’d simply reply that he’d be willing to go anywhere and he didn’t have any place he particularly favored. Nanami’s geographic knowledge on the other hand only extended to gaming places. He didn’t seem to mind and she was relieved that they were going to a comfort zone of hers. But just because this was her territory didn’t mean she didn’t think of his side.

She dragged him and gracefully weaved through the arcade until they stopped at their destination.

“A claw machine?” He stated more than asked. It wasn’t quite what he expected when she told him that they were going to have fun at the arcade.

A whole slew of them was lined up although this one was the largest of them. His eyes discreetly searched for the number of tokens needed and confirmed his suspicion that this was in fact the most expensive of them all. They could play ten games at the rate. He turned to her face which was beaming at the challenge in front of her.

“Me first.” Nanami said without so much a glance at him, her eyes already trained at the prize before her.

They already bought tokens beforehand and she slid ten of them into the machine. The claw moved with precision as she expertly held the analog stick with a determined grip. She flicked it ever so slightly, bit by bit, as she stared at the inside and changed her angle every now and then, correcting the alignment accordingly. Without warning, she pressed the button and she maneuvered through the obstacle of prizes as the claw descended. Until finally, it was able to hook onto a tiny loop which was connected to a huge dog stuffed toy. And just like that, she had easily won the most expensive prize in the game.

The plushie was ridiculously larger than her as she held it, both of her arms could hardly circle around all of it. With a proud grin on her face, she peeked through her prize and challenged him, “Now it’s player two’s turn.”

Komaeda was almost at a lost for words. Her talent never failed to astound him and just now he bore witness to the more unconventional applications of it and it blew his mind. She looked so happy over it too that he couldn’t help but smile back. “Alright, wish me luck.”

Contrary to Nanami’s controlled and calculated approach, Komaeda didn’t put too much effort into his. After all, he thought that he didn’t have the talent for it so why bother? He did wonder how his luck would affect the outcome. Claw machines involved some luck after getting past the mirrors and skills. He vaguely remembered reading somewhere how there was actually a mechanism involved that regulated the odds of winning. According to that, it would take a certain number of tries after a win before the next win happens. Since Nanami had just won before him, the chances of him winning anything was close to zero now.

It excited him all the more not knowing how he could possibly lose horribly in this.

The claw hovered his target, the best prize second to the already taken dog stuff toy, a bunny mascot character plush. He didn’t even hesitate when he pressed the button and the claw descended– past the bunny and into the bags of candies that surrounded it. Miraculously, one was caught by the edge and dangled precariously. It was a horrible consolation prize but it was better than none.

Except it was dropped as the claw shook on its way to the bin. The bag fell right on top of one of the heavier prizes which threw it off balance. It then toppled onto the divider which just so happened to have some screws loose. For a long moment, nothing happened. The tension in the air was palpable as the two stared on in anticipation. They thought that his luck was pushed far enough since there was no movement for a few minutes. They almost gave up as they took a step back. Somehow the miniscule tremor from that was enough to trigger the collapse of the divider and so all of the prizes came pouring out of the machine.

“Amazing!” Nanami voiced her awe in all her enthusiasm. “As expected of a pro!”

Komaeda laughed at yet another display of how powerful his luck was. “I guess my luck has its uses after all!” He had won everything with his luck.

And then lost them all because it was suspected as cheating.

“Ah, I knew my luck is the worst. To win everything only for me forfeit them all is truly devastating.” Komaeda said outside with a smile that was far too cheery despite his circumstance. “Well it’s not like I can complain. It was either go home empty-handed or you get banned too.” He chuckled at this.

In hindsight, they were lucky that they let her keep her prize at least.

“Did you have fun, Nanami?” He asked her as they walked towards the train station.

“Yes. Very much so!” She nodded happily. “They let us play lots of other games afterwards. But I still think the best part was the claw machine. Your luck was so amazing! I couldn’t beat it at all!”

“But if we count the actual prizes I took home, we’d count nothing so this should count as your victory.” He corrected her.

Nanami stopped in her tracks and turned towards him.

