something tells me he does this irl

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My brother is telling me I can't have dwarves in my book breed large dogs (similar to breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff or Irish Wolfhound) to ride into battle because it's "scientifically inaccurate." He says that it wouldn't work because animals big enough and aggressive enough for that can't be domesticated for breeding. They can only be tamed. Does this mean I should come up with something else? Or could I get away with it if I was consistent with it? And aware of why it wouldn't work irl?

That doesn’t sound real. 

I mean, there is a distinct difference between taming and domestication, but just because something isn’t domesticated doesn’t mean it can’t learn different behaviors from its wild counterparts. In fact, that’s exactly what tamed house cats do (house cats are not domesticated). Even horses, though domesticated, have not been so genetically altered that they could not, given the right circumstances, survive in the wild. (Here are some more answers to the question of the difference between the two.)

Also, it’s your story and your world. Perhaps you use canine-like creatures without explicitly making them dogs and then you can do whatever the hell you want because it’s a species you created. 

You could breed anything you wanted, you might just have to exert a stricter level of control over their day-to-day lives to prevent unwanted mating and uncouth behaviors. 

Bottom line: it’s fiction. If you keep your depiction of this species’ tameness or domestication informed, then you’ll be fine. 

Happy building!

Lying here at 1 in the morning and thinking about autistic sans

  • Sans who enjoys puns because they are literary based and not situationally based, so they make so much more sense
  • Sans with executive dysfunction, and not being able to bring himself to do simple tasks (clean/pick up his sock) and just brushes it off as laziness 
  • Sans bundling up because he hates to be touched
  • Sans stimming (not canon but let me dream)
  • Sans not really having to worry about learning body language or facial expressions because some monsters don’t have either and everyone is confused so it’s OK if he messes up
  • Sans NOT carrying his brother’s scarf around with him in the no mercy run because sentimentality is not something he understands, but that doesn’t mean he’s not torn up af about it


Autistic sans :D