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I love how in the fandom everyone is friends and know what each other but im here too scared to talk to anyone and even if i talked to someone i get tooo scared and anxious to talk to them again even tho this fandom is so sweet and amazing, i have something else to say : if you talk to someone and then they never sent a message again it doesnt mean they dont like you its just sometimes the person gets scared (like me)

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I feel this on an emotional level, Nonnie. I struggle with anxiety and sometimes I just can’t reply to messages right away, I’ve drifted away from possible friendships because of it, and so I completely understand where you’re coming from I want you to know that this is ok, and you shouldn’t feel any guilt or anything negative because of it.  And if you ever do want to talk to someone, my messages are always open either way.

Brooke Page - The Biggest Mystery?

Who is brooke page? the answer is simple right? She is the daughter of the Narrator right? that she is literally the face of Ever After High? all sounds correct, right?

Now let me ask you a question. 

What character has never appeared in the books? Now keep in mind, despite how the books are, for the most part all characters have appeared. Even Ramona, whom hasn’t officially appeared, has indeed been name dropped in the books (despite the same book again referencing a story where Cerise was depicted as an only child).

So then…Who was the only one not shown in book canon?

That’s right. Brooke Page. The literal face of Ever After High never appears in the books… very strange especially considering that both Narrators do appear the books though neither seems interested in them.

Let’s look at something else right quick.

When it comes to the continuity of Ever After High…it’s a bit tricky especially once the Netflix Deal went up and the show was finally able to do some more plot heavy stories…which did ultimately affect the shared plot between both mediums.

But let’s look at the beginning right quick.

Animation: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, True Hearts Day, Throne Coming

Books: Once Upon a Time, Story Book of Legends, The Unfairest of them All, Wonderlandiful World, and Next Top Villain.

From “Once Upon a Time” and til “Thronecoming” these stories follow a well blended continuity with “Story Book” being an expansion on the major plot of Chapter 1 and “Next Top Villain” taking place before True Hearts Day. The story here was strong and nothing felt like a plot hole. Heck, the fact that Milton acted the way that he did in when the book was destroyed in “Story Book” was explained in Thronecoming as it was a fake. So question is…what happened?

What happened in Thronecoming that severed the ties between the animation and book continuity? Was something added there that shouldn’t be there?

Yes…something did happen. Something that shouldn’t has appeared.

Brooke Page appeared. Literally she appeared out of nowhere. And from that point forward…the the continuity shifted from with Brooke (Animation) and without Brooke (Books). 

“But what would that matter?” I hear you asking. “How does Brooke change so much?” 

Which I’m glad you are asking.

“How does the dis-ambiguous form of what is the Narrator, whom have taken pledge to not mess with the matter of their story affect the story.”

Well that is simple. Brooke doesn’t follow the rules. This is of course shown a few times when Brooke willingly talked to Maddie in “Spring Unsprung” as well as she messed with time itself to get Alistair and Bunny together. She doesn’t obey by the rules.

and she doesn’t just stop there. Let’s look at her parents.In the books they are, as far as we can tell, aren’t married. In fact the female narrator take a higher position and only appears once. But in the animation they are married…and we only find that after Brooke appears.

For someone who doesn’t have any regards to the rules. and as easily that Narrators can be manipulated, it wouldn’t be that impossible to believe their reality can be warped.

But now the real question is who is Brooke Page? Who is it that wants to change a story so bad that she could gain that power…no matter the cost. Who else would be considered the “Face of Ever After High”

To answer this question. Let’s look at the earliest of information regarding Brooke Page. Information prior before she herself as the narrator couldn’t manipulate and change..

“Brooke Page: Roomate: Apple White” 

Are we looking at a Raven from a different point in time? a raven supposedly with a power of a narrator to go back in time and change events of a story?

“GURL WTFFF I found ur blog like an hour ago and I’m just reading everything it’s so good. I might have an ok request. Maybe do one where Fionn snaps at you and doesn’t apologize at first then realizes what he did was shitty later on? Idk if you’ve already done anything like this. I haven’t read everything yet!!”

I’m flattered :)

Harry was over to watch some football with Fionn. You didn’t mean to bother him often when he had his mates over but you needed his help. 

“Fionn, can you come here and help me for a second” you called out. You waited for a response and didn’t get one. 

“Fionn!” you tried again. Nothing. Finally you walked into the living room to see him engrossed in the TV.

“Fionn, can you plea-”

“Jesus, shut your bloody mouth! Stop naggin’ me already! You never stop! Prolly for something dumb too, innit? Come on, what was so important?” he snapped.

