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If we were Romantics, and possibly some of us are Romantics, we might imagine that there is in our minds, one or two beats before a thought forms itself into anything like mental speech, into phrase or sentence, into an order of communication, something earlier, rougher, more gripped, more frail, more saturated, something that will dry away like the dew or crumble like prehistoric paint as soon as it’s exposed to air, something that—compared to a sentence—is still wild.
—  Anne Carson, excerpt of Cassandra Float Can, from Float

unblazing  asked:

i rr like ur art and i was wonderin how you pick out your color schemes when you draw? like do u just kind of yolo it or do u have like a thing u do lol

thank u !!! actually i already tried to explain one way i pick colors here , tho thats pretty old and only refers to analogous color schemes so… im gonna try to update it a lil bit! (btw everything ill say from this point on is just based on my own experience, im no art student and im sry if anything i explain makes no sense….!! ANYWAY moving on)

1) probably the thing i use the most are analogous color schemes bc theyre easy to do and look very calm and harmonous:

the two colors i show on the color pick thing are the ones farthest to the left and right, every other color is somewhere between them! bc of this the drawing looks calm and natural. most of the different colors u can see are created by playing around with the saturation!

2a) something i only recently started using frequently is the analogous color scheme with a highlight:

the most part of the drawing is done in analogous colors, but i added a highlight to kinda of… “break open” the closed off feeling that analogous schemes usually have! for that highlight i tend to use a higher saturated color on the other side of the color wheel, or at least one that doesnt “match” the other colors.

2b) most of the time i do the highlight not like this tho, but in the lineart:

thats a lot more subtle !

3) and sometimes i just do…..whatever lmao

i love drawing ame she’s so chill, she makes me chill 



What I Love About The Yugioh Fandom Is That It’s The Only Fandom I Know Where Somebody Can Tell Me Their Favourite Character Is Bakura And I Still Can’t Be Entirely Sure Who They Mean.

Somebody Could Come To Me And Be Like “I Really Love That Bakura Guy With The White Hair And No Friends And The Really Angsty Backstory” And I’m Just Like


Two new WIPs. :D The redhead is my 17th century Scottish man for sims3medieval‘s Celtic bachelorette challenge, and the hair is Plumblobs’ retexture of deggdegg’s chopped Cazy Marion hair converted for men. For the hair, I reshaped the mesh slightly to eliminate the floating that occurs with female to male hair conversions, reduced the poly count by about 10K, tweaked the strands around the ears to (try and) avoid clipping issues, and edited the mapping to even out the chop in the front. I still want to see about removing a couple of extra planes around the neck so more muscular guys can use it without pieces cutting into them, but I’m hoping to upload it later today. :) Scottish dude’s face is irritating me still though, so I’ve got to do a bit more work with him in CAS first, lol.

Here is the name and color of every pansy/viola variety I have definitively encountered.

My fascination with pansies (and the like) continues. I thought it might make for a fun and interesting exercise to catalog all of the varieties I’ve encountered so far in graphical, scientific sort of way, so I built a color study. 

Why make a color study?
In my experience, it is difficult to discern the true colors of flowers based on a photograph or print thereof. Between the multitudes of different filters, lighting situations, printing processes, and other media artifacts involved in photography and printing, a lot of color information can misconstrued or lost, especially when the subject is something vivid and saturated (like a flower). My hope is that this color study takes a lot of the artifacts and subjectivity out of the equation, and instead allows for considerations purely on the basis of observable color, which I have tried to keep as true as possible.

Other reason: I just really wanted to do it and it was fun.

The process + challenges:
Interestingly, cataloging was not as straightforward as I thought it would be when I started. A few varieties of pansies growing on my balcony actually vary pretty wildly from bloom to bloom, even on the same plant. Also, some plants that were technically of the same variety had pretty noticeable color variations between plants. The Persian medleys were pretty difficult to catalog for all of these reasons - one of them even has variations in flower size on the same plant! I tried to create a sort of “best fit” image for each plant that had dramatic variations.

This study was not based around answering any particular question, but I can say definitively that pansies/violas are diverse and fascinating. There may be some interesting patterns that arise as the study expands.

Also, Fizzy Grape is the best name for a flower. 

Continuation of study:
I want to continue this study, but only as I am able to track down a real life examples of new plants and catalog them. It looks like I’ll have to visit a few office buildings and study their corporate-looking pansy displays.

Side note:
Interestingly, it seems like nurseries use “pansy” and “viola” somewhat interchangeably. I’ve read several different accounts of what constitutes a difference between the two, but answers vary. It seems the difference lies either in petal count/arrangement, plant size, and flower size.

Edit: For the record, I hear “pansy” used way more often around here than “viola”. In fact, until I started researching it, I did not know they were related!

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I'm literally so happy blogs like yours + other critic blogs exist, it just feels nice to know I'm not the only one pissed with the direction the show has been taken. Especially the coloring in recent episode, the colors in That Will Be All (especially the Pearls' colors) literally make my head hurt. I've only watched clips of it on my phone on YouTube just so I can turn down the brightness

Im so glad you share the same thoughts as us and that you enjoy our community! Also, the lighting was pretty good imo but i also can see why it hurts your eyes. They need to do something about saturation

Paint me Green

With envy.

Paint me White

With all the lies I ever told you.

Paint me red

Like my vision, like blood pumping rage.

Paint me every color in the whole damn cosmos,

Because honey with you I’ve seen them all.

With you my mornings were

Soaked in Purple,

Tinging my world Blue

Until I saw you again.

And now I can only see you in black and white;

With the world tinged in the ugliest shades

That will never again be as pure as they once were.

I guess once you over saturate something

All it can do is scream and bleed out its color,

Until there’s nothing left.

I just wish I could see your brightest hues for a little while longer,

Instead of watching them slowly wash out like watercolor.

—  dubiouslexicon, Tinged

i think we can all agree that if ronan had an instagram he’d be that one guy who’s never on, has a private account with like 6 followers, and has only posted one picture and it was 108 weeks ago and its of a car or the sky or something with an awful saturated filter. he also has no idea how to use it and is therefore That Guy who replies to comments on his picture without actually @ing the person back