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One Way to Relax (NSFW)

Hey you guys! This is my first attempt at a NSFW fanfic so please forgive me if it kind of sucks (no pun intended lmao)… But I’ve never attempted this stuff before.

Contains NSFW content with Shiro and reader (masturbation). Not really sure how else to describe it! Story under the cut~

A soft sigh slid past his lips, his arms tucked behind his head as he stared up at his ceiling. He wasn’t sure how long it was since him and the other Paladins had finished with training and decided to head to bed. He already knew he was the last one to be up and about, besides Coran, Allura and you, but he just couldn’t sleep. Normally his lack of sleep stemmed from his constant nightmares, but tonight he just couldn’t find himself to shut his eyes. He blinked once or twice before he pushed himself up from his cushioned bed, throwing his legs over the side and leaning his elbows against his knees. He should be used to this by now, but his body felt exhausted from the energy he used today in training and his mind just wasn’t having it. Shiro rubbed at his face before his metal fingers dragged upwards and raked through his ivory locks that fell back into place across his forehead. He could possibly try and shower? After all, he felt a little sticky from all the sweat that had dried on his skin. Without much hesitation, he lifted himself from the bed and stepped into the small but private bathroom attached to his quarters. He turned the knobs and the faucet hissed to life, spurting out a steady stream of water. Luckily, before they had launched, the Paladins had convinced Coran and Allura to install showers so that they could get clean. He wondered how they got clean themselves, but he was grateful that they had tended to their needs and added in the showers. He discarded his clothes and stepped into the stream, the warm water cascading across his scar-riddled skin. The male tilted his head back, letting the liquid trickle across his face and he lifted his hands up, once more running his fingers through his hair and soaking it. He was somewhat glad that his arm was compatible with water and it gave him little to no trouble when underneath the showerhead.

After what seemed like a few minutes of being enveloped in the warm water did his mind finally wander, his eyes focusing on the wall opposite of him. Everyone at least seemed to be getting better with each passing day, the team molding together to be one unit even without Voltron being formed. Despite Keith and Lance’s constant bickering, they too were becoming quite comfortable with each other. Pidge was more willing to open up and Hunk was more than happy to help Allura and Coran around with fixing the ship. And you… He suddenly paused as the thought of you slid into his mind, pressing his mouth into a straight line before another sigh found its way past his lips. God he couldn’t quite place it, but there was just something about you that attracted his attention. Was is the way you talked? The way you tried to keep up with the team? The way you laughed at Keith and Lance’s stupid antics? He could feel a slight warmth pool in his chest at the thought of you and he let his mind wander as he closed his eyes. It was pleasant… Just letting these flow until something else stirred inside him. This wasn’t his normal infatuation, but something more… Lustful. His brows furrowed as he hesitated to dwell on these thoughts, but after a few seconds, he explored them. Shiro could only imagine what your body would feel like against his, his hands gripping your hips and your fingers tugging at his hair. He wondered what you would sound like moaning and breathing out his name, unable to hold in any desire. He found his hand instinctively moving towards his dick, rubbing at his growing shaft. Shit… How long had it been since he last masturbated? Shiro suddenly stopped in his tracks, a blush spreading across his cheeks, realizing just what he was doing. Keep it together, Shiro. You don’t need this… With a flustered huff, he turned off the shower and stepped out into the bathroom, snagging a towel waiting for him and drying off his body. He wrapped the cloth around his hips and made his way back into his room.