“You used to have a dog.” She started, her voice was distant but also partly muffled from the plushie she was holding on.


“You told me that you used to have a dog when you were a kid and that it made you happy.” She continued and it was hard to tell what kind of face she was making as she said this since the plushie obscured her head. “I know this isn’t enough to replace him. And this might not even be the same breed but…”

From one owner to another, the dog was passed on to him.

“Here.” She said with a heartfelt smile, it shone more prominently due to the blush that dusted her cheeks. “I want you to be happy.”

For a moment, Komaeda remembered to try and get her that bunny plushie for another date.

His arms encircled both the dog stuff toy and her as he let out a blissful sigh. “Thank you, Nanami. I truly am lucky.”

And he was the luckiest for having her.

Komaeda: Hinata-kun…I hate Hinata-kun so much! Why don’t you go away? Hinata-kun why don’t you just die alreadyyyyy?
Hinata: Yes yes, I get it. So eat now.
(This one was kinda obvious, wasn’t it?)

Artist: Kukiwakame

Translation by me, I sometimes translate stuff! You can send me suggestions if you want something translated.

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sorry for my phrasing-- i'm honestly not sure how to phrase it. i mean like, not all of your lineart is black, it goes to different colors for hair, skin, etc. i see it a lot but i can't get it to look smooth for me when i color the lineart in non-black :0

ohh no worries!!

you can either choose to use clipping group or preserve opacity for this! both are useful in colouring lineart!

First, you do your lineart normally. all black if you want~!

second, you click on the lineart layer and either turn on preserve opacity or clipping group ((although if you’re going to turn on clipping group, you need to have one layer on top of the lineart layer)).

you colour the lineart freely as you want it! should be something like the example above when you turn on either of them and colour within the lineart

lineart looking all nice and colourful! hope it was helpful in some way ;;

Sweet talk and open hearts

Chapitre ½ : Avoidance

Summary : “Kuzuryu breathes deeply and when he speaks again, he is very calm and his face stone-like. “Sorry Komaeda, but I can’t let you walk away like that. You know too much and I don’t trust you not to be a blabbermouth”.”

In which Kuzuryu doesn’t want to admit that he is brave, and Komaeda is good at demolding chocolates but that’s pretty much it.

Pairing : Komaeda/Hinata ; Kuzuryu/Pekoyama

Words : 5,929

AN : First part of this fanfiction made for Valentine’s Day. Probably not as sweet as I thought it would be, but I love these pairings enough to respect them. It’s the first time writing KuzuPeko for me, and I’m satisfied with it for now. See you in two days for the second part !


“Again” Komaeda asks, more demanding than he would be the rest of the time. But Hinata and him have been on the beach for more than an hour now, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun, letting the purple and pink shadows turns to orange to yellow, and the atmosphere is so peaceful that he almost forgets who he is, what he has done, and how he is really not in position to requires anything, especially from Hinata.

Hinata is laying on the sand next to him, eyes closed, almost like he is going to fall asleep any second, but Komaeda actually enjoys being able to look at him all he wants without worrying about being weird or scaring his friend - they are friends, right ? Hinata said they were - away. This morning specifically, he has the hardest time tearing his eyes away from the little stretch of golden skin between the edge of his pants and his T-shirt. He is almost mesmerized by it, both fascinated and a little scared by the want it creates in him.

“Alright” Hinata replies, without opening his eyes. “Go on, I got one.”

Komaeda nods, even if the other can’t see it. He pretends to focus, though it has nothing to do with logic. It’s all about luck, and that’s why it’s so important. He licks his lips and says :

“Two thousand and two”

“More” Hinata doesn’t miss a beat and the answer comes right away.

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The Ahoge Garden

The Naegi Makoto Lush Garden

Although the looks of this garden can be seen as though it could poke you and cause bleeding upon contact, it is the exact opposite. With its soft texture, you could just pet it and it feels as though its a cute fluffy animal tail. You could lie on it and have a nap or even have a picnic. It is a wonderful soft paradise.

