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Interruption (S.M.)

Requested: yes

Description: Y/n has been opening for Shawn on his most recent tour. One day after exploring the city of Seattle, she walks into the tour bus to Shawn doing something unexpected.

Rating: M. I mean when is it not with me??

Warnings: Cursing, masturbation, sex.

I waved goodbye to Geoff and Andrew as they went into a cute little diner. I had already eaten something from a coffee shop and I hated eating too much before a show. I was bummed that Shawn didn’t come with us today though, he always makes it a lot more fun, not that Geoff and Andrew aren’t. He said he wanted to rest his voice because the show tonight was a big one and his family was going to be there.

As I approached the venue I saw that fans were already lining up outside, and the show wasn’t for another five hours. Some of them noticed me and asked for pictures , so of course I took some. Eventually the crowd had gotten too big and a security guard had to escort me out. I waved to the kind fans, and thanked the security guard. I grabbed the handle of the bus’s door and opened, but what I looked up to see was something very, very unexpected. 

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Dear all, if you are worried about whether you should go to a concert alone, don’t be. Just go for it. What’s important is that you don’t leave any regrets and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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Ariana's meet and greets are $650 and she doesn't make the prices. Her management and label decide them, she has no say in it.

Very untrue. She doesn’t make the prices but she signs off on them. No one can make her stand for meet and greets. But they have to be high to go to the venues and pay for them.

I’m mobile but there is more than enough googlable evidence of artists considering meet and greet prices depending on what their fans can afford.

Ariana is given a number by her team for what she needs to make up in profit but you’re giving her too much credit to say something like that about her tour is out of her control. She made it clear in her cosmo interview that nothing is out of her control.

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You obviously don't know anything concrete, but why would you think Harry would do the Royal Albert Hall (my dream, tbh, I'd have to fly myself to London) as well as the O2 since the capacity of RAH is only 5K vs 20K for O2?

Oh, no, I don’t know a thing!!  LOL!  I just think he’d do RAH because it’s more intimate and “fancy” and would be a good kick-off for the tour if he can book it. Something like that would be filled to the rafters with celebrities and movers and shakers and it would just be really fucking cool :)

I wouldn’t have even thought of it if Ed hadn’t just done that. RAH, then tour the UK/Ireland, then back to the O2.

Information I learned from the Rick Riordan Hammer of Thor book tour

• The Trials of Apollo series will be at least 5 books

• The Magnus Chase series will be at least 3 books

• We will get to meet Percy’s little sister at one point in the Trials of Apollo series

• He had no control over the Percy Jackson movies whatsoever

• There will be a PJO coloring book released in August 2017

• There will be a book called Camp Half Blood Confidential released in May 2017. This book will be about life at camp

• He said he encourages fan art and fan videos

• He said if you write fanfiction to go for it but he does not read it

• He said probably his two favorite characters to write from are Sadie Kane and Apollo

• Someone asked if liked Anubis or Walt better with Sadie and he said both

• He said that by the end of The Hammer of Thor half of us are going to want the next book and half of us are going to want to kill him

• There will be new characters in The Hammer of Thor

• He will always write for the middle grade age group but he loves it when older people keep reading the books as well




Stripped - Part 1

Summary: Being a high powered publicist, the reader is hired to work with the destructive rock star Jensen Ackles. Her task is to revamp his difficult image from the ground up. Will the reader succeed? Or will she get sucked into his crazy life?

Pairing: rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,175

“Well, shit. I was expecting room service but fuck that noise. Wanna be my breakfast, sweet girl?” Jensen sucks in his bottom lip, practically radiating sin while his eyes drink you in. Who the hell answers the door like that? Jensen motherfucking Ackles.

“No thanks.” You smirk in amusement, taking in the rock star’s disheveled but still delicious appearance. This man will make or break your fucking world, you’re still torn which way you want it to go.

“Then how will I know if you’re a good girl or a bad girl?” 

“I have to say…you’re even more entertaining than I thought you’d be.” The giggle that slips past your lips erases Jensen’s arrogant smile, a pissed off scowl is now staring back at you.

“I’m too hung over for fucking games. Who the hell are you?” He abruptly snarls, chugging down the vodka hiding in his glass of orange juice.

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