something that belongs to someone. She's what she is. And he likes that

Hermione didn’t expect much after she finished her last year at Hogwarts. She had a plan, one that didn’t involve Draco Malfoy at all, yet as she learned during the war, plans never work out the way one expects them do. Her plan was to go into work to help those who could not help themselves. Her plan also included getting married once her career was on track but sadly that part of her plan fell through. now she found herself asking herself what she was doing on a daily basis. She loved her job but she felt as though something was missing. 

That, of course, was when Draco Malfoy had come along. She found herself offering her advice to him and offering her help despite the fact that he kept refusing her. She knew when someone needed  a sense of guidance and he needed it strongly. He didn’t take too kindly to her ‘sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong like always’ (his words not hers). Which is how she ended up at this exact moment in life now. 

Draco never did anything the easy way and he never failed to get under her skin in a way that no one else did. She doesn’t know why she expected this to be any different. 

“Honestly, Malfoy, I’m offering you advice. It’s not like I’m trying to control your life. You’re the one who came into my place of work with that sad look on your face. I’m just trying to help you, why can’t you see that?”

I wrote the song ‘You Belong With Me,’ about being really close to a guy friend and being secretly in love with him, and he’s got a snotty, mean, negative girlfriend. I got inspired when I was on my band’s bus, just saying hi, and I started eavesdropping on this conversation. The guy was going, 'Baby, of course I love you more than music. I’m so sorry. I had to go to sound check. I’m so sorry I didn’t stay on the phone.’ So immediately in my head, I get this line, 'You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, she’s upset. She’s going off about something that you said.’ And it all came to me at once. I bolted to my bus [to write it down]. I elaborated on the story and related it to another situation because I don’t have a crush on a member of my band. But I do know what it’s like to want someone who’s got someone who takes him for granted.
—  Taylor Swift talking about You Belong With Me (x)

What if Adrien had never gotten the cat miraculous and it was Ladybug by herself who fought the akumas. But suddenly it all becomes overwhelming, she can’t do it alone, so she asks for Fu’s help, but he’s old and can’t help her so she gives her a ring, and says to go find someone who is worthy of it. It’s a hard task and she can’t just pick anyone. But then she miss places the ring, it falls into Adrien’s hand, who tries so desperately to figure out who it belongs to, until the ring chooses him instead of marinette choosing. Adrien is shocked by his sudden transformation, not sure what to make of it and instantly takes off the ring and all that’s left over is Plagg exhausted from the forceful detransformation. Adrien is confused and not really sure what to do now that he has this ring. He knows it means something though and he needs to find the owner. Meanwhile Marinette is freaking out because what if it got into the wrong hands, or some strangers’ hand. And she just can’t ask around it would be weird. So she’s nervous, borderline having a panic attack until she hears Adrien talking about a ring to Nino, and suddenly she knows who has it, and she needs to get it back. So she goes to his house, not,sure what to expect but Adrien invites her in, of course, but he’s also confused why she’s there but he let’s it go. Marinette starts to snoop, looking all over for the ring but it’s not there, or rather she can’t find it. Adrien catches her snooping and she can’t hide what she’s doing. So she confronts him about it all, and lets it slide that she’s Ladybug. Adrien is amazed, because he admires Ladybug and loves Ladybug. But he can’t let the ring go, in fact, it’s been on his person all day. He feels like it belongs to him, like instead of him finding it, it found him. But Marinette isn’t convinced, but she lets him go, lets him keep it. The next day an akuma attacks, Ladybug can’t handle it all herself, she’s struggling. But Adrien’s not sure if he can be of much help, but Plagg convinces him that he can do it, just as long as he gets some cheese first. So Adrien transforms in Chat Noir, but it feels different this time, he’s more confident than he had ever been before. So he helps her, he’s clumsy at first but as he fights and gets his footing he’s of actually use to Ladybug. And then suddenly he’s found his usefulness, his place in the world when all he thought it was was modeling for his father. This is what his life has been leading up to and he can’t possibly give back the ring, and Marinette couldn’t possibly ask for it back now. So together they fight, a perfect duo with love brimming on the horizon.

Theory: WV’s true purpose

So in yesterday’s update we saw PM and WV reuniting, right?

In that update we also saw PM pointing WV in a rather ambigious direction, like we can see here:

Most people assumed she was showing him the forge and told him to go and destroy the ring. But what if she was pointing him to something else?

Or rather, someone else.

Who else is on LOFAF with our dear exiles right now? Someone who has murdered their friends?

That’s right. Jack Noir.

Before we continue, I’d like to remind you about something WQ said to PM back in Act 5:

She may choose to appoint a WASTELANDIC VINDICATOR as her kingdom’s hero, a warrior selected and groomed to face the slayer with the weapon he protects.

WQ told PM that WV will bring the Slayer to justice with the ring he protects. And I’d like to remind you that the ring WV just retrieved belonged to him in the first place and was taken by PM in Cascade, after WV got injured.

PM doesn’t want WV to destroy the ring. If she did, she would give him both rings, to make sure nobody would ever use it’s power for bad.

She wants him to kill Jack Noir, to punish him for the crimes he comitted.

The Honest Truth About Texas.

Fandom - Maya Hart has liked Lucas for two years she deserves a chance with him. How dare Riley Mathews continue to like Lucas he’s Maya’s future boyfriend she has no right.

Reality - Maya isn’t entitled to Lucas sorry to break it to you. You don’t get to have something because you have a bad life, that’s not how it works. You also don’t need a boyfriend to make you happy, what message is that sending? It’s disrespectful to Maya and making her seem pathetic.

Maya is a lovely girl and I will always try and defend her, but having feelings for someone for two years doesn’t mean she gets to just automatically have Lucas because he doesn’t belong to her or Riley. If she doesn’t end up with Lucas it isn’t the end of the world because you know what? She might get someone better, Shawn wouldn’t of met Angela if he didn’t go through other relationships and date around and same goes for Maya.

If Riley does love Lucas then what? Where does that leave her especially if Lucas does like Maya? Riley would be expected to get over Lucas so since the situation is reversed then Maya needs to be expected to do the same thing.

Unless she has said herself that she has liked Lucas for two years then please don’t make speculations to try and make her liking him anymore valid then Riley liking him. You’re making Maya seem entitled and she’s not.

Riley and Maya are both amazing girls and a lot of you are trying to down the other to make the other one seem better or more deserving. Just because someone has problems that may be worse then the next person doesn’t make the next persons problems go away.

What I’m trying to say is they BOTH are going through growing pains which is what Texas was all about. Do I want Riley with Lucas? Lol no I don’t really care for him much his character is boring in general and I feel he’d still be boring with Maya.

Stop all this character bashing they are all going through stuff. Now a lot of you are hating on Farkle and Zay, for what though? They didn’t disregard Maya’s feelings, Farkle asked how Riley felt because he already knew how Maya felt. Was he suppose to lie? He knows Lucas likes her still but he didn’t ignore Maya’s feelings what was he suppose to say? “Riley I know you like Lucas but suck it up, Maya deserves happiness and since you are already happy then suck it up and let her have him?”

The only way Lucaya would ever happen is if the door to Rucas was fully closed. This Texas situation could have been much worse if it ended with Lucaya because it would have been done wrong.

Was Riley wrong for outing Maya’s feelings? Yes lol but a lot of you still would’ve been mad if she didn’t do anything at all and continued her love story with Lucas and not said anything or acknowledged it. Just face it no matter what she did in that situation some of you still would have a had a lot to say.

Lastly Charlie isn’t entitled to date Riley. Stop acting like Riley stomped and spit on him when she did not. Maybe later on she is going to develop something with him maybe not but she doesn’t owe anyone anything. Should she have accepted the date? No, but even after making all those rules he still agreed to go out with her, even after everything with Lucas interrupting he still went out with her.

If he was so hurt he would have left the date, he obviously still likes her and I’m sure the writers have plans for Charlie as well, if everyone would be patient.

In all EVERYBODY except Farkle and Zay had faults in this three parter. Lucas for leading Maya on while trying to figure out his feelings. Riley for outing Maya and keeping her feelings bottled away, Charlie for being entitled and pushy and Maya for not being honest from the beginning to avoid this mess.

Don’t bash one person and then act like the person you’re stanning for did nothing wrong. This situation has many faults from everyone but why is the finger mainly pointed on Riley like always?

hold still

it doesn’t quite fit with any of the current Kaidan Appreciation Week themes but I wanted to write something like this since I just finished the trilogy again tonight.

“Hold still,” he whispers, hovering over her as she leans against the pillows on their bed. Sometimes it feels less like a bed in a home and more like just another hospital room to Shepard. It’s propped up with as much memory foam and soft pillows as possible, pill bottles and even small, temporary machines that she’s hooked up to a lot of the time. 

Shepard nods, and looks away. She still can’t face herself in the mirror. It’s hard to see the skin and bones, bandages and scars that she’s become. Before the war, she’d been someone that people feared. Now, she doesn’t know what she is. But the one thing that brings her home every day is being his, and knowing that she belongs. 

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He stands in front of Stiles, but Stiles has changed.

He belongs to someone else now. And he doesn’t even seem to realize it.

“What… she’s been marking me as hers?” His tone is sharp and indignant, staring at Derek like he’s at a complete loss. Derek doesn’t know whether that makes him feel better or worse.

“What did you think she was doing?”

“I don’t know… weird were-coyote kink thing?”

Derek wants to hit something. He wants to pull away. He wants to get the scent of it out of his nose and he wants to get it off Stiles… but that’s not his place. That’s never been his place.

“She’s claimed you. Multiple times, Stiles. She claimed you as her mate and you didn’t…”

Stiles stalks forward but Derek visibly flinches back, seeming pained.


His hand lifts, but Derek steps back like it’s some sort of threat.

“I can’t touch a were’s mate this early in the claiming. It would be disrespectful, would be seen as a challenge.”

Stiles’ mouth opens, clicks shut. His head shakes.

“Well, isn’t it disrespectful to go marking someone with a permanent supernatural engagement bite without asking permission first?”

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