something that needs something else to survive

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Serious question. Under what conditions will you accept that Touken won't happen?

One of them dying and… I really can’t think of another possibility? to me, it’s pretty clear that both have a relationship way deeper than just a regular friendship, if both survive but end up being friends like Touka/Nishiki, it would honestly look a bit awkward in my opinion, there’s always a tension between them that it’s not necessarily related to their unsolved problems, but more to their undefined feelings. I don’t ship touken just because “I like them” but because I see proofs in the actual canon that there’s something else, if all of those hints and scenes that hold a deeper meaning never transform into something else (given the case that both survive at the end), I would feel a bit disappointed, simply because to me, a relationship (whether is romantic or not) needs development, and the romantic hints are there, if those don’t get any development at all it would feel a bit blank. But what I would like to see for an end that doesn’t necessarily have to be super explicit, is both ending as friends but giving you like, a super huge hint that both will try to improve their relationship into something else, I don’t know if you understand what I mean. Like, the story not actually telling you how they gave the next step, but giving you the assurance that they will, like an open (but obvious) ending. 

This Woman

To all who know her,
and to all who have yet
to meet her.
I will tell you
this woman is no sweet flower.
She can take laughter
and make it
something else.
Make it something the God’s would go insane over.
She carries beauty and it is thrown around as if it is useless.
Nobody cares, she thinks,
no one is watching,
but I’m watching.
With my hands and soul.
With my all.
Her smile feeds me.
I need it to survive.
To stay alive.
It is that powerful.
It is that satisfying.
This woman’s essence:
It is everything.
It is everything I am not.

I think I feel her.
I can feel her flowing
Inside me, inside us all.
How could this happen?
I will tell you…
this woman is no ordinary woman.
She takes laughter
And makes it something else.
She makes it sound
A lot like love.
Like Sunday morning
After a legendary Saturday night.
She makes love
Sound like it is a good
Idea. Maybe it is or
Maybe it isn’t, but
That doesn’t matter.
I’ll do it anyway.
People do whatever they
feel. Good or bad.
They do it. Love makes us
Do it. Love is a stupid
Little thing.
It makes us do stupid
Little things.
We know this
And still, we do it.
We fall in love.

Stay away from her.
This type of woman is trouble.
This type of woman has something.
Something I am missing.
Something that has to
Do with everything.
This woman is no good,
They tell me.
This woman I have been
Looking for My entire life.

R.M. Drake