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So apparently Christian Borle loves legos, and now I’m just picturing him sitting on the floor with a huge pile of legos surrounding him, just building little Ferraris and millennium falcons and stuff.

some angsty af dialogue prompts

bc who doesn’t love a little angst amirite

1. “Please, just let me help you.”

2. “I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you!”

3. “I had to do it. Before I destroyed something else.”

4. “Don’t you get it? Nobody cares about me!”

5. “You didn’t lose anything!”

“Apparently, I lost you.”

6. “Can’t you see that this is destroying me?”

7. “You make me sick.”

8. “You-you said… I thought you loved me…”

9. “Stay with me okay? Stay awake!”

10. “Please- don’t leave me.”

11. “Why did it happen to me?” He screamed in to the empty room.

12. “You think I want this?! You think I like being the way I am?”

13. “Everyone forgets about me. I’m used to it.”

14. “No actually you don’t understand, and you never will.”

15. “I did what I always do! I royally screwed everything up, and this is my fault.”

16. “I deserved it.

17. “You let me believe that I- I just wasn’t good enough. That you never even loved me.”

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navy getting the ship back could be REALLY bad for them. like when they go back to homeworld? they might tell the diamonds, right?? I kind of hate how no one at the end even acknowledged that being a possibility. they didn't even THINK about it. Like at least garnet should have reacted more??


the crewniverse doesnt even write garnet like a charachter anymore. when was the last time weve had a garnet episode? where shes talked about something other then fusion? nobody ever seems to care about garnet. its all pearl pearl pearl

garnet is sadly only there to unfuse when its plot convenient, talk about fusion, OR say 1 or 2 lines that are either “hmmm” or “steven, do the thing”

If you have liberal views fine, if you have republican views fine, I don’t care, I don’t need to know I don’t want to know, doesn’t matter who cares right, we can go about our business no problem, but when everything you say or every response you have to someone else is politically charged and it has no reason to be then that’s when I have a problem with you. Like chill man, just chill, I said it’s a nice day out today, that doesn’t mean throw your political allegiance in my face and complain about how the government is “fucking you over”. It was a comment on the weather man, it’s just the weather

girl watch out for the signs

Aries: Watch out girl! He has a roaming eye and he’ll do it in front of you AND he wants you to be OKAY with it. He also wants you to be his mommy! You don’t need no kids or another one! You’ll be washing his clothes, paying his bills, cooking his food! Gurrrrl! Get out while you can!

Taurus:  Watch out girl he’s bossy, and will treat you like a child. He will never let you win an argument cause he is “never” wrong. He’s got a temper too girl, he’ll be the one that blows up at random moments! Also gurrlahh, you gotta drag his lazy butt out the bed or off you couch just to do stuff.

Gemini: Girl watch out, it’s hard to keep his attention. He is soo critical and when he’s critical he’s insensitive about it too. Girl, he is stubborn, he always wants to do things the hard way to prove something to somebody. like dude nobody cares! He talk too much about everything and wants to have debates on everything! He is too hard to figure out girl.

Cancer: Watch out girllll he is clingy, and he has these temper tantrums like he’s 3 years old! he is so controlling, and he nags you. He is also a party pooper, he never fails to rain on your parade when you’ve got great news to tell him. You could tell him you won the lottery and he would be the main one say “Oh, you know they take taxes out right?” like –.–

Leo: Gurrlah watch out! He is arrogant and entitled. And he is needy and he wants your attention 24/7! Please tell him that the world does not revolve around him, you spend hours feeding his ego, girl ain’t you tired of telling him how great that shirt looks on him?

Virgo: Girl if you don’t watch out he is rigid, and has a neurotic OCD habbit. He always lectures you and he needs to control everything, and he is sooo preachy. He notices everything, nothing gets past him and he shuts you out a lot. He is withdrawn and cold. You need a hug girl? I got you!

Libra: Girl watchhh outtt he is indecisive, he is soooo wishy washy, he always has to charm the pants off of everybody, he’s too nice and it ain’t right. He’s never assertive and always lets things get to him instead of saying something about it. It was cute when he was charming you but everybody else?? noo.

Scorpio: Girrlah i’m telling you to watch out he has too many female friends, but then gets jealous when your male friends come around. The Nerve! and he always has an eye on you always i bet he sleeps with one eye on you, he is soo passive aggressive, and why is he soo intense??? 

Sagittarius: Girl didn’t i tell you to watch out he is selfish, he is always searching for the next adventure. He is so opinionated and says the wrong things at the wrong time and doesn’t even care! 

Capricorn: Girl I told you to watch out he is a workaholic, and he didn’t even make a move yet! You still waiting for him, he is sooo skepitic and pessimistic it is annoying, like cheer up, smile, don’t worry be happy man! When was the last time you spoke to him? Exactly, 2 weeks ago girl it’s time to go!

Aquarius: Girl i said watch out he is so flaky and inconsistent. He tries to make your nices heartfelt gestures into a joke. He will never learn from his mistakes, he is full of it girl!