Hajime Hinata Thorn Garden

This is the opposite. Touching it would cause you to bleed. Falling down on one could even impale you. Once you’re trapped, you may wonder, “Why the hell would I even go here? I thought judging a book by its cover would prove something, but I was wrong”. The only means of escape is none, not even luck.

Good things to imagine:

- Komaeda going to Hinata when his hand starts acting up; Hinata fixing it

- Komaeda and Hinata smiling and laughing together, like they haven’t got a care in the world.

- Komaeda and Hinata always touching each other (holding hands, hugging, touching each other’s shoulder).

- Hinata awkwardly confessing to Komaeda. He’s blushing and avoiding Komaeda’s gaze and Komaeda’s face just lights up with joy when he hears it. (Bonus: Hinata says something like “I love the hope inside you”.)

- Komaeda and Hinata sleeping in one bed, snuggling close to each other every night and just enjoying each other’s presence.

- Komaeda’s paranoia about his luck fades the more time he spends with Hinata, so does his obsession with hope.

- Komaeda opening up to Hinata about his feelings and even crying, while Hinata comforts him.

- Hinata helping Komaeda better his self-esteem (talking back to Komaeda whenever he says something bad about himself). Hinata just complimenting Komaeda whenever he has the chance and Komaeda blushing in return.

- Hinata wanting to tell the others that they’re dating, just to get the response “I thought you were dating the whole time!”

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I just keep seeing people says that hinata learned moving on and not staying in the same point from komaeda but I'm sure he learned it from nanami :/

Hi anon ! I guess it depends of your interpretation, but I personally don’t think Hinata accepting himself and trying to keep going and make things better after everything that happened can be put on one person’s credit. His whole journey in sdr2 is what changes him and makes him stronger, and while it’s true that Komaeda and Nanami had the strongest impact on his character, I think it’s kind of ironic that people thinks he learnt to ‘move on’ as you say from the two people who are completely stuck in the same point, for differents reasons : Nanami because she isn’t real and has no past, no future, and Komaeda because he just absolutely refuses any other reality than the one he build for himself all these years ( I’m not counting Dr : ae there, because yes, apparently managed to move one - sort of - in it ).

Komaeda pushes Hinata to becoming stronger, he pushes him to go further, to fight for what he believes, to not just be content with something weak and wrong just because it’s more comfortable, true, but at no point he was a ‘teacher’ for Hinata, thanks god, since his mindset is completely screwed. ‘If you can’t embody hope, then you better die’. Considering Hinata’s past, that’s not something good for him, it’s not something that would make him move forward if he believed it. It’s the fact that he antagonizes Komaeda, who is only repeating Hope’s Peak Academy’s way of thinking, that he manages to free himself from this kind of mindset, that he can’t help but share, unfortunately.

Nanami is part of the NWP created by Future Foundation. While FF’s goal may seem good, it’s still not something that would encourage Hinata to be a better person. ‘Whoops, these kids crumbled under pressure and became terrorist ? Better treat them as an infected computer and go back to the original save, right ?’ Becoming stronger is about making bad choices and learning from them, that’s it. By erasing Hinata ( and the other’s ) memories, FF was also wrong, thinking that once someone fell into despair, they become 100% bad and unredeemable. That’s not true. Sure, it’s easier to put them into a program with their wiped memories and be sure that they grow up as the well-adjusted people they want them to be, but how is it supposed to deal with their stories of abuse, neglecting, how is it supposed to deal with Komaeda’s luck or Hinata’s feelings about society ? You can’t just erase something you aren’t happy with in a human being and call it ‘moving on’. That’s just not how that works, and that’s a pretty dangerous way of thinking.

However Nanami is pretty symbolic for Hinata. By choosing to keep the fifth trial going until it kills her, it actually saves him. That’s the moment where he is forced to discard the fake hope she represents as an agent from FF to face Komaeda’s depair - and then finally refuses to succomb to it. Both of them are Hinata’s obstacles to his own acceptance, but he is the one who decided to not follow them and to not let them decide his fate.

