something not phoenix wright

self indulgent thing but

au where prosecutor edgeworth doesn’t choose death, phoenix sees edgeworth while his memory isn’t totally back and he kinda. squints at edgeworth before suddenly his eyes light up with recognition and he yells

“oh right! you’re my boyfriend!” then proceeds to kiss miles and say he missed him complete with affectionate pet name. edgeworth is screaming inside but strangely feels no rush to correct him

anonymous asked:

Oh wow! That Bridge to the Turnabout comic was amazing and beautifully done!! Could you perhaps do an alternate ending that involves Edgeworth giving Phoenix CPR? (I don't know why but that always seems to be my favorite cliche in shipping))

Your desires are my command.

CPR is like the opposite of romantic. Everyone is panicking, you have to pump the chest so hard that you can broke 2 or 3 ribs and for the “kiss” part, you put your mouth around the lips of the other, not on. But I have to admit, I love this cliche too UwU”. 

This post is like the perfect opportunity to do a little reminder on how to do a proper CPR: only on an inconscious AND NOT BREATHING person. For the technique, on a naked chest if possible, put the head back to free the throat and the air flow, then you began to pump the chest with your arms straight and in rapid successions. 

Ps: Thank you so much for the compliment O__Q I really didn’t think about the construction of the pages a lot but I’m glad it turned out ok! I hope this alternative ending will please you as well!