Well, it didn’t seem the shower did much to make him any more tired as he sat back down on his bed, not really concerned on putting on any clothes. Hell he didn’t mind sleeping naked from time to time. What else could he do to get him to sleep? His thoughts slowly began to move back into thinking about you, his fingers curling into his blanket as he resisted, but in reality, he wanted them to invade his mind. Maybe, just maybe… It would help. He swallowed, lifting his metal hand up and peered at it, wondering just what it would feel like. It was worth a shot exploring all kinds of things tonight. The Black Paladin took a moment to listen, trying to see if he could hear any movement within the hall, but there were no indications that anyone was up. The last thing he wanted was to have someone walk in on him. He would never be able to live that down. Ever. Once he was convinced no one was around did he slowly remove his towel, setting it off to side. The cool air of the room nipped at his exposed skin and his galran hand hesitantly slid up his thigh, sending a tingle up his spine from the cold contact. He gently bit at his lip, his thumb stroking his shaft at first before all fingers were gliding up and down in a smooth, teasing fashion. In his head though, it wasn’t his hand, but yours. He was imagining your face, your lips, your eyes… Everything. What he would give to have you right here, right now doing this to him. He wanted to feel your lips kissing his skin, he wanted to dig his teeth into your neck and hold you down. He wanted to please you and you do the same to him. He moved his hand to his lips, sticking his fingers in his mouth to lubricate before he curled them tightly around his throbbing dick. Shiro moved slowly up first and then down, starting at a painfully leisured pace as he moved his hips with his hand. His heart quickened in his chest and his whole body felt like it was burning with lust, his head dropping back. A moan dripped off his tongue and he quickly silenced himself, feeling embarrassed by the sound. But god he couldn’t help it. He picked up the pace again, his teeth continuing to bite at his lower lip as he pumped his hand faster and faster. He couldn’t recall the last time he felt this divine, his head feeling foggy as the thoughts of you raced through his mind. “Fuucckk me,” he hissed, moving his hand faster until he was practically bucking into every time he pumped. Another moan rumbled in his throat and soon developed into a lustful growl, his free fingers gripping tightly at his sheets as he leaned backwards. His back arched upwards and he panted, feeling his lower belly pool with warmth and tighten, knowing he was close to his release. He didn’t want it to end though. It just felt too good. His entire being seemed to tremble, his jaws clenching as he held back from yelling out. “(y/n),” he groaned, “please… please Oh FUCK!”

His whole physique stiffened, muscles rippling as he finally came, his cum leaking over his hand and dripping down his tip onto his lower belly. He went limp, his breathing coming in ragged breaths as a sudden bliss filled his entire being. “Oh my god,” he whispered, his head swimming with a haze as he lifted himself up. Shiro couldn’t even describe how much he needed that. How much he wanted that until after it happened. He rolled his eyes closed and sighed, his heart thundering inside his torso and his body still feeling rather shaky. After a few minutes of drinking in the divinity did he finally force himself up, stumbling before steadying himself and lumbering back towards the bathroom. He balanced himself against the door frame before moving inside, turning on the sink and washing his hands. He cleaned up his abdomen, making sure there were no traces of his seed on his skin. The Black paladin leaned against the counter, peering into the mirror. In all honesty, he would do that again. There were no other things in his mind but you. It was almost embarrassing, but damn did he enjoy it. Without a word, Shiro headed back into bed, clambering underneath the covers and sinking into his cushion. His eyes fluttered closed and his mind slowly drifted into sleep, his dreams riddled with fragments of you.


The next day when he was sitting at the table for breakfast with Lance, the blue Paladin slyly asked him why there were strange noises coming from his room the other night. Shiro nearly choked, his face red with a deep blush as the other male simply laughed at him.


anon requested; *(This is very different so stick with me) stiles is a very strong alpha and when he meets his mate (the reader) he has no idea what to do because she is human (you can take it in any direction you want but in the end they end up together) please? Thank you!

a/n; this was really fun to write! Im sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, but I hope you enjoy it! Btw Scott isn’t the alpha in this, he’s still a beta. Every other character (besides Stiles of course) is the same :)

pairing; Stiles x reader

warnings; some swearing ((AND NOT EDITED SO IGNORE ANY MISTAKES))

(Y/F/N) = your full name

word count; 1826

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Coffee Shop (Part Two)


Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Epilogue

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol
What happens when you accidentally sit next to someone you shouldn’t in a coffee shop.

“I am Chanyeol' 

 You blinked in surprise, staring at the guy standing in your doorway, sheepishly holding up your notebook. 

 "You left it at the cafe, I didn’t realise it wasn’t mine and put it in my bag. I have the same book, but uh yeah I just realised and uh, I went back to the cafe because it seemed like the girl there knew you and well she told me where you lived. I hope you don’t mind… ah I guess I should have just left it at the cafe but it seemed important.. I don’t know, um I uh, sorry I guess,’

 Chanyeol stopped talking and bit his lip, awkwardly avoiding your eye. You realised he had been babbling and it was probably because you were still stood there just staring at him. You blushed and nodded. 

