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You have a tendency to hate things that you don't like just because they're popular and continue to appear on your dash (like Steven Universe). I understand that feeling of growing weary of something due to over saturation though, but Hestie and SU aren't all that bad.

F U C K  C H E S T I A 


okay what is with this ridiculous trend of making gifsets with one color completely desaturated or only one color still saturated?? it’s horrible please stop it

cataphysicalgangue replied to your post “cataphysicalgangue replied to your post “all i can draw is super…”

ahhh i feel you o: i put his stuff on my art blog anyway, its still art. fanart got me into both my art courses idk if its the same over there but its worth keeping c: i love your colouring tho, you do lighting really well

i fooled you. i fuckin fooled you pal. its all gratuitous use of overlay layers. im a piece of shit

and yeah. maybe. tbtbh

swanspond: i made those 3 icons. if you don’t like something (coloring, cropping, brightness, saturation, etc.), just tell me and we can work on making it more to your liking. i tried adding in pink, but it didn’t look good since the original picture is mainly green and brown :(

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   the amount of hungover she is ridiculous. she’s thrown
   up at least twice since she’s woken up and she doesn’t
   remember a damn thing that happened last night. she
   looks like the personification of hell right now, doesn’t
   she? at least her hair looks decent in a braid… when did
   that even happen ??

           ❝ please tell me you brought me something saturated in grease… ❞


OMG Kija, you have the hardest eye color to match… Is it blue? Is it green? The wiki says “blue eyes”, but sometimes they look downright teal.

All of the circle lenses I’ve found with a vivid enough color are way too blue (like royal blue or sky blue), or way too emerald-green. The couple of aqua-turquoise ones I’ve hunted down aren’t very vivid, and I’d like something bright and saturated.

(It doesn’t help that I need prescription ones, -8.00 and -8.50… At least my base curve is 8.6).

If anyone has suggestions, I’m definitely open for ideas!

Thanks to Kara for sitting for another session on her painterly nature trash polka style thigh. Always fun to add something new. Saturation has been reduced to show true value tones. Thanks. :) #trashpolka #wolf #wolftattoo #painterly #blackandgreytattoo #stylizedrealism #inkcompanytattoos #anthonywashingtonart #hattiesburg #mississippi #artist

From Kpop Idol to Korean Artist: The Top Three

From Kpop Idol to Korean Artist: The Top Three

Being a Kpop or Korean idol and being a Korean artist aren’t the same thing, which is something even the saturated Korean music entertainment industry, it’s many idols, and it’s few artists know. So, here are the top three Kpop idols who have transformed into Korean artists!

From Kpop Idol to Korean Artist 1. G-Dragon, aka GD

A member of YG’s notorious hip hop group Big Bang, G-Dragon is the…

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This has actually happened several times in my Social Studies class.

Basically, one person starts clapping after the teacher does something completely mundane, like throwing his whiteboard marker in the air and catching it with his other hand, and then a few more people join in until the amount of people clapping reaches critical mass, and then basically everyone else joins in as well. (The teacher once literally jumped and did a half-turn in the air to face the whiteboard, and we still did this for some reason. His response: “If you think that’s impressive, you’ve got problems.”)

On a side note, as I was drawing the bottom panel, something called semantic saturation occurred, and “clap” stopped sounding like a word for some reason.

On another side note, probably to the side of the first one, the second through fourth panels of this comic have the most action in any Coffee With Coffta comic so far.

(In case you can’t tell, the girl in the last panel is apparently trying to start a standing ovation or something. It hasn’t gotten that far in real life yet.)

Karl Ove Knausgaard - My Struggle 1

Page 496-7 “Over recent years I have increasingly lost faith in literature.  I read and though this is something someones has made up.  Perhaps it was because we were totally inundated with fiction and stories.  It had got out of hand.  Wherever you turned you saw fiction.  All these millions of paperbacks, hardbacks, DVDs and TV series, they were all about made-up people in a made-up, though realistic, world.  And news in the press, TV news, and radio news had exactly the same format, documentaries had the same format, they were also stories, and it made no difference whether what they told had actually happened or not.  It was a crisis, I felt it in every fibre of my body, something saturating was spreading through my consciousness like lard, not least because the nucleus of all fiction, whether true or not, was verisimilitude and the distance it held to reality was constant.  In other words, it saw the same.  This sameness, which was our world, was being mass-produced.  The uniqueness, which they all talked about, was thereby invalidated, its didn’t exist, it was a lie. Living like this, with the certainty that everything could equally well have been different, drove you to despair.  I couldn’t write like this, it wouldn’t work, every single sentence was met with the thought: but you’re just making this up.  It has no value.  The only genres I saw value in, which still conferred meaning, were diaries and essays, the types of literature that did not deal with narrative, that were not about anything, but just consisted of a voice, the voice of your own personality, a life, a face, a gaze you could meet.  What is a work of art if not a gaze of another person? Not directed above us, nor beneath us, but at the same height as our own gaze.  Art cannot be experienced collectively, nothing can, art is something you are zone with.  You meet its gaze alone.