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OMGGGG I wrote something! Yay! This idea has been rolling around in my head for FOREVER, so I’m happy I finally had the time and skill to write it :-) Happy Friday and weekend to all of you, here is some Everlark fluff for your enjoyment! xoxo, CC


“Excuse me, is someone sitting here?”

Katniss pulls the earbud out of her ear and looks at the seat across from her, then up at the man standing in the aisle. “Uh, I guess not…”

“Great, thanks,” he says with a smile. Katniss tries her best to ignore him as he maneuvers into the seat, and simply returns her gaze out the train window.

She really enjoys train rides. Ever since she was little, she always lov-

“What are you listening to?”

Katniss scowls and looks at the blond man, who is gesturing to her phone. She sighs as she pulls out the earbud once again to answer him. “It’s the new District 12 album.”

“Ah,” he mumbles. “I’m not really a fan.”

She purses her lips and grips the phone in her hand defensively. “Pity.”

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The Zeppo (BTVS 3.13)

This is part of my ongoing Buffy Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the show. You can find the full list here. Gifs are not mine.

The Zeppo is a pretty good summation of why I enjoy Xander as a character. I think it was one of the more brilliant episodes (switching point of views made you look at the show entirely differently) and I really enjoyed it.

It starts with a battle scene that leaves Xander injured and the rest of the gang worried about his safety. They decide to leave him out of the coming apocalypse, which revolves around the hell mouth being opened. The episode has bits and pieces of what’s going on with Buffy but is mostly from Xander’s point of view. One of the things I found interesting is how dramatic it made Buffy’s storyline seem. She was clearly worried the end of the world was coming but our/Xander’s POV was like…well. Must be Tuesday. 

Outside the school Xander spies Cordelia and tries to join a couple guys tossing a ball to look cool. They ignore him–he’s not usually included in these things. When they finally cave he misses and the ball lands in Jack O’Toole’s lap.

Jack: What are you, retarded?

Xander: No! I mean I had to do that test when I was seven, a little slow in some stuff, mostly math and spatial relations, but certainly not “challenged” or anything, can I buy you another soda?

Jack: I ought to cut your face open.

Xander: Hey! It was an accident, okay? Cool down.

Jack: You wanna be starting something?

Xander: What? Starting - like that Michael Jackson song, that was a lot of fun…"too high to get over - yeah yeah.” Remember… that fun song…

Xander’s face at the end of this exchange is so heartbreaking. He’s treated like such a loser all the time and yet he remains upbeat and tries to form relationships with people anyway. It’s only the quick expression on his face that lets you see how he really feels inside. Seriously I just can’t hate Xander’s character after that facial expression. A+ acting.  I also admire his willingness to put himself out there despite continually being rejected–it’s pretty brave. Willow doesn’t do that.

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based on Anon Prompt: “Can you do one where the reader is going through a hard time and when Owen is cleaning up at night near the paddock, he notices the reader crying and they dance to Yellow by Coldplay together?”

It’s foolish to cry about it, you know that. You’ve been on the island for 4 months now and you only agreed to try to make the long distance relationship work because he wanted to. You knew it never would, but somehow you’re still hurt after it actually failed.

You sit inside the safety cage, leaning against the bars and watching the girls in a pile, getting ready for bed. You wish you could be doing the same, but you don’t feel like going back to the trailer and having to face your roommate. Instead, you decide to play sad songs on your phone and cry it out. You aren’t really going to miss him, the spark has been gone for a while, but you’re going to miss being in a relationship. You don’t even remember how to be single. Maybe you’ll talk to Owen tomorrow; he’s always flirting with every girl, including yourself, so maybe you can pick up a few things from him.

As if he could read your thoughts, Owen’s voice speaks up over your shoulder. “You know, listening to sad songs is probably counterproductive if you want to stop crying.” He leans against the opposite wall with his arms crossed and a suggestive smile on his face. “You wanna talk about it?”

You shake your head and laugh, realizing how much of a mess you probably look like right now. “Nah, I don’t want to bore you to death.” You grab onto a bar and pull yourself into a standing position, leaving your phone on the floor playing music.

“Aw c’mon. I’m not just your boss, we’re friends.” He wags his eyebrows at you, suggesting that you are more than just coworkers and you let out another laugh, already feeling better.

“Justin and I finally broke up.” You give a soft smile but his face turns into a frown.

“Finally?” He asks, still looking sad.

“Yeah. Long distance relationships never work anyway. Besides, things began to change a while ago. It’s only now become official.” You shrug your shoulder realizing that talking about it really is helping. Listening to sad music and crying by yourself isn’t your kind of coping.