You shut your mouth, as he said to, and scurried off to the bedroom where you locked the door and sat on the bed. You never bother him when he has people over, why couldn’t he come for three seconds…

“Mate, come on” Harry said. Fionn looked at him as he sipped on another beer. “She needed a hand, you could’ve paused it” 

At this point, Fionn realized how much of an arse he had been and how avoidable this all was. He sat there for the remaining part of the game, realizing how rude he was.

He quietly stepped up to the bedroom door and knocked lightly. Rather than make him sit out there all night or sleep on the couch, you opened the door and turned right around, heading back to the bed.

“I’m sorry I snapped on you earlier. I don’t know what happened. Theres really no excuse…I am a real are, aren’t I? I really don’t know what made me snap, baby, I’m so sorry…” he said and sat next to you on the bed. 

“Its alright” you sighed. “You’ve been stressed and tired and all that” 

“Still not an excuse. Now, what’d you need help with?” He opened his arms and you fell into them as he kissed the top of your head.

Side to Side

Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Prompts: None

Word Count: 2465

Warning(s): Some swear words, slight smut (Nothing crazy but it goes there)

Requests: I have like 10 followers so like none of you pay attention to me (jk jk you guys are cool)

Song: Side to Side  (duh) by Ariana Grande

Author’s Note: This is kinda crap but I’m totally obsessed with Tom Holland and Spider-Man Homecoming so come on this wild ride and be trash with me! Give me feedback please I promise I’ll get to it in like 10 years

Summary: Reader and Peter (slant rhyme woo) are friends and both on the Avengers. They’re training in the gym and things get s t e a m y…

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I love Sadrien as much as the next person but honestly?

I need more Madrien in my life


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Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

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The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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the signs as songs from ‘lust for life’

aries: summer bummer ‘is this love or lust or some game on repeat?’

taurus: 13 beaches ‘it hurts to love you, but I still love you’

gemini: white mustang ‘caught up in my dreams and forgetting’

cancer: love ‘look you kids with your vintage music’

leo: lust for life ‘in these stolen moments the world is mine’

virgo: cherry ‘it’s like heaven taking the place of something evil and lettin’ it burn off from the rush’

libra: tomorrow never came ‘'cause I adored you, I just wanted things to be the same’

scorpio: heroin ‘my hopes that you come back again to tell me everything’s okay’

sagittarius: get free ‘finally, I’m crossing the threshold from the ordinary world’

capricorn: beautiful people beautiful problems ‘my heart is soft, my past is rough’

aquarius: when the world was at war we kept dancing ‘if we hold on to hope we’ll have a happy ending’

pisces: in my feelings ‘sobbin’ in my cup of coffee, ‘cause I fell for another loser’

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Force yourself to do the things you know you need to do.

Taurus: Life gets easier once you realize you dont have to be involved in everything. Let sleeping armed militants lie.

Gemini: Its meaningless if you cant remember it. Boring genius is just as worthless as boring trash.

Cancer: Ideas are refined like ore. You gotta do the work to dig it out of the ground though.

Leo: It never comes when you’re prepared. Nothing ever does.

Virgo: You are made of a thousand thousand little things. For every cell of you there are eight cells of something else. Keep them happy they are your guests.

Libra: Dont just seek more difficult challenges, seek different challenges. Look for things that show you the world in a slightly different way.

Scorpio: Oftentimes, just picking yourself up off the floor over and over again is exercise enough. Gravity is the best trainer.

Ophiuchus: Dont expect courtesy of the world. Just dont.

Sagittarius: You’ve lost a lot of time haven’t you? Don’t worry. Nobody ever has 100% of their time with them when they’re done.

Capricorn: Fat is chemically burned. Every time you gasp for breath you are billowing with the smoke of weakness.

Aquarius: Your only option is beef stew.

Pisces: You have to say words you cant just make noises and expect people to understand.

On Camera

Or that one time Lance decided to live-stream when he really should’ve been resting. The (established) klance YouTuber AU that no one asked for, but you’re all getting. Domestic klance sharing an apartment is my jam, and throwing a little angst in there is a bonus.

I’m actually really happy with this, and if people like it I might do an actual long AU thing with this setting, so feedback is appreciated! For now though, just a one-shot. This is also proof that the best writing for me happens at 3 AM… oops. I hope you enjoy!!

Psst @taylor-tut this is that thing I not-so-discreetly mentioned in my tags, have a wonderful day.

Lance McClain was a rulebreaker in every way, except for one thing. He believed it was always necessary to have a routine, and never stray from it. If asked, he’d inform you that a steady routine was the foundation for a steady life.

Showering every morning, brushing his teeth every night, thinking of a cheesy one-liner for Keith each day without fail, the list went on. Little things.

One of his many routines was to live-stream, always on Sundays. Because who did anything besides sit at home, definitely not with a hangover, on Sunday?

