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Music Video Miracles - Conor Maynard

Request: Hi is it okay if you could maybe write an imagine where y/n is a model who’s in one of Connors music videos and they instantly find eachother attractive and get together

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Guys, I’m going Paintballing tonight and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous! It’s going to hurt so bad…ugh. Although, I’m pretty good with pain so hopefully it doesn’t hurt as much as I think it will LOL! If you’ve got an advice/tips, feel free to drop them in my ask! I’d love it :)

I hope you like it :)


Conor’s POV

Today was the day. The filming of the Are You Sure? music video and I couldn’t be more stoked. The storyline was one I have pictured over and over again and I’m so happy that everyone in the crew really enjoys it just as much as I do.

“Alright Conor, so we’re going to start off with the solo scenes first and then when (y/n) arrives, we’ll shoot the rest.” John, the director explained.

“Sounds good.” I said, smiling. 

Most people would have thought I was smiling about the video but I was really smiling about (y/n). She was seriously one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen and the minute I pictured this music video, I knew she had to be a part of it. Her beautiful (y/h/c) went just to her chest and she always preferred to have it in loose waves over anything else. Which I’m completely fine with because she looks gorgeous in anything.

“She’s here.” Kelly, the producer said as she walked past me with her radio. 

We were on a pretty big set so radios were necessary to be able to communicate with each other. As soon as Kelly’s voice ran through the endless amount of radios, everyone started running around frantically, trying to get things cleaned up for her. Sure, she was a model…and a pretty big one at that but I’m sure she’s just like everyone else…right?

“And finally,” Kelly said, walking over to me. “This is Conor Maynard.”

“Lovely to meet you.” (y/n) said, smiling. Her skin was absolutely flawless and her (y/e/c) eyes shined brighter than any star I had ever seen. God, everything about her was gorgeous. Let’s see how this goes…

“I’m so sorry.” (y/n) said, laughing, cutting the take and I couldn’t help but smile at her laugh. “This is all just…so new to me.” 

“It’s totally fine, you’ve probably seen by now that I’m not the most serious guy out there.” I reassured her. “Just channel your inner badass.” 

The scene we were filming was about how I finally met up with her boyfriend and were currently making her choose one of us. However, she surprises both of us when she decides to walk off with yet another guy. I knew filming a music video with someone who was completely new to this scene was going to be difficult but I just had to have (y/n) in it. 

“And cut!” John yelled as we finally got the scene down. “Well guys, I think that’s it! Conor, care to do the honour?”

“First, thanks so much to everyone who helped out and put in 100%, I think it’s going to turn out amazing. Second, thank you to (y/n) for gracing us with your presence and allowing your first acting job to be in my video. And last but not least…that’s a wrap!” I yelled, smiling.

“Thanks so much Conor,” (y/n) said, walking over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I loved every minute of it.”

“Thanks for doing it.” 

“Um…so I’m going to be in London for a couple more days…would you be down to do something?”

“Sure.” I replied…maybe a little to eagerly. I couldn’t help it. “I could give you a tour of the city…or something…”

“That’d be great.” She said, taking my phone out of my hand and putting her number in it. “Call me.”

I stood there smiling like an idiot as I watched her walk away and I couldn’t believe it. Not only had (y/n) been in my video but I had actually managed to get her number in my phone and possibly get a date out of it. Holy crap…this was actually happening.

“Bro, you’ll never guess what happened to me today.” I said, walking into Jack’s apartment, ready to tell him everything.

On The Mend

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A/N: This turned out much longer than I planned, but I actually rather like it! It’s a bit self-indulgent because it’s over 2,000 words about Ashton feeling bad and then you making him feel better. I hope everyone enjoys it! I always appreciate feedback and you can read my other writing here

Words: 2,279

When Ashton brushed by you in the kitchen, you knew something was wrong. He usually sneaked up behind you, wrapped his strong arms around you, and nuzzled into your neck. His curls would brush your skin as he pressed his soft lips into your neck, always bringing a smile to your face. This behavior from your typically affectionate boyfriend was not normal. He never ignored a steaming cup of coffee in his favorite mug, the one you had hand-painted on one of your many dates together. You wouldn’t have thought too much of it, knowing that touring and writing an album was putting a lot of stress on the drummer’s muscular shoulders, and it was getting to him. Spending his “break” in the studio, writing and recording wasn’t exactly stress-relieving when the boys were still at odds about the sound of the album. However, alarm bells went off in your head as soon as Ashton ignored the muffins you made for him. He could never resist your homemade blueberry muffins. Ashton had a weakness for the baked goods. His hazel eyes always lit up when he smelled them baking, and slipped shut when he bit into the delicacies, fresh blueberries and the taste of cinnamon exploding in his mouth. Contrary to his usual reaction, this morning he just grabbed a glass of water, turning his back on the muffins and coffee. When he finally turned to face you, he didn’t meet your eyes, instead focusing on his water.

