something they'll never have

i really just want to thank dan. i’m happy that he’s in a place where he can talk about his experience with depression as well as the different treatments he went through.

as a person who has been struggling with this constant sadness for almost four years, it’s refreshing to see someone come out and talk about the reality of it all. i’ve been hiding this thing that i’ve been dealing with basically the whole time i’ve been experiencing it, only telling a couple friends, but not doing anything about it. now i want to do something about it.

dan’s video really helped me put things into perspective. it’s hard talking to someone about mental health, especially with the initial impression it has on most people, how they’ll see you only for your mental illness, or that you’re using it as an excuse. but nothing is going to get better by itself, and if i want something done, i have to at least try and do it.

i’ve had a few people, namely one honestly, tell me the same things he explained in his video, but hearing it from someone i’ve looked up to since i’ve discovered his videos is something i didn’t know i needed until now. i’m really happy that dan decided to use his platform to share his story in hopes that it might help people in his audience that might be going through the same thing. this video has helped me and gave me that last push that i needed to get better, and i just want to thank dan for that.

i know he’s never going to see this, but it’s out here in the open. thank you, dan, for everything you’ve done, and for helping us. thank you for providing us distractions with your content and reminding us to breathe and just showing us that you and phil care. it’s worth more to us than you’ll ever know.

thank you.

You know what I wanna see next series

I want to see Shelagh alone at the dinner table at Nonnatus. Just a regular visit, not a grand occasion that requires all of the family. Just her having lunch with her friends.

I want to see Shelagh hanging out with the nurses more and maybe even got out with them.

I want to see the nurses at the Turners flat and just having a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst playing with Angela who calls them all Auntie.

I want to see Delia and Shelagh having a casual chat about moving from a different country to be a nurse in London and compare the regional differences.

I want to see Patrick being goofy around the Nonnatuns and become friends with them instead of just a colleague who’s banging the ex nun.

I want to see letters from Jane and Jenny.

I want Shelagh and Sister Julienne become buds again.

I want the white top, green skirt combo that Laura was wearing in the good luck message to the rowers to be one of Shelaghs outfits.

I want to see the friendship between Patrick and Phyllis develop.

I want to see Shelagh and Sister Mary Cynthia to discuss religious life after the novelty of it wears off.

What else do people want to see happen?