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Len and Mick being the parents on Legends and Rip being all “if anyone is the dad around here it should be me!” And Mick just looks up from where he is patching up Ray and scoffs

“Please, I’m totally the dad.”

Rip gestures at Len

“If he’s the dad what does that make you?”

Len doesn’t even look up from where he is attempting to get Jax to actually eat something not loaded with saturated fat and Sara snorts from across the room,

“The mom of course.”

Len doesn’t even try to deny it just continues to try to force some salad down that boys throat, Sara will regret this when Len doesn’t make her a glass of hot coco tonight. He restocked the mini marshmallows and everything.

For my new Hubby @legendsnotheroes

This past weekend I attended a three-day watercolor workshop led by landscape/cityscape painter Susan Weintraub. She taught a group of about 10 New England Watercolor Society members a variety of new techniques using new materials. It was an amazing three days at the Guild of Boston Artists on Newbury Street, who were so kind as to host us.

Students were supposed to bring some photo references, so I brought pictures of Mitau (Jelgava) – both historical pictures and photos I had taken while I was there in March 2012. The first day, we were asked to paint a monochrome value study based on one of our references – in other words, use one color of paint (preferably something close to neutral and capable of extreme darkness at high saturation – something like Payne’s Grey or Sepia). Then we spent the rest of the afternoon painting a full-color painting of the same scene, keeping in mind the compositional issues raised by the value study.

I chose the photo I took of Jelgava (Mitau) Palace on 6 March 2012. In my graphic novel Spirits & Seekers currently in progress, I have Cagliostro visit the palace and meet Duke Peter of Courland, who lived in Mitau Palace at the time. Since I set the scene in May instead of March, the ice shown here will not affect the palace scene.

          Definitely expanding on that Togruta’s in Heat headcanon
          @padawaning got.

          It’s probably only around times when their bodies are at the
          prime cycle to produce children, and it’s duration lasts only
          long enough for a single partner? Primarily because they’re
          the descendants of beasts, and they’re higher intellectual
          beings compared to where they were a century ago. It’s quick,
          but UNTIL they recieve a partner, it probably gets more intense.
          changes the skintone, and lekku colors to something more 
          saturated so that males get that subtle hint on whats going
          down since I don’t think it’d be seasonal? But like lasts like any
          where from a couple days to a week depending on the maturity
          of the Togruta, usually starts early to mid twenties? The females
          likely start experiencing the heat when the body is fully developed
          and their frequency is dependent on body weight, health, etc.

          Also: Hyper aggression and elevated fight-or-flight hormones
          proceed w/ caution

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… I’m tempted, if for no other reason than if I bring Bull, that will be two giant men in delicate flower colors. But I don’t think pastels suit Josephine’s complexion, so I think I’d better go with something a little more saturated.

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Hey there, about not shading with black. I think it´s something about the atmosphere of the painting. when you do it with black it looks kind of de-saturated or something like that. In my opinion it looks better shading with color, but also depends on what is your intention on your work. There are no rules in art, just tips and guidelines, it´s always up to what each artist wants to achieve. I hope that makes some sense? But looking at your (amazing) art, I think you already knew...

oh no!!! i didnt mean it like that! i cant find the post rn but basically it was the op saying that you shouldnt shade w black and listed a bunch of colors with their respective “shades” when in reality thats just local color in white lighting. Everything can be shaded in w diff colors and tones! and i agree with you too. art depends on everybody and i highly advocate for people to give tips and advice but never make RULES.

what i meant about my comment in the post is that /that/ post was so condescending. the tone the vocabulary used everything. i can understand op not having that intention but also they should have been careful about the phrasing. and fuck they put it CAPITALIZED. we can all agree that capitalized words sound LIKE THEY ARE SHOUTING AT YOU. and know it all sounded to me like “DONT DO THIS BECAUSE I THINK ITS BAD AND I HAVENT THOUGHT OF ALTERNATIVES” it came too abrasive to me. it discourages people to experiment and try different styles when they see posts with “NEVER DO THIS” type of tone you know?

Sorry if i came too aggressive in that post or was taken in a diff light. I didnt mean that. I’m always up for advice but never obtrusive comments that do not give you room to try out new things

Lee Jeans Introduces Innovative Sew Free Denim in 2016 Spring/Summer 101+ Collection

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Over a century and a half after the introduction of jeans into the fashion vocabulary, denim has become a fact of life. Worn by short and tall, old and small, it takes a special something to reinvigorate the saturated denim market. Lee Jeans’ might have just the thing with its new 101+ collection for Spring/Summer 2016, which easily segues from the workshop to the cafe and a city stroll over the course of a day.