 'Oh! Uh - Thank you!’ You said finally, ‘I didn’t realise I had lost it' 

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At the bar

So I finally finished the two requests I got ages back, and I’m really sorry for making you guys wait so long. But here it is! This is the flirting with Jack one and the other request with the Doctor is going up next. This is a lot shorter and I think my shortest so far but I hope you like anyway.

Word count: 474

You sighed as you looked down into your glass. A night at the bar had sounded much more fun before you actually got there. Your friends hadn’t been able to come, so they told you to go on yourself, but you were finding it wasn’t as fun without people to talk to. You glanced up when a handsome young man walked over to take the seat at the bar next to you, ordering drink for himself. He sent you a handsome smirk and you smiled in return.

“Captain Jack Harkness” He introduced, holding out his hand. You grinned wider, moving to shake his hand only to have him kiss the back of your hand. You couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be as boring as you thought.

“Do they still have captains anymore?” You asked teasingly. He simply shrugged.

“So, do you have a name, or can I call you mine?” He asked, smiling suggestively. You laughed.

“(Y/N)” You told him. “(F/N) (L/N)” He nodded.

“Y/N), lovely name. So my friend over there” He pointed over his shoulder and you glanced over to see another handsome young man watching you two. You smiled and gave him a small wave. “He made me a bet I couldn’t talk to the prettiest girl in here. Wanna buy some drinks with his money?”

“Oh, well” You took that opportunity to search through your bag, frowning slightly.

“Something wrong?” He asked, almost looking concerned.

“Yeah, I think I lost my number, could I have yours?” You asked innocently. He grinned, laughing slightly.

“Oh, I fell for that one”

“Just like I fell for you” You returned.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” He asked, grinning at his own cheesy line.

“No, but I broke a nail crawling out of hell” You responded, examining your nails.

“All to see me?” He asked cheekily.

“To be honest, I’d say you’re a 9” You shrugged.

“A 9?”

“Yeah, I’m the 1 you need”

You both laughed a moment.

“Okay, try this, tell me something about yourself” You tried, attempting to see if you could actually learn something about the, frankly, quite attractive guy in front of you.

“Well… The letter X scares me” He told you, like he was admitting something no one knew.

“Really? Why?” You tilted your head slightly.

“’Cause I never wanna be yours” He finished with a grin. You shook your head with a smile. “What about you?”

“Um… I’m multilingual” You told him.

“Really, what languages?”

“Well, kissing is the language of love, wanna have a conversation?”

He laughed, glancing around a moment.

“You might be asked to leave soon, you’re making the other women look bad” He commented. You grinned.

“I’m a little short on cash, could we share a cab home?” You returned. He smiled happily.

“I thought you’d never ask”

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MariChat May - It Was You - Day 25: Akumatised Chat Noir

We have reached the penultimate chapter. Strap on your seat-belt, it’s about to get bumpy.

It Was You

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 29     Chapter 30     Chapter 31


Marinette lay on her side staring at her pink walls, body and mind numb. She had spent the last half an hour crying and she just…couldn’t anymore. She had never been much of a crier, even when it was expected of her. Her maman had always said it was because she was a “tough cookie” but Marinette knew it was more to do with feeling so weak she couldn’t possibly let anyone else know how she was faring. She couldn’t let anyone see how easy it would be to break her.

She really wanted someone to comfort her right now, but a part of her didn’t feel like she deserved it.  She couldn’t adequately explain to her parents why she was upset without revealing that she was Ladybug. And she had managed to scare Tikki off. The little kwami had tried to ‘congratulate’ Marinette on staying firm with Chat despite his 'immature attitude’ and she had felt herself snap, cursing and shouting at Tikki until she had flown away in shock.

After all, she knew Chat was right. They should be sharing identities at this point. They were together and as they’d realised when he’d discovered her secret, they loved each other. He already knew who she was so surely the biggest of Marinette’s worries had already been realised. And as he’d pointed out, it would put her at a much better advantage if he were ever controlled again if she knew where to find him when he was out of costume.

