something or turbo


No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me

decemberspeech  asked:

fluff or angst with V???? my mint chocolate chip ice cream cone bab needs love

instant nut because holy shit i love v i love v so much hes the light of my life

fluff bc i cant do angst its not in my nature


-he loves cuddling im crying already

-i have this one game on both PC and my phone where its literally you taking care of a pot of succulents and they grow in real time and you can sing to them too and its really cute

  • soft piano and classical music are played in the background
  • anyway my point is v would have that game and get super excited when one of his plants grows a lot and would totally show u
  • you can also name your plants and he would name the middle one after you and the rest after his friends
  • and theres a little snail too he would name it something cute like turbo or casper

-if you watch anime he would lowkey get into the series and see u get so excited when he names or recognizes a character and he melts bc youre so cute

  • “that’s…. todoroki right?”
  • “y-yeah! how’d you know?”
  • and he mumbles the truth and!!! you melt

-im gA y

-cuddling while watching either your or his favorite movie/series

  • he gets so excited when his favorite part is about to come up on the screen and makes sure youre watching
  • if its your fav movie then he watches u point and squeal and hes so in love with you


-*chants* couple cosplay couple cosplay couple cos

  • please,,, give this man happiness please
  • would cosplay from the anime u watch together


  • would buy u cute tshirts from wherever u want
  • bc he loves u and loves seeing you happy
  • u deserve it

in the spirit of april fools day, here are some enterprise pranks: 

  • put one (1) tribble in every room where jim is sure to find it. every time jim finds one, increase the amount of Hidden Tribbles. watch him slowly lose his fucking mind 
  • get everyone to make up words and phrases around spock. not complete gibberish, realistic enough that it could be a real word. prank ends when he breaks something 
  • program the turbo-lift to function as a sanitation chamber. when the crewman reaches their destination they will be slightly damp and frazzled, but very clean 
  • plastic spiders that everyone pretends arent there
  • scotty and chekov pretend that they are scottish/russian instead of russian/scottish (respectively) and insist that they always have been. enlist several people to back up their claims, see how long they can keep it going
  • give bones subliminal messages for several days implying he’s in a simulation. when he brings it up to someone, stage a matrix-esque showdown
  • replace every tool in medbay with those screaming rubber ducks
  • sulu follows uhura around the enterprise with a confetti gun, and shoots it at her when she enters a room at sporadic and random occasions. she’s on edge for days
  • see who can make spock say “illogical” as many times as possible in one conversation. to everyone’s surprise, scotty holds the record. it eats bones alive

feel free to add more


“They really did look as if they were headed for a funeral rather than a wedding rehearsal.”

Love Me Dead - StarryIllusions

As much as this can make you ship Dipcifica, this is a BillDip fanfic.





I am almost certain this is viral marketing. But if it is, then hot damn they did their homework. I could totally see this show running right beside TMNT and Biker Mice From Mars, and I would have adored it as a kid.

Now the question is: What is it teasing us for? Is it the show itself? Or something related to it?