New videos went up on Wednesdays, but the carefully edited ones on YouTube and his live-streams were very different. Many fans even preferred seeing him live, mainly because he couldn’t stop himself from making bad jokes, and was usually too lazy to straighten his bedhead.

And they would always ask him to go bother Keith in the next room, which Lance more often than not was obliged to do.

So when he woke up late one Sunday with a killer headache and a stuffy nose, Lance wasn’t about to let it get in the way of his routine.

He discovered a note from Keith on the kitchen table that said he’d be out running errands, and Lance lamented that he hadn’t been awake to tell Keith to get soup. After shooting him a quick text, the only response Lance got was “You don’t even like soup.”

Lance chuckled softly, which quickly led to a series of wet coughs. Clearing his throat, he began to set up his camera, wrapped himself up in blankets, and started the stream.

“Hey guys,” he said with a small wave, and winced at how raspy his voice sounded. He sniffled, and edged the off-screen box of tissues closer to him.

The chat was quickly flooded with “HELLO”’s and “LANCE!”’s. By now, all the fans knew when he went live. Lance was, however, surprised to see several inquiries about his health.

There were quite a few “Are you okay”’s, and even some “You seem sick”’s, with one of Lance’s personal favorites being “You look like shit.”

He read off the last comment with a short laugh. “Thanks, KeiththeKutie05.” Then, as an afterthought, he added, “Nice name.”

After a short pause of him continuing to scan the chat, he spoke again. “I’m fine though, just got a cold or something. Nothing could stop me from live-streaming!”

As the viewers seemed satisfied with this response, Lance wasn’t surprised to see the usual repetition of “Where’s Keith?” in the chat. He sighed.

“Mullet Boy is running errands,” Lance told them, rolling his eyes for effect. “Probably going out to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves.”

Keith and Lance had been sharing an apartment for some time now, and the Internet was very invested in their relationship, or so it seemed. Keith was annoyed by the whole thing at first, but Lance found it entertaining that his fans seemed to like Keith better than him. Lance could, admittedly, relate.

Eventually, the accidental publicity that came with dating a YouTuber inspired Lance to make a collab channel for them, though Keith never got his own. He insisted that he was too awkward to film anything by himself, which Lance secretly found adorable.

Numerous people began telling Lance to prank Keith when he came back, to which Lance grinned. Playing tricks on Keith during live-streams had become somewhat of a tradition in and of itself. “Maybe I will,” Lance tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You guys got any ideas?”

Lance read through some of the responses but saw nothing particularly appealing, then perked up at someone asking when he’d do a video with Hunk again.

“Actually, I got some good news for you guys,” Lance declared, sneezing into his elbow before continuing. “Hunk and I are going to be playing videogames on Pidge’s channel sometime next week, and Hunk has both of us coming over to his and Shay’s for a baking video. I haven’t decided what we should do for my part yet. Maybe a Q & A?”

Once again, Lance’s eyes scanned through the suggestions until his eyes snagged on one he liked. “Cards Against Humanity, huh? With YouTube’s shitty new rules it could get demonetized, but I do love that game, so why not? I’m positive Pidge owns it, and I can tell them to bring it over. Maybe I can even convince Keith to play with us.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic response that got.

“I think I’m going to get myself some more coffee,” Lance decided, looking down at the empty mug resting on a coaster. “Last night Keith made me watch this really scary movie, so I naturally had trouble falling asleep. Gotta have coffee to keep myself functioning. Do you guys prefer coffee or tea? Keith and I are both coffee people, but he likes his black. No sugar or anything, disgusting if you ask me.”

Lance almost regretted this comment as a war of opinions on black coffee slowly took over his computer screen.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna go to the kitchen real quick. I’d bring my laptop but… I’d probably spill coffee on it, and we can’t have that.”

Lance stood, and was about to start towards the next room when his vision abruptly blurred and refocused. He knew immediately something was wrong.

His legs felt like jelly, and the room seemed to spin as he took a single step forward. Had he only been fine when he was sitting? Lance had half the mind to sit right back down, but his brain was growing muddled, and direction simply didn’t make sense.

Lance’s migraine flared abruptly in intensity, and then suddenly the wood floor was rushing up to meet him. Everything went dark.

Keith glanced at his phone as he moved around to the back of the car, where he’d stored the groceries, and had to repress a fond smile at the Twitter notification on the screen. Lance was, apparently, live-streaming. Keith thought he might actually miss his time-slot for once, but he figured by now he should be used to the Cuban boy’s dedication to routine.