Ultimately, she was just scared. Knowing who Chat was in his everyday life was such a big step, and it had huge potential to bring them closer, but there was also just as much potential for things to go horribly wrong.

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Vampire Michael Part 1 (smut)

Word count: 2095

Halloween parties. You either love them or you hate them. 

You usually loved them, but this one was full of dicks, so you went into the garden to get away from it all. 

The cold night air hitting you as you stepped out, along with a puff of cigaret smoke. Looking to the side, you saw a tall figure standing, leant against the brick wall of the building. Black skinny jeans and a black leather jacket, but with white hair and pale skin. Nice

“Hey- whoa!” he began, but seeming to lose his words the seconds he saw your rather revealing outfit.

You didn’t answer, you just assumed that he was yet another fuckboy at this stupid party, so you just mentally sighed and rolled your eyes at him. 

“Are you cold?” he asked, blowing out another puff of smoke, obviously noticing you rubbing your arms, trying to create at least some friction to warm yourself up.But again, you didn’t answer, you just raised your eyebrows and nodded at him. 

“Here, wear this” he said, placing his cigaret between his unusually red lips and removing his jacket, revealing the pale skin of his arms as he now stood there in only a black vest. 

As he placed the warm jacket around your shoulders, you smiled smally at him, “thanks, uh… ?” 

He took another drag of his cigaret and tilted his head back, letting the smoke flow from his mouth before he answered “Michael.” he said with a wink as he continued to smoke his cigaret. 

“Oh, well, thank you Michael” you said a little shyly, which was weird, usually you were confident and out-going when it came to situations like this.I mean, there’s no doubt this guy was intimidating, and highly attractive, but something else just wasn’t quite right about him. 

“You’re welcome, now let’s get you inside, you look freezing” he said, putting out his finished cigaret and dropping the end to the floor. 

He grabbed your hand, leading you back into the house and through the crowd of half-drunk, sweaty teenagers. 

“Wow, they really know how to party don’t they?” Michael chuckled, stopping half way up the stairs as you watched all the people drinking and grinding on each other. 

“Come on,” he began, once again pulling you by your hand as he dragged you along behind him. 

“In here” he continued, opening the door to one of the rooms and guiding you inside. 

He sat you down on the edge of the double bed before walking over to the wardrobe and beginning to search for something. 

“Michael, are you sure we’re allowed to be in here?” you asked, still shivering and slightly scared that you were gonna get in trouble. 

“Y/N, stop worrying yeah? We’ll be fine, but for now, we need to get you warmed up” he laughed, walking back over to you and wrapping a blanket around your shoulders. 

You sent him a puzzled look as he sat down next to you and began to rub your arms, “how do you know my name?” you asked suspiciously. 

“I, uh… have my ways” he shrugged, acting like this was a casual conversation to be having. 

“And what ways would they be?" 

A smirk grew on his face and he leaned into your ear, “oh honey, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he whispered, his voice breathy and coarse. 

You immediately stood from the bed, a shiver running down your spine, “okay, that’s weird… I’m just gonna… go.” you said, turning and beginning to walk towards the door. 

But before you got there, Michael was on his feet in a second, and now had your back pressed to it. One hand on the wall behind you, the other firmly placed on your hip. 

"You really want me to tell you?” he asked, eyeing you up and down, a certain look appearing in his eyes that you couldn’t put your finger on. 

“Y-yes” you stuttered out, your breath hitching in your throat. 

“Why don’t you come back to the bed and I’ll show you?” he whispered almost seductively and, honestly, it was turning you on a little bit. 

You didn’t move though, you felt like you were glued to the floor and you weren’t even breathing at this point. 

“Go on” he gestured back towards the bed, pulling you away from the door and giving you a gently shove towards it. 

You hesitantly sat on the very end of the bed, looking up at him towering over you.

Once he was stood only inches from you, he bent down, placing his hands on either side of the bed next to you.

Now eye level with you, he stared, his light green eyes boring into yours.

“You ready, Princess?” he said, his eyes trailing down to your lips then back up to your eyes again. 

“For w-what?” you stuttered, your breathing becoming slightly heavier as your whole body filled with both lust and fear. 

