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Here’s a preview/prototype of what I’m working on! There is a lot of nuance to the mechanics of Overwatch, and even as someone who is obsessed with the lore and has put in, what, 400+ levels worth of playtime, there are still little things about the basic stuff that I keep learning! So, for my own consumption and to try and help out the visual learners out there (and anyone generally new to the game or who wants a refresher!), I’m going about making info sheets for the basic weapons (primary and secondary fire) for all of the heroes.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Helpful? Do you want to see more of these? Feel free to drop me comments!

(some little notes under the cut)

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The brain is what it is because of the structural and functional properties of interconnected neurons. Your brain contains between 80 and 100 billion neurons, about as many stars in our galaxy.

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Had to much time on my hands and decided to make a medal count infographic for Russia at the major international competitions this quad

Team USA