Lance’s channel got some negative feedback from more ‘sophisticated’ YouTubers for being… all over the place. A dedicated beauty guru, or PrinceLotor as his channel was called, had dragged Lance on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Lance was anything but consistent when it came to videos. He did whatever he felt like doing that week, and the fans loved it. Sometimes he played songs on his guitar, sometimes he did prank-calls. He would film Q&A’s, or tell stories about all the interesting stuff that happened in his life— Lance’s bad luck was rather famous. He recommended TV shows, did hauls of what he got for holidays, vlogged on occasion when he went to stores, you name it.

But Lance’s favorite thing to do were collabs.

Hunk, an incredibly smart engineer, had a baking channel as a hobby, and Lance was his favorite assistant.

Pidge was a newer gaming channel, but their obsession with theorizing about the game’s lore while playing and busting other fan theories made them grow in popularity quickly. For two player games, Lance was ideal.

Allura was an extremely popular beauty channel, and Lance let her give him makeovers whenever she wanted to. Shiro could use extra actors in his short films.

And Keith… well, the two of them had a channel together that had no pattern whatsoever, much to Lance’s dislike. Absolutely spontaneous and random, usually doing things by popular fan request, like dancing or karaoke. And uploads were by no means regular.

Keith was surprised at how much he had started to enjoy it. Lance had been telling him he should start an art channel, with animations and speedpaints and the like, and Keith wasn’t… that opposed to the idea. It could be a useful source of income, to help with all the debt he would come into after graduating college. But he’d never tell Lance.

Without thinking too much of it, Keith swiped right across his screen, taking him to Lance’s tweet about the live-stream in order to like it. He was about to close his phone again and begin taking groceries up to their apartment when his eyes snagged on something odd.

Lots of the replies to Lance’s tweet mentioned him, particularly the recent ones, even tagging him in it. Keith couldn’t fathom why they would be talking about him if he wasn’t on the stream, unless Lance was complaining about him live again.

Keith bristled. Lance better not be still annoyed at him for the movie the last night. Signs wasn’t scary at all, and not even a real horror movie! Lance simply stated that ‘he didn’t mess with aliens.’

But when he looked at all the mentions, Keith felt his irritation give way to confusion, and then panic.


Keith slammed the trunk, all groceries forgotten as he sprinted into the apartment building and ran for the stairs. They only lived on the third floor, and he was not about to wait for the slow, crowded elevator.

He fumbled to fit his key in the lock and opened the door to the living room, only to spot the live-streaming set up, with no Lance. Keith rushed forward, but drew up short when he realized that Lance was in fact passed out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Oh my god— Lance!” Keith sank down beside him, turning his boyfriend over. “Lance, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Lance’s eyes opened slowly, and Keith felt relief flood his system, despite the uncharacteristically pale skin. “K-Keith? Wha… I thought you were shopping?”

“I’m back,” Keith answered shortly, wincing as he pressed a hand onto Lance’s forehead. “Jeez, you’re on fire. Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?!”

“Are you a fire?” Lance mumbled under his breath, and Keith furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What? No, Lance, I was saying you have a fever.”

“Because you’re hot and I want s'more,” Lance continued, as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Keith was suddenly painfully aware that the live-stream was still going, and that his face was even more flushed than Lance’s, and not because of a fever.

Keith glanced at the computer sitting on the coffee table briefly, noting that most of the chat was full of random keyboard smashing. He smiled apologetically. “At least he’s conscious,” he shrugged, hoisting Lance up off the floor and propping one of his arm’s around Keith’s shoulder. “I’m going to take this idiot to the hospital, he’s way too hot.”

“So you finally admitted it,” Lance’s voice was barely audible, and Keith glanced back down to see him grinning up at Keith tiredly.

“I meant your temperature, dumbass. Next time, tell me when you’re not feeling well.”

And with that, he shut off the stream.

Through the Years (Part 5)

Summary: Through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived 70 years in the past.

Word Count: 1,116

“Through the Years” Masterlist

A/N: BOOM. Here’s my inbox. :) Also, there may be some inconsistencies. Sorry.

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Not knowing when the last letter would come was torturous for you. Refusing to interact with anyone outside of the normal socialization you had to go through at work, you tried to find some solace in the letters you kept in the wooden box, remembering the innocence by which you got to know the man you now were learning to love.

But he’d be yanked out of your hands soon.

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I'm saying this from the perspective of a shipper I guess but looking at all these Sheith moments got me thinking.. Would it be possible that the creators themselves are actually planning for them to be canon at some point? But because of some complications..(not gonna name it) they decided to scrap it off? Do you think this is possible? Although Keith telling Shiro he is like a brother to him kinda made me sad? lol I have got so many questions so I can't wait to see more of this amazing series!

Hi anon! The thing is, writing and animation for shows like this are done way in advance. When season 1 came out, I imagine the plot up until seasons 3 or 4 was already set in stone. And Voltron, like most shows, works off a “TV Bible” that had all the major plot points outlined right when the series was first pitched so,, once you plan things out like that I think it’s difficult to make big changes to characters’ relationships.   

