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in your history video you said "hopefully this addresses some of the problems in the original" what did you mean by that? genuinely confused here 😂

Hahaha aaaah, I saw the History MV was making the rounds again. 🙈

I don’t remember all my reasons behind why I loathed the official MV so much but it was enough to make me go ‘yeah fuck that’ then sit down for three days and three nights because that absolutely was not the ‘five year reflection’ this fandom deserved.

Honestly it was just so… lazy. It was supposed to be a celebration of 1D’s history yet it turned into something akin to a dreary funeral and I mean… there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL - do you realise how many times EVERYONE in the fandom would’ve watched it if it wasn’t 1) depressing as all heck (I mean that ENDING, precisely in the time everyone was panicking about the 1D split, was such a bitchy and intentional move???), 2) irrelevant (there was zero substance as to what people are actually a fan of this band for) and 3) if they’d actually used footage we hadn’t seen 100 times over for years. For a song aimed AT the fandom the music video sure as heck wasn’t - how many times have we pleaded for any of This Is Us’ 900+ HOURS of footage they withheld, yet instead they give us, what, 6 seconds of new cutaway shots with the rest of the footage simply ripped from the more popular videos on 1D’s YouTube channel?

Access to new footage completely brings this fandom to life - it’s how we THRIVE. But compare the release of the DMD video, where the entire fandom was up and engaged for WEEKS yelling and sharing new gifset after new gifset after new gifset while ruthlessly streaming for the Vevo record, compared to after the History MV dropped and we all just… stood around scratching our heads. Gifmakers were at a loss and hardly anyone wanted to rewatch it because there was more Simon Cowell than actually showcasing the relationships between all of 1D. Selection and omission of footage is SO important and they essentially tried to insinuate that the OT5 connection never existed which, lmao, way to be transparent. I’d almost go so far as to label it as part of the exit sabotage… but I digress.

Look, there are so many qualms that I had with the official MV, some of which were very context-specific to the time/nature of release, but the important thing is that we as a fandom deserved better. Better than lazy. Better than more gaslighting. I couldn’t make something that could contribute to any Vevo records, but I could make something that people could find comfort in and remind them that growing alongside this band and being a part of such a wondrous, influential, huge platform over the last six years is something to be proud of.

And, according to the tags, it worked.

  • Katherine: Jack is seriously the biggest prick on the face of the Earth.
  • Race: How do you know him?
  • Katherine: Oh, he’s my boyfriend.

From time to time, I see teens on tumblr questioning why 30+ year-olds or even 20+ year-olds are still in the fandom, and it never ceases to baffle me - not only because some people apparently consider it acceptable to teach perfect strangers what to do and what not to do in their free time, but also because such attitude is a polar opposite to my own fandom experience.

The first fandom I joined was populated exclusively by teens, at least at the websites I used to frequent back then. Then, at the age of 15, I joined the Harry Potter fandom (I’ve read the books and watched the first films much earlier, but I had no interest in consuming or producing HP fan content prior to that). And I discovered that there were many, many women (not only women, of course, but still mostly women) in their thirties, in their fourties, and even older, who participated actively in the life of fandom. It was an absolute surprise for me. And a wonderful one.

Because, you see, the 15-year-old me was terrified of a great number of things, including growing up. In particular, I was scared of becoming, you know… too adult. Or at least what I perceived as “adult” back then. Too serious, not wanting to have any hobbies that are too “childish”, thinking only about work or household or other “respectable” issues. Not writing anymore, not creating anymore, not feeling inspiration anymore. I was pretty sure that this is what being a grown-up looks like. You have to abandon the things that are not practical or not profitable or not universally accepted and encouraged. You have to become serious.

And then there are these women - lovely, talented women. Women twice my age, women old enough to be my mothers, women who actually have children of my age. Women who work and have family and still manage to have fun and do what makes them happy. Their example showed me that being an adult does not mean being boring, that you’re never too old to write stories about your favourite characters, that you can be both a successful professional and a fanartist or a fic writer. That no one is doomed to become a boring person. That “when you grow up, your heart dies” is complete bullshit. I’m sorry, I like The Breakfast Club, but this is bullshit. The older I become, the older my fandom buddies become, the clearer I see it.

I am 23 now. I am still grateful to those people who showed me that I need not fear growing up. So it is really strange for me to see teens here saying such things. Are they sure that they will not want to be in the fandom anymore when they grow up? Are they planning to quit their fandoms as soon as they turn 20/30/etc.? And if they actually are planning to do so - why do they think that there is such a necessity? Adults are not robots. 

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Show!Ursa: would very much like her daughter to behave like a "lady", laughs about burning a city to the ground, calls her daughter a monster when she thinks she's not listening, murders the Fire Lord. Comics!Ursa: plays in the backyard, doesn't like hearing about violence or war, is all understandable about her new daughter's behavior, would never murder a fly. Same character?

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XD had to.

Ursa was ambiguous enough in the show, you know. You had no idea whether she really loved Azula or not (then the comics do next to nothing to prove that she does, so good going, Yang, thanks for proving Azula right), you had no idea what her political alignments were, and ALSO, you don’t have ANY signs of Ursa not getting along with her husband? LITERALLY. All you know is that she’s not exactly going to shout around that she wants Ozai to be Fire Lord. This can either mean that she was hiding her support of him in that endeavor, (because ffs you can’t conspire about something like a coup and yell about it, Azula, but I guess you’re really young so we let it slide), or that she didn’t support it at all, of course.

