something not x men related!

yesihateendings  asked:

OH MY MY YOU LOVE CHERIK?? this is the best news ever abslxkksla first of all, can you imagine skam characters in x men setting just UGH yes. obv needs a lot of head canoning about their powers but this is just gold... i will be the happiest person ever if you considered doing something x men related. or, i am just ready to head canon! (also, i will wait for the day where you will write cherik.) ALL ABOUT THIS SCREAMS POTENTIAL WITH YOUR WRITING UGH

Ohmygod!!! Yessssss. We literally freaked out over this on twitter after we watched Logan (wow that movie killed me)!!!
Idk if I could pull it off tbh hahaha. But I love the idea SO SO much. The xmen universe means so much to me. It’s all about acceptance and tolerance and gajdkdjhsjs.
Yes, i die thinking about what their powers could be i’m 👀
Jsjsjsjs ily


A trailer for a new Marvel TV Show has been promised to debut on Saturday! This is on top of the new ‘Luke Cage’ trailer that is expected to be released today!

We’re not sure what this new trailer will be for but it will be part of the ‘Cup o’ Joe’ panel on Saturday at SDCC! It’s possible it could be the first trailer for the Fox/Marvel X-men related show ‘Legion’ or it could be a surprise MCU show!