I think the writers have also made it clear that they are going to go ahead with their narrative rather than catering to popular fannon, particularly when they’ve told certain fans they don’t agree with their mentality at all. Even with things like how they mentioned Allura was a teenager like all the other paladins, a lot of people didn’t headcannon that, but the writers stood by it. It’s their own story after all, and I don’t see why they should change it. As for sheith, we know the writers have outright told people that harassing shippers isn’t okay and they’re completely against it. 

There are also plenty of writers, animators, and VAs who have liked clearly romantic sheith fanart, cosplay, or pro-sheith posts (and gotten backlash for it). So we know they’re certainly not opposed to shipping it. And I mean, whether it’s romantic or not, we know that the cast certainly seems invested in their dynamic. The fact that their relationship and character development is by far the most fleshed out is certainly apparent. Here’s also some stuff staff has drawn that shows they at least like Shiro and Keith’s bond: 

So anyway, despite how the fandom can be, I don’t think it would necessarily deter the writers or dissuade them from following through with major writing decisions. And given how supportive the staff has been of sheith, I don’t think they would suddenly just abandon whatever plans they had for their character development together. Under the hypothetical that they did make sheith canon, I think they would just maybe adjust how they went about it so that the fandom could kind of like, ease into it, and hopefully not be too mad about it. Though I have no doubt people would still harass the staff if sheith happened, which just…makes me feel really bad to be honest…

On the BOM line though anon, I don’t think it goes against sheith at all and here’s why:

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We Discussed Taemin At My Winter Break Art School Class In South Africa!

I recently flew back to South Africa because of the music program my school decided to present during our winter break. Usually, we discuss some of the older artists who have laid down the path for newer generations. Imagine my surprise when I walked in on the very first day to see a paused video of Taemin’s solo concert!

For a moment I thought the professor was just a Taemint caught up in watching the video and had forgotten about our class. BUT then he announced that we would be discussing the talent of a KPOP artist he felt was on the level of Michael Jackson as a performer.

He instructed the class to turn their eyes towards the projector screen and played what was actually a compilation of what he felt was Taemin’s best performances to date. Performances that included every single one of the songs Taemin performed at his solo concert, as well as many of his Press Your Number, Danger and Drip Drop stages. We were also treated to Taemin’s performance at the MAMAS as well as his Goodbye stages and music video.

I was probably the proudest person in the room because of the exclamations from a few classmates that already knew of Taemin but even more so at the others that literally couldn’t tear their eyes away from the screen and kept exclaiming how incredible he was. It was a proud day for me as both a Shawol and Taemint. So much so that I really did cry during the videos of his Door and I’m Crying performance.

After the video compilation, our professor explained that he had stumbled upon Taemin when his younger sister was watching a video of SHINee’s Tokyo Dome. He further explained that he found himself sitting down beside his sister just to catch another glimpse of Taemin’s dancing and to hear what he called Taemin’s incredibly unique vocals. Apparently, he found himself watching the entire concert and afterward continued to question his sister about Taemin until he finally found out that Taemin was a solo artist as well. 

The professor then stated that he too had flown out to attend Taemin’s solo concert alongside his sister. He briefly took a detour from Taemin to talk about Michael Jackson who he says greatly influenced his life and he was blessed enough to see perform live all those years ago, but it was what he said next that really blew me away. He said that he had been to many concerts in his life and never before had he felt an aura so exactly the same to Michael Jackson than when he attended the first day of Taemin’s solo concert. To him, Taemin’s dancing and stage presence were out of this world, something he never thought he would experience again after MJ’s passing.

Our class consisted of seven hundred people and each and every single one walked out while searching for more info about Taemin and his songs. My professor touched so many people yesterday and he’s led them all to Taemin. He’ll be giving this class forty more times! Forty classes all consisting of seven hundred people…that’s a lot of people who will finally be able to see Taemin, even if it’s only through a screen.

Taemin’s hopes of becoming a global artist are slowly coming true!

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hkjfkndzx I really liked the enemies to lovers one !!!!!! can we get on for yoongi ?

