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I really didn’t intend that last post to be my, uh, last post? I got so sick that I ended up in the hospital for a bit, and I wasn’t really in any state to make another post for a while. i’m not 100% better, sorry to say. They still don’t know what’s causing all the problems, but hey, I can move around again so that’s good.

But, yeh, hi. I’ll be around a bit. Mostly trying to catch up on things and try not to freak out about lack of funds. But I’ll have some doodles up, maybe?

I hope you guys are doing okay, and sorry for being absent for so long.

That's How You Know

So, happy late bday, Kim, like, a milenial late, but ey, better late than ever, imma right? eeeeey. I love you, tiny. I really really really hope you like this and I don’t break your heart like your first gift…..yeh.

Anyways, Shallura centric with mentions of Klance and Hunay and broganes.

Ps. Sorry for typos, bad grammar or stuff, ya know. Also, Allura and Shiro being awkard af bc I’m all for that shit. 

Ps.2 Read under the cut.

EDIT: i didn’t even tagged you wtf, honestly, @coralreefskim

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

As far as Shiro is concerned: he’s an only child,

Because he’s going to kill his little brother.

Shiro stomps hard against the hall’s floor as he heads towards the last door on the right. He has walked down this hall a lot of times over the last four years, being the place where his squad and him came to have their weekly movie night.

Lance’s apartment has always been their meeting point, but, for half a year now, it had become Lance and Keith’s, seeing how much time his little brother spent at his boyfriend’s apartment rather than their own.

Which is exactly why he’s marching down to Lance’s apartment, because he knows the lil’shit he has of a brother will be there and he’s going to regret deleting the last season of Game of Thrones before Shiro had a chance to see it just to record his crappy 90’s conspiracy theories.

As soon as the familiar mahogany door is in front of him, Shiro holds up his prosthetic and knocks, maybe with a little too much force than usual, and taps his foot against the floor in impatience, grumbling under his breath as he waits for an answer.

He hears the door lock click and as soon as there’s enough space in between, Shiro is quick to raise his hand, finger pointed in accusation at the person behind the door, mouth wide open ready for a screaming match -


When he realizes that it’s neither Lance or Keith who is behind the door and it’s an entirely different person who he’s currently trespassing on their personal bubble, his finger a little too close to the bridge of their nose.

Bright deep blue eyes meet his own gray ones and suddenly Shiro forgets why he came here. Brother? What brother? Game of Thrones? Whatever, everyone dies anyways.

All he can focus on is those big eyes that are staring at him…with a hint of indignation and annoyance, yep, right, okay then, time to apologize.

“Um!” That’s not how one should start with when attempting to apologize, but he’s trying, “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry, I thought you were Klance - I mean! Keith! Or Lance! I thought you were one of them, and I was looking for my brother, but you’re not my brother because, of course, you don’t have a - Oh kay then, yes, so , um, you’re not them, and I’m really sorry about that abrupted …scene I guess? I don’t usually do that, but you see, it was Game of Thrones so he had to pay -”

Shiro has chill, he swears to God he’s the chilled one in his family, but no one can blame him when he loses said chill because there’s suddenly a Goddess in front of him, okay?

How about if he runs? Would that make this less awkward?

He doesn’t have time to decide because suddenly, the gorgeous stranger in front of him gasps and he swears her eyes sparkle as they focus on his arm prosthetic.

“Is that a prosthetic? That’s a stupid question, of course it is! Oh, my! Look at this detail, this is amazing! I have never seen technology so advanced except in our laboratory, how did you managed to get this prototype? How was the physical therapy sessions? This is quite outstanding.”

Shiro blinks, face still flushed and mouth dry.

“Uh…” he lets out dumbly and it’s enough to make the woman jump in realization, her blue eyes widening.

“Oh, oh my gosh, I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t meant to uh, I just - I’m really sorry! I just - I’m a Doctor and I just started to make a new prototype for a mechanic prosthetic along with my father back at the hospital and - not that I’m excused just for that fact but uh - I just wanted to assured you I’m not a creep or a morbid person and - Oh, quiznak,  I’m - Uh…”

She trails off unsure, lower lip getting caught between her teeth and - Ok, Shiro should really look away now.

…Ok, so, he stares a little bit more.

He doesn’t mind in the least the topic revolving around his prosthetic; it’s been a couple of years since his accident and he has healed and grow since then. His past and disability doesn’t define him, he has learn that, and he lived by that.

But it’s not like he’s about to tell her that; his awkwardness had to be shared, okay? He has rights as a human being and letting other people to share the awkwardness was part of those rights.

The silence expands itself and Shiro’s starting to think that this is a good time for space cats to try and invade Earth just so he could get out of this mess.

But then the dark skinned goddess princess in front of him - because, honestly, what else could she be - claps her hands with determination before she moves around him, careful to not touch skin and somehow they end up switching places; Shiro blinks in confusion as his feet hit the wooden floor of the apartment and stares as the still unknown woman shifts on her feet outside the apartment.

“Yeah, ok, so, um, just stay there and - uh, hang on -” She says hurriedly, grabbing the handle of the door to close it carefully before she closes it entirely, leaving Shiro behind with an empty apartment.