“Is that why you were crying? You don’t exactly sound like you’re gonna miss him.” He sees through you easily and seems to know the right questions to ask.

“No, I was more crying because I felt like that was the reaction I should have. If anything, I’m going to miss being part of a couple. I’m not so good at the whole flirting and being single thing, unlike you.” You give him a smirk and he laughs.

“Yeah, but the womanizer thing gets old really quick. I wouldn’t mind settling down myself.” He looks away and makes a face, contemplating. “At least I don’t think I would mind.” His smile makes you smile and you’re glad he happened to be working late.

Just as you open your mouth to say something, the song on your phone changes and you hear your and Justin’s song come on and you let out a nervous laugh.

“Oh gosh, this was our song. What are the odds?” You ask, putting your face in your hands and trying to hide the slight anxiety in your voice. It reminds you of when you first started going out, back when things were actually going well.

Owen bends down in front of you and picks up your phone. Clicking the home button and hitting the skip button without hesitation. “Well then, listening to it probably won’t help, will it?” You’re grateful for Owen. He’s a flirt and can be a stubborn ass sometimes, but he can also have his sweet moments.

The song Yellow by Coldplay is the next one on the list and Owen sticks your phone in his back pocket before closing the distance between the two of you. You watch curiously as he gets closer and finally slips his hand onto your waist. You freeze and feel your body stiffen up.

“Owen, I can’t, I mean I just-”

“Calm down,” he says laughing, bringing his other hand to the other side of your waist. “This is a perfect slow-dance song.” You breathe out a sigh of relief and smile once again before closing your eyes and giving him a nod. You lean into him, arms going around his neck as you begin to sway back and forth, feet shuffling only slightly.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow

As the song goes on, you stay close to him, feeling nice to finally be in someone’s arms again. You look up to find him smiling down at you and you blush slightly.

So then I took my turn
Oh what a thing to have done
And it was all yellow

You take a breath and step away from him. You’ve always liked Owen, but the last thing you need to do right now is fall for someone like him while you’re this vulnerable. You’re not exactly his type, anyway.

“I should probably go,” you say, pulling your arms to yourself, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Um, thanks for the dance and for listening.” You avoid his eyes, not wanting to know what he’s thinking right now. Because if he’s still looking down at you the way he was a minute ago, you might end up doing something you regret.

“Yeah, anytime.” He says quietly, and takes his place again, leaning against the wall. “Have a good night.” You finally meet his eyes but the moment has passed and you watch him nod at you, his smile not reaching his eyes. You tell yourself he was just being a good friend and trying to help you get over Justin, but something about the way he was looking at you makes you think it was something more. However, entertaining those thoughts would not be helpful right now as you really just want to crawl into bed and fall asleep. You begin to walk away but he calls your name softly.

“Yeah?” You say, turning around to see a small smile on his face as he reaches his arm out towards you and you can’t help but feel like an idiot. You were so wrapped up in thinking about your feelings you forgot that he had your phone. “Oh, duh. Thanks.” You grin up at him, wanting to see a real smile once more before you go to sleep. You consider it for a split second before pressing up on to your tippy toes to press a kiss to his cheek. “For everything.”

The surprised smile on his face makes it worth it. As you turn away, you feel his eyes on your retreating back. The night ended a lot better than you thought it would, although you feel like you might feel different about the whole situation in the morning with a clear head. As you walk away, you hear the song go on and you swear you can hear him softly whispering the lyrics.

Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
And you know
For you I’d bleed myself dry

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anonymous asked:

Heyo, quick question: You say you hate Solas, which is your own opinion and that's fine, but then why did you write a song about his romance with Lavellan? Do you not really like him, but like the drama and emotion of his romance, or is there something I'm missing...? Apologies if this comes off crude, I'm just a curious little bee who likes being nosy.

yeah that’s basically exactly it.

this may be surprising but I actually LOVE solas as a character! I’m so glad he’s in inquisition it’s like, holy shit an actual GOD’s on your team?? and all his backstory, lore, etc. is awesome. And his romance is very dramatic and well written and makes for good storytelling A+. 

when I say I hate solas I just don’t like him as a person, like, if he was real I’d be incredibly pissed off by him. I find him just completely arrogant and annoying. He thinks of anyone who’s not like him as not even a person which, although interesting for a character, is the biggest red flag ever irl. And it pisses me off that everyone thinks he’s this good dude when he literally is the biggest liar and threat to thedas of all time, he’s worse than a one man blight and um yeah he doesn’t see other people as people? AND what makes him see YOU as people is just agreeing with everything he thinks and asking him all about him. He’s so up his own ass that I wanna smack him. 

he is a smooth bastard though I’ll give him that…

That song that describes you

Stiles: A daydream away - All time Low

The two of you loved the band and the song described your relationship amazingly before it actually became a romantic one. so Stiles made sure to keep this song in mind when he asked you out.

