something tells me she no longer has a crush on

Two Heartbeats - Part 3 (Scott x Reader)

Scott and Y/n finally hook up at a party after months of crushing on each other. What starts as messing around quickly becomes something more serious, they don’t tell the rest of the pack worried that it might change things with them. However, when y/n starts acting strangely, the only people Scott can turn to are his pack.

Part 1     Part 2

Characters/Pairings: Scott x Reader, Stiles, Allison, Isaac, Lydia.

Warnings: Mentions of throwing up.

Word Count: 1409

Notes: So I’ve figured a way to make this a less predictable fic, keen to write up the next part!


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Scott’s POV

I’d not seen y/n for just over an hour and I missed her already. I’d really fallen for her. I was starting to see why she wanted to tell the pack about us. We could hold hands in the hall and I could introduce her as my girlfriend. We could kiss goodbye before class and-

‘Hello, earth to Scott?!’ Stiles’s voice brought me back to reality. I must have been staring at the inside of my locker for a little too long. I quickly shut it and snapped my head round to Stiles.

‘Sorry, not quite awake yet.’ I muttered.

‘I asked if you knew where y/n is?’ I panicked, I didn’t want to let on we were together without her.

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Punk Luke part 11

I missed yesterday and promised two parts today so here’s eleven!

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten

Punk rocker Luke Hemmings falls for the new girl in school and it’s super cheesy but hey, punk!Luke

PLEASE NOTE: This entire story is punk!Luke and, like many others chapters, this one contains smut.

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MariChat Week: Day 1 - Secret Dating

I’m late. I know this. I’m gonna post this thing I popped out of my brain in an hour and just leave it in the hopes that you’ll enjoy it while I work on Day 2. I may continue this in later prompts or just on its own, but here it is. Please know I didn’t read this over so I’m sorry for any errors. 

Summary: Alya has noticed that her best friend is acting differently than usual, and she is going to get to the bottom of it. 

               Alya stared long and hard at her best friend sitting next to her doodling in her sketchbook. Marinette had been much happier as of late, and while normally this wouldn’t bother Alya, her friend seemed skittish every time she mentioned this sudden change in attitude. To top it all off, her friend who had been fawning over the boy sitting in front of her for the better part of the year started to almost ignore him completely.

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