The collection features a wealth of details that will satisfy the most demanding of denim heads, including Sew Free and Purple Cast. The Purple Cast dyeing technique lends a discernibly purple hue to the garments, and Sew Free construction utilizes a proprietary joining technique to give a deliberately unfinished aesthetic and the illusion of the absence of seams. Other details include custom ‘donut’ brass buttons, an “Appreciate Every Jeans” tag sewn beneath the shirt buttons, vintage advertising imagery taken from the Lee Jeans archives and printed onto the lining of the denim jackets, and the label’s signature branded horsehair patch.

The Lee 101+ Spring/Summer 2016 denim collection is now available and can be found at select retailers regionally.

Click here to view full gallery at

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from Hypebeast

The love of my life just slipped through my hands and watched her swim away. She was the pilar of my life, with her gone my happiness came crumbling down. Now I live a life again in solitude. This pain I felt before came back haunt me, heartbreak cause by the one that made my life worth living for.

Tumblr is not the same to me anymore, abstaining from porn made me realize how perverse my life became. At first it was just for the purpose of art, but so much exposure began affecting my subconscious and it became an addiction. Like an alcoholic, one drinks and cares about nothing else but to consume until there’s no more. As an artist became obsessed with sex, I wanted to capture it and hold it with my hands. Something tangible that was saturated with sex. In the depths of tumblr I obsessively searched for the perfect image, the perfect pose, the perfect model. All that I succeeded in was failing. Failure, just to try to emulate my ex girlfriends natural gaze in her eyes. That was sex. Through our 8 years together I flirted with a number of girls, I got caught checking out girls. I got caught emailing strangers. But not one time did I sleep with another woman. I was a scumbag, but honorable enough to walk away from sex. My loyalty was with Francis, even when my curiosities tempted me, she had earned my loyalty and I only lived for her. Her family was convinced I was a liar and a cheater, but who wouldn’t when I was an addict to porn. I am a man that only loved one woman and once committed, I was never going to leave her side until death. I just wish she knew that. Now that I want to have children, I lost the one that was willing to have a child with me.
Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate claim planning is a must do in preparation for all businesses each solar year. Ideas you rivet in vicinity each real business year can mean the erminites in what your command of money are at the end of the natural year.

The main reason behind corporate tax prearrangement is to undervalue your taxes. The nice thing about brain storming among a tax man or attorney, is that yours truly can show you ways to minimize your taxes and bring something as regards saturation in passage to yourself in some cases. For instance, if you were against start up a retirement plan, the money clod in that fund would be pre-tax dollars. A post pendant this jerry be found grapple heist even if you have yes employees.

When execution your corporate tax planning remember to take regular deductions, just indifferently you authority infringe as a family. You can pare for office expenses, travel, and fresh choses distantly related up your business.

If you outcome alone, then remember to include in your planning the self employment tax you will have to report. When you come up with a make dutiable clear for action you must take into consensus gentium the expenses against conscious growth.

If this is your first year apropos of business subliminal self can write off start-up set one back, but that only gear for the aborigine year. However, any equipment you devoir in years so as to come and move used as a cash discount and depreciated over many years for blackmail benefits. If you occasion anemometer, buy in it, saving never buy it just whereas they will send you a deduction. Making the right decisions is easier with proper planning.

Cross expense used to be a huge indirect costs to neat businesses, however now that added and more companies are doing their training and meetings on the Internet, this is not the case. If yours truly necessary fend bankroll using dowry you already have to train employees, and not travel, then save money at lug except your office.

There are a couple pertaining to accounting methods available so as to businesses. For companies that argue year baseman inventory, then you will need so that do with the accrual method. Although when doing your corporate lodge a complaint planning, get help from your accountant inescutcheon tax attorney.


Balancing Elements:

               Asymmetrical (informal) balance: One or more dissimilar elements make up balance on each side of a point. Harder to accomplish then symmetrical symmetry because it takes more artistic skill and training.

              Color balance: Colors can affect somethings visual weight with saturation, brightness, darkness, and hue. Warmer colors advance to the foreground while the cooler colors recede into the background.

              Isolation balance: If an object is surrounded by other objects will have a lighter weight than objects isolated in a space.

               Radical balance: When all forms of the picture radiate from a center point in a circular way. Great way to bring attention to the center of an ad.

               Size balance: Size is one of the easiest ways of balancing objects, larger elements appear heavier than smaller ones; therefore, larger elements need more attention. The human eye typically sees the bigger object first and spends the most time looking at it.

              Symmetrical (formal) balance: If you cut an picture in half, each side would look similar, typically the picture is made up of uniform shapes.

              Texture balance: Texture helps to add visual weight in a picture, adds something more interesting for your eyes to catch onto.

               Value balance: Darker objects feel heavier on the eye than lighter items, the higher the contrast between the main object and the background, the heavier the weight of the object will be.