“This.” He opened his mouth, two retractable fangs dropping down from behind his top lip. He smirked, seeing the look of horror that spread across your face. 

“M-Michael, y-y-you- you’re- !?” you stuttered again, not knowing what to say or how to act as your heart rate quickened massively. 

He chuckled, retracting them back again, “cool huh?” 

You didn’t reply, you just stared at him in disbelief, only making him chuckle more. 

“Come on baby, don’t be scared, we both know that vampires are hot” he whispered, moving his head to your neck and letting his hot breath fan over your skin. You tilted your head more to the side, liking the feeling it created. 

“Yes?” he asked simply, looking up at you, his breath now skimming your jaw. 

“Y-yes.” you nodded, and that was all it took. 

A rough, hasty kiss was placed to your lips, knocking you backwards as you made your way to the top of the bed, him crawling over you, all the while managing to keep your lips connected. 

Pulling away for a second, he sat up, swiftly removing his vest as you followed suit, the items of clothing being tossed to the floor. 

He lent back down, reconnecting your lips as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, smirking into it as he heard a quiet moan escape your lips. 

Without warning, his hand moved to cup your heat through your underwear as he moved your skirt out of the way. A gasp escaped your lips as your raked your fingernails down his back slightly, causing him to both wince and chuckle at the same time that it almost sounded like a whimper. 

He began to add pressure, his hand rubbing in small circles as you moaned. As he moved to lay next to you, he grabbed the waistband of your skirt, then pulling it down and discarding it across the room somewhere. 

He reconnected his hand to your heat, this time under the waistband of your underwear, making you gasp as you arched your back and dug your head into the pillow, letting out a loud moan. 

“Mmm, you’re so wet baby” he moaned in your ear, placing a kiss there as he spoke, running his fingers up and down your slit. 

“All for you, Michael” you whispered back as seductively as you could. And, judging by the deep moan that came from him, it was working. 

“Baby girl, you need to be careful with that pretty little mouth of yours” he groaned, lust dripping off every word. 

“You know, there are better things I could be doing with it right now” you said in his ear, keeping your seductive tone of voice, and at the same time running a hand down his chest to the top his jeans. 

He chuckled, shaking his head, “not today, baby girl, I have other plans for you” he whispered huskily. 

He got up from the bed, removing his hand from your underwear as he walked round to the end of the bed. 

You removed your bra as you watched him undo his jeans and drop them to the floor before he kneeled in front of you, smirking up at you as he edged his hands up your thighs. 

Hooking his thumbs under the material, he peeled them down your legs and flung them across the room, his eyes never leaving your heat as he bit his lip, trying (and failing) to hold back a moan. 

He looked up at you from the end of the bed, a lustful smirk on his face. Moving closer to your heat, he made a lick all the way up your slit and to your core as you moaned, but he didn’t stop there. He licked all the way up your stomach, chest, and neck before reaching your mouth and dipping his tongue in, roughly kissing you again. 

You could taste yourself slightly on his tongue, but you didn’t care, the things Michael made you feel were insane, and all you wanted was him. All of him. 

Taking your bottom lip between his teeth, he gently began to bite down and gradually adding pressure as he continued to kiss you. He gently pulled away, still with your lip between his two fangs and, up until this point, you hadn’t noticed the blood coming from it. 

You looked down, seeing both yours and Michael’s lips coated with the stuff. He licked his lips slowly, the metallic taste only increasing his lust, you… not so much. 

So you just wiped your mouth with the back of your hand to get rid of it. His tongue snaked it’s way down your neck, occasionally stopping to leave open-mouth kisses and letting his hot breath fanning over the wet trails it left behind, your whole body trembling at the feeling as a whimper escaped your lips. 

You felt him removing his boxers as he grazed his fangs along your skin, sure to leave all sorts of marks. 

“You ready?” he asked, already lining himself up at your entrance. 

You just nodded in anticipation and, slowly, he pushed in. You arching your back into him as you gasped, him letting out a satisfied breath, warming the exposed skin on your chest. 

“You alright?” he asked, noticing the slightly uncomfortable look on your face.