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how it happened

management: alright we have to make you guys the talk of the town in ALL the magazines! you know how we can do that?

liam: drop a new album?

management: no you fucking twat who the fuck invited you to this meeting

niall: what about another perfume?

management: did you guys hear something? maybe the air conditioning kicked up

harry: we could add more tour dates?

management: you got it harry, we will have to stage a pregnancy scare! alright who wants to do it?

liam: *dating sophia*

niall: i have to go golf that day my knee is broke i don’t have a leg i am busy

harry: *flips gay curl off of gay shoulder and looks fondly over at his gay husband* i could do it *bats gay eyes at management team and rubs his gay eyebrow with his gay finger* *crosses gay legs* *scratches gay ear with gay fingertip*

louis: fine.


Hii TAYYYY, ❤️

I’m Francesca, from Italy and I just figured out the 1989 tour dates are done and probably there will be no more dates and I’m really crying because I really want to see you. You’re so important in my life,you help me every day,I need to see you, I love the tour and I don’t want to miss it but my parents don’t allow me to fly in London(or other countries) for a concert. I know, probably it not depends on you, you don’t manage these things but maybe you can do something for to add a date in Italy and I will be literally the happiest girl in the world. when I understood that the red tour didn’t come in italy I was so sad, disappointed, I cried all the time. I really loved the RED era but I missed it and I don’t want it to happens again with 1989.
I hope you can talk with the menager or someone else about to add a date over there, I’m not the only one, there are ALOT italian swiftie who needs to see you. I love you, sososososososoooo much. ❤️🐱 taylorswift
Ps. This should be The outfits for The 1989 tour plus The cat hears and the sing. I look so weird in The photo But i had so much fun do it with my bro.😂
(sorry for my bad English) :’)

SWIFTIE Please help me to get noticed by her!! tag her pleasee. 🙏🙏😭

what hints do we have so far:

first obviously, the video:

  • mcr flag with new logo (the shirt has been on sale for a while now, i think)
  • the logo says “MCRX”
  • the black parade playing in the background
  • the date september 23, 2016

so this could mean a few things:

  • “MCRX” could either mean a change of name, they just used an x to fill the empty space because there’s only three (3) words in “my chemical romance”, or the thing they’re doing is represented by the “x” (this could also be related to mcr5)
  • or, “MCRX” could mean “MCR10″ which would make sense for black parade anniversary things
  • mcr could be doing a black parade 10 year anniversary tour (the album was released november 2006) (this would involve a reunion, but it might only be temporary)
  • mcr could be doing a black parade 10 year anniversary restocking of merch?? (no reunion involved)
  • mcr could be doing something new based on the black parade, and it may or may not have to do with the anniversary (this would involve a reunion)
  • mcr could be doing something completely new (thus the new logo) that has nothing to do with the black parade, they just chose that song as to not give anything away? (this would involve a reunion)
  • they could release mcr5 and may or may not tour it/reunite?

let’s consider a few other factors that might complicate things:

  • gerard is working on a crap ton of comics (young animal)
  • gerard hasn’t been active on twitter for about a month now (which could mean anything, he’s just been saying he’s been writing comics and music which is what he usually does)
  • ray just released hope for the world
  • frank is doing deathspells, touring and releasing an album
  • frnkiero andthe patience is touring in september and october

which would most likely mean:

  • a black parade anniversary tour is likely (although frank doesn’t stop touring until october and the date in the video is in september, they’re not gonna announce the tour and tour right away right? so frank would have enough time to finish touring)
  • no new album (most likely, since it seems like everyone is doing their own thing)
  • gerard could be working on something for mcr fans related to tbp 10 year anniversary, which seems extremely probable (like maybe new merch, a video compilation, extra stuff from tbp era)
  • they could release mcr5 and may or may not tour it/reunite?

if anyone else has any more ideas please let me know?

A Hard Days...Date

1964, and The Beatles were bigger than ever, for George it always surprised him, and while he loved what he did he hated the touring. Made him extremely anxious out of them all he was the hardest one to convince to go on tour. Then came an offer of a movie, and the boys lapped it up wanting nothing more then to do something a bit…different. Maybe there’d be some down time. So there they filmed each of them terrible at their lines because after all? They weren’t actors. Though with the combined wit, and quickness of each member it went off without a hitch. 

