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Where Are You? - Avengers x reader (Mostly Tony and Thor) Oneshot

Fandom: Avengers, Marvel
Warning: Drugs
Pairing: Avengers x reader
Summary: Tony takes reader on a night out but wakes up without her and doesn’t know what happened to her.

Part two here, Part three here, Tony’s ending, Thor’s ending

A/N: I came up with this oneshot a while ago but I had a hard time finishing it. So I hope it good. I hope you’ll enjoy :D :3

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A Dark, Not Pretty Waverly Heritage Theory (Or An Attempt at Formulating One)
  • Okay, so... this isn't the obvious thing to discuss after the episode we just saw, but something said in this episode triggered in me the remembrance of several other lines that have been (very subtly) hinting at things about Waverly and I think now is a good time to not lose this thread.
  • Okay.
  • The demon says something eerily similar to Waverly that Bobo also said to Waverly very early on.
  • Goononna says to Waverly: 'I don't want to ruin the surprise, but you've got dark corners that you haven't explored yet' to which Waverly just shakes her head and ignores her.
  • Bobo said to Waverly: 'You've got depths that neither of us know the bottom of yet' to which Waverly gets defensive and ignores.
  • With the added taunt that Goononna says to Nicole about: 'Waverly's not the white-picket fence in Purgatory girl you want her to be anymore', which, at the moment of the scene in question, seemed like just assholery innocuous teasing for the sake of discord within Wayhaught... but I'm starting to think maybe it isn't. Innocuous, that is.
  • Why can Waverly fight off the demon possession better than Wynonna? Apparently better than most people, if the implications are to be believed. As Dolls' implied, /seven weeks/ of Waverly getting a pretty impressive upper hand on a powerful and old as shit demon? I'll be the first to say our girl is strong willed as fuck, but it still seems a stretch.
  • Add onto these thoughts the stuff that Waves read in Willa's diary, plus Bobo and Ward's strange reluctant partnership of sorts we know nothing about?
  • And the weird truth that (albeit subtly) Bobo always seemed to have a soft spot (even a slight affection spot) for Waverly, and not even talking about the 'imaginary friend' years?
  • I think Waves has a connection to demons, or to revenants, or to just something in the realm of that, and I have every reason to believe it has to do with her heritage, /and/ that whether he's directly involved or not, Bobo knows /exactly/ what it is.
  • Also, Waverly's admission that the goo was /calling/ to her? Weird phrasing, don't you think?
  • I'm not sure if I'm concerned, intrigued or excited but all these hints don't mean nothing, I'm positive.
  • I don't know what they mean, but they mean something.
  • And I know it's gonna be good.
  • Thematically, at least. Character development wise. I'm scared as shit what it'll mean for Wayhaught, though.
  • Thoughts please? I'm interested if anyone has seem the same trend of comments or is thinking along similar lines?

send me a prompt! anon said: how about a Winchesters’ childhood story where they move into a house with a ghost in it, and the ghost talks to Sam and he becomes close with it, but then Dean starts showing Sam lot of attention and the ghost starts badmouthing him and asking Sam to hurt him.

warnings: dark!fic | tagging: @angelicmeg @corrupteddean @catharticsam @golly-god @policeofficerdean @purgatoan @vintagesam

Sam giggles when his friend starts tickling him, little cold fingers trying to reach any inch of his belly. Dad isn’t home tonight– he’s working again or something, and Dean is in his room doing ‘teenager stuff’. Sam doesn’t want to know what that truly means, but for him it means he’ll have a lot of free time to play with Max today. He’s cool with that.

Sam doesn’t like it when Dad says Max’s just an imaginary friend. Max is real! They play together all the time! He doesn’t know why Dad can’t see him, nor Dean– but Max is real and they’re best friends and that’s fine because he has a friend only to himself, just like Sully. Sometimes Sam misses Sully– but it’s different this time, because Max isn’t like Sully.

“Hey, wanna see something real cool today?” Max asks after Sam stopped laughing and had enough time to catch his breath. “I found this thing–”

But the younger boy doesn’t finish his sentence, because Dean is suddenly in the room, messing Sam’s hair playfully and smiling at his little brother. It’s good to have Dean around– he’s funny and nice and Sam wishes he could see Max too, because they all would have so much fun together! Well, at least Sam thinks so.

“Hey, short stuff.” Dean smiles a bit more, adjusting the old leather jacket around his body. He’s going out and Sam wonders if he’s meeting with some random chick he’s just met. “Dad called. He’s going to be a few weeks late.”

“Okay.” Sam shrugs. It won’t be the first time Dad’s taking a long time to come back, but for the first time Sam wishes he’d take a bit longer. He doesn’t want to move again. He can worry about this later. Dean is grabbing his keys and almost reaching the door. “Where are you going?”