Yeah” you breathed out, nodding. I mean, you were expecting Michael to be big, but you weren’t expecting this

“I’m gonna move now okay?” he said softly, and you noticed that, once again, his fangs were now gone. 

You nodded, and he slowly moved out, and then slowly back in again. He continued this pace until he heard gentle moans coming from you. Then, with a smirk, he began to thrust slightly quicker, your moans becoming louder. 

“M-Michael- ?” you moaned. 

“Yes baby?” he groaned back, kissing along your collarbone. 

“H-harder… please?” you stuttered out between breaths and moans. 

He stopped moving briefly, looking down at you as he hovered above you, a smirk spread across his face. “As you wish” he replied, placing his forehead to yours, his warm breath fanning over your face as he began to move again, harder this time. 

He rolled his hips into yours, grinding perfectly against every inch of you that ached for him. 

You moaned louder, feeling the knot in your stomach grow. 

“M-Michael, I-I’m gonna- ” you managed to get out between your heavy moans. 

“Shhh baby, me too” he grunted, slowing his thrusts, but going deeper, harder than before. 

He brought an arm to wrap around you, making you arch your back off the bed and closer into his chest, his hips now close enough to brush against your clit, finally sending you over the edge as a string of squeals and profanities left your mouth. 

Your arms were now wrapped around Michael’s neck, him supporting you with one arm, the other supporting himself. Your sweaty bodies sticking together as he thrusted a few more times, releasing into you with an almost animalistic groan. 

After a few seconds of nothing but heavy breathing, he sat back on his knees, pulling you to sit on his lap. 

“Fuck” he chuckled as he kissed your lips a few times, before laying you down and pulling out. You just chuckled back as he flopped down next to you. 

“Come here” he smiled, pulling you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your forehead.  

“Michael, aren’t we gonna in trouble? Like, what if someone sees us in here?” you asked, looking up at him.

“Oh honey,” he chuckled, “this is my house.”

Part 2

What if I say I will never surrender (part 1)

(Negan x Reader)

„Let go of me!“ You struggled to get yourself free while the guy dragged you along with him. You had been alone out here since the apocalypse started, never been caught by anyone before. Today you hadn’t felt very well and probably shouldn’t have left your hideout in that condition but you did and promptly ran into someone.

„Dwight that’s no way to treat a lady.“ The voice was low, dark and send goosebumps up your arms for some reason.

„Trust me she’s no lady.“

„Excuse me asshole?“

„You bit me.“

„I told you not to touch me.“

„Alright, alright fucking cut it out you two. Dwight go look if the others are back yet, you come here.“ The other man interrupted. He walked over towards you when you didn’t move and held out his hand, „Hi I’m Negan and you are?“

„Not pleased with this situation.“

„I can clearly see that.“ A chuckle escaped him and you took a better look at him now that he was standing closer. He was quite attractive, though there was something intimidating about him as well.

„Y/N.“ You finally introduced yourself and he nodded.

„You’re all alone?“


„Are you sure? A pretty girl like you normally doesn’t make it very far out here.“

„This was actually the first time someone caught me. I think I’ll be fine.“

Dwight came back with a bunch of other guys behind him, carrying some stuff and loading up the trucks.

„You made her one of your wives yet?“ He yelled over jokingly and got in the car.

„Wives?“ You ask Negan with a raised eyebrow. What kind of guy has multiple wives, you thought to yourself and shook your head.

„Yeah, interested?“ He says with a smirk.

„You’re kidding right? No freaking way.“

„You’ll only have advantages.“

„Still going to decline your most gracious offer.“

„There’s actually a lot of other jobs you could do.“

„Like what?“ You ask suspiciously.

„Don’t look at me like that.“ His smirk is appearing again but he continues in a more serious tone, „Whatever you want, not the kind of job you’re thinking about.“


„You can come, look around, leave if you don’t like it.“

„Really you’d just let me leave?“


The Sanctuary wasn’t what you had expected. You had thought it would be smaller, not so many people and just different. Not that it was bad.

Someone showed you a room you could stay in and quickly explained some rules before leaving. You weren’t really one for rules, never had been. For once you would at least try to follow them.

It had gotten late so you went to bed, intending to get to know the place first thing in the morning.

“I heard you’re in charge of the runs.”