Not two seconds later and then there’s a knock on the door. Shiro immediately opens it and then there’s the woman, smiling bright and wide at him and holding out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Allura Altea, I’m Lance’s cousin and I promise not to make this awkward again.”

That’s all it takes for Shiro to think she’s the one.

Their first date took place two weeks later right after Shiro finally got the courage to ask Allura out.

Shiro wants to emphasize that by ‘courage’ he means that his little brother quite literally kicked him in the butt towards Allura during one of Lance’s parties and shouted loud enough about how Shiro wanted to woo Allura with his charm like he wrote in his diary.

It’s a fucking journal, Keith, learn the difference.

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Adventure with Traffic Cone and Hedgehog

This May I was privileged to visit England, Wales, and Scotland.  As a David Tennant and Broadchurch fan, I made sure to visit West Bay as well.  I took along some pocket friends to recreate some iconic scenes from Broadchurch. This is my first (and probably only) adventure in perspective photography so please be kind.  

Let me introduce Traffic Cone (aka Ellie Miller) & Hedgehog (aka Alec Hardy).

Here they are reminiscing at Hardy’s little blue hut.

Checking out the view from Hardy’s big white house on the hill.

Checking out the scene of the crime at the Briar Cliff Hut

Angsting on the beach together on this stormy day.

Last but not least, Traffic Cone and Hedgehog doing their iconic scene on the pier benches with the background cliffs.

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This is what appears to be a DJ Octavio poster promising a show of epic proportions. With upgraded equipment and featuring a mysterious yet talented new idol in the underground, it’s sure to be a show stopper. 

…Strangely, the text used for the poster is in the Inkling language.

((It may be a while until I have the money to properly start on that head I want to make.  So, until then, I might as well play with designs for the rest of the outfit.  I’m not sold on purple boots, yet.))

elsawesterguards  asked:

I just wanted to say that 12KS was the first Lapidot fanfiction that I ever read, just over a year ago, and it resonated with me so much, and I still go back and re-read bits and pieces of it from time to time, and I just wanted you to know that it really is so well-written, and thought-provoking, and smart, and funny, and so so so many good things all wrapped up into one heartwarming fic, and I love it so much, thank you for writing it. xo

thank you so much!! I love knowing the story could resonate with people and reach them

Have I mentioned that I love @feylen? Because I do. Doesn’t matter what I throw at her or ask for patreon she goes above and beyond and delivers!

Eerie and her girls (Dusty on the left belonging to @juuneaux and Liv on the right belonging to @princetheirins) would be ALL OVER that ChocoMog Festival like you wouldn’t believe. You probably wouldn’t get them to leave honestly and don’t leave them alone with the chocobo chicks. They may try to smuggle one back into the city

Self Fulfilling Prophecy: Self fulfilling prophecy, Zoe had called it when she’d heard, and ironic enough, Connor found himself laughing for the first time in months.

Mental Hospital!AU where the Murphy’s give up when Connor fails to kill himself and Heidi finds out Evan let go. The solution to both? A ‘short’ stay at the local mental hospital. Somehow, Connor always knew he’d end up here. Evan, not so much.


“What the hell are you so sad about?” Murphy asks, and really there’s a million different ways Evan could answer, but at least nine hundred and ninty-nine of them could end with Connor throwing him up against the wall, and that’s something he’d really like to avoid, so.

Evan glances down and begins to pick at the edge of the blue scrubs he’s been forced into, and the words get lost somewhere between his throat and his whirlwind of a mind, and so when he speaks it’s a command to his brain to focus - to not screw this one up, Hansen. Remember what Dr. Sherman said, just, be normal, be better - and the words come out coarse and stuttered on account of the fact that they are being ripped out unwillingly from inside him, but they come out nonetheless.

“I’m just- this just isn’t- isn’t where I thought I’d end up, I guess.”

The ’I thought I was getting better’ part goes unspoken between them, fitting nicely between the ‘I never knew it could get this bad’ and the ‘I don’t belong here’, but going by the vicious way Connor’s lips curl Evan knows he’s still heard them, and his mind begins to buzz even louder.

Connor smirks, fingers mindlessly itching over light blue material as he leans backwards, a violent attempt softened as his head thumps against light yellow cushion, and laughs a laugh bordering manic.

“Well, sucks for you then, Hansen. It feels like I’ve been waiting my whole fucking life to get here.”

hex1318  asked:

Hey I know you've been having a hard time, and unfortunately me and all the rest of your fans can't go and slap your dictator in the face, but besides the point I hope this will all be over for you soon. I want to give you infinite amounts of love and happiness and every other good thing that you deserve. You are an amazing artist and brilliant person that I know will be able to make it through the challenges life throws at you. Everyone following this blog does. Stay strong and hang in there!

Aww thank you very much ;; you all would be called terrorist if you could do that (against him = terrorist) I just hope the laws doesnt get approved, if so I will dissapear from the whole internet, this Sunday we will know who wins, everybody here is scared (we fear that if we win or not, the dictator will order to kill people that is against him, like all these days, but worse) let’s hope for the best ;;

me: starts walking towards the bathroom to get ready to shower
me: overhears my mom on the phone saying “are you the dominant or the submissive”
me: freezes, internal screaming, slowly backs away