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emoji movie predictions

- message is ‘dont sell yourself out/be yourself’ despite being a quick cashgrab with no other purpose than to make money
- at least 1 eggplant emoji joke for some ‘adult humor’
- at least one ‘middle finger’ joke with the hand emoji for some ‘adult humor’
- girl emoji has a tragic past
- forced romance
- theres a wacky misunderstanding of the emoji the kid in the real world sent and the girl hates him for half the movie for no reason
- saying “HOLY _____” in reference to holy shit but instead replacing shit with something that rhymes
- lost of fart jokes despite them being emojis and not needing to fart. or shit. or literally ANYTHING a human has to do.
-girl emoji has a ‘liar revealed’ plot where she 1. has ulterior motives she lies about or 2. is working with the bad guys but has a change of heart
- after said liar reveal, guy emoji storms off and gets in trouble/is captured and she shows up last minute to save him + hand emoji
- girl emoji says ‘you made me learn to be myself’ to guy emoji
- girl and guy get interrupted when they’re about to kiss
- the guy emoji ‘sacrifices’ himself and then gets brought back and the movie REALLY WANTS YOU to BELIEVE they’re going to kill a fucking emoji
- hand emoji dabs or whips & nae naes at one point
- ends with everybody dancing
- girl and guy in real world get together despite the wacky misunderstandings
- end credits have 5 poop emoji jokes they showed in the trailer but saved them for the end


As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)


Answering the oc asks as a warm up! Thank you all so much for liking this nerd enough to ask stuff about him??? We both appreciate it a lot 💕

Good F*ck

SUMMARY - You tell about your frustrations about not ever having good sex to Nat and Wanda and Bucky overhears .

WORDS- 1.8K(approx)

A/N - Taw @supersoldierslover I love you . Thank you so much . 

WARNINGS- cursing , dirty talk, fingering , unprotected sex (just use a fucking condom pls) also very sexual gif of lance tucker below(definitely a warning).

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“Fuuuck….” , you groan hitting your head lightly to the coffee table but enough to get your friends Nat and Wanda to notice you .

“What is it now? “Nat asked nonchalantly , used to your sudden outburst of frustration .

“I just…I… I feel empty.” You say looking helplessly at the two of them .
Both their expression changed to one of sympathy .

“Y/N , I understand . I feel that way too sometimes . With the job we have we are….”Wanda starts before you interrupt her .

“Nooo , you don’t understand . That’s not what I am trying to say .I just …” You throw your hands in the air and let out a whine.

“What is Y/N?”  Nat asked a little irritated.

“I just need to be dicked okay . Like fucked so good that I see the fucking stars and pass out . Arghhh!!!!!”

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My Top 11 Poetry Tips

Before I start, I just want to make it clear that I am in no way an expert on this - but recently I’ve been doing poetry for a creative writing class at uni, and I’ve really enjoyed learning more and thought you all would too! So let’s get started:

1) Think about form, but don’t be afraid to switch it up - I used to be obsessed with archaic structure, but even if you don’t use iambic pentameter you can still have a good structure. Writing with traditional forms is great, but you’ve got to remember that with these forms come a lot of assumptions and you might be making your life harder than it needs to be. Without a traditional form/metre, you could use structure to exemplify meaning by establishing your own simple structure and then changing it at an important point in your poem. 

2) That being said, don’t be afraid to use rhyme or any sort of old form. It can be really fun and really test your vocabulary - at this stage in the poetry world, poetry takes a lot of forms, but that doesn’t mean we need to forget old forms. 

3) At the same time, never just rhyme something for the sake of it. Everyone knows if a word is just there for the sake of the rhyme - if it doesn’t work in the poem, find a rhyme that fits or drop it completely. 

4) Take out every word you can and have it still make sense. You’ll have heard this one before, but it’s still one of the most useful things I’ve ever heard for poetry. 

5) Think about how the poem sounds. If you’re writing about waves crashing on the seashore, it might be cool to use words that sound like that - lots of ‘s’ and ‘sh’ sounds might work for that. In the same way, if you’re talking about something falling, lots of quite blunt sounds like ‘b’s and ‘d’s would have a really cool effect for that. 

6) Make sure to read your poem out loud. Some things just don’t sound as right out loud as they seem on paper. That’s okay, but reading it out loud lets you identify and fix that. 

7) Sometimes it might not work as poetry. That’s okay! Sometimes a story is more suited to prose, and that doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you need to adapt. 

8) Don’t be scared of concrete poetry. Concrete poetry is where your poem looks like what you’re talking about. This can look so cool, but again, don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Do it to give your poem more meaning!

9) Get rid of cliches. Phrases like ‘love’s embrace’ should be hacked out of your poem. Those are other peoples words, what do you have to say? 

10) Let other people read it. Not only is it great to show other people your work, letting other people read it means they might see things you’ve missed, and your poetry will be better because of it. 

11) And most of all experiment! You’re never going to write an amazing poem if you don’t try. Poetry can seem terrifying, but you don’t need to have a master in English Literature to write poetry - you just need words, some emotion and your own personal style. 

  • Keith: *sarcastically* Well, aren't you sugar and spice and everything nice!
  • Lance: Well, aren't you rudeness and sarcasm and... uhh......
  • Keith: No, go on. If you find something that rhymes with sarcasm and makes sense, I'll admit that we're friends.

The road less traveled
Gritty and graveled
Kicking up dust
Elsewhere…or bust
Freudian slip
Need a saline drip
Dropkickin’ tumbleweeds
Olly olly oxen freed 
Sacred burial ground
My lost baggage found
Walmart parking lot
X marks the spot
The only treasure
Is quickie pleasure
Grab and go
Whoops…too slow!

  • Pidge: Well aren't you sugar and spice and everything nice.
  • Lance: Well, aren't you rudeness and sarcasm and... um...
  • Pidge: No, you go on. If you can find something that rhymes with sarcasm and makes sense, I'll admit that we're friends.