It was a simple Tuesday afternoon, you were in the kitchen joking with Stiles instead of cleaning the dishes

“We’re still going to the movies this weekend right?” Stiles asked
“Yeah” You answered “I heard Walt asked Stella out, again. because Zoe dumbed him And they’re going to the movies too”
Stiles chuckled “I promise we’ll get seats right behind them”
“Great thinking, Stilinski;” you laughed “that’s why I love you”

His smile fell and you noticed the discomfort immediately “Did I say something wrong?” you asked putting your hand on his shoulder

“Its just” he stopped talking and held your hand that was on his shoulder “I imagined that if you ever said these words- it’ll be in a different situation”

His eyes were moving between your eyes and your lips, he looked nervous and it made you smile “You mean as in, romantically?” you bit your lip to stop your foolish smile

“Maybe” he said leaning in to kiss you

Scott: Lego House - Ed Sheeran

The two of you were broken, and together you helped yourself heal and build your better selves. That was what made the song close to your hearts.

It was a cold December as the two of you were cuddled up on his couch, the world became a dark place with everything going on in the supernatural world, it all felt wrong

“Scott” you mumbled while slowly taking his hand “I’m scared”
His hand squeezed yours tighter “me too, babe” he replied “but I promise to protect you”
“I know” you said and kissed his hand that was intertwined with yours “that’s why I love you”

He was quiet after that, so you decided to talk again “It’s also why I know we can do this. Together” he smiled at your words
“I love you, too”

Theo (who I hate but hey, he’s part of the show I guess): Ghost - Halsey 

This song described you almost perfectly, the two of you were looking for intimacy yet you didn’t want things to be steady 

He gave off a bad guy vibe and you liked that about him, although sometimes you wonder why he looks so sad, it was a mystery that added to his beauty.

When you first met it was a college party and it happened that you and Theo were the only high-school students that crashed in.

He was talking to another girl when he noticed you from the other side staring at him, obviously noticing him too.

“Aren’t you too young for these kind of parties, Y/L/N” He smirked walking towards you

“I could say the same, Raeken” You said leaning against the wall behind you

“Goody-two-shoes has a wild side” Theo said “How could’ve thought”

“You don’t even know” You smirked pulling him by his shirt towards you and kissing him

That was the day it all started. Then, Whenever you passed him in school you had quick glances and smirks

Everything was great between the two of you.

Liam: Pretty Little Girl - Blink 182

You couldn’t really explain it, but somehow the song reminded you of your relationship with Liam. It started with him asking you out when you were alone on the bleachers

It was a dark night, his arm was around your back as you leaned into him “Y/N can I ask you something? he asked while looking into your eyes
“Yeah” You said moving yourself to level his gaze
“We’ve been messing friends for a while now, but I feel like we should be more” he said, obviously unsure of his words “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”
You smiled and leaned in and kissed him.

When you broke away he smirked “What a crazy world that a pretty girl would like me”
You mirrored his smirk “Break my heart and I’ll change your mind”
“I wouldn’t dare”

From that day on, you were official and although the road was bumpy and messy, you managed to keep the relationship going.

Brett: Like real people do - Hozier

You have always wondered why Brett kept secrets away from you even though the two of you knew each other for so long and have been dating for two years

So when he told you about him being a werewolf, this song came to your mind immediately and you thought it was ironically beautiful for the situation.

“Why are you in the woods with Liam and Mason?” You asked your boyfriend as he called you to pick him up when his car was ruined
“I promise to explain everything” he paused “later”

That night after you drove Liam and Mason home, you parked your car to speak to Brett

“What’s going on, Brett” you asked with worry filling your heart
“Y/N, I didn’t want to tell you this way” he said “but I don’t want you to think of me as a monster, because I’m still me”
Your eyes widen at the realization that what your friends told you was true “you’re a werewolf aren’t you”

He hesitated to answer but then nodded lowering his eyes to look at his shoes. You turned his face gently with your hand and smiled “You’re the same Brett to me” you said “you’re my Brett”

He kissed you gently, the kiss was short and small but it meant so much to your relationship.