That’s why Hinata is my favorite character, okay.

Hey guys ! Just something i wanted to let you know, i decided to “limit” myself to two different art styles. This has the reason that i like both and dont want to have the eternal struggle as to wich direction my art style should go. The first one is the simple painting style ive been using often lately (for example in komaedas birthday picture), the other one will be a more cartoony and goofy style (with lineart!). it is kinda similiar to the style in my header, but less chibi, i guess ? I will post an example later today. Another painting will hopefully be posted tomorow. Bye !

Shuuichi Saihara - SHSL Detective - Hidden intentions.

I thought I was the only one here to distrust Shuuichi at least a tiny bit, but that’s not really the case. I’m impressed that a lot of people also started to suspect him recently. I don’t blame them. In the first game, the Ultimate Luck and the Ultimate Detective were both the hero protagonists. In the second game, the Ultimate Luck turned out to be a secondary antagonist. Therefore, something similar might happen to Shuuichi.

Warning: VERY LONG POST!!!

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I went to Edinburgh Comic Con as a bit of a surprise!! It was a rather small event compared to MCM Comic Con, the big one, but it was still lots of fun!! I didn’t get to cosplay Komaeda properly but I wore the jacket part and my shirt with my Komaeda drawing on it so it works out

the only other Danganronpa cosplayer I could see was a Chiaki who was apparently the one in charge of the Danganronpa meetup last year which I really wanted to go to but couldn’t, and will be arranging another this year!!

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Anyone else down for a karaoke night? For one thing, some of you have never tried it before. Granted, you might end up singing something really silly if the anons are motivated enough, but it could still be good for a laugh.

I’m game!

Yeah, sounds fun!

I guess I’ll go.

I’ll go just to see you all fail.

I suppose Ibuki will make me go, so I’ll comply anyway.

I don’t think I have anything better to do!

Can we just say that everyone’s going?


Allow me to explain ep.8 (to the best of my ability)

In light of what a mess DR3 Zetsubou Hen turned out to be, I sure can’t wait for certain things to never be explained. Let’s start with one of my favorites; the extremely fascinating yet confusing episode 8.

I’m going to attempt to explain this using only the tools that the episode itself gave us.

In episode 8, Komaeda finally returned to the class. When he walked in, they gave a close shot of water dripping onto the floor from his soaking clothing. He had clearly been walking in the rain.


Moments later, as he explained how he had just seen Tsumiki on the other side of the school, we saw a flashback where he was holding an umbrella.

I caught a lot of weird, unexplained shit in this episode, but this one somehow managed to slip past me until someone else pointed it out.

Since the flashback was Komaeda’s, there’s no reason not to believe that what we saw was true. At one point, he had an umbrella, so there was no reason for him to be wet. Somewhere between seeing Tsumiki on the other side of the school and coming to the class, he lost the umbrella. What was he doing, right?

This part here was a straight-up lie. It’s amazing how easily you can tell he was lying to Nanami.

It wasn’t luck. I would say that he followed Tsumiki to find out about the underground passage. That makes sense. Seems like the logical conclusion.

But why was he missing his umbrella when he returned to the classroom? All he needed to do was follow Tsumiki for long enough to realize that there was a secret passage in front of the founder’s statue. He didn’t need to go down into it - and, as we know, going down there would have been very dangerous. As things are, though, we have to assume that whatever he saw during that flashback made him realize that he needed to kill Junko, otherwise he wouldn’t have confronted her. If he wasn’t expecting her, he would have, idk, acted surprised?

So yes, we can also safely assume that he went under the statue after he followed Tsumiki.

Zetsubou Hen was never good about making the structure of the school clear. In episode 8, it looked like Komaeda and Nanami walked all the way down to the bottom and found the room with Mitarai, but then in the next episode, we saw lots of long hallways, secret doors, etc. They were able to go from that passage all the way back to the old school building where the first game’s trial room was, meaning that they were connected in some way through the underground passageways.

We know what else was in the old school building. Myeah, Kamukura Izuru. So that explains more or less how Komaeda would’ve known about human experimentation being done around those parts. For all we know, he could’ve discovered their labs.

