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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 8

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,400+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 … Part 9 Part 10 

(A/N: All right, so it looks like we’re going to keep the word count here from now on! I especially adored this part, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did while writing it!) 

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The next month and a half flew by in one large blur. You spent the majority of the time completely enthralled in your career; planning events, hiring new assistant choreographers, balancing budgets as new additions to the building continued, and patting yourself on the back all along the way. You’d occasionally meet up with friends you’d made outside of YG but all the wondrous responsibilities of adulthood piled themselves on so high to the point that your only free time came after 11pm. It was in these moments that you would instead lie awake for hours, staring into the screen of your television while the rest of the world slept around you.

You’d always found a certain comfort in staying up past 2am with nothing to do. The only thing comparable was dancing. These were the hours that felt as though the globe temporarily stopped spinning. For once, you could lie awake and have absolutely no responsibilities hanging over your head or any people that needed pleasing. Everything outside became quiet, while you were free to bask in moments of self-reflection and peace.

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“Oh Father: Part 2”

Chibs Telford x OC
(GIF isn’t mine)

The next morning you and the rest of the girls were all headed to the courts to support your fellow sister in her tournament. You had just arrived and taken your seats, when a rumbling of a motorcycle caught your attention. Out in the parking lot you spotted the same bike that had ousted you from your parking spot yesterday. You glared down the lot towards the man on the bike only to discover it was none other than Sara’s dad, and of course your anger over losing your parking spot faded considerably. Suddenly his attire last night made a little more sense, dark blues and blacks with a leather jacket on top of it all and boots. The Scottish hottie was a biker too, good lord your ovaries were exploding.

You watched him as he sauntered up to the bleachers, teasing you with his sexy strut.

“Mind if I sit with ye, girls?” he asked as he approached you all on the home side of the bleachers. Everyone nodded and he took a seat beside you. Of course he sat by me, you thought, just to ruin my day.

The teams were doing great, Sarah had just gone up against one of the best in the nation and won so you all were cheering and yelling and having a great time, Filip next to you was hooping and hollering like a true fan of the game, and naturally being sexy as hell, as you stood and excused yourself to the restroom.

You were returning from the facilities on your way back up to join your friends when you rounded the corner smack into a rock hard chest and you bounced back, stammering an apology as you looked up at the person you had nearly trampled.

“S'alright love,” Filip looked down at you with a smile which caused you to blush and look down at your feet. You were trying really hard to keep your promise but if he didn’t stop being so attractive you didn’t know if you would be able to.

“You know,” he spoke with a chuckle, “When I saw ye at the mall yesterday mornin’ I didn’t think ye’d be this shy. Ye seemed to be on top o’ yer game, darlin’.”

Your head shot up to look at him as he licked his lips and stared at you.

“Yes I remember ye, love,” he let out another amused scoff as he patted your shoulder and passed you by, heading into the men’s room down the hall as you stood still, shocked, in the same spot he left you. He was making this whole ‘obey Sara’s wishes’ plan very difficult.

You decided to excuse yourself from the Tennis tournament altogether to head home, knowing you needed to separate yourself from this beautiful man to keep from jumping him in public at this point. You changed into sweatpants and a hoodie before plopping down on the couch to chill, wondering if anyone thought your leaving early was strange. Tennis wasn’t really your thing anyway and Sara didn’t have any more matches until the following day so you figured you could take some time alone and cool down. 
Your plan would’ve worked, except that a half hour after you turned on the downstairs TV you heard a motorcycle outside the house. Your heart began to pound in your chest, maybe the girls were back too and his bike engine had just drowned the car engine noises out. Somehow you knew he was alone as you tried to steady your heart rate and act casual when the front door opened and in walked a lone Scotsman.

“Hello love,” he spoke as he walked in and saw you in the living room.

“H-hey,” you hesitated, looking at him as he stood at the threshold.

“Was just headed back to the hotel but the lasses said ye left early an I was hopin it wasn’t cause o’ me. Wanted to look in on you and see if you were okay?” The fatherly tone in his voice had taken over and he looked at you with genuine concern.

“I’m fine,” you gave a small laugh, “tennis just isn’t my thing I guess.”