“So you’re back.” Dwight says with a little half smile while he keeps packing weapons into his truck.

“Look I’m sorry I bit you and all but you just came out of nowhere and dragged me with you.”

“Don’t worry ’m not mad. You wanna come we were heading out on a run right now.”

“Okay sure.”

You hop into the truck next to Dwight and wait for everyone to show up so you can head out. Despite your unlucky first meeting Dwight seemed like an okay guy now that you got to know him better. Your drive was quite fun and you two got along pretty well. You couldn’t really remember the last time you had talked like that with anyone.

“Okay so how do we do this?” You ask, walking into the store.

“We grab what we need and head back. Here I got a list, take a look.”

“So I can’t take anything for myself just the stuff on here?”

“Since you’re out here risking your ass you can grab 2 things per run for yourself.”

“Does that count as 1?” You hold a black bra with matching panties and hold them out to Dwight with a grin, “'Cause I could really use a shirt as well.”

“Take the damn shirt.” He answers a bit flustered and you start to laugh.

You got everything you needed without any incidents and went back to the compound before it got dark.

“Brought that back for me?” Negan asks you when you arrive and points to the underwear in your hand with a grin.

“I didn’t know you were into kinky shit like that. I don’t think it’s your size but I make sure to bring you something back that fits next time.”

He certainly hadn’t expected that kind of answer by the looks of it. He didn’t seem mad though only a bit surprised. You walked past him and headed towards your room.

“I’m into a lot of things, stop by anytime if you’re interested.” Negan yells after you before you vanish through the door.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a story based on The Weeknd - In The Night? The lyrics are great and kind of heartbreaking, I think you'll create something amazing.

This was actually harder to write than I thought it would be, but it was very fun. This prompt actually reminded me of middle school when people used to write song-fics. I don’t think that’s really a thing anymore, but that’s basically what I did for this fic. Everything in italics are lyrics from the song “In The Night” by The Weeknd Enjoy~


All alone she was living
In a world without an end or beginning

Rey was lying on the bed of her empty apartment, simply staring at the ceiling fan as it span round and round and round. Just like life, she thought to herself bitterly. Then she laughed, the sound echoing throughout her room. What are you, a philosopher?

 She sat up and checked the time. It was 9:30 PM. She should probably get up and get ready to go out.

Baby girl was living life for the feeling

As she applied dark mascara, she couldn’t help but question why she even bothered going out every Saturday in the first place. It’s not like she was meeting anyone. Or like she planned on meeting anyone.

 She quickly swiped on some lipstick, put on a dress that was appropriately revealing for the type of club she was going to, and then was on her way.

In the night she hears their calling
In the night she’s dancing to relieve the pain

Rey really enjoyed this particular club. Every Saturday, they hired live music, and they usually picked unknown, but super talented groups to perform. That night, some band called First Order was playing.

 As Rey danced to song after song, she had to admit, she was really loving the band. The vocalist, a blonde woman, had a really powerful voice, and the band themselves played music that was easy to dance to. They helped her escape into her dancing, helped her forget the loneliness and isolation she felt in her day to day life.  

He sang a song when he did it

She wasn’t sure when it happened, but at some point, she made eye contact with the dark haired guitarist. Their eyes locked, just for a moment, and then they both went back to dancing and playing the guitar respectively, but the moment lingered with her. She felt something odd stir in her chest, a feeling she had not experienced in years.

 After the song finished, the black haired guitarist tapped the blonde woman’s shoulder. He whispered something into her ear and she nodded. He handed her the guitar and they switched places. The drummer counted them in and they started playing a much slower song.

 His voice was very different from his bandmate’s. It had a warmer, more haunting quality to it. He was incredibly talented, and the lyrics he sang seemed to wrap around her like a cocoon.

 Rey felt her breath catch in her throat when she realized that he was looking directly at her. She had a feeling that he was singing for her.

Now she dances to the song on the minute

The only thing Rey could think to do was dance, so she did. As he sang for her, she danced for him, eyes locked the entire time. It was a strange, bizarre, and oddly intimate moment. In some ways, it felt like having sex. Rey pushed that thought away. That’s just weird.

