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If you don't mind, can we go on the angst train? Maybe a situation when the chocobro's s/o misunderstands something and thinks they're not wanted in the group anymore and Ardyn uses that time to influence them to join him or something. Keep up the great work!

Ooh. It’s been a while since I’ve written angst, so hopefully this turned out alright. I’m gonna use a scenario with Noctis so I can try writing for him again.

It had been a long, exhausting day. Your bones ached with every step you took, and you nearly collapsed inside the Regalia once you’d made it back to the car. You were squished in the back seat as usual between Gladio and Noctis. Normally, Noctis would wrap an arm around your shoulders and pull you in to lean against him, but today he sat with one arm propped up to hold his chin in his hand, and the other limply in his lap. His head was turned out to watch the sun set, away from you.

He was in a mood. You knew it, so instead of trying to bother him, you made yourself as small as possible in the middle rear seat.

“It’s getting dark,” Prompto noted from the front passenger’s seat. “Can we stay in a hotel this time?”

“That’s up to Noct,” Ignis replied, eyeing the young prince in the rearview mirror. Noctis just shrugged.

“Sure. Whatever.”

Ignis gave a terse nod and made quick work of finding a motel at an outpost not far from where you were. It was getting dark, and you could see daemons sprouting from the ground along the sides of the road.

When you eventually got to the outpost, Noctis mumbled something about going to check the store with Ignis for curatives. Prompto and Gladio went to find some food for all of you, so you decided to quickly take a shower at the motel before anything else.

The hot water felt good against your weary muscles, your joints cracking in protest as you stretched out under the faucet. After a long while, you begrudgingly got out of the shower and dried off. You re-dressed and went out to look for the rest of the guys.

You found them, huddled together behind the adjacent store, muttering in small voices. They hadn’t noticed you, and for some reason, you felt the need to not let your presence known.

“…shouldn’t be coming,” you heard Noctis say, from where you hid in the shadows.

“You can’t mean that,” Prompto countered, sounding extremely flustered. “You’re just gonna leave them behind, when they left everything to come with us?”

You could feel your pulse in your ears.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Noctis snapped, sighing wearily. “I can’t have any distractions. We have to take down Titan, and if they’re around—”

That’s all you needed to hear. Is that all you were to him, a distraction? You thought back to the first time Noctis had kissed you, so gentle and so shy, and in that moment you felt like your heart was going to burst. That feeling returned again this time, except for all the wrong reasons.

You turned and went back to the room to quietly gather your things, tears stinging your eyes. If Noctis didn’t want you there, then you would leave. Plain and simple. And you’d do it now, so that he wouldn’t have the satisfaction of telling you to your face that he didn’t want you anymore.

You got your bag and slung it over your shoulder. The guys still hadn’t returned, so you walked out of the motel and tried to figure out where you were going to go.

“Excuse me,” a lilting voice called to you from your side. You recognized that voice.

“Ardyn,” you replied in greeting, your lips forming a thin line as he approached.

“Well, well, my dear,” he circled you slowly, like a predator circling prey. “What seems to be the issue? You’re all alone, your bags are packed…why, I daresay it appears that you’ve decided to go solo.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, glaring into the night. “Not by choice.”

Ardyn tutted. “Such a shame,” he noted, gently placing his hands on your shoulders, standing behind you. You could feel the warmth of his body on your back. “You know, they’re afraid of your strength,” he whispered, close to your ear. “They don’t know what you’re capable of. But I do. If you come with me, I can help you channel that strength. No harm will come to you when you’re with me. You’ll be safe. You’ll be wanted.” He pulled back from you, and you turned to face him. “Would you like that?”

You gulped, and instinctively turned to where the guys were still hidden behind the store. Ardyn placed a finger on your chin and turned your face towards his.

“No harm will befall the prince or your friends,” he promised. “I merely offer you the opportunity to see where this new path leads.”

He extended his hand, a questioning look in his gaze.

After a moment, you shoved all the voices in your head to the side, and ignored the ringing in your ears. You look his hand, and said, “Alright.”

Mac and Cheese (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: who knows 

Request: Request ? Alright hum… How about an everyday situation (w/ Thomas J turn) into something stupid ? Like an odd conversation, a silly debate, pranks etc… 

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 A/N: the only thing I could think of was mac and cheese lol 

You and Thomas were sitting in the living room, watching a television show about cooking. His arms was wrapped around your shoulder, and he held you close. Once you told him you had to go to the bathroom, he groaned, reluctantly letting you go. You laughed at his antics, walking to the bathroom. Once you were out, you noticed the chair empty. 

“Thomas?” You called, glancing around the apartment, he appeared, carrying boxes of shells for pasta. You watched him, confused. He grinned, putting the (you counted 8) on the island, his hands on his hips.

“Ready for dinner?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. 

“Uh, I though we said that we were going to get takeout?” 

“Well, that tv show we were watching made me want to cook my famous mac and cheese. You like that, don’t you?” Your stomach growled, and not in a good way. 

Thomas’s cheese was very famous, but not in the way you would want. Everyone in your friend group hated it, for some reason it just didn’t taste all that great. At the end of the night, everyone would be in a line to the bathroom. Hamilton told him about how terrible it was, but Thomas ignored him, saying that he was just trying to upset him. 

When you met him, he made dinner for you. To your surprise, it was just his mac and cheese. It was a first date, so you told him it was great. He hasn’t made it for you since, and you haven’t thought of it ever again. Not until now. 

“Are you sure, Tom? I already have the place on speed dial.” He waved his hand, grabbing a pot out of the cabinet. You panicked. 