He gave you a knowing look but said nothing, smiling instead and taking a deep breath, “Alright then, I better be off before Sara finds out she’s let you alone with me,” he winked and your gasp at his revelation was audible. That bitch had told her dad that you liked him!? You were going to die of embarrassment.

“Come lock up behind me? You really shouldn’ be in here alone with the doors unlocked anyway lass.” There was that fatherly tone again. You could almost hear yourself calling him daddy while he… You shook the thought from your head as you stood up to follow him out.

When he got to the door, with you in tow, he opened it and turned back around to face you, his sexy smolder making your cheeks heat up as he placed his hand on the door.

“Ye sure yer alright?” he asked again, a shit eating grin on his face because you knew he already knew the answer but you nodded anyway adding an 'mhmm’ for effect.

“Well, I’ll be around tomorrow for the next match, see you then?” he asked as he leaned in towards you and you held your breath as he kissed you on the cheek before winking at you again and exiting your home.

You shut and locked the door as he strode down the steps towards his motorcycle and leaned against the inside, letting out the breath you had held and closing your eyes. You could still feel his lips on your cheek and your stomach was in knots, your heart was pounding out of your chest.

You fell back onto the couch again, planning to resume watching the FRIENDS rerun that was playing. You shoved your hands in your hoodie pockets out of habit and felt something… A piece of paper.

You pulled it out and examined it; how did a gas station receipt get in your pocket?

3 gallons of gas and a pack of cigarettes - totaling $14.33 - and definitely not yours.

Weird, you thought, where could this have come from?

You flipped it over, looking for a clue, and had your answer…

“Mariott on University St. Rm 308
No pressure”

“Holy mother fuck,” you cussed out loud, not noticing that Erin had come home to check on you and had just walked in the door.

“Holy mother fuck, what?” she asked as she approached the couch and you stuffed the receipt in your pockets quickly.

“Gas is almost $3 a gallon,” you lied and Erin looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Okay strange one,” she scoffed, “we decided after you left that we all wanted to go to dinner tonight and afterwards see that new Ryan Reynolds movie. Wanna join?”

This was perfect, you thought. While they were at the movies you could be at the Marriott getting cozy with Filip.

“Eh, not feeling like going out to be honest,” you groaned a little, acting as if you were in a bad mood and hoping she bought your lie.

“Okay…” she trailed off, searching your face for answers to your behavior but apparently finding nothing as she perked up after a moment or two, “Well have fun sitting around alone and being a bum!” she cheered to you as she turned around and ran up the stairs to her room.

Heartless Part 3

This is the final part in the Heartless series. I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you all like how I chose to wrap it up. Parts one and two can be found here (1) and here (2). Thanks for reading!

The first week was the hardest. The feeling of longing and regret and thinking too much about what he could have said to make you stay with him instead of walking out. When you left you took a piece of him with you, and he didn’t think he would ever go back to who he was before. Just like you had intended, you left your mark on him. You broke his heart. He hadn’t talked to Calum since the incident that morning either. Their relationship now consisted of scrawled out notes left on the bathroom mirror and one word texts. There’s more than one way to break a heart and Luke felt like he had experienced them all in the time that you had come into his life. He hadn’t been with another girl since you. Hell he hadn’t even been with you properly and still he missed you like crazy. He could feel his chest physically ache with the thought of you. If this is what heartbreak felt like, it’s no wonder he had avoided it for so long.

The second week was a little easier. It was almost as if the whole thing had been a bad dream and you were going to walk through his door and tell him you loved him and everything was going to be fine. But you never came back and the feeling of longing and desire continued burning inside of him as he withered away, chalk full of memories and questions of what if. What if he could have made you stay? Could you have had a life together? He had hoped, but now he would never know.

By the third week he had convinced himself you weren’t even real. That his feelings weren’t real and you had been a figment of his imagination. He still dreamed about you every night, but that’s all you were now: a dream. Like you said he would, Calum finally calmed down and called him. He was still mad, but he didn’t want to lost Luke as a friend over a girl he knew for a day. They began talking a little, and by the end of the third week they were on good terms once again. Calum began seeing a girl named Nicole from his philosophy class at uni and she came over almost every day to hang out with Calum. Luke rarely ever had the place to himself anymore, and if he did he spent it playing video games or watching reruns of parks and rec on netflix. He never went out anymore, only ever seeing the light of day when he left for work and when he made a chinese run. He was a mess and everybody knew it.

