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“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

Here’s a list of all of the things in both TG and TG:Re that Touka has done that had nothing to do with Kaneki. And I’m probably missing some things.


  • Survive for years on the street in order to take care of both herself and her younger brother.
  • Fights off Tsukiyama and other brutal ghouls in order to take care of both herself and her younger brother.
  • Go to school in order to better blend in with humans and try to live a normal life so that she and her brother could be safe.
  • Become good friends with a human girl despite distrusting most humans (and for good reason given the life that she’s led).
  • Bonds with Hinami and Ryouko.
  • Fights off Nishiki (in order to save Kaneki, though she doesn’t realize she is saving Kaneki at first. It’s implied that Touka had fought Nishiki before, as well as other ghouls who try to disrupt the peace of the 20th ward).
  • Saves Hide from Kaneki. Brings Hide back to anteiku for care even though she didn’t have to and could have just left him in the alleyway.
  • Attempt to get revenge on the Doves for killing Ryouko.
  • Spreads false information to the CCG about Hinami in order for them to lose her trail.
  • Fights and kills Mado after he tries to kill Hinami in order to protect the younger girl.
  • Realizes that revenge is wrong because Mado has a family and killing continues the cycle of death and destruction that lead to her father’s death/disappearance.
  • Takes Hinami into her home and cares for her.
  • Helps to save Nishiki’s life from Tsukiyama.
  • Spares Kimi
  • Tries to get into Kamii in order to major in biology and learn more about why ghouls are the way that they are.
  • Talks to Shinohara and Juuzou in Roma’s place since the girl is “afraid” of the doves.
  • Displays such intense loyalty that she wants to go and die during the anteiku raid because she doesn’t want to abandon her new family.


  • While Re is made in part to give Kaneki a place to return to, it also seems to serve a similar purpose as anteiku, as a peaceful place for ghouls to congregate. It’s implied hat she, Yomo, and Nishiki also enforce peace and stability among ghouls in their ward give that she takes part in other rescue efforts and seems to send Nishiki out to help with early scuffles in TG:RE.
  • Is the leader of Re:. Both Yomo and Nishiki defer to her and take orders from her.
  • Gives flowers to Shinohara as a way to gain personal closure to what she feels is an endless and pointless cycle of death and revenge.
  • Seems to know about the clowns and knows about Uta’s part in the clowns. Both she and Yomo use him as an informant.
  • Saves Tsukiyama, even though she doesn’t have to. Puts herself in danger to do this.
  • Takes part in the cochlea raid to rescue Hinami.
  • Makes up with her brother for their previous volatile relationship.
  • Saves Hinami. Reprimands her lovingly.
  • Fights Aura and that other guy in order to help save Hinami, her brother, and her uncle.
  • Takes the force of hive mind with her kagune in order to save Hinami, her brother, and her uncle.
  • Allows squad 0 and all of the ghouls who are now apart of GOAT a place to stay at Re:
  • Talks to Amon at her own behest in order to reach closure with him. Encourages him to speak to Akira.
  • Reaches closure with Akira. Changes Akira’s mind about revenge and ghouls. Gets Akira to make up with Hinami.
  • Takes care of the aogiri children and offers them a place to live.
  • During the 24th ward raid, she fights to kill some of the oggai, and protects the weaker ghouls and children.
  • Comes up with a plan to guide the weaker ghouls and children to safety.
  • Injures Hajime after he injures Hinami.
  • Takes on leadership role to protect the weaker ghouls and children instead of running off on her own, even though she could cover more ground alone or just with Hinami.

So, it’s almost like – Touka has all kinds of interesting character dynamics and motivations that has nothing to do with her husband and unborn child. It’s almost like she’s still an interesting character that is doing a lot of things EVEN STILL that has nothing to do with Kaneki. It’s almost like a woman falling in love and getting married doesn’t immediately cancel out every interesting thing about her that existed previously! And brace yourselves for this – she still is doing a lot of things that have absolutely nothing to do with Kaneki even after marrying him!

Wow, what a shocker.

Has anyone else noticed that it’s a trend for the Thanksgiving episode of most tv shows to be a trainwreck? I don’t mean that it’s bad writing; the story itself is intentionally written to be stressful and hectic and an all out catastrophe. Friends had like five Thanksgiving episodes, and each one got progressively more chaotic.