Still following me? He followed Tsumiki into the passage, wandered around a bit, ended up on the other side of the school at the old school building where they had been experimenting on Hinata, and then…?

I mean, that all sounds like a nice, light jog to me. Why was he missing his umbrella? This umbrella is vital to understanding the episode! I demand an explanation!

I’m sorry, I don’t have an explanation for the umbrella. Not really, at least. See, while he was in that other building, I think he may have happened upon some other things. It’s really unclear to me when DR:Zero was supposed to take place during the timeline of Zetsubou Hen… But regardless, we know that Junko was brainwashing some of the reserve course students down there as well as brutally torturing the school’s committee members. Depending on how bizarre Komaeda’s adventure got, he could’ve misplaced the umbrella in some kind of scuffle, but as the story is now, there’s no explanation for what happened to it. Goodbye, umbrella…

Now here’s one that I totally can’t explain without making wild guesses based off of nothing explicitly contextual. During and prior to the episode, we were given no reason to assume that Komaeda would know of Junko or Mukuro. My guesses would be like… Maybe he researched the incoming 78th class like he did with the 77th. Maybe he heard about Junko from one of the reserve students. Maybe one of the committee members she was torturing told him about her and begged him to kill her. ((Maybe Tengan told him.)) MmmmMmmn- hell if I know!

But that brings me to the next unsolved mystery.

Everyone’s favorite - Gunmaeda. Who let this boy have a gun? No, seriously, who gave this to him? Where’d he get it? He said “overseas” and I actually… tend to believe that’s true somehow.

Unfortunately, trying to explain the gun with that angle leads me to yet another unsolved mystery.

Jumping back to episode 7 for this one. They never had to show us a plane for us to assume that Komaeda was on some “trip around the world” like Jin and Kizakura were joking. (For the record, I think they were wrong.) They could’ve shown us some palm trees and the ocean and- Oh, there’s Komaeda, bathing under a waterfall! The plane wasn’t necessary, but at least it lets me think that he really did pick up a gun overseas. He was somewhere far, far away from HPA, so maybe there was an opportunity for him to acquire a gun there.

There’s still the question of why he would’ve gotten on a plane at all in the first place, though. That’s why the conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that someone forced him onto the plane. But That’s Just a Theory.™

My last point is… This is a convoluted one. A lot of people have assumed now that this scene was fanservice, but I still don’t think it was. Fanservice between these two could’ve been done a lot more easily than this. For instance, they could’ve had Komaeda catch a glimpse of Hinata in that early scene where they passed by each other. They could’ve randomly made eye contact and we would’ve been happy because we could’ve taken it to mean that they had a connection in the future even if they didn’t have one here in Zetsubou Hen.

But instead, they chose to break canon by retconning ch0 of SDR2 so that Komaeda could meet Kamukura. Then, to cover up that retcon, they made the absurd suggestion that Junko had erased the memories of Kamukura from everyone in the class (even though Komaeda was the only one who met him). On top of that, to make it even harder to understand, Kamukura said that he was going to erase his own memories of them so that they could meet fresh. I’m assuming that he meant something other than the New World Program… But we know that the NWP erased their memories as Despairs anyway, so that would’ve been a double dose of memory erasure! W-what? Seems redundant for him to do that when he was going to forget them later anyway. They didn’t have to mention that… Unless it was just to cover up that retcon.

But like I said, that means that the retcon wasn’t necessary in the first place …Unless it served a purpose. Until the show is completely over, a part of me thinks that Komaeda really was supposed to meet him there for some reason. That’s what the scene felt like. Otherwise, this is one of the weirdest decisions I’ve ever seen. If it was fanservice, then they made things very, very needlessly difficult for themselves. Amazing!

As far as this scene goes, though, it seemed like Kamukura appeared just to interfere with Komaeda shooting Junko. While that makes sense in the story, my confusion about it still stands. Nanami could’ve tackled Komaeda. Tsumiki could’ve arrived and saved Junko. They didn’t have to retcon the game to make this scene proceed with the exact same results.