At week four, Calum was desperately trying to convince him to give it another chance. “I know how you feel mate. No one knows better than I do. This was me a month ago and now look, I’ve got Nicole and I couldn’t be happier. You need to get out dude. It’s a month and you need to let it go.”

“I know.” Luke mumbled half-heartedly into the pillow he was clutching.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself. She leaves people, clearly that’s what she does. She didn’t want you. Get over it.” Now he was just being harsh. Then again, Luke had spoken almost those exact words to Calum a month earlier.

“She did want me.” He murmured, almost incoherently but Calum caught it nonetheless.

“I know you want to think that, but she didn’t. If she did, she would be here with you right now and guess what? She’s not.” His eyebrows were furrowed and he was talking with his hands. Something he only did when he was frustrated.

“She wanted me Cal. We were going to keep seeing each other, but then you scared her off and I couldn’t stop her and now she’s gone. I don’t know what she’s afraid of. Or maybe I do, maybe it’s the same thing I used to be afraid of but know it’s the only thing I want in the world. She didn’t want to commit to me, but she wanted me. I know she did.” He spoke like he had been rehearsing it every night for the past month, which he had been, continuing. “You can’t fake a look like that Cal. The way she looked at me, it just, I don’t know what else to say other than it changed me. She’s amazing Cal and you can’t tell me she’s not because I know you know she is too.”

Calum sighed. “Look mate, I thought she was, but look what she did to us. She promised us the world without ever actually promising us anything. She said just enough to make us want more and then left without an excuse. She played us. And I can’t say we didn’t deserve it, because we did. We do that to girls all the time and now it finally backfired.”

“Yeah and it sucks. So I’ve made the decision to never go out again and live here for the rest of my life and die alone.”

“Mate, cheer up! You’ll find someone else and-”


There was an awkward silence for a moment as Calum decided what to say next. “Okay, I’ll make you a deal. Come out with Nicole and I tonight, and if you don’t have at least a little bit of fun you can leave and I’ll never bother you about not getting out ever again and you can live the remainder of your sorry life in solitude. Sound okay?”

Luke stared broodingly into the distance for a moment before he huffed, “Alright fine. But I’m not going to have a good time.”


Three hours and one car ride later, Luke had stayed true to his word that’s for sure. Hair a mess, he sat at the bar of the club, the glass in his hand still full, the ice having already completely melted and watered it down. He was still sulking but the only difference was that instead of being in his sweats at home, he was in a club full of people in skinny jeans and a button up instead. He had lost Calum about an hour ago, right after the dark haired boy had unbuttoned the top button on his shirt for him and told him to “get the fuck over it and live already dammit.” Calum was nothing if not persistent. Multiple girls had already come up to him and asked to dance, but he had turned each of them away. He just wasn’t feeling it, and no amount of pouting from Calum was going to change it. He had lost you and he needed to find a way to face the reality of it now.

Just as Luke was about to get up and call a cab to get him out of this nonsense he saw it, if not for a brief second, but he knew exactly what it was nonetheless. A girl of your stature and coloring had just rounded the corner that led to the back entrance of the nightclub. He had just barely caught the glimpse of your back, but still he knew it was you. Filled with a newfound sense of hope that had been missing for a month now, Luke stood up and followed you. He had to stop himself from sprinting out of the dim room in pursuit. He made a mental note to thank Calum for dragging him out tonight.

Rounding the corner, he pushed open the door to the back entrance.

“Y/N?” He called out into the dark alleyway. A sudden noise to his left made him turn.

“C’mon babygirl work with me.” A gruff voice sounded. Luke could just barely make out two figures in the darkness. One was much larger than the other and seemed to be almost dragging the smaller on along behind him as they struggled. It wasn’t until the second figure spoke that Luke could feel his entire world crashing down.

“N-No, please I-I can’t…don’t…” Your speech was slurred and Luke watched as the man tried to keep you silent. He shoved you roughly against the brick wall of the alley and Luke was almost too shocked to move. Almost.

“HEY! GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” He shouted at the stranger holding you.