  • Person: I don't understand where all these new genders are coming from?!
  • Me: They've always been around, you just haven't known about them.
  • Person: I doubt that.
  • Me: It's just like in school. Take math for example, at first we thought addition and subtraction was all there was, but then we learned about multiplaction, division, functions, entire areas of math that we didn't even know existed before. But we know it's real. Just cause you haven't known about something forever, doesn't mean it hasn't existed forever.

The Exalted Plains, Orlais 

“Dareth shiral, Tillahnnen.”

“Ed had to struggle without his right hand-” Yeah ok but let’s not forget Al had to learn to function without any sense of touch and also being much bigger than he used to be, and of course he wasn’t the injured one so I’m sure he didn’t get as much attention and help as he deserved

Do not fucking underestimate how much Al went through he’s so much stronger than people give him credit for


I’ve seen comments lying around about how Saizo doesn’t seem that necessary/appropriate as a love interest, or how his stories always revolve around how he feels that he doesn’t deserve MC and she tries to convince him that it’s not like that. and I just wanna say… yeah actually I wouldn’t know much about the second point LOL I haven’t been playing slbp that long. but Saizo is still my fav character bc his character is so complex :-(

what I’m seeing is a guy who genuinely loves mc but is always afraid to let himself believe that he deserves her, or that happy times with her will last. it’s kinda like the whole 塞翁失马,焉知非福 thing - so he chooses to think a happy thing with her will inevitably lead to a bad thing happening. (idk how to explain the meaning of that Chinese saying SORRY + not entirely sure if he’s a believer in the opposite - that a bad thing could lead to a good thing) yes it is tiring to see him constantly doubting himself in every damn event story but in a way it reflects his outlook on life which is just… very sad to me :-( idk how to explain this properly sigh but if anyone wants to have some discussion w me on this I’m up for it!!! (well not necessarily right now but. I’m still up for it)

his current event story is also heartbreaking bc there’s a scene where he just returned from a mission and kiyohiro (should I just… call him hanzo or what) is helping him to clean his hands of the blood. kiyohiro informs him that mc and the baby (not theirs) are still in his room. saizo’s just like “are they, now” then looks at his hands: clean now, but cold.

then later there’s this scene in the screencaps which drives home my point: I don’t think it’s that he really hates children or intensely dislikes the idea of being a father. he’s probably just not comfortable with the idea that someone like him could be a father. the same hands he uses to kill countless men, it doesn’t feel right that they should be cradling children. Kirigakure Saizo, father. it doesn’t fit quite as well as Kirigakure Saizo, assassin. I doubt he’d be particularly mad if mc ended up having his child, but… I figure that for a while, he’s going to have problems holding the child or maybe even touching mc.

tldr: thinking about saizo makes me real sad please give him some love because his mental health isn’t quite alright

also if anyone has an opinion on this feel free to comment!!! I love Saizo and all discourse on him so yes HAHA

I love that post about Sarah Jacobs being in the musical and coming in before Once and For All, but I also propose, Sarah coming in originally in the paper selling scene before That’s Rich. Maybe have Jack try one of his selling strategies on her? Or even better have Jack push Davey to sell to her. C’mon that is comedy gold. 

AU where Bakugou isn’t just a human bomb, he’s THE human bomb. He can’t control his explosions from his hands, his body is just one enormous bomb that is either “off” or “three city blocks of destruction”

He’s ostracized from the moment his quirk forms. He’s too dangerous for most people to want to be around, but there’s this one quirkless kid that doesn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he’s the only one that seems to believe in him at all.

hello my name is luca and i am a v sleepy boye™

~ My Motivation Conflict ~
  • Me: Ah yes finally! I am starting to draw the prizes for the raffle and -
  • Me: *visualizes pose and idea* Ok Ok that seems cool... we can sketch it out -
  • My Brain: PSH SKETCH? NAH - I'm thinking LINELESS...
  • Me: Remember the last lineless thing we drew? That took a while -
  • Me: ...
  • My Brain: ...
  • Me: ...fine *starts to draw it*
  • Ten: knock knock
  • Jaemin: who's there?
  • Ten: Something that doesn't exist
  • Jaemin: what?
  • Ten: your comeback!kskdkels
  • *10 seconds later*
  • Jaemin: Knock Knock
  • Ten: who's there?
  • Jaemin: A ghost
  • Ten: ghost? What? Who? Whiat?
  • Jaemin: the sub unit you are in beetch!
  • Taeyong: LANGUAGE!