Now, to conclude, here’s a list of all the things I was unable to 100% explain without strong evidence to confirm my assumptions. (Plotholes. It’s a list of plotholes.)

  • Where the hell Komaeda’s poor umbrella went
  • What Komaeda saw when he followed Tsumiki into the passage
  • How he knew about the human experimentation
  • Why Komaeda knew about Junko and Mukuro (The most questionable of all, tbh.)
  • Why Komaeda knew that Junko was a threat that needed to be eliminated
  • Why he knew that Mukuro would be there, be a threat, and would need to be distracted by Pekoyama
  • What Komaeda was doing on a plane
  • How Komaeda returned to the school after apparently being stranded
  • Where he obtained the gun and why he had it on him at school
  • Why the scene with Kamukura occurred at all

This is my favorite episode. I absolutely hated this show, but I unconditionally love this terrible episode because it left me SO confused that it inspired me to investigate it. I don’t think I have to explain why it’s a bad episode, right? Nothing got explained in a satisfactory manner. It raised questions that you cannot answer without making assumptions. The only way this episode can make sense is with explanations that sound like “He probably did this, then he probably did that, etc.” You can make some good guesses, but even the best explanation will probably have many questions left over because there’s just no way to prove anything.

With the two remaining episodes we have, I hope they’ll do something about this, but who knows! If they don’t, I’m almost kind of fine with it at this point because this incredibly bad episode is like a treasure to me now. It’s kind of perfect in how mysteriously bad it is.

Chapter 4 of DR:AE convinces me that Touko Fukawa and Genocider Syo are becoming much more like one person. The fact that they share not only knowledge but also their feelings (something that we didn’t know in the first Danganronpa) reveals that despite their contrasting personalities, they both have people whom they love and whom they’d go to any lengths for.

Take the scene after Touko and Komaru’s (literal) fight. When Komaeda provokes Genocider Syo, the latter immediately slashes at Komaeda instead of Komaru—because Touko, after the fight, wanted Komaru to run away like she wanted without a backward glance. At that point, Genocider was getting ready to kill Komaeda. Like, literally kill even though she promised Byakuya-sama that she would never take another human life. Touko’s feelings for Komaru is shared by Genocider Syo, who was prepared to break her promise to her most loved one—not to mention relinquishing any chance of being an official Future Foundation member—in order to save Komaru.

Komaeda registers this as well, and curiously questions why a serial killer—someone who selfishly takes lives for the sake of sexual pleasure!—would have an actual friend whom she would sacrifice things for?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, Touko and Genocider share feelings. They share their emotions but have different personalities—different people often use different ways to express their emotions, and this split personality girl does not differ.

Syo often cackles maliciously, aims sexual jibes at others, and generally demonstrates outrageous and mind-spinning behavior. I’m betting that most people before DR:AE regarded Genocider mostly as a comic relief character, or just someone entertaining, or some useless red herring designed to add more confusion to the second trial. 

But then the God of All (Read: Kodaka) released possibly the best game in the series involving character development, showing that there’s so much more to Genocider Syo than a perverted serial killer with no conscience. She herself has feelings as well—but like her other personality, she has difficulty expressing them. Thus, she opts to kill to demonstrate her love (or rather sexual infatuation) for the many men, Touko being unable to do so due to previous heartbreak. 

Touko Fukawa did not have any friends. By transition, nor has Genocider Syo—but I bet most (including I) have not thought of this, have believed that Genocider Syo does not care for friends since—as Komaeda mentioned—she’s a murderer. 

However, Chapter 4 has proven that wrong. Touko struggles with feelings of loneliness—due to her family’s neglect and abuse of her, due to boys and men playing around with her heart, and due to the fact that no one ever believed in her because of the serial killer harboring inside her. Those feelings, as we now know, are inside Genocider, too. 

Yup, Genocider Syo is a lonely person. It’s pretty funny, saying it out loud, but it’s true.