 When the song ended, the man and the blonde switched back and played a couple more songs. Rey went to the bar and listened as they finished up their set from a stool, sipping on a rum and coke contemplatively. “Thank you! You’ve been a great audience,” The blonde said when they finished, “I hope you enjoyed our performance!”

She’ll never walk away

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Rey turned and was not surprised to find herself looking at the dark haired guitarist. “Do all men use that one line or can you just not think of anything more original?”  Her voice was light and teasing.

 The corners of his lips twitched upward. “I suppose it’s just the most straightforward way of showing a pretty girl you’re interested.”

 Rey uncharacteristically blushed at being called pretty and then chided herself for reacting like a schoolgirl. “Well, in that case, I would love a drink.”

 He smiled and called the bartender over. They ordered and clinked their glasses lightly together when they received their drinks. “So what’s your name, by the way?”

 “Rey. You?”

 “Ben, but my stage name is Kylo Ren.”

 “Kylo Ren?” She snorted, “How’d you come up with that?”

 “In high school, I was in a band called The Knights of Ren, and we all decided to give ourselves stage names that ended with Ren.” He gave a small shrug, “I ended up sticking with it.”

 Rey laughed. She found the story oddly endearing.

 “What do you do, Rey?” He said as he sipped from his sangria (she had considered teasing him for drinking such a girly drink, but then decided that she had no desire to perpetuate gender stereotypes).

 “I’m a college student,” Rey said, “I’m studying chemistry.”

 He raised an eyebrow curiously, “Plan on becoming a scientist?”

 “Something like that.”

 He took another sip of his drink, “I actually studied biology in college.”

 Rey was genuinely surprised at that. “Why not music?”

 “I really liked biology,” Ben responded, swirling the contents of his glass, “it’s a super fascinating field. I also figured that if I was in college, I should probably study something quote-un-quote ‘useful.’”

 “Hm,” Rey said in response. Ben was turning out to be quite a puzzle and something about that mystery was undeniably attractive. As she gazed at the musician, she found herself wanting to learn more about him, and from the way he seemed to consider her with his dark eyes, he felt similarly about her.

She was young and she was forced to be a woman
Yeah, all the time, all the time


When Rey found herself making out on her bed with Ben, she had to admit, she was fairly surprised, especially since she wasn’t even drunk. At all. After that one drink, neither of them had drunk anything else. Nonetheless, as one of his hands began to play with the zipper of the back of her dress, she found herself pulling away.

 “Um… I don’t really want to…”

 “Hey,” he said propping himself on his elbow so he could look at her, “I’m not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, okay?”

 Rey nodded, relieved that Ben wasn’t an asshole.

 He settled down beside her on the bed and pulled her into his arms. Her head rested in the crook of his neck. He trailed a hand down her side in a soothing manner. He hummed a soft lullaby. She could feel the vibrations of his voice rumbling beside her.

 “What song is that?”

 “Something my mom used to sing when I was a kid.”  

 They fell into a comfortable silence. Eventually, Ben broke it by saying, “Rey?”


 “Why are you unhappy?”

 “You’ve known me for a grand total of four, maybe five, hours, what gives you the idea that I’m unhappy?”

 “I’m not sure,” Ben said softly, “there’s just a sadness in your eyes. It was the first thing I noticed about you.”

 Rey wasn’t sure what to say to that. As she considered his statement, she felt his fingers trace the length of her spine. “My family died when I was young. That kind of pain doesn’t ever leave you. I ended up isolating myself for most of my teen years, and now that I’m in college…” She sighed, “I don’t know. It’s just hard to open up to people after staying closed off for so long.”

 “I can’t say I understand what you’re going through because I’ve never experienced that kind of grief, but,” he sat up a bit and lifted her chin so that they met eye to eye, “I do know what it’s like to shut everyone else out, and not only will it ultimately make you miserable, you’ll miss out on so many different things.” Rey noticed that there was sorrow in his own eyes. She couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

 Straddling him, Rey leaned down and gently kissed Ben’s lips. She felt his hands gently grab her waist.. One of her hands found themselves tangled in his dark locks. The kiss was slow and tender like a waltz. When it ended, Rey snuggled into his side, feeling extremely content.


She’ll never walk away.