  • you work at a coffee shop that’s pretty popular and tbh you’re a good barista,,,,,,like you’re nice and you wish everyone a great day,,,,,but you do have ONE pet peeve 
  • and that pet peeve is people who talk on the phone while they’re ordering,,,,,just because,,,,,,,it’s rude
  • like how are you supposed to catch their order in between a bunch of conversation that has nothing to do with you???
  • but thankfully, most people either put the phone down or excuse themselves from the line if they have a call
  • except,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,min yoongi
  • the first time he stopped by the cafe he was mumbling low into his phone, telling someone named hoseok that he didn’t know where jungkook was - he wasn’t his dad
  • and you’d been like ok,,,that sounds kinda serious a missing friend so you thought he’d just step to the side
  • BUT ,,,,,, he  didn’t
  • he stood there taking before glancing up at you with the most apathetic look in his eyes and going “well, aren’t you going to ask me what i want?”
  • you’d sort of stuttered in response because,,,,,what?
  • but snapping out of it you picked up a cup and went “what will you have?”
  • but,,,,,he’d just went back to whispering on his phone and if it weren’t for your boss standing five feet away at the latte machine you might have crushed the cup in your hand out of frustration
  • long story short he’d given you a bleak ‘iced whatever but not vanilla’ and you’d grumbled to yourself that that wasn’t an order
  • but the line was getting long and begrudgingly you just caved and said “ok, your name?”
  • “yoongi.”
  • with that he’d stepped to the side and you,,,,,,holding the sharpie marker in your hand began to write ‘y-,,,,,,,,yoongus’
  • and you didn’t know WHY you wrote something that ridiculous. but you did
  • but it looked like he never noticed because the next day you saw him again,,,,,,,texting this time and saying iced whatever and you,,,,,,,couldn’t stop yourself at this point
  • for the next two weeks it was just you misspelling his name every way possible; “moongi, yongs, yams, yoonlee, yahoo, yuckngi, yesterday, goongi, yoyo, etc”
  • and him either not caring or not noticing because he’d come in,,,,,,and even when the other barista would call out ‘yams’ he’d be like ‘mine’ and leave
  • not sparring ONE glance back at you
  • until,,,,,,one day he came in and to your shock,,,,,,he wasn’t on his phone
  • instead he’d strolled up to the counter 20min before closing and you’d sighed getting your sharpie ready to write something that definitely wasn’t yoongi
  • when he motioned to the cup and was like “get it right this time.”
  • crinkling your nose you murmured that oh,,,,he finally noticed
  • and yoongi, without looking at you went “of course i did, here im going to spell it to you get ready”
  • biting back the urge to tell him that you very well knew how to spell his freaking name you waited
  • until yoongi’s eyes dropped from the menu and met yours,,,,,a small smile on his face
  • (that you had to admit was cuter than you expected it to be,,,,,,,,,,,anyway)
  • and he repeats a list of numbers and you’re like ???? is this some kind of joke because of how ive kept misspelling ur name????? are u giving me your name in some kind of scientific code?????
  • yoongi shakes his head at your expression and goes “it’s my number.”
  • shocked,,,,,,you feel the sharpie fall out of your hand and you’re like “w-why your number????” 
  • yoongi tilts his head and goes “only people im dating can call me yongs, yams, or yahoo.”
  • and with that he turns to leave but stops at the door and goes “this place closes in five right, ill wait and we can go get dinner together - on me.”
  • and as you watch the door close behind him,,,,,you blink and feel your heart speed up in your chest and you’re like no no no i cant like him he’s,,,,he’s,,,,,,,,
  • but also,,,after your shift you see him,,,, leaning against the side of the building,,,,,and your heart speeds up again and ok dammit u might just wanna see where this goes,,,,,,with yongs- i mean yoongi 

I͑ͩ͆̆͊̔҉̙̰ ̻c̋ͣ̒ͮ͂̀a͎̥̮̞͕͓͍n̠͔̲̗̏ͮͨ̈́̓͒'̘͎͙͎̆t̖̝̱̺͖̾̌̿͋͂͠ ͙̣͎͔͗ͥ͊͛q͖͓̹̯͕͇̻u̩͓͆͂̄͐i̇̀ͮ͌͝ͅt̯̱̰̉̇͝e̡̖̬̰͇͎͔̗̽͒ ͏̗̞̠̞̣̗c̱̺̟̤͚͑̀͂̚̕o̼͚̒̈́͜n̳͓̳̟͚̳͢t̸͎̄̅a̻̬̽̂̉ȉ̱͈̩ṇ͎̩̆ͤ̑͊
͎͊́O͇̭̝̬ͫ͛͌͞r̭̼̪̬̖ͭ̈́͂̏̕ ̢̳͚̥̲͕̞̎̎̿ͤ͑͐e̩̣̙̻̮̪̚x̓͐̽͋̔̄p̋͏̭̤͍̹l̪̹̩͍̮̍̓͌̋̐̀ͅaͥͬ̀ͤͬ̉҉͍̲͇͕̝i̶̭̠͕̩͌͛ͫ́ͧ̍̾n̹̘̣͑̂̎ͅͅ ͖̫̱̭̣̙̘̓ͨm̫̳͉̳̟y̨͔͇̼̍͂ͫ̉̐͌ ̹̩̰̊̌̍ͧͮe̢̞ͨv̟̬̿i͉̍ͤͨ̅ͩͤ̚͝l̷̖͎̲͚͓̂̎͛̅̔ͅ ̪̠̩̭͇̩͋̒ͪ̂ͭͭw̱̥̏̀ā̼̳̖̳̟͕́y̤̺͈̑ͤ̈́̀̍s͔̝̻̩̰͌̾̅ͭ͐̚͟

