something random i made

  • Jungkook: if nothing is impossible then is it possible for something to be impossible
  • Jungkook: humans can see water so does that mean fish can see air
  • Jungkook: why is the pizza box a square if the pizza is a circle and the slices are triangle
  • Jungkook: if I hit myself and it hurts does that mean I'm strong or weak
  • Jungkook: who taught the first teacher
  • Jungkook: if Jesus could walk on water, did he swim on land
  • BTS:
  • Jungkook:
  • BTS: Jimin, what did you do to him?
  • Jimin: It wasn't me! I said I was busy and he started being a drama queen! And now he's in trance, but-
  • BTS: apologize to him.
  • Jimin: But I didn't-
  • BTS: go now before it's too late.
  • Jimin: But-
  • BTS: Jimin.
  • Jimin: ...
  • Jimin: how did I fell in love with someone like this

“ Ẃ̨͞h̶́o̡ ̴do ̸̸y̷̡o͝u͘ ͠t̸͢h҉҉̀i̶̛nk͘͝ ̧͏yo̵̧u̧'̧̛ve̡͘ ͡͏̧b̢́͡e͟͞ȩn̡͠ ̶w̡a̧̛͝t̨͜c̴͜h̵i̶̛n̢̡͝g҉̡̨ t҉͠h͏̡i̡̛͘s̵҉ ̴́͡e̴͟ņ̵tį̢ŕ҉͏e̡̕͡ ̡͞ti̛m̢̛e̵?̵̧ ”

Merthur AU

Arthur loves giving Merlin a foot rub (and Merlin is addicted to Arthur’s touch). In fact, their fascination with each other’s feet started a long time ago & they have no intention of giving up on it.


bizarre nightmares

Finally thinking I should post some personal magic instead of reblogs and other random crap. I call this


I had in mind to create a personal sigil in order to do various works with. It had to be general enough to work any kind of magic on it and, for me, to be aesthetically pleasing. I’ve always liked the Solomonic sigils when I was young and I find this to be reminiscent of it. Spent an hour or so drawing random things until I got something that made sense.

• The center table has a space for any work one would like to put there. From summoning to manifesting; anything you would like to put out to the universe.

• The sun and moon on either side stabilizes the center table.

• The bottom holds the earth and shows you from where you stand, the material realm. The center table, under the stabilization of the sun and moon transcends the work to the infinite at the top.

There’s plenty of space to put any other symbols or sigils around the main work to strengthen it. It can be drawn on the ground, or on a paper or with any other spell. I personally enjoy it on its own with a simple prayer to go along with it.

Utilize it as you will, witchy tumbls! May you all be happy and prosperous in your art!

Does anybody remember that series where the zombie apocalypse hits during Big Brother UK and and nobody in the house knows what’s going on til I think it’s one of the producers assistants breaks in while hiding from a zombie and then the rest if the series is everyone just gradually being killed by/turned into zombies? Cause if thats an alternate ending to bb19 I’m cool with it.

But also seriously the only person I met who’s seen it is my brother and neither of us remember the name but I wanna rewatch it