“Mind your own business man, you know how it is.” The guy grunted. He looked to be in his late twenties and Luke wouldn’t have thought he looked too terrible if he hadn’t been trying to drag your limp body down an abandoned alleyway.

“I said get your fucking hands off her.” Luke’s voice became serious and his eyes were hooded, which was much more threatening than any amount of yelling.

“Look I’m sorry mate, just, uh, forget you saw anything alright? It’s not a big dea-” He was cut off as Luke abruptly punched him square in the jaw and he staggered back, dropping you to the ground.

“Get the hell out of here.” Luke spat at the man. “Before I make you.” Luke did not look like the kind of guy you wanted to mess with right now, and so the man hurriedly picked himself up off the floor and scuttled out of the alleyway. Immediately, Luke turned to you. “Y/N, oh my god are you okay?” He scooped you up and into his arms but you only whimpered in response. “Jesus, he drugged you didn’t he?” Luke whispered, his heart absolutely breaking for you.

With you snug in his arms and safe from any previous danger, Luke carried you back to his car and gingerly placed you inside.

The ride back was silent, and it was all Luke could do not to turn around and hunt that guy down and show him exactly why he shouldn’t have messed with you. But you needed him right now and he was going to be here for you.


Luke carried you back into his apartment, ironically where you never thought you would come back to. But fate has a funny way of surprising us in ways we never thought possible. Laying you down on his bed, he carefully took off your shoes before tucking you under the covers and supporting your neck with a few pillows. He was unsure as to whether or not he should climb in next to you. Of course, he wanted to do that more than anything. He had been dreaming about having you to fill the emptiness in his bed once again for the past month, but he wasn’t sure if you would want that when you woke up. So he fetched some pillows and a blanket  from the couch and made himself a make-shift bed on the floor next to his own bed where you now slept soundly. Luke folded his hands behind his head and laid back with a sigh. He honestly couldn’t believe you had come back to him, intentionally or not. You were sleeping in his bed, in his apartment, something he had dreamed about ever since you left. And while it was amazing, Luke was terrified. He was terrified that you would wake up and walk right back out his door again and leave break his heart all over again.

The sound of your voice tore him from his thoughts.

“Luke.” Your whisper was faint, but he heard it nonetheless.


“Thank you.”

“I’ll always protect you Y/N. Always.” He whispered back, tears beginning to fill his eyes as he realized the one simple thing that had been missing from his life for so long. He loved you.

“I know.” You said softly. And even though you were both on opposite sides of the room, the two of you had never been closer.


Luke awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee and bacon wafting through the apartment.  The clock on the nightstand read 8:37am and there was a light breeze coming through the open window across from the bed. Pulling on a pair of joggers, Luke treaded downstairs to investigate the source of the heavenly smell. In all of your glory, there you stood just as he remembered you. You had discarded the red dress from the night before and had stolen one of Luke’s sweaters and a pair of his boxers. You were pouring fresh coffee into two mugs when you looked up at him.

“I remembered you saying you used to wake up to breakfast every morning back when you lived in Sydney so I made you some. Are pancakes and bacon okay? You didn’t have much left, but there was enough for at least one so you can have it if you want. I would’ve added cream to your coffee but I the only stuff you had was rancid so I threw it out I hope that’s okay I don’t want to overstay my welcome it’s just I know how you like mornings to go and-”

“Y/N stop.” He cut you off mid ramble, and you cast your eyes downward, suddenly quite fixated on the dark brew in your hands. “I love that you made me breakfast, I just didn’t expect you to stay.” He discreetly edged closer to you, as if he was scared that any sudden movements would make you run away.

You knit your brows, “I wasn’t going to. But I wanted to thank you for last night properly, so I figured, ya know, pancakes.” You couldn’t bear to meet his eyes and see how he was looking at you right now. You didn’t want to see.

“I’m so sorry that happened. God, if I hadn’t have been there…”

“I don’t want to think about what could’ve happened.” You interrupted.

“But you should Y/N. You have to think this shit through. I know you’re afraid of being tied down to someone but you have to think about what you’re really doing!” He was raising his voice, his emotions getting the better of him. God, he had thought through every possible scenario of the two of you meeting again and he had thought of every possible thing you could say to him that would justify what you had done to him, but your next words he never could have expected.