playing with fire

*gif credit to owner @jungkook-gifs*

pairing: you x Jungkook 

themes: idol!jungkook, friendswithbenefits!au, older!oc, older!jungkook

warnings: swearing, slightly smutty, angst, fluff

word count: 9.8+k

summary: they say friends with benefits never works. fun turns into feelings and everyone gets hurt. you and jungkook are no different to the stereotype. jungkook is in too deep for comfort and you’re not sure if you can return what he wants. after all, he is a sought after celebrity and you know the consequences of playing with a little too much fire.


The sun is bright, almost too bright as you finally open your eyes from your deep slumber. Not only is the sun too bright, but it is also too damn hot in this room. Your vision blurs together to a couple seconds before it clears, comprehending my surroundings. A familiar sight covers your eyes and you go to stretch your body out until you are halted by a heavy entity; another body. You glance up to the left to be met with soft brown hair dangling, closed eyes, and slightly parted mouth that breathes slowly in and out. Memories flash across your mind as you remember the first time you saw the now familiar face.

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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Your roomie freshman year calls herself Inari, like the sushi, which you try not to roll your eyes at. It’s obviously a weaboo thing, since she’s definitely not anywhere near Japanese with her red-blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has two dads who work for the forest service - one blond and stocky, the other tall and red-haired, and they both call her Flower when they kiss her goodbye before leaving. You’re too polite to ask which one is her real dad.

There’s far weirder stuff at university to worry about than that.

Inari (who, thank god, doesn’t put up anime posters or talk about manga and maybe you were wrong about the nickname?) pays as much lip service to the weird traditions of Elsewhere as everyone else does, and a few more besides. She accepts them without comment when other people laugh them off, like they’re common sense, like she’s done it all her life. When people whisper about seeing things in the deep end of the pool or in the forest or in the depths of the library, she doesn’t blink an eye. When you whisper to her one night that you think these strange traditions might actually be in place for a reason she says “of course they are.” Like she’s known all along.

Inari wears her iron and carries her salt, but she doesn’t add to the stories and the gossip and hysteria. She’s aiming for law school, which you can already tell that she’ll be great at. You share theology and history and you’ve never seen her lose a debate. She’s crafty and smart and more focused than anyone else you’ve met at Elsewhere, and you wonder if she’s decided she just doesn’t have time for the stories. You wonder how someone can both accept and completely ignore The Neighbours. You wish you could.

Then Apples from your lit class gets replaced by something Else, and her girlfriend spends the evening bawling in your room  Inari listens, then sighs, and packs a bag. Then she pulls a rusty iron bar out of her closet, and heads out into the forest under the cover of moonlight. You don’t want to watch, you don’t want to think about what might happen. You clench your iron medallion tighter and try to tell yourself that the hulking dark shape that appears next to her is just the shadows of the trees, that you didn’t see the moonlight glint off green, inhuman eyes.

(You never expect to see her again.)

Except she comes back, and Apples is back in her place, seeming none the worse for wear (though she leaves paper-wrapped notebooks by the fountain every full moon until she graduates). Inari says nothing, but during finals she disappears into the library after someone else, clutching her her iron bar and accompanied by a tall man in a black frock coat.

“How do you do it?” You ask when you can’t stand not knowing. “How do you know…”

Inari shrugs. “My fairy godfather taught me how to be the right kind of persuasive. It’s simple once you know how. You speak softly… and carry a big stick.”

You hope that in this case, fairy godfather is some queer term. You’re afraid to ask her clarify.

After that the whispers start. That if you’re desperate to get someone back, you go to Inari, who never seems particularly happy, but eventually accepts most pleas. She can’t and won’t help everyone, of course. If your friend was desperate enough to kiss Anna Monday there’s nothing to be done. And she always asks for a favor in return, to be held in trust until a time of her choosing.

A favor in trust is a serious price, at Elsewhere. But at least Inari is human, they reason, staring at her bare hand wrapped around the iron bar.

At least she seems human enough.


Prodigy Lance Fic Part 10!!!!!