“I need to buy some stuff. Wanna tag along?”

Sam stares at Max for a second, wondering if this things he’s found will be more interesting than going into town– but his friend isn’t paying attention to him. Max is staring at Dean and he has this really weird expression on his face, bordering on creepy. Sam frowns. It’s not the first time Max acts weird around Dean, but Sam can’t really understand it. Dean is cool– he believes Sam.

“Nah. Max’s going to show me something nice.” Sam says, and Max just nods softly, still eyeing Dean.

“Okay. You guys behave and don’t leave the house. I’ll be back soon.”

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one word

so since i have been tagged by @vxders, @maethril (thanks sweethearts!!) & my darling sis @taurielsilvan now, i guess it’s time to do this again (last time has been forever ago anyways). how do you answer stuff with just one word though?

where is your phone? bed.
your hair? braided.
your dad? hm.
your other half? imaginary.
your favorite food? pizza.
your dream last night? forgotten.
your favorite drink? water.
fear? failing.
favorite shoes? sneakers.
favorite way to relax? cooking.
your mood? sleepy.
i love? @taurielsilvan. 😘
where were you last night? home.
something that you aren’t? determined.
muffins? food.
wish list item? comics.
where did you grow up? germany.
last thing you did? sleep.
what are you wearing right now? pyjamas.
something you hate? ignorance.
your pets? in the future.
friends? lovely.
life? happening.
regrets? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
missing someone? nope.

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Misha Panel -- Saturday (paraphrasing and missing stuff, but):

+ If he [Cas] could ask God something:, it would be about Cas’ wings being burned and torn up even though Metatron took Cas’ grace and //then// he fell. “What’s the deal with that? God, why did the writers do that?”
+ Misha was asked if his kids have imaginary friends. Misha said yes; Maison has a lot of imaginary friends. One named Bobbi. She always points out where Bobbi is (Bobbi is in the pool.“ But pool cover is on. Misha was concerned Bobbi was drowning.) One day, Maison told Misha:
"Daddy, Bobby said a bad word today.”
“She did?”
“Yes, she said ‘fuck’. So I choked her and I killed her.”
+ Was asked about upcoming big bad. Misha agreed it’s hard to find something bigger than God and the Darkness. Said it would be something bigger, like a giant radioactive gerbil.
+ Gag reel might include a series of takes where J2 make him [Misha] laugh so hard he almost cries. – Said they (J2M tortured Rob a lot.) Said he and Rob laughed so hard and so long that Misha thought he’d gotten a really good ab workout. Said a lot of it had to do with Rob getting a Snapchat.
+ Misha asks what the point of Snapchat is. Fan shouts, “It’s for dick pics!” Misha asks if she’s suggesting he posts a bunch of dick pics to his story. “Here I am bike touring in Tuscany. And here’s a picture of my penis.”
+ Jared interrupts Misha’s last answer. Misha drops to his knees and says, “Sorry sir, sorry.” And crawls off stage. (…And doesn’t come back?)

ellastonne  asked:

Are ever going to sell more come, come to the sunset tree? It's all I want in life.

So, why not, here is the deal with those. When I made The Sunset Tree, I kinda figured the Mountain Goats were headed back to part-time-world; I’d scaled back my day job during the Tallahassee year, and I’d been trying to make touring-and-record-sales work as a rent-maker after we left Iowa. I was managing, but it’s really important to me to pull my weight around the house, and it was getting increasingly harder to sell records with the general rise of the internet, period. See-the-difference-in-your-pocket harder. Tallahassee and We Shall All Be Healed had both found their partisans, but it wasn’t a big audience at all, and when I listened to the mastered Sunset Tree, I honestly had no idea how people were going to take it. So I assumed it wouldn’t do very well, and I thought, well, I may have a little bit of time on my hands between the release of this record and finding a day job, it’d be cool to do something cool with the demos, old-school heads will probably be stoked to hear them and that’s when I got the outstanding idea to press up 1,000 copies of them and paint and/or collage the sleeves.

We were on tour when the blank sleeves, with the vinyl in them, arrived on the porch. My wife hauled them all into the house. I got home and looked at all these boxes and went to work, and honestly it’s amazing to me that I finished as many as I did during that first year or two, because the album actually did surprisingly (to me) well, and I didn’t end up looking for a job or going back to nursing school to finally get my RN. I just kept touring. You can’t really make good CCTST sleeves on tour (you can bring a lot of blank ones and have big plans to work in hotel rooms, but it doesn’t really pan out), and when you get back from tour, you may or may not feel inspired to sit down for eight-hour days of sleeve-decorating where you finish maybe ten if you’re lucky.