“I know.” You peered up at him through your eyelashes like you had been caught for something.

“Y-you know?” He was stunned.

“I know how I am Luke. I do it on purpose. You think me coming home with you was an accident? I wanted you to take me home Luke. I wanted that because I thought if I could ruin two roommates’ relationship I would feel better about myself somehow and it used to always work and I would feel so powerful and I loved it! I wanted to break your heart Luke, just like I wanted to break Calum’s and every other guy I’ve been with. I wanted to be able to walk away from you with no consequences, but then when you and Calum fought I got this awful feeling that it was all my fault and it was! I did that to you, and I got scared because finally I had to see firsthand that the things I was doing were hurting people. So I left you. And afterwards I felt so awful and I was going to try and start over but I couldn’t do it! I can’t go back to being the girl that everyone leaves when something better comes along because someone always does.” Tears were streaming down your face now and it brought you the confidence to look him in the eyes as you spoke. “I thought about you every day. I wanted to come back here so bad and tell you that I was sorry and that I wanted to give us a chance and that I love…”You stopped yourself, terrified of the words that almost came out.

Luke was speechless. He had a million things to say to you, but he couldn’t form the words.

“You ruined me. You sought me out and you broke my heart for fun.” With each statement, he stepped closer.You slept with my best friend. You left me with no explanation.”

“I know and I’m sorr-”

“I wasn’t finished.” Luke took the final step to close to gap between you, reaching out to take your cheeks in his hands and using his thumbs to brush the tears away. “And I have never loved anyone more than I love you. You’re beautiful and spontaneous and smart and not a single day has gone by that I haven’t thought about you since you left.”

“Luke.” He could listen to you say his name for hours.

“If you can tell me you don’t love me then I will walk away and try my hardest to never think about you again. But if you give me a chance, if you let me prove to you how much you mean to me then I promise I will never let you down.” A second went by before you answered, but to Luke it felt like a lifetime.

“Okay.” You gave him a small smile that lit up your tear stained cheeks and his heart along with it. He smashed his lips to yours and it felt like everything was right in the world. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you onto the kitchen counter as your hands played with the hairs at the nape of his neck. You stopped kissing him for a moment, leaning your forehead into his. “Okay I love you.” You finished, finally having spoke the words that scared you enough to be heartless. He gave you a big smile before leaning in to kiss you again and again, like he was sealing his promises to you with his kisses.

It was in this moment, clutching you tight enough against him to fill any empty space, that Luke finally felt like he had a purpose. To love you, and be loved by you. And as you tasted his lips mixed with the tears you had cried, you decided that you were finally free of the sad little girl you used to be who waited for a love that never came; the love you thought you deserved. Because now you saw that sometimes the plans we have for ourselves are no where near as beautiful as the future we are meant to have. The boy who couldn’t settle down enough ends up with the beautiful girl who never thought she could, and in this moment with him pressed against your skin, that was perfect enough for you.


“Alone Together”

Summary: Percy has been stamped with the label “Delinquent” for so long, he’s starting to believe it himself. Enter Annabeth Chase, a math tutor with a sharp tongue, who alters Percy’s life irrevocably from day one.

Percy’s never been good at concentrating, but he’s exponentially worse when he’s around Annabeth Chase.

She marches into his life in the beginning of the spring semester of their junior year, after his mom sees his third quarter report card and almost passes out on the spot. “Three F’s,” Sally Jackson hisses, and she has never sounded more profoundly like a mother. “That’s it. I’m getting you a tutor.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Percy assures her. “I’ll get it up by the end of the year-”

“This is non-negotiable, Percy. I’m getting you a tutor, and that’s final.”

And his mom is not one to go back on her promises. Less than two days after that conversation, she came home and shoved a piece of paper into Percy’s hands with the words ‘LIBRARY 3:30 PM’ and ‘ANNABETH CHASE’ printed in neat, no-nonsense script.