Lance’s sleeping form remained unmoving as he was in the pod. He had been in there for two days already, and the team were starting to get impatient, especially Keith. He was currently sitting in front of the pod, chin propped in one hand while he drummed his fingers against the cold floor. His eyes never left Lance’s face. Keith heard footsteps approach behind him, but ignored them. “Keith.” Shiro sighed. “Come to dinner. You’ve already missed lunch and Lance isn’t going anywhere.” Keith shook his head, eyes never moving. “I’m not leaving him. Not again. What if he wakes up when I’m not here?” “Keith, you’re dead on your feet. If Lance comes out now, don’t you think he would be worried about you? You’ve haven’t slept at all, and you’ve been skipping meals. Get some rest and something to eat. You want to be able to stay awake when he is, right?” Keith stayed silent, knowing he couldn’t argue. With an aspirated sigh, he slowly stood up, knees popping with the action. Shiro smiled and place his hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go eat some dinner.” They both walked and joined the team who were already eating in the kitchen. The two sat down and began to dig in. After a few moments of silence, Coran practically skipped to table, relief and excitement bumbling out of him. “Good news everyone! I just checked Lance and according to my calculations, he should be out by today!” Allura set down her spoon and sighed in relief. “Good. Considering the injuries he sustained, he healed fairly quickly.” Hunk silently nodded. “I’ve never seen so much blood before..” Keith clenched around the fork in his hand, his mouth pressed in a thin line. His mind replayed the scene over and over again. It was something he could never forget. “There’s just one thing I don’t get.” Coran stated. “How did Lance know exactly what his injuries were?” Pidge looked up at this. “What I want to know is how he manage to hack into their system without breaking a sweat. It took him like two minutes tops.” “Not to mention that he spoke fluent Galran!” Coran added. Keith furrowed his brow. Hmm… “Hey, Hunk. Did Lance do anything..out of the ordinary at the Garrison?” Hunk shrugged his shoulders. “Not that I can think of. Though he spent a lot of time with Iverson and the other professors. He was always having meetings and sometimes ate lunch with them. Even the president and CEO over the Garrison.” Shiro raised an eyebrow at this. “What? Only highly skilled students with unique abilities spend that much time with the professors, especially the head president. Why was he at the Garrison for, what was he studying to be?” Hunk picked up his fork, using it as a toothpick and shrugged, nonchalant. “Every time I asked he always said he wanted to be a fighter pilot.” Pidge intervened. “Yeah, but when I would try to go into detail about it, he would quickly change the subject. It was like he was nervous or scared about something.” “Oh, I almost forgot!” Hunk exclaimed. “He would always carry around this notebook, and he was suuuuper protective over it. He would only show it to Iverson and the other teachers, but would never show it to me. Always said it was extra credit or something. Although one day when he was writing in it, a read one heading but had no idea what it meant. Before I could ask, he quickly shut it and got super defensive about it.” Keith spoke up. “What did it say?” “Oh uh, something like The Shada Plan and in small letters beside it it said revised.” Shiro started coughing, choking on his food. “Shiro!?” Shiro ignored them. “The Shada Plan?? The plan that was created specifically for the Kerberos mission? Why was he revising it? Hunk did you read anything else in his notebook?” Hunk twiddled his thumbs. “Umm, well there was this other time where he left his notebook opened when he went to use the bathroom, but all that was in it was a huge line of code. Like it took up almost two whole pages. When I asked Lance what it was, he was said it was just a little project he was working on, he was just fooling around. It had a weird name at the top of the page though. I think was Bex Klaus or Taylor Bex?” Pidge leap from her seat.“WHAT?? Are you telling me that Lance created THE Bex Taylor-Klaus code?!” Hunk arched his eyebrow. “Uhh..yeah?” “Guys do you know what this means??” The team looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders. “Are you kidding me?! Lance, our Lance, created one of the most famous battle codes of all time! It’s used for technological warfare! You just have to enter the code, and it causes the host to destroy itself while sending the information right to you! It untraceable and you don’t even know it’s there before it’s too late! It was revolutionary in the technological world!” Pidge said incredulously. The team were at a loss for words, letting the information sink in. “So you mean to tell me,” Keith started slowly. “That’s Lance has created these plans and codes that have been very successful and famous. Plans and codes that only a genius could come up with?” Pidge could only nod. “So does this make Lance some sort of genius?” Allura questioned. Shiro shrugged. “There’s only one person who can answer our questions.” As if one cue, the team heard the familiar hissing of the pod opening.

“Handy” - Byun Baekhyun

Small note: combining cock-warming requests + @ishysoamaze13′s request♡  Hope you like this is little gift I prepared for you @ananou59​ ;)  

Content: +6000 words of graphic smut, oral job, breast play, rough sex, prolonged sex, riding baekkie language warning, just overall playing with baek little peepee ;)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

The moment when Baekhyun needed some help….

“Do you really need to call me when you’re just in the other room, Baek?!” 

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