Still, I got a bunch done; Lalitree & Perry helped a lot; life just kept getting busier. We moved across town. The ones that’d been sold at shows started turning up on eBay for absurd amounts of money. That bugged me, because it means that if I go sell some at shows, some shmoe tries to buy three and swears he’s got two bros who wanted to be here but they’re at a funeral or whatever and me being me I have a hard time hearing a sad story and not wanting to help and of course you see where this is going, inside of 24 hours those records are up for auction and getting 200 bucks a pop, and who, really, can blame the merch table bro who lied and laid down 75 bucks and turned it into 600, things are tough all over, gotta get over how you can. Still to me it meant I didn’t feel super-driven to finish them, because it’s a bummer to have dudes lie to your face, right? It is a bummer. And it’s no fun to go “I don’t care about your imaginary funeral bros, one per customer,” either. 

But it breeds ill will, people thinking “I’ll never be able to afford one,” it’s a drag, honestly the only way to do something like this is to have all 1,000 ready to go before you put ‘em on sale. Live and learn. The last three years running, FINISH SUNSET TREES has been on my New Year’s Resolutions list, but I have become a dad to two magnificent young men, the most I can finish in a day and get all my other stuff done is three. Three. That right there is a sad number. 

But I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately (hence the wordiness of this post), because it’s the 10th anniversary of the album this year, I’d like to have them done before the year’s out. If I hand-decorate ‘em, that’s not gonna happen. But if I silkscreened the remaining ones (there are about 250 of them), I could be done, and plus, the silkscreen edition would actually be rarer than the handmade ones, which is kind of perverse in a way that’s appealing to me. 

So this is in my thoughts. I have an idea for a design and have raised the question with Alyson, who helps me keep business stuff organized. If I don’t do that, then the answer is shorter: yes, I’ll probably finish maybe 10 a year tops for the next twenty years and they still won’t be all done and I’ll throw in the towel.

But a 10-year silkscreen edition of the remaining blanks seems the likeliest possibility. 

  • Chris Carter: Apparently there are these people that watched the show and like, noticed that there were characters in it and got emotionally invested in them. Who ARE they? Lol
  • Chris Carter: My advice to the gigantic and vocal segment of the fandom that has produced all the creative fanworks stemming from the show and had endless discussions resolving all the plot and characterization inconsistencies and kept their enthusiasm at a fever pitch for 13 years and is basically responsible for bringing the show back because of their obsessive devotion is that they should watch the show more closely. They might learn something haha
  • Chris Carter: All the characterization is in the secret third movie that I wrote and didn't show anyone. I'm telling you that thing is amazing, and not at all imaginary

So for about a month now Caleb has been crying pretty much ALL DAY LONG! He screeches and shouts and hits himself as well as anyone else nearby. It can sometimes be because he doesn’t get his way but sometimes I just wouldn’t know why. Regardless of the reason he won’t calm down until like an hour passes by. He’ll be calm for a moment but then something else would set him off. The only thing that works 90% of the time is putting him in the bathtub. He loves water. But he can’t stay there all day long. I’ll let him soak in warm water for about 30 minutes before taking him out.
He also seems to want to control everything around him. For ex. If I’m coming down the stairs and I’m going to walk through the baby gate he will throw a tantrum if I don’t let him pretend to open the gate himself (he’s too weak so he just holds on to it while I open it) then if I walk over the gate without him telling me to he will push me back behind the gate and then tap my leg to let me know that it’s OK to come out now. This is every time. He also wants to be the one that closes the door whenever anyone comes over. He wants to do everything and have control of everything. If I do something without his “permission” he will freak out. If someone passes something to someone else he will get mad and give give the item back to to the person, take it back from them them and then hand it over to the other person. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. I think that he’s confusing his independence with other people independence. He loves to do everything on his own so I think that maybe he believes that by telling us what to do he’s being more independent. If I grab a tissue from a kleenex box he will get mad, stuff the tissue back inside the box and take it back out. If I pick something off from his lips like food or something he will get mad and grab an imaginary item from my hand (because whatever I picked off is long gone) and stick it back to his lips just to pick it back off again. It’s like this for everything!! It’s driving me crazy. The therapists tell me to break him out of this habit but how?? Nothing works. Ignoring him makes him even more furious and violent even these days. Yelling at him makes him just scream louder. I’m at my wits end. I know he’s such a great kid it’s just so difficult for all of us. One of his teachers said that it’s a mixture of a lot of things like sensory and frustration from not being able to speak and also his age. He’s 2, still a baby and he’s still learning the ropes of life. Does anyone else have a child or knows of a child that has this issue with controlling their environment. So far I’ve just been humoring him but there has to be a point where I stop this behavior before he grows and thinks that he’s he’s the boss of me.