Pisces: Girl you need to watch out he has an addictive behavior. He has  dreamy attitude which is cute and everything but does he ever live in reality? He is so sensitive an manipulative! girlah its time yo move on!

***This is just a joke lol just telling all you out to watch out for the signs***

Tumblr did not deserve Steven Universe

nor Overwatch

nor Undertale

nor Voltron.

The list goes on.

How many attempted suicides is it going to take for you to fucking get a reality check? None! Why? Because all of you are fucking stupid! You’re all toxic! You’re all a bunch of whiny petty conceited cunt rags who are so high strung about their pwecious feewings to even do something as low and malicious as to send death threats. Nobody cares about how mildly offended you feel over someone’s fanart or someone’s favorite otp or someone’s cosplay, you ignore it like a normal human being, you don’t hunt this person down and make their life miserable like some rabid ass child! You’re not promoting activism! You’re promoting cyber bullying and no way in fucking hell do you have any right to justify any of your bullshit. It wasn’t warranted. None of these people deserve to die, NOBODY DOES!

You are all cancer! You need Jesus! Fuck all of you! 🖕🏻

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Hurt my soul with prompts 7 and 8 with Jason please

7. “Because nobody cares about me!”

8. “Because I care about you!”


You have had enough of Jason’s self-sacrificing attitude, it is really getting on your lat nerve, and has only been getting worse.

“Back off, Y/N, I don’t feel like being lectured today, I’m tired and want to go to bed” Jaosn growled, throwing his helmet on the counter, and ripping off his gloves.

“You think that you can just try and throw away your life like that, and then tell me NOT to say anything!!”

“I just said that I was tired …”

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re tired! You almost died, because you are too damn stubborn to ask for help! If Bruce hadn’t arrived when he did …”

“Then I would have been dead, and this world would have been a better place!!”

You lash out, slapping your boyfriend across the face, “How dare you say something like that to me! I love you and you’re here saying that the world would be better if you died!! Why the fuck would you think something like that?!?”

“Because nobody cares about me!! Nobody would miss me if I died!!”

You stare at Jason incredulously, “Did you miss the part of our earlier conversation where I said that I love you?”

“I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this. You could do so much better than me, Y/N”

You spin around, throwing your hands up in the air, “Why am I making such a big deal out of this, he says! You could do better, he says! Maybe I don’t want anyone else, Jay! You want to know why this is such a big deal? Why it’s always a big deal? It’s because I care about you!! I love you, damnit!! It would kill me if you died, do you fucking understand that?!?!”

Jason looks as you, his eyes wide, “I-I didn’t …”

“You didn’t what?!” you shout, tears streaking down your face, “You didn’t think?! You didn’t consider what would happen to me if you died?! You didn’t put any value on your life?!” You take a deep breath and straighten your spine, “I think you should reflect a little bit on our relationship, because I can’t handle it if you are going to keep going out on these fucking suicide missions.”

“Y/N, wait, please, just-just let me …”

You hold up a hand, “I’m going to bed, Jay. You can either go back out there or you can come join me in bed. At this point you can do whatever you want”

Twenty minutes later you feel the bed dip behind you. “Baby, are you awake?”

You roll over so that you’re facing Jason, “Yeah, I’m awake. I wanted to see if you would join me”

“I’m sorry, for what I said earlier, about no one caring about me. I know you love me, and I love you. I promise I’ll … be more careful when I go out from now on.”

“Jason …”

“No I promise for real this time. I don’t want you to be upset with me, I don’t like it when you’re upset, especially when I’m the one that causes it”

You nod, curling into Jason’s arms, “Okay”

“That’s it? Just okay?”

“I believe you, you never lie to me, so if you promise to watch your back out there, I believe you”

He presses a kiss to your forehead, “Thank you, for believing in me”

“I’ll always believe in you, Jay”

New best thing: Sodapop and Steve new dad aesthetic.

-Steve thinks the kid is going to be a boy so he decorates the entire nursery in trucks and buys enough toy cars to last for years. But the kid is a girl.

-“But she can still be a mechanic, fuck gender roles.”

-Steve is more of a nervous protective dad, Soda is a chill parent. Steve never lets the baby further than 5 feet away from him and Soda constantly has to remind Steve to chill out.

-Ok but imagine the baby crying in the middle of the night and Steve holding the baby and humming to it and gently rocking the navy while Sodapop watches on and grins.

-Sodapop in the grocery store with the baby in a papoose.

-Nobody in the gang thought Steve could care about something so much, of course he was naturally nurturing to people like Johnny and Soda but Steve has never cared about something so much in his life.

-Steve works on a car while Soda plays with the baby in the yard.

-The baby’s first word is “car!” after many weeks of coaching from Steve.

-For the first month or so, Steve will not let Ponyboy or Dally hold the baby and he’s even reluctant about letting Darry close to her.

-They didn’t expect to have a girl so they just kinda blurted out “Iphigenia” when the doctors asked what they wanted to name her.