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Earth Hour // Calum smut

so after receiving the news of another Earth Hour (yay to saving our planet!) I somehow came up with this idea. Just go with the plot, it’s kinda weird.
ps. trying out a new writing style :-)

updated and fixed

“Are your parents home?” Calum asks calmly while watching reruns of Australian Master Chef on the TV. Y/N snuggles closer to her cuddly boyfriend, clad in an oversized sweater and soccer shorts, his blonde streaks a mess on top of his head.
“No, they’re over at a friend’s house until late at night.” she answers and Calum mentally high fives himself - not that he didn’t like your parents, but out of obvious reasons, he likes to spend time with you alone as well. And he doesn’t mean that in a perverted manner, but just in you enjoying each others’ company without any distractions. 
“But-” Y/N stops in the middle of her sentence as the whole house turns pitch black.

“What just happened?” Calum asks in confusion and digs for his phone in his sweater’s front pocket while Y/N pushes her body even closer to his for comfort. Calum finds his phone and turns on the flashlight.
“Ow! Don’t point it at me dimwit, I’ll go blind!” Y/N scolds the boy and he immediately turns the light to the stairwell leading upstairs to her bedroom.
“None of the neighbors have their lights on either.” she states after looking out of the windows in her living room.
“Must be a power outage.” Calum shrugs and gets comfy on her sofa. “Are you scared yet?”
“What?” Y/N laughs, “Why would I be scared?”
“Because I know you’re scared of the dark.” Calum notes with a smirk on his lips, even though she can’t see it. She’d probably punch him if she did.
“Yeah, but I’ve got you by my side and I aint’ scared one bit. The power should be on in a minute anyway.” she states matter-of-factly and he rolls his eyes at her adorable words.

“Well, while we’re waiting, wouldn’t ya want to come a bit closer?” Y/N recognizes that seductive tone in his voice and gets anticipated.
“If you say so, babe.” she answers and climbs to his lap, facing him even though she can’t actually see him in the dark. “How about you turn off the flashlight?” Y/N mumbles and Calum hurries to grant her suggestion, placing his hands on her hips after.
“What do ya wanna do now, baby?” Calum’s voice is barely above a whisper and he can feel her breath against the lower part of his face as he licks his lips.
“Hmm.” Y/N mumbles and intentionally wriggles on his lap, causing his hands to grip her hips tighter. “I was thinking of something along the lines of this…” her voice quiets down to a whisper before she presses her lips against his wet ones, surprisingly finding them on her first try.

Calum immediately takes the lead and pulls her closer while deepening the kiss. Y/N doesn’t object his somewhat eager actions and instead answers by moving her hands to run through his already disheveled soft hair, earning a muted groan from him. He runs his tongue along her lower lip, sending shivers down her spine, and pulls back to place soft pecks on her lips before giving her a much deeper kiss. He knows how to keep her on the edge, keeping things interesting and having her hungry for more. But Y/N knows some tricks that drive him crazy too, so she gently bites his lower lip, pulls it back and releases it, making Calum moan out and push her hips down. This is a cue for her to start moving her hips against his, satisfying his semi apparent arousal between her legs. And Y/N does just that, Calum showing his appreciation with groans escaping through his lips as he presses open-mouthed kisses down her jaw to her neck.

Y/N moans out his name softly, cheering him on in the most desirable way while she starts leaning to the side, pulling Calum to lie on top of her on the couch. His lips don’t leave her neck for a second in the process, him being too concentrated on making love notes in the flesh of her neck. Her hand travels down his chest to his stomach and from there under his shirt to play with the hairs on his happy trail on his toned abdomen, before slipping it into his loose soccer shorts to palm him through his boxers. By this time Calum is rock hard for her, and only for her.
“Fuck, Calum, stand up.”
“Stand up, I have an idea.”

Y/N leads her boyfriend to stand a bit further from the sofa and giggles to herself.
“What are you doing?” Calum bites his lip in order not to laugh and looks for her figure by wailing his arms in front of him.
“Calm down.” she laughs and steps back to prevent him from touching her. “Take off your clothes and don’t say anything. Keep quiet.”
Calum stands in the darkness with a bewildered expression, getting even more turned on by her kinky suggestion. Suddenly he hears a barely audible thud on the carpeted floor and hurries to undress himself after realizing it was Y/N’s shirt landing next to him. He tries to keep his breathing normal while standing there with a hard on, waiting for her to make her move.