Comics, though: no love for Azula confirmed (one kiss when she’s asleep that to me amounts to NOTHING because Azula had no idea it happened), still no real sign that she didn’t like the Fire Nation’s war but she is shown as a victim to, uh, the Fire Nation system because she’s been forced to marry Ozai. So you’re supposed to think that because the Fire Nation traditions made her miserable, she mustn’t like their ways. And because she was forced to marry Ozai, then obviously this must be a horrible marriage from start to end! Despite, uh, the show always had Zuko talking about times when their family was happy, suggesting the relationship deteriorated over time…? :’D

I’m not saying forced marriage should be shown as good, fact is, this trope is seldom portrayed at its worst by fanfiction and um, Yang kinda writes like fanfiction so well, at least I won’t fault him for showing that forced marriage can end badly. But he makes forced marriage awful to the absolute EXTREME by making Ozai horribly controlling, jealous, cruel and whatnot. I know I have what may amount to the most favorable perception of Ozai ever, but I don’t think this was necessary at all. It was just to turn Ursa into an even more victimized mess? Isn’t Ozai bad enough with what he did to Zuko already? Him being an average husband would have never ruled out the harm he has done to his children, but no, Yang makes him a thousand times worse than necessary and instead of letting him keep the teeny tiny bit of depth that he DID have in the show (see him sitting at the turtle-duck pond by himself after Ursa is gone, in the exact same spot she always was at, suggesting that it affects him that she’s gone), Yang makes it so he treats Ursa like crap and just uses her as the means to become Fire Lord via Azulon’s murder. Like, sorry, but I like my Urzai a lot more complex and interesting than “he was soooo bad and she was soooo good but soooo sad and he made her suffer sooo much!”

Long story short, I have no respect for comics’ Ursa for all her decisions and her behavior, but the show’s Ursa, thanks to that wonderful ambiguity from where you can actually build something very complex, where she can have agency, where she can KICK OZAI’S ASS BY PROVING SHE HAS MORE BRAINS THAN HIM…! *heavy breathing* Seriously, though, show Ursa has potential. I’ll never love her, but at least she’s worth writing about.

I really found @loopy777’s essay on the Two Ursas is a great read. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m sure you’d enjoy it, Anon.

so i was a giant tomboy growing up and i’ve never quite grown out of that - i will always default to jeans or shorts and a t shirt because it’s comfortable - fuck, half the reason i wanted to wear boys’ clothes was because i couldn’t find shorts that reached my knee in the girls’ section and i was 12 and wanted shorts that reached my goddamn knees - but sometimes? sometimes i want to wear skirts or dresses or, god, wear make up - look pretty, just because - but i learned in high school that me wearing a skirt or a dress garnered a Reaction. like, i went to an all girls school, we had uniforms, i wore pants every day but sometimes i wanted to wear the goddamn skirt but whenever i did my friends would Freak Out, make a huge Fuss over the fact that i was wearing a skirt, oooooh weezly’s wearing a skirt, how girly - etc. and i fucking hated it. so i never wore the uniform skirts unless i had to. 

and now i find myself more drawn to skirts and dresses because they’re nice and i want to look pretty sometimes - i love jeans and shorts and geeky t-shirts and flannel - but goddamnit, sometimes i want to wear a dress. but i can’t because i have this internalized fear that someone is going to see me in a dress and make a huge fucking deal out of it. like jesus, let me live, you know? let me wear whatever the fuck i want and don’t go on and on about how strange it is to see me in a dress, how girly i suddenly look, all that bullshit. even when no one is around! i won’t even put on a dress to go to the fucking mall to wander around because i’m afraid people are going to look at me funny and ask why i’m not wearing jeans! what is wrong with me/society? (mostly me.) 

this rant brought to you by: the old navy sale and super cash i took advantage of today, as i bought a pretty dress i will now have to work up the courage to wear. (jesus fucking christ.) 

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Hi hello! Love your blog & how interactive you are with everyone, it's so nice (I wish I could come watch Hunchback but I don't have my laptop atm 😭) Can I request US bros, SF!Pap and UF!Sans for a scenario where their S/O has been distant/acting weird, & when they're confronted they get really nervous, tear up, start to shake & say something like "I'm scared. I've never felt this strongly for anyone before & it's scary and wonderful and *overwhelming* and I.. don't want to mess this up."

I’m sorry you couldn’t make it, but there’s always next time!



Blue is confused because like, how would you mess it up? You’ve been an amazing and wonderful datemate so far and sure, you guys had little fights now and then, but there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. He tells you this while hugging you tightly to let you know that no matter what, he’s going to be there for you. 


Stretch wipes away your tears then tilts your head up to meet his as he holds your gaze, smoke swirling from his lit cigarette. He doesn’t say anything as he hugs you, never letting you go, even as you struggle. 

“I love you,” Papyrus admits, “But that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.” 

If anyone is going to mess up this relationship, it’s probably him with his laziness and smoking habit, but he will never allow you to be afraid again. He knows that you’re braver than that. 



Rus just shuts you up by kissing you mid sentence. He understands your fears, but with him, you never to have to be afraid of anything. He kisses it all away and fills you with love until you’re brave again. He takes your hand and surrenders to you, declaring his everlasting love and his promise to stay by your side no matter what, so you never have to be afraid of anything again. 



When you start acting distant, Red thinks that this relationship is over. Why else would you not want to be around him anymore? That’s the only explanation. But then, you tell him the reason why and he’s stands there in shock, because same? He doesn’t tell you that he felt the same way though, instead, he’ll wrap his arms around you and tells you to stop being an idiot. From then on, he makes sure to give you the right amount of affection to let you know that you’re doing fine and that he loves you.