“No worries, my love. It’ll be ready in no time.”

“I don’t want you to cook, you have a meeting tomorrow with the other lawyers, and being tired won’t help you at all. Remember what happened last time with Madison?” He chuckled, placing the pot on the stove to boil. 

“That was one time, and Madison gave me some caffeine to wake me up.” 

“But, still…” You mumbled, trailing off. You couldn’t come up with anymore excuses. 

He stopped what he was doing, and looked at you suspiciously. You gave him a sly smile, looking away from his face. He turned down the flame on the stove, crossing his arms across his chest. 

“You don’t like my macaroni,” he stated, peering down at you. You rubbed the back of your neck. 

“Well…” he gasped, putting his hand against his chest. You held in your laugh at his actions, biting your lip. 

“You said you liked it! Why would you tell me you liked it?” 

“Hey, in my defense, I didn’t even know you that well, so I wanted to compliment you! Is that wrong?” he frowned. 

“But you lied.” He replied, turning off the stove. You walked over to him, trying to give him a hug. He marched away, avoiding your outstretched arms. “I tried so hard on the cheese. There were at least four in it…” he grumbled. 

“Come on, Tommy, don’t be like that.” You groaned, following him around the counter. He continued walking around, and you picked up your pace. He did the same, changing directions as quickly as you did. After you grew tired of this cat and mouse game, you leaped over the island, bumping into him. 

“Hey!” He yelped, shocked that you pulled that move. Your arms were around his torso, and you pushed your face into his chest, smelling his cologne. 

“I’m so sorry for lying to you. Next time I’ll make sure to tell you when I don’t like something, okay?” He rolled his eyes, tilting your head up so your eyes met his. He pecked your lips quickly, smirking. 

“Fine. But under one condition.” You nodded. “What do you not like about the mac?” 

You sighed.

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Something in ES creeped me out SPOILER: Alright, so once you check out the pod in the observatory, you get a hint that tells you the name of the hologram. Well, I went back and played the chapter again, this time not checking the pod and just typing in the name. Wow. The screen flashed red, and I died. Not like dying where the screen turns black, like you actually die, and it tells you not to "cheat the laws of time". Try it sometime, can you see how it goes?

Holy moly… PB needs to chill with quantum physics…


you heard something and when you turned around there was a man on a horse, his sudden appearance started you.

“sorry i did not mean to scare you.” he said.

“its alright.” you grinned.

“what are you doing out here?” he asked.

“i got directions to Camelot and i think im going the wrong way, i’ve been walking for quite some time.” you laughed.

“well this is a lucky chance, im Arthur, King of Camelot. would you like to ride with me there?” he asked.

you looked at him, so handsome on his horse. he reached out a hand and pulled you onto the horse so you were sitting comfortably behind him, he turned his head just enough for you to see his smile, “you might need to hold on.” 

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Hello! I really like the headcanons and stuff you've been writing! I was wondering if I could draw some of them, like the Valentines day ones (or if you have a hc you'd like drawn I can do that too)? It's alright if you don't want tho! Also, may I ask some sad/angsty headcanons for the main four? :)

I’m perfectly open to you drawing my work as long as I’m credited. I’d love to see it once it’s finished! As for the headcanons, here you go:


-As we’ve seen in the show, cries, but hates it when he does.

-Tends to turn to alcohol when feeling particularly bad, a bad habit he picked up from his mother.

-Might try to punch something to get it out of his system.


-Does the whole “manly tears” thing, and tries to look tough while he’s pouring his fucking heart out.

-Also punches things in an effort to feel better, but doesn’t drink to forget.

-If he’s sad over someone, he may be caught crying their name in his sleep.


-Awfully quiet when he’s sad or depressed. He won’t even talk to his mother very much.

-Will try to just grin and bear it so others don’t worry, only makes it worse for himself because he’s suffering alone.

-If his S/O or his mother finds out he is sad, then, and only then, will he let himself cry, all the while clinging to whoever found out as he lets it go.


-Doesn’t cry. One tear, tops.

-Tries to isolate himself so no one sees him as a total wreck. Like “There he is! I can finally talk to hi– aaaaaand he’s gone.”

-If he’s forced to interact with others, he’s a lot more aggressive, and downright ruthless in fights.

Cain had slept in that morning, his phone turned off to avoid disturbing him. Unfortunately his rest was disturbed at a sudden knocking to his door, loud enough to irritate the vampire and have him rising. “There’d better be a good reason for this.” He called moodily, the door then unlocked and tugged open to reveal Leon. He seemed a little too excited, as if something important or eventful, had just transpired.

 “Is everything alright?” Cain asked, looking over his brother for injuries out of habit now, wondering to himself if he’d gotten in some kind of trouble once again. “What happened?”


The Tragedy of Living.

Part 2

Original Request

Can you do one where the reader is trying her best to make life at the moment as easy as possible for Sam and especially Dean because of the mark. She could tidy the place up, make nice meals for them, pick out nice motels on hunts. Maybe Dean could notice what she’s doing and tells her that he really appreciates it or something. Nothing romantic but fluffy. :)

Warnings: None really.

Word Count: 705

Summary: Reader does the best she can to make Dean’s life easier with his current situation, including letting his anger roll of her back.

Note: This turned out a lot sadder than I had intended, next one will be more funny and silly. Hopefully.


All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water. And that’s the tragedy of living.

“Alright I’ll see you when you get back” you spoke softly into the phone with Sam hanging up on the other side. You slid your phone back into your pocket with a sigh. So the book of the damned that Charlie found didn’t pan out the way you’d hoped. Damn the Mark of Cain, why did this have to happen to him?

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