Back to the DR:AE scene. After Komaeda went on about how it’s rather strange that a serial killer involves herself in camaraderie, Genocider begins to giggle, then laugh in her usual loud way. Nothing strange, right? She laughs at the fact that Komaeda believed she and Komaru to be friends, in a what is clearly “that’s so fucking ridiculous I’m gonna snort” manner. 

But then she snatches Komaeda’s hair, rejects the notion coldly, and furiously snarls, “Who the hell are you calling friends?”

Funnily enough, we never, or barely ever saw Genocider Syo, a serial killer, angry. All the men she killed were probably killed with a smile worn on her face, since she kills for pleasure. But now—she’s legitimately pissed, pissed at the fact that Komaeda is picking on her loneliness and the fact that she betrayed Komaru but is still called her friend. Genocider Syo hated it as much as Touko did—hated betraying the first ever person who trusted them and believed in them despite Touko’s perverted habits and Genocider being a serial killer. 

That loud cackle, then… was probably Genocider’s way of concealing her true feelings. Like how Touko was saying terrible things to Komaru so that Komaru didn’t have to worry about her anymore. 

Komaru then stops Syo from killing Komaeda and declares that she is going to stay with her. Genocider is visibly shocked by this, asking why Komaru even thought of doing such a thing when she was moaning about wanting to leave this whole time. (Touko would later do the same thing in the epilogue.) Syo couldn’t fathom any reason why Komaru would want to stay, because in fact, she was concerned for Komaru, and she desperately wanted Komaru to escape because that’s what Komaru originally wanted to do. Touko believed that her betrayal of Komaru would be the final straw that would cause the latter to leave her forever, but at the moment that hardly mattered, since she wanted to save Komaru. Those feelings carry over to Syo so that, for the first time in quite a long while, the two personalities agree on the same goal.

Komaru then says that she knows Touko and Syo are scared and lonely, that she can’t just run away and leave her by herself. Syo… just doesn’t get it, and if Touko were in her place, she wouldn’t have either—they wouldn’t understand that this declaration of Komaru’s is a declaration of friendship and loyalty. Neither Syo nor Touko have ever felt true friendship—thus, neither recognized that Komaru was still sticking with them despite the betrayal, because she understood them, and their inner emotions. 

Genocider thrusts a pair of scissors at Komaru’s throat and tells her in plain terms, “I betrayed you.” It’s like—why didn’t she understand? I betrayed her, so this is the part where they would leave me without regrets, right? She’s wondering, why on earth would Komaru still stick with her? I believe that she thrusted the pair of scissors at her to scare her off even further, so that Komaru would know the true reality of things—the fact that Touko and Syo have backstabbed her.

But Komaru takes Syo’s hands in hers and that she understood that she had no choice, and that she wants to do what a friend would do for a friend—and that is to help her, even if Syo wouldn’t like it. Syo then makes a “tch!” noise and begins rambling about how Komaru’s speech was full of broad niceties and how anyone can say things they don’t mean, all in a “whatever” tone of voice. This is preeetttyy much tsundere behavior in a nutshell. 

But the words really got to Syo. Indeed, she says that there’s no way she would ever dislike Komaru’s wanting to help—instead, she expresses her gratitude with her first ever “thank you” in her life. Despite everything she told Komaru, despite her betrayal and wanting Komaru to leave her, she was very much relieved, and incredibly grateful, that Komaru wasn’t going to abandon her after all. She was stammering and being really awkward and flustered, very much like Touko and not at all like her usual self. Then, she sneezes, and Touko appears, blushing like mad and tapping her fingers together, claiming that she heard everything. 

I’m not sure if that’s really the case—I’m more inclined to believe that the overwhelming emotions Genocider Syo felt during their conversation were transferred to Touko. Their love for Komaru allowed them to work together for once—and the revelation of their shared feelings revealed that Syo has affection for Komaru too, contrary to what her usual behavior might suggest.

I am just so grateful towards DR:AE for developing Touko and Genocider—they’re truly great characters and their growth is the thing I treasure most out of the entire Danganronpa franchise.