Then there was something peculiar that happened George found himself mesmerized by one of the schoolgirls who was a model. She was this beautiful blond with cornflower blue eyes, and the most infectious laugh. George a bit shy oftentimes just found himself staring, and when she caught him looking he just turned his head quickly to talk to John or Paul. After all Paul was the one who was the easiest with the ladies, women loved him. Though by George’s design he made sure to sit next to her at times too shy to talk to he but he just wanted her presence around him.It was the final days of filming and the boys had been mucking about and talking to the models all of them saying their goodbyes. It was the perfect time to ask her out, and in true George form he let the romantic side of him take over a bit –too- much. Then looking at Pattie and asking her,

 “Do you think you’d marry me then?” As he flashed her a smile, she had taken it as some joke and brushed him off. George then took a moment, “Alright if you won’t marry me will you then have dinner with me?” As his warm brown eyes looked at her with all the hope in the world, yes he very much wanted to take out Pattie Boyd, and nothing would stop him from doing just that. Well…one thing would but he didn’t know that then as far as he was concerned she was the girl he liked, and he wanted nothing more then to steal this girl away for as long as she’d let him.

ziall’s spooky nightmare date

  • things already got off to a shaky start when zayn had to dart off to pee immediately after asking niall out
  • they both wanted to see a movie but it was midnight and nothing was showing, so instead the next logical step was to send them to explore the cemetery
  • i tried to have them introduce themselves to a ghost but they were both too repulsed by him… niall ran away
  • instead they toured the mausoleum
  • which made for totally romantic scenery to share a kiss in front of
  • they continued flirting there which pissed off the ghost from before
  • the rest of the ghosts stole ziall’s books or something i’m not sure
  • i didn’t know how to conclude the date and apparently the ‘end date’ option did so on bad terms
  • so the drive home was awkward
  • even more awkward when i realized ZAYN LEFT NIALL AT THE CEMETERY
  • so that date sucked but idk what i expected
One Shot #26

One Shot Requested by superbandgeek97

Harry’s POV.

Do you ever wonder about your past decisions? Do you ever wonder about what would happen if you had made a different choice?

Sometimes a few minutes can change a whole lifetime. Just like that. A decision to direct a path in life. When I think about this, I always remember about one girl. The one girl I let go away.

But it’s as they say, if something is yours, it’ll always come back to you.

It all started in a book store in London, I was around 14 years old, meaning the X factor and all the fame wasn’t even in my mind at that point. I was in that store to buy a gift for my sister, completely lost in all the sections. Then I saw her there, alone, reading a book like nothing else was happening in the world. Something about her took my attention and I just kept looking at her.

She looked up at me eventually and instead of thinking I was a total creep, she smiled. She looked younger than me, not much, but still. We stood there, apart from each other for a couple of minutes, until I gathered courage enough to make my way towards her.

“Hello there” I said, smiling, clearly shy and nervous, but trying to disguise in fake confidence. “I’m Harry, what’s your name?”

“Aubrey” She said. And then I had a name for the pretty face.

She helped pick Gemma’s gift and we talked for quite a while in that bookstore, until her mother picked her up and she had to leave. We just said goodbye and when she was gone, I realized I didn’t even have her number.

“Wanker” I said to myself, pissed at my stupidity.

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I highly doubt that Zayn and Hannah Hartford are hooking up or in a relationship.

Hannah Hartford is the only fan account on Instagram that Zayn is following.

Her friend started this rumour that she “sucked Zayn’s dick ” implying that they either hook up or are together in a relationship.

As much as I don’t ship Zerrie I see many flaws in this.

To start, she looks very young. High school age even. About 14-16 years old. That is my perception of her. Obviously I don’t know for sure but it’s an assumption based upon how she posts and how her and her friends look. None of them look older than 18.

The problem with this is that Zayn is not stupid. He wouldn’t risk getting caught sleeping with underage girls. He is in the public eye. One slip up and he could go to jail. Even if they were together why would he so obviously follow her on Instagram. He is basically asking to get caught. And we all know Zayn doesn’t care about social media and followers that much. If they were truly in a relationship I don’t think it would matter if he followed her on Instagram or not.

@LexiStraub on Instagram is the one commenting about Zayn. It’s almost like she is trying to put it out there because she clearly said Hannah sucked Zayn’s dick on two occasions. If you and your best friend really knew about the risk you are putting Zayn in why would you go on telling everyone.

She seems like a complete fan girl to me. She goes to a lot of concerts and events for One Direction and other artists. Her first posts on Instagram were about the UAN tour. Maybe she has connections somehow to the boys and probably asked Zayn to follow her.

Again, Zayn is not stupid. If he was actually risking dating an underage fan he would be so much more careful about it. Yes, we have seen proof of many of Zayn’s hookups but they were all over 18.

I am not trying to hate on her in any way. She is beautiful. If she and Zayn really do have something going on and he is happy then that’s great. Something about this all doesn’t seem right and as much as I don’t ship Zerrie I do not think Zayn is with her. I need to see more proof than what there is. As of now all I can really say is I think she is a big fan not a hookup x