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if only we could live forever | Fanfiction
A collection of snapshot moments shared between the Volturi family
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter: 1 / 11
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Marcus/Aro
Warnings: Implied sexual content, complicated/potentially toxic relationships.

The problem with writing historical AUs about BBC Sherlock is that wHeN THE FUCK WOULD YOU FIND NORMAL THE NAME “SHERLOCK”. WHEN.

If you have goals in life, don’t let your laziness become a barrier between you and your goals. Be active, keep striving. Please remember nobody has unlimited time on earth. Use the limited time you have here by doing something good that you’ll be remembered for after you die.

’ Do you ever stay up tormented by something you said a long time ago? Lol yeah me neither I was just asking
#LookLikeALittleDutchGirl #Round ‘

The most overwhelming reality of school is CONTROL. School controls the way you spend your time (what is life made of if not time?), how you behave, what you read, and to a large extent, what you think. In school you can’t control your own life. […] What the educators apparently haven’t realized yet is that experiential education is a double-edged sword. If you do something to learn it, then what you do, you learn. All the time you are in school, you learn through experience how to live in a dictatorship. In school you shut your notebook when the bell rings. You do not speak unless granted permission. You are guilty until proven innocent, and who will prove you innocent? You are told what to do, think, and say for six hours each day. If your teacher says sit up and pay attention, you had better stiffen your spine and try to get Bobby or Sally or the idea of Spring or the play you’re writing off your mind. The most constant and thorough thing students in school experience — and learn — is the antithesis of democracy.
—  Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook

Victuuri Week ☆ 

Day 1AU: Other Sports/Careers

Flower shop AU because I couldn’t stop imagining Victor working in a small shop near Yuri’s university, and he’s happy working with all the flowers and seeing the customers pleased with the bouquets he makes. One day Yuri listens to his friend Pichit and decides to go buy a few flowers to give a cozy touch to his flat… and he can’t help but being awed by the beautiful angel that greets him by the door. After that day, Yuri decides that his flat looks a lot better with the flowers and becomes a regular customer.


happy birthday to the sweetest angel, makoto tachibana~! ♡ (17/11)

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him