All of a sudden he feels her bare breasts pressing against his chest and his dick poking her thigh. The feeling of her arms wrapping around his neck to pull him closer and their naked skin touching takes him into a state of full bliss and he attacks her lips with his own, roughly showing his love with moving his hands all over her sexy body. Y/N presses her body tighter against his, tugging his hair with one hand as the other sneaks down to slowly pump him. Calum lets out a grunt and lowers his hand in between her legs, dipping one finger between her folds, and groans.
“Jesus, baby girl you’re so fucking wet for me.” he moans against her lips.
“All for you, baby. I’m all yours.” she confirms and Calum starts to rub her clit, earning a loud moan in response. He proceeds to lick, suck and bite her neck and breasts, working her up to finally fuck the shit out of him. Her moans send out straight to his nearly painfully hard member as he pays extra attention on her tender nipples, only licking and sucking this time. 
“Mmh baby the taste of your skin is addicting as fuck.” Calum moans against her breast.

After he’s fetched a condom from his wallet he orders her to jump up so he can catch her, and she grants his command within a heartbeat. Calum walks up to the nearest wall and presses her body against it, the cold wall making her arch her back and press her breasts against him. The feeling of her wet core touching his lower abdomen almost makes him burst and his cock is practically begging to fuck her.
“Fuck me, Calum.” Y/N utters greedily and he wastes no time before starting to push in. The feeling of her tight walls stretching around his tip makes him let out a shaky breath as does she. When she finally gives him permission to move he roughens his actions after letting her get used to the phase, as the gentleman he is.

“Shit baby, I’ve forgot how good you feel around me.” Calum groans as he tilts his head back in pleasure. Y/N wraps her legs tight around his hips to pull him closer, making Calum cough out a rough moan.
“Fuck, yes Calum.” Y/N words are muffled by a moan as Calum’s thrusts increase in both amount and force. His cock hits just the right places inside of her that drive her crazy, and in addition his strong hands squeeze the back of her thighs, his nails probably leaving marks for later. But right now neither one of them could care less, as they’re too hold up by each other, consuming the fiery love they’ve had building up for quite some time.

Calum’s hot breath hits the side of Y/N’s neck before he kisses her jaw, accidentally biting quite harshly and causing her to yelp in surprise. As an apology his hips’ movements slow down to a more gentle phase while he kisses the already red spot tenderly, moving his other hand to rub careful circles on her tender clitoris.
“I’m so sorry babe, I-I didn’t notice-” he speaks sorrowfully against the love-marked skin on her neck.
“It’s okay Calum. Just kiss me, yeah?” Y/N says softly and Calum connects their lips, again getting so into the kiss that his thrusts increase to the same greedy phase.

Y/N tightens her muscles around Calum’s long member, his legs almost giving out from the extra bit of pleasure.
“Holy shit, do that again.” he pleas and she grants his wish, him moaning loud as an answer and slamming his hips against hers, hitting her g spot and making her moan out in turn. He speeds up his thrusts and clings to her body tighter, nearing his release. Y/N runs her hands through his hair and pulls hard when he thrusts particularly hard, her orgasm building up too.
The sound of skin slapping against skin mixed with moans is so erotic that both find their release almost in unison, Calum barely making it through her orgasm before coming himself. 

He lets her down on her wobbly legs after pulling out, both of their breaths slowing to normal as they help each other get dressed.
“I think this shirt is yours.” Calum laughs while handing her a cloth.
“I think so too, and these might be yours.” Y/N hands him something that feels like soccer shorts before her phone rings. She shuffles around in the dark living room, trying to find the ringing object and somehow accidentally picking it up and answering the call.

“Hi dear! How’s it going?” her mum’s voice asks on the other side of the line. Calum comes up behind Y/N and sneaks his hands around her waist, hugging her gently.
“Oh, you know, fine.” Y/N tries to seem as casual as possible, Calum biting her shoulder gently to stop himself from laughing at her miserable acting.
“Is it dark?”
“How did you know?”
“We set the electricity outage with a timer before we took off. It should be back in a minute. Earth Hour, honey.”

A/N: I’ve noticed that ya peeps enjoy quite graphic smut, so I’m sorry they’re all so long but I feel like the reader has to warm up to the mood before the characters get to doing the do, ya feel? I hope you liked it! :-)