-Seriously though, Steve is such a nervous daddy. He’s the kinda person who wakes up in the middle of the night just to check to see if she’s still breathing.

-Soda is very good at calming her down, Soda is probably her favorite parent but Steve doesn’t mind.

Me getting excited about something nobody asked for or cares about...??

I really like colours a lot. I used to be so like…anti-colour and I don’t know why. Why did I try to be so dark and edgy, colour is a beautiful thing and I cry about it everyday. If you see in my art, I like using kind of retro-y sort of colours. Here’s the rules I usually go by:

Red: Pretty dark, unsaturated, more towards warm pinkish side of colour wheel. Light pinks either stay in that zone, or go more orange. Light skin tones are more orange, sometimes yellowish. Depends what kind of background, but can be more pink.

Orange: Either yellowish orange or pinkish orange. I almost always go towards pink. I never use orange or pinks dark. They are light colours. Bit more saturated than my normal colours.

Yellow: Always light. Pretty much always very pastel. Pretty saturated. I like using it for backgrounds. Blonde hair will be more pink and unsaturated, slightly darker.

Green: Not huge on green. I do use it for Murdoc’s skin though. Green is usually more towards blue, cold side of colour wheel. Can be light and dark. Unsaturated. For Murdoc’s skin, it’s more towards the warm side, because I make his eye bags sort of red. It makes it blend better, and looks more like skin and flushing cheeks.

Blue: Usually always dark, unless 2D’s hair, or very light pastel backgrounds. Even then I make it probably darker than canon. Dark, unsaturated, navy. For Noodle’s hair, I make it more towards purple. For Murdoc, I make it a little more unsaturated to make it more black, but it still keeps the navy blue colour. Fancy blue colour names you’ll probably have to look up that I also use, because I’m too lazy to describe them: Carolina, Cerulean, Yale, all those other ones…

Purple: Very light or very dark, usually no in-between. Always more towards blue than red. I use purple for how I described colouring Murdoc and Noodle’s hair, and I also use it for light backgrounds.

Rules are if it’s a dark colour, you only use them for filling in, not for the background.

Light colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (All of them can be)

Dark colours are red, green, blue, purple (Not all can be both)

Go-to backgrounds (Always light) yellow, pink (Doesn’t seem like many options, but there are a range of different shades to choose from, even if they are light. Yellow can be more orange or pink, pink can be more orange or red, can be saturated light, or unsaturated and very very light where it is almost white pink/yellow. Plus, these are my go-to options. I use green, blue, purple,etc.)

I just wrote a ~2200 word essay about why I love the Fable III quest Darkness Incarnate so much. I analyzed the symbolism of the imagery and the effects of the story progression on the player.

Why have I done this??? Nobody is ever going to read it. I just wasted 75 minutes of my life on something that nobody cares about, concerning a game from seven years ago that was reviewed poorly even when it came out.

Why?????? (̶l̶m̶k̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶)̶

Every time I hear something about some celebrity I’ve never heard of, I just assume its somebody from one of those Disney Channel/Nickelodeon tween sitcoms or some type of new Kardashian and I’m right 100% of the time

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Brendon feeling emotionally sick and dejected one morning but Ryan's asleep so when his eyes start watering he just tries to sit it out but Ryan wakes up when Bredon moves away from him

This is so sad but yes like Brendon would wake up in Ryan’s arms but maybe he had a bad dream that he can only vaguely remember but it’s set his mood off for the whole day and he just feels really isolated and self conscious even though he’s laying right there with Ryan and he feels pathetic for even being upset at all and he doesn’t want to bother Ryan with any of it so he just lays there and hopes he’ll feel better soon but it keeps getting worse and he keeps having more self doubt about how maybe nobody loves him or cares about him or something and he can feel the tears coming so he tries to move away from Ryan so he doesn’t wake him up but Ryan wakes up with the lack of Brendon’s warmth against his chest. And Brendon is breathing weird because he’s trying to hold back tears and Ryan immediately notices and is worried, quietly saying Brendon’s name and it startles Brendon to the point that a tear falls down his cheek and Ryan sits up, pulling Brendon in close to him again, holding him and petting his hair, asking what’s wrong and what Ryan can do to fix it, and when Brendon tells him Ryan just showers Brendon in affection and actual kisses and says things to pull Brendon out of his own head

An update on something nobody cares about except me

If you read my latest post about J, you’d have read that I felt like he didn’t like me anymore and that we were going through a rough patch. It was giving me a lot of anxiety not knowing his feelings and my other friend pushed me to ask.

I’m sitting here, thinking about what to say as my anxiety gets worse. Then I hear a ding.


But I’m super stoked, it’s at the end of this month bc I want him to get his college stuff settled (he has nothing done….at all) and we’re gonna take cute photos (cough cough nudge nudge) and I’m so happy!!

And yes, I know we’ll get messages from this post like “sapphic space!! Het relationship!!” but we’re both bi, therefore a lgbt relationship, and doesn’t sapphic originate from bisexual/pansexual origins? I may be wrong correct me if I am