something tells me she no longer has a crush on

Punk Luke part 11

I missed yesterday and promised two parts today so here’s eleven!

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Punk rocker Luke Hemmings falls for the new girl in school and it’s super cheesy but hey, punk!Luke

PLEASE NOTE: This entire story is punk!Luke and, like many others chapters, this one contains smut.

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MariChat Week: Day 1 - Secret Dating

I’m late. I know this. I’m gonna post this thing I popped out of my brain in an hour and just leave it in the hopes that you’ll enjoy it while I work on Day 2. I may continue this in later prompts or just on its own, but here it is. Please know I didn’t read this over so I’m sorry for any errors. 

Summary: Alya has noticed that her best friend is acting differently than usual, and she is going to get to the bottom of it. 

               Alya stared long and hard at her best friend sitting next to her doodling in her sketchbook. Marinette had been much happier as of late, and while normally this wouldn’t bother Alya, her friend seemed skittish every time she mentioned this sudden change in attitude. To top it all off, her friend who had been fawning over the boy sitting in front of her for the better part of the year started to almost ignore him completely.

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Lesbian Story :You can choose your emotion ( submitted)

So, i came out to two of my close friends about eight months ago like a day after one of their birthdays at a sleepover. I had been meaning to tell them forever and when the question came around (somehow) I couldn’t keep it in any longer and just poured my heart out to them - I was shaking so much you would of thought I had hypothermia or something. This is where it gets interesting. That same night, one of my friends had fallen asleep, leaving me and my best friend. At the time I presumed she was straight because she has a boyfriend and I also had the biggest crush on her, so you know that whole debacle. Anyway, so there we were, sitting, talking and we quickly got onto the subject of whether i liked anyone in school. Now still being high off the adrenaline of having revealed my inner… er lesbian-ism? sure. I did the crazy thing of telling her I ‘may’ have had feelings for her when i first started figuring out this whole hoopla. And then a crazy incredible thing happened and… she told me she might be Bi but has only had a crush on me. You wouldn’t believe my excitement and utter dumbfoundedness at her confession, and after like 4 hours of deep discussion we discovered we liked each other at practically the same time and how we felt at every encounter and sleepovers with our other friends. Plus how on several occasions she almost kissed me but didn’t because she was afraid of how i would react!! However eight months down the line, we’re still best friends - emphasis on the friends, which is fine, we still like each other and we’re closer than we ever were. But her and the bo are still dating, and i understandably hate him even though he’s not such a bad guy in retrospect and they’re good together so if she’s happy, i’m happy. It’s a little… you know but hey, how many lesbians can say their straight crushes like them back